This week’s headlines (week of July 6, 2015)


This week’s top stories…

Cancer and arthritis drug Rituximab shows great promise for some ME/CFS patients. 

Pain News Network columnist Ellen Lenox Smith tackles the topic, “How to use medical marijuana without smoking.” This is a very helpful article for anyone considering the use of medical cannabis. She covers how to make your own CBD oil, plus other nonsmoking methods, including tinctures, vaporizers and ointments.

Research news…

A recent systematic review of 35 ME/CFS trials shows only three treatments are scientifically proven to reduce symptoms: Rintatolimod (marketed as Ampligen), counseling therapies and graded exercise therapy. 

New study shows Milnacipran (marketed as Savella) may improve symptoms of juvenile fibromyalgia. Pediatric Rheumatology has posted a complete copy of the study here.

Recent study shows testosterone gel performs just as well or better than any of the three drugs approved by the FDA to treat fibro.

Helpful info…

CFIDS and Fibromyalgia Self-Help shares 14 strategies for treating brain fog.

Patient Bianca Veness details how she uses pacing to manage ME/CFS.

New devices…

Company claims over-the-counter wearable device relieves fibromyalgia pain using electrical stimulation.

New implant could be a “game changer” in opioid pain management.

In case you missed it last week…

Watch researchers Ian Lipkin and Mady Hornig from Columbia University’s Center for Infection & Immunity take the Chili ME Challenge to raise money and awareness for ME/CFS research.

Off topic…

If you’re over 50, then you might want to check out this mega list of senior discounts. Save on movie tickets, haircuts, cell phone plans and much, much more!

Mashable asks nutritionists to identify 10 foods that people think are healthy, but usually aren’t.

Step back in time with these funny yearbook quotes from 1914.

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