Friday 5: July 28, 2017 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

1. Fibromyalgia News Today: Electrical brain stimulation could help relieve fibromyalgia pain, study suggests Multiple studies now support the use of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for fibromyalgia.  2. Remedy: How to negotiate a medical bill If you've got a big medical bill, it's worth it to try to negotiate a discount. I was recently able to get a reduction on a Labcorp bill.  3. Newsweek: Lyme disease vaccine on fast track for FDA approval I guess some people would consider this to be good news, but the general public probably doesn't remember that we had a … [Read more...]


Friday 5: July 21, 2017 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

1. ME Association: CDC removes CBT and GET as recommended treatments for ME/CFS Maybe this is the government's way of acknowledging the many flaws of the controversial PACE trial.  2. Fibromyalgia News Today: Cleaning house, the fibro way Columnist Carrie Anton shares tips on how she manages housework with chronic illness. If you enjoy her article, you might also like my post on "20 helpful tips for cleaning and organizing when you're chronically ill." 3. News 10: Clinical trial being held for Lyme disease test The existing testing for Lyme disease misses about half of all cases, … [Read more...]


Friday 5: July 14, 2017 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank the many people who emailed and commented to me last week about my back injury. I'm happy to report that I am feeling better. I'm still in pain but it's no where near as intense as it was. I saw a chiropractor a couple of times last week with only minimal improvement. I finally broke down and went to my nurse practitioner on Monday, who prescribed a few days of prednisone (yes, I know that stuff isn't good but I was desperate for relief in any form!) and a muscle relaxer for the pain. The meds are helping quite a bit, and I'm hopeful that most of … [Read more...]


Friday 5: June 30, 2017 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

1. Stacking the Bricks: Code RED for entrepreneurs - Senate healthcare bill will destroy us This article is aimed at entrepreneurs, but it does a good job of breaking down some of the nuances of the U.S. Senate-proposed healthcare bill, and it's not good for those of us with pre-existing conditions or those who receive Medicaid benefits. There's even some bad news for people who have insurance through their employers. I know Obamacare wasn't the answer, but this seems to be even worse. It's clear these changes would benefit the insurance companies, not us. I would encourage all of my U.S. … [Read more...]


Friday 5: June 23, 2017 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

This post contains affiliate links. 1. Dr. Jarred Younger: CFS subgroups (YouTube video, 10 minutes) Dr. Younger from the University of Alabama at Birmingham shares early results from an ongoing chronic fatigue study, which shows there may be different types of ME/CFS. This could be big! And it also has implications for fibromyalgia since some researchers believe fibro and ME/CFS are the same condition with a different manifestation of symptoms.  2. Dr. Ginevra Liptan: Effective natural pain relief for fibromyalgia Dr. Liptan, a fibromyalgia specialist who also has fibro, shares her … [Read more...]


Friday 5: June 16, 2017 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

This post contains affiliate links.  1. National Pain Report: 10 things never to say to your doctor about chronic pain I know parts of this article may be upsetting to some - I had a few knee-jerk reactions myself - but I'm sharing it anyway because I think it's helpful to see things from another's point of view.  2. Bloomberg: FDA could act to pull more opioid pain pills from the U.S. market More potentially bad news for those who use opioids for chronic pain.  3. Fibromyalgia News Today: Both gluten-free and low-calorie diets ease gastrointestinal ills in fibromyalgia, study … [Read more...]


Friday 5: June 9, 2017 fibromyalgia, Lyme and chronic fatigue news

1. Power Health Talk: Fibromyalgia and autoimmunity (YouTube video, 15 minutes) I often have people ask if fibromyalgia is considered to be an autoimmune condition. Here's your answer... 2. Prohealth: 6 signs of iron deficiency in fibromyalgia For some people, iron deficiency could be contributing to the severity of their fibromyalgia symptoms. (Caution: Too much iron can be dangerous, so physicians advise to always test your levels before taking an iron supplement.) 3. Fibromyalgia News Today: 10 items every fibromyalgia patient should have Columnist Robin Dix shares a list of … [Read more...]


Friday 5: June 2, 2016 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

1. Fibromyalgia News Today: Skeptical researchers say not enough evidence to support CAM [complementary and alternative medicine] therapy in battling FM pain From the article: "Acupuncture is the only type of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapy that has shown any promise in relieving pain among people with fibromyalgia (FM), and even its benefits are not entirely accepted by the medical community, according to a recent study on the topic." 2. TheMighty.com: 23 spoonie hacks that can make life with chronic illness way easier In case you don't know what a spoonie is, … [Read more...]


Friday 5: May 26, 2017 fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue news

1. Prohealth: What research is being conducted on fibromyalgia? This is a really good list of fibromyalgia-related research projects supported by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. It gives me hope... 2. Medical News Today: Vitamin D supplements and good night's sleep may help to manage pain I've supplemented with vitamin D for many years because of I was deficient, but I can't say that it does anything to lessen my pain. How about you?  3. KGUN9.com: Could green light put a stop to your pain? This sounds like the placebo effect to me but … [Read more...]


Friday 5: May 19, 2017 fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue news

This post contains an affiliate link.  1. Power Health Talk: Fibromyalgia - Cutting through the BS (YouTube, 1 hour, 49 minutes) Grab your favorite beverage, head to your favorite chair and settle in to watch this longer video that discusses some of the underlying causes for fibromyalgia symptoms and how to treat it. Drs. Rutherford and Gates did a good job of explaining why we feel like we do and their approach to treatment. It's worth the time to watch! (Dr. Rutherford has fibromyalgia!) 2. VeryWell: Can I be fired for sick days due to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue … [Read more...]

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