This week’s headlines (week of June 8, 2015)

rp_newsgraphic-1024x6201-1024x620.jpgThis week’s news roundup is going to be a bit more abbreviated than usual. It’s been an emotional week for me because I had to euthanize my oldest and most loved kitty. Needless to say, it’s been tough to stay motivated and focused the past few days.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals releases another round of clinical data on TNX-102 SL, a new drug currently under development for fibro. (These figures appear to be about the same as the drugs currently on the market, meaning TNX-102 SL will work for some, but not most, fibro patients.) Tonix is recruiting fibro patients for a Phase III trial now.

Spanish researchers have found memantine, a drug used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, may reduce pain in some fibro patients.

A new antiviral drug could help some ME/CFS/SEID sufferers.

UK fibro sufferer called “fat and ugly” after she parks in a handicapped parking space.

According to patients, medical marijuana is one of the most effective treatments for relieving fibro symptoms. So, why won’t your doctor write you a prescription for it?

The Open Medicine Foundation hopes studying severely ill patients will lead researchers to the cause of ME/CFS.

Are you still mad because Dad ran off with his secretary and Mom used to hit you too hard with a wooden spoon? This study claims that if you forgive them, your fibro symptoms might improve. (Yeah, really. SMH.)

Completely off-topic: Why you should always close your toilet lid before you flush.

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