FedUpwithFatigue.com’s top posts from 2019

FedUpwithFatigue.com's top posts from 2019 #fibromyalgia #Lyme | Fed Up with Fatigue

Am I the only one who felt like they were just barely treading water throughout the entirety of 2019?

I’m not gonna sugar coat it … 2019 was a tough year for me, both physically and professionally, and I’m glad it’s over. There, I said it.

But some positives did come out of 2019! Below you’ll find last year’s most popular posts on FedUpwithFatigue.com, and I’m thrilled to report the top two articles cover new research into several potential fibromyalgia drugs and a possible genetic link for fibromyalgia. It’s progress … however slow!!!

The other three spots are occupied by fellow fibro warrior Andrea Wool’s guest article on how foam rolling can reduce fibromyalgia pain; the connection between mold toxicity and chronic illness; and finally, my favorite tools for managing Lyme and fibromyalgia.

Looking ahead, I’m in the process of planning content for the coming months, so I’d love to hear from you guys on what you’d like me to cover on FedUpwithFatigue.com. If you have suggestions, please share them in the comments below.


Four new fibromyalgia drugs are under development

I’m not surprised this article landed on the top of the heap. I know those of us with fibromyalgia are always looking for that magic pill – even if we logically know it’s never going to exist.

This article gives an update on several potential fibromyalgia medications that are either in trials or heading to trials. Have a look, and let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in trying any of them!

Four new #fibromyalgia drugs are under development | Fed Up with Fatigue


Researchers may have found genetic marker for fibromyalgia

Those who have been anticipating EpicGenetics’ upcoming BCG vaccine study are waiting a little longer after the company announced earlier this year that it *may* have found a genetic marker for fibromyalgia.

It’s been a while since I reported on this finding, so I reached out to Dr. Bruce Gillis, CEO of EpicGenetics, for an update on the genetic marker research and BCG study, and this is what he said:

“We have made progress in uncovering what we hope may explain why a person’s DNA causes them to develop fibromyalgia. Via a partnership with the Genomics Laboratory at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, we have moved into a second phase of this research. Because this research may permanently change the science of fibromyalgia, we have devoted much time and resources to this pursuit. It also means that we have an obligation to not commence the FDA-approved and planned treatment trial until we are sure of these DNA-based factors because we are obligated in knowing how the treatment vaccine of BCG could affect them.

“We want to reiterate our devotion and efforts to challenging the unfounded and unsubstantiated theories that surround fibromyalgia. We work everyday to eliminate the prejudice that fibromyalgia patients face on a near constant basis when they interact with fibro-skeptic members of the healthcare community and those who prey on these often desperate patients by self-promoting groundless treatment methods.”

Researchers may have found genetic marker for fibromyalgia


How to roll away your fibromyalgia pain

In this guest post, fellow fibro warrior Andrea Wool discusses how foam rolling can help reduce the pain of fibromyalgia. A few years ago, Andrea created Autoimmune Strong, an exercise program designed specifically for those with fibromyalgia and similar illnesses.

Andrea is hosting a 30-day challenge this month.

Using foam rolling for #fibromyalgia pain | Fed Up with Fatigue


Mold illness and its connection to Lyme, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

This is such an important topic for the Lyme and fibromyalgia communities! Most people don’t realize living or working in a moldy environment can cause severe illness.

Mold toxicity can trigger fibromyalgia symptoms and aggravate or mimic a Lyme infection. It’s not unusual for people to recover once they move out of their moldy environment and detox the mold from their bodies.

This article covers the basics of mold illness and includes resources at the end for further study.

Mold illness and its connection to Lyme, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue | Fed Up with Fatigue


5 more of my favorite things for fibromyalgia and Lyme relief

In 2016, I wrote an article about my favorite tools for fibromyalgia. Since so much time had passed, I decided to write an updated version for 2019.

I still use all of the mentioned items in both articles! These are my workhorses that help me to get out of bed every day and function!

5 more of my favorite things for fibromyalgia & chronic Lyme relief | Fed Up with Fatigue

That’s it for this year’s top posts! Now that we’re a few days into 2020, what topics would you like me to cover on FedUpwithFatigue.com this year? Share in the comments below!

FedUpwithFatigue.com's top posts from 2019 #fibromyalgia #Lyme | Fed Up with Fatigue


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