My Christmas wish list as someone with Lyme & fibromyalgia

My Christmas wish list as someone living with Lyme & fibromyalgia | Fed Up with Fatigue

I’m always on the hunt for the next thing that will help myself and my readers to feel better, and the holidays are a good time to ask for those items that may be out of reach during the rest of the year.

But this year, Christmas is going to be slim because my bank account is in the red due to ongoing health issues and not being able to work my usual schedule. Since expensive (or for that matter, even inexpensive) gifts are out of the question, I thought it would be fun to come up with a wish list of chronic illness-related items I’d love to try.

If Santa was real, this is what I’d ask him to bring me this year!


Detox expert Wendy Myers introduced me to Joovv, a red light therapy device, during one of her podcast interviews. Photobiomodulation has so many benefits such as reducing inflammation, helping joint pain, sleep optimization, increased energy and better brain power. These are all challenges we face when we live with conditions like fibromyalgia and Lyme disease, so I think the Joovv would be a wonderful addition to my current treatment protocol.

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In 2017, I bought a Molekule air purifier during the company’s annual Black Friday sale. Even at the sale price, it was quite the splurge, but I’ve never regretted my purchase.

I like my first Molekule so much that I really want a second one for our bedroom, and I’d love to have one of the new mini units for my home office.

The Molekule works differently than HEPA-based air purifiers on the market. HEPA filters can trap pollutants, but Molekule uses something called Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO), which actually destroys mold, bacteria, viruses and other allergens at the molecular level.

According to Molekule’s website, “By using nanotechnology, PECO is able to destroy pollutants 1,000 times smaller than what traditional HEPA technology was designed to trap.”

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Skylar natural perfumes

As my chronic illnesses have progressed, I’ve become increasingly sensitive to artificially fragranced products like perfumes, shampoos. laundry detergents and fabric softeners. A short whiff can trigger a headache, nausea and dizziness almost immediately.

I really, really, really miss my favorite fragrance so I’ve been looking for a more natural alternative. I’d love to try Skylar’s natural perfumes – especially the sample palette – after seeing an advertisement in my Facebook feed. All of Skylar’s scents are free of parabens and other toxic chemicals, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty free.

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Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

As I mentioned above, I can no longer tolerate most artificial scents so I’ve slowly been converting to more natural products over the past couple of years.

I’ve dabbled a bit into using essential oils for diffusing and making my own cleaning products, but it can be expensive to get started if you join one of the major essential oil companies as a representative.

About a month ago, I ran across an online video review for Simply Earth’s Essential Oil Recipe Box, and I immediately thought it’s the absolute perfect way to try essential oils without the mega cost. Each monthly subscription box comes with several pure essential oils along with ingredients and recipes for how to use them!

Instacart membership

When I was at my sickest, grocery shopping was usually my hardest task every week. Healthy people can never understand the struggle of pushing a heavy cart from one end of the store to the other when you constantly feel like you’re walking in sand, of struggling to lift the heavy bags in and out of the car, of telling yourself “I’ll just buy that next week” because you’re too tired and in too much pain to walk to aisle 54. By the time I got home, I was an exhausted, pain-wrecked mess and spent the rest of the day on the sofa trying to regroup.

There are still times when I just don’t feel up to doing weekly grocery shopping, and that’s when Instacart comes in handy. Instacart allows me to shop my local stores online and then have my groceries delivered in as little as an hour.

Of course, there’s a charge for that convenience, and while Instacart’s regular fees are reasonable, the costs become even more affordable with Instacart’s Express Membership. The flat rate of $99 covers all delivery fees for a year! That’s quite a deal if you use Instacart on a weekly basis!

TrueDark sleep-hacking glasses

My husband has never met a bright, overhead light that he didn’t want to turn on.

I’ve tried to educate him over the years about how exposure to blue light at night affects sleep quality, but he doesn’t listen. He just keeps flipping light switches!

Easy for him to do, I guess, when he falls asleep within 5 minutes of going to bed. Me? Not so much.

I recently learned about TrueDark glasses during a podcast with biohacker Dave Asprey and realized they’re the perfect solution for combating my husband’s obsession with bright light at night. I had always read that it’s important to block blue light a few hours before sleep in order to trigger the production of melatonin, our body’s natural sleep hormone. Apparently, you also need to block green light as well, and the TrueDark glasses do just that!

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Curable app membership

In recent years, there’s a growing body of research that shows, over time, our brain learns pain. I’m fascinated by this idea and how some chronic pain patients are finding relief by retraining their brains and nervous systems using principles of neuroplasticity.

One of the most popular neuroplasticity tools for helping chronic pain patients is the Curable app. I’ve had multiple readers tell me they’re making progress in reducing their pain levels by using Curable so I’d love to try it!

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Now it’s your turn: What’s on your holiday wish list this year? Are there any fibromyalgia and/or Lyme treatments you’d like to try? Share in the comments!

My Christmas wish list as someone living with Lyme & fibromyalgia | Fed Up with Fatigue

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      Thank you so much, David! Merry Christmas to you and your family (including any fur babies) as well!

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