Jan. 17, 2020 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. Globe Newswire: Axsome Therapeutics enters into exclusive license agreement with Pfizer Inc. for Pfizer’s reboxetine clinical and nonclinical data and for new phase 3 esreboxetine product candidate From the article: "Under the terms of the agreement, Axsome will receive from Pfizer an exclusive U.S. license to Pfizer data for reboxetine and esreboxetine encompassing a full range of nonclinical studies, and short-term and long-term clinical trials involving more than five thousand patients. The licensed data includes results of a positive Phase 3 and a positive Phase 2 trial of … [Read more...]


Jan. 10, 2020 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. Daily Mail: Hope for millions as scientists learn how to 'edit out' pain From the article: "Scientists have discovered how to switch off a key ‘pain gene’, dramatically raising hopes of a long-term treatment to relieve the agony of serious illness for millions. The revolutionary technique alters a patient’s DNA, silencing a gene that transmits pain signals up the spine." 2. USA Today: Trump's proposed Social Security disability cuts could end benefits for thousands. What to know From the article: "The agency has said it expects to conduct 4.4 million more continuing … [Read more...]


Dec. 27, 2019 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. USA Today: FDA adds warning labels to Lyrica, other nerve drugs over opioid concerns From the article: "The new labels will warn doctors against prescribing the drugs with other medications that can slow breathing, including opioid painkillers. The breathing risks also apply to elderly patients and those with existing lung problems." In a related article, Newsweek recently reported on the link between gabapentin and increased suicide risk. The media and the powers-that-be seem to really be building a case against drugs like gabapentin and Lyrica, which are commonly prescribed … [Read more...]


Dec. 20, 2019 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. U.S. Congressman Chris Smith: Chris Smith’s TICK Act and End Neglected Diseases Act to become law From the article: “It’s taken 21 years and over a dozen bills I’ve introduced in Congress beginning with the Lyme Disease Initiative Act of 1998 to get here. ... This marks a major victory for hundreds of thousands - especially and including children - who suffer from this horrific disease.” 2. U.S. News & World Report: Domestic abuse can leave legacy of poor health From the article: "...survivors of domestic abuse were twice as likely to have fibromyalgia and [chronic … [Read more...]


Dec. 13, 2019 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. Health Rising: A one-stop shopping guide to the FM drug trials coming your way Blogger Cort Johnson gives a summary of several upcoming fibromyalgia drug trials! 2. Philadelphia Inquirer: Trump administration proposes Social Security rule changes that could cut off thousands of disabled recipients This is an extremely important article to read if you're receiving disability benefits in the U.S.! Public comment is being solicited for the next few days, and I'm assuming people should be contacting their legislators as well. From the article: "The proposed rule change would … [Read more...]


Dec. 6, 2019 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. Pain News Network: CDC planning to update opioid guideline in 2021 From the article: "Public pressure has been building on the CDC to clarify the guideline. Although voluntary and only intended for primary care physicians treating chronic pain, the guideline’s recommended limits on opioid prescribing have been widely adopted as policy by federal agencies, states, insurers, pharmacies and many doctors." 2. WBUR.com: Human testing of springtime shot against Lyme disease coming soon From the article: "In the United States, Lyme disease vaccines are only available for dogs. But … [Read more...]


Nov. 29, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. Yahoo Finance: Tonix Pharmaceuticals announces initiation of the phase 3 RELIEF study of TNX-102 SL for the management of fibromyalgia From the article: "'We are in the process of activating approximately 40 U.S. sites to start enrolling patients, and we expect to dose the first patient by year end 2019,' said Seth Lederman, M.D., president and chief executive officer." 2. PR News Wire: iGeneX introduces cost-effective tests for Lyme disease and tick-borne relapsing fever iGenex now offers a Lyme test around $195. That's a savings over some of their other test panels, which … [Read more...]


Nov. 22, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. GlobeNewsWire.com: Aptinyx initiates two phase 2 studies of NYX-2925 in patients with chronic centralized pain conditions From the article: "NYX-2925 is a novel NMDA receptor modulator that has been granted Fast Track designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The company expects to report data from ... the fibromyalgia study in the first half of 2021." 2. Bostonia.com: Lyme disease set her back. And pushed her forward. Boston University's alumni magazine profiles Hannah Olson, a graduate who has chronic Lyme and has started a new company called Chronically Capable … [Read more...]


Nov. 15, 2019 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. Prohealth.com: Physicians' fibromyalgia protocols I'm pretty sure I've shared this link with you guys at some point over the years, but Prohealth has been recently updating pages on their website so I think it's worth a second share. This page includes fibromyalgia treatment protocols from various physicians around the country. I think it's interesting to see how different doctors approach our illness. 2. NeurologyToday: A positive test for Lyme disease is not associated with neuropsychiatric disorders From the article: "In a longitudinal study, researchers found no … [Read more...]


Nov. 8, 2019 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. Global Lyme Alliance: Global Lyme Alliance launches its first observational study on Lyme disease treatment protocol From the article: "[The alliance's] first study will focus on the treatment regimen developed by Joseph Jemsek, M.D., the founder of the Jemsek Specialty Clinic of Washington D.C. Dr. Jemsek was chosen for his willingness to put his 'Jemsek Protocol®' to the test following a thorough evaluation by GLA of several patients who experienced positive results from working with the physician." 2. Healio: Fibromyalgia linked to worse cognitive function, 'fibrofog' From … [Read more...]

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