This week’s headlines (week of June 1, 2015)


Researcher says she’d rather have HIV/AIDS than ME.

Could the solution to fibro be as simple as breathing pure air? New research study shows those with fibro may benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. (Note: Since posting this, I’ve received a comment from a reader who had a bad experience with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, so obviously this treatment won’t be for everyone.)

New study reveals what fibro patients already knew: We have it worse than those who suffer from chronic pain alone.

Blogger Rosemary Lee from Seeking Equilibrium issues a feisty rebuttal to anyone who says fibro can be cured with positive thinking.

ME/CFS and fibro sufferers display their artwork during M.E. Again’s 2015 Artist Showcase. (Prepare to be inspired. Their artwork is absolutely stunning!)

New blood test reveals every virus you’ve ever had. This could prove to be useful for those with fibro and ME/CFS since viruses, particularly herpes simplex and Epstein-Barr, have been linked to these conditions.

A heart-touching story of a UK teen with ME/CFS who is trying to raise enough money to pay for her dog’s hip surgery.

Some health insurances will now pay for a questionable blood test to diagnose fibro.

Emergency room visits associated with adverse reactions from the synthetic painkiller tramadol are way up.

Best-selling author Jacob Teitelbaum (yes, I know he’s controversial) says those with fibro and ME/CFS need to be treated for yeast overgrowth. He recommends a 6-12 week course of Diflucan for almost all of his FM/ME/CFS patients. Have you tried this? Did it help? I’d love to read your comments below.

New study suggests tai chi may reduce the pain and stress of fibro.

Effective Lyme disease vaccine is stymied by anti-vaccine movement following reports of adverse reactions. (Posting this since Lyme is sometimes a comorbid condition of fibro and ME/CFS.)

Fibro expert is now offering free weekly teleconferences. (I haven’t attended one of his events, so I can’t vouch for this physician or his protocol. I’ve signed up for his next teleconference. If it’s any good, I’ll write a post about it.)

A father takes a long bicycle ride to raise funds for ME/CFS research in support of his young daughter.

And just for fun: 27 Quirky Websites You Never Knew You Needed


  1. Paula Stearns says

    Thanks for all of the information on your site. I have been a researcher myself and I have found that fibro is linked to herpes. I have also found that rectal ozone therapy is one of the only treatments that has worked for me.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hey Paula, you might be interested in the research by Dr. Skip Pridgen. He’s currently developing a new fibro drug that pairs an antiviral with an anti-inflammatory. His theory is that herpes is linked to fibro and that it’s keep ongoing inflammation going in the body. Here’s a post I wrote about his work: https://fedupwithfatigue.com/imc-1-fibromyalgia/
      I’m looking forward to the results of his phase 3 this year. I think it might be a game changer for some of us.

  2. Great blog!

    I’m a Lymie with Fibro. The article on “An Effective Vaccine For Lyme Disease – But You Can’t Get It, Thanks To Anti-Vaxxers” is very misleading. The vaccine caused chronic health conditions in patients that tried it, and did not prevent Lyme. It was rushed to market to beat a European vaccine.

    If refusing a vaccine that makes you sick makes you an Anti-Vaxxer, then I just got another new label.

    • That’s a really fair point. I’ll tweak my wording on my news post to reflect that. Thank you for your comment and pointing that out.

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