Aug. 9, 2019 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. Alternative Pain Treatment Directory: Censorship of health information by Google, Facebook, Amazon, government and more My colleague Cindy Perlin gives a nice overview of the recent online censorship of alternative health topics. Some of my cannabis and CBD content fell victim to Google's algorithm change a few months ago, effectively killing about one-quarter of my website traffic. So, yes, this is real ... it's not just some conspiracy theory! You can read more about Google's crackdown on natural health websites here. 2. Fibromyalgia News Today: Fibromyalgia may be … [Read more...]


August 2, 2019 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. Lyme Disease Association: FDA clears new Lyme test The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved four new tests for diagnosing Lyme disease. A link to the FDA's press release is included at the end of the article. 2. Pain News Network: ‘Opioid of the future’ postponed From the article: "In an SEC filing, Nektar Therapeutics said it received a letter from the FDA on July 23 saying the agency was postponing all advisory committee meetings for opioid analgesics, including one scheduled for August 21 to discuss Nektar’s new drug application for NKTR-181. The FDA was … [Read more...]


July 26, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. LymeDisease.org: CDC agrees to add disclaimer to Lyme disease case definition There's another small victory for the Lyme disease community this week. 2. Pain News Network: Common meds can cause cognition problems in seniors From the article: "An estimated 1 in 4 older adults take anticholinergic drugs - a wide-ranging class of medications used to treat allergies, insomnia, leaky bladders, diarrhea, dizziness, motion sickness, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and various psychiatric disorders. Older adults are highly susceptible to negative … [Read more...]


July 19, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. RollCall.com: House orders Pentagon to say if it weaponized ticks and released them Huge news for the Lyme community!!!!! This may not go anywhere, but at least for a little while there's hope... 2. BetterHealthGuy.com: Frequency specific microcurrent with Dr. Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC (YouTube interview, 80 minutes) Dr. McMakin discusses using frequency specific microcurrent as a treatment for fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, mass cell activation and other conditions. 3. LymeDisease.org: Is disulfiram a breakthrough drug for Lyme and … [Read more...]


July 12, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. Fibromyalgia News Today: Glial cells overly activated in brains of fibromyalgia patients to promote inflammation, study suggests Yet another research study is showing brain inflammation and the involvement of the immune system in those with fibromyalgia. So, the question is, if we go farther upstream, what's triggering the immune system? For some of us (but definitely not all of us), the answer is chronic Lyme. 2. The New Daily: Do vitamin drips really work? The evidence says no so save your money and eat real food! The tone of this article is really negative, but vitamin … [Read more...]


July 5, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. Pain News Network: Is Indonesia banning kratom exports? From the article: “If this ban is allowed to go into effect, it will effectively end consumer access to kratom in the United States, and the FDA won’t have to do anything more to declare victory in the war on kratom." 2. TheMighty.com: 16 things people with fibromyalgia mean when they say 'I can't hang out' This a good awareness piece to circulate to friends and family. 3. Prohealth.com: 10 supplements for Lyme disease every patient has in their protocol From the article: "Recently, I asked for recommendations … [Read more...]


June 28, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. LymeDisease.org: Draft of new IDSA Lyme guidelines available for public comment The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) is accepting public comment on its proposed Lyme disease treatment guidelines until Aug. 10. This is the first treatment update in about 10 years. Dr. Jay Davidson posted a quick overview of the guidelines on YouTube. I didn't think it was possible, but these proposed guidelines are even worse than the current ones. For example, IDSA is recommending A SINGLE DOSE of doxycycline for certain tick bites. If this is approved, it will lead to the suffering of … [Read more...]


June 21, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. EurekAlert: Gut bacteria associated with chronic pain for first time From the article: "Approximately 20 different species of bacteria were found in either greater or lesser quantities in the microbiomes of participants suffering from [fibromyalgia] than in the healthy control group. ...We also saw that the severity of a [fibromyalgia] patient's symptoms was directly correlated with an increased presence or a more pronounced absence of certain bacteria - something which has never been reported before." 2. LymeDisease.org: Working group’s abrupt shift excludes Lyme patients … [Read more...]


June 14, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. Fibromyalgia News Today: Analgesic Tapentadol can reduce pain in some fibromyalgia patients, study suggests An analgesic similar to Tramadol has been found helpful in alleviated fibromyalgia pain but only in a certain subset of patients. 2. Antibiotics (journal): Disulfiram (tetraethylthiuram disulfide) in the treatment of Lyme disease and babesiosis: Report of experience in three cases From the study: "Three patients, each of whom had required intensive open-ended antimicrobial therapy for control of the symptoms of chronic relapsing neurological Lyme disease and relapsing … [Read more...]


June 7, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. App.com: Lyme disease a bioweapon gone awry? Rep. Chris Smith pushes Trump to investigate From the article: “If [Kris Newby's book, 'Bitten'] is true - and the documentation is very persuasive - we were doing bio-weapons work that was grossly immoral,” Smith said in an interview with the Asbury Park Press prior to Wednesday’s town meeting. “It’s a shocking read, and I hope it adds to our push. Looking at what happened might help us come up with how we deal with it now.” (The following paragraph contains an affiliate link.) (I urge every Lyme sufferer to read Newby's book. As … [Read more...]

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