Sept. 13, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

Sept. 13, 2019 #fibromyalgia and #Lyme news highlights: Cornell has developed a direct Lyme test; Spanish study finds obesity intensifies fibromyalgia symptoms; strategies for overcoming chronic illness related-fatigue; tips for managing foot pain; the connection between mold illness and Lyme and fibromyalgia, and more!


Cornell Chronicle: Rapid Lyme disease test may be available in late 2020

Recently, we’ve had quite a number of news articles announcing new Lyme tests. I’m actually excited about this one, however, because it is a DIRECT Lyme test, meaning it’s looking for parts of the Lyme bacteria, not just the body’s immune response (antibodies) to Lyme like current testing.


MedicalDialogues.com: Obese women experience more severe fibromyalgia symptoms

A Spanish study has found fibromyalgia symptoms are more severe in women who are overweight or obese. The article above provides a summary but you can read the full study here.


A Chronic Voice: Sometimes chronic pain isn’t the worst part about chronic illness

This is a great article to pass onto friends and family to raise awareness and understanding!


Pink Fortitude: Exhausted? How I conquered the fatigue

Holly from Pink Fortitude shares the steps she took to overcome chronic illness-related fatigue. In her article, she mentions the free Energy Blueprint masterclass. In part 1, author and teacher Ari Whitten discusses what causes fatigue (including the more extreme fatigue of fibromyalgia and ME/CFS) and suggests a few strategies at the end to start repairing our mitochondria, the energy factories of our cells. So far, it seems to be worth handing over my email address! I’m looking forward to the rest of the course.


Prohealth.com: 5 tips to manage plantar fasciitis foot pain in Lyme disease

This article is aimed at those with Lyme, but the strategies apply to anyone with plantar fasciitis.

I’d like to share a brief story with my fibromyalgia readers in case it might help someone else. A few months before my Lyme diagnosis, I began having severe foot pain along the soles of both feet. It was extremely painful to walk. A podiatrist diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis even though the pain was not centralized in my heels and both feet were affected. As part of my treatment, I had three sets of cortisone shots, three laser treatments and a couple of months of physical therapy. None of these treatments helped much. I was heading toward the possibility of surgery when I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme.

After my Lyme diagnosis, I learned that when a tick bites you, they can pass other infections in addition to Lyme disease. One of the most common infections is called bartonella (which you can also get from cat scratches and bites).

Foot pain along the sole of the foot is one of the most common symptoms of bartonella. Other symptoms include joint pain, bone pain especially in the shin, bladder pain/urgency, headaches, rashes that look like stretch marks, fatigue and more. As I’ve treated Lyme, bartonella and several other infections, my foot pain has gradually improved.

I’m sharing this because if you’ve been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and it’s not responding to treatment, I would encourage you to look at bartonella as a possible cause of your foot pain. Here are a couple of bartonella articles to get you started:

Bartonella is everywhere, so why don’t we know more about it?

What is bartonellosis?

Understanding bartonella

And an extra…

Healthy Home Economist: 5 (urgent) strategies for eating less microplastic

From the article: “According to research conducted at the University of Newcastle in Australia, the average human is now potentially eating approximately 5 grams (a credit card’s worth) of microplastics every week. This equates to about 2000 tiny pieces that are 5 mm or smaller in size… imperceptible in most cases.”

This week on FedUpwithFatigue.com…

Mold illness and its connection to Lyme, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

Mold illness and its connection to Lyme, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue | Fed Up with Fatigue

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