Resonant Botanicals’ Painless PM & Neuro-Soothe pain-relieving lotions review + MSR maximum-strength pain-relief cream and Digest-Ease for digestive discomfort

Disclosure: I received free products from Resonant Botanicals in exchange for this review. However, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by the company. This article contains affiliate links.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you probably know I’m a humongous fan of Resonant Botanicals’ products. I’ve used their pain-relieving lotions almost exclusively for the past couple of years.

I love Resonant Botanicals’ products for so many reasons.

They help to relieve my pain!

They contain natural ingredients!

They smell fantastic!

They keep my skin moisturized and healthy!

This review of some of Resonant’s newest products has been a long time coming. You see, Resonant’s founder Michael Yocco reached out to me in spring 2018 (yes, last YEAR!) to ask if I wanted to try his newest pain-relieving lotion Painless PM, and I happily accepted because I’ve loved almost all of his products and would never turn down an offer to try another one.

But then I got a headache that never ended, and I mean that quite literally! On June 30 last year, I developed a headache, and I’ve had a headache every single day since then. Yes, you read that right: I’ve had daily headaches for more than a year now! Long story short, I had a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak. It took 6 months to get the leak plugged, but unfortunately, fixing the leak caused a different sort of daily headache.

In any case, all of this head pounding knocked me out of work for a long time and is continuing to affect my ability to work so this review is going to include several Resonant products that I’ve tried over the past year. The first will be Resonant Botanicals’ Painless PM.

A review of Resonant Botanicals' Painless PM and Neuro-Soothe pain-relieving lotions, MSR maximum-strength pain-relieving cream and Digest-Ease lotion for digestive discomfort. | Fed Up with Fatigue

Painless PM review

I consider Painless PM to be the cousin of Painless, my longtime favorite lotion from Resonant Botanicals. Both lotions share some of the same active pain-relieving ingredients including full-spectrum hemp oil extract (with CBD), magnesium chloride, MSM, arnica and turmeric.

However, Painless PM contains an extra boost of hemp oil extract with 7.5 mg per serving vs. 5 mg in the original Painless lotion.

Painless PM also contains its own original blend of essential oils, terpenes, herbs and carrier oils. The full ingredients list includes distilled water, grape seed oil*, camellia seed oil*, black currant oil*, sea buckthorn oil*, emulsifying wax, MSM, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, proprietary blend of essential oils*, proprietary blend of terpenes, stearic acid, 300 mg hemp extract, magnesium chloride, arnica extract*, ashwaganda extract*, clove powder*, devil’s claw extract*, feverfew extract*, goldenrod powder*, neem powder*, piperine extract*, punarnava powder*, shatavari powder*, turmeric extract* and valerian powder*. (*organic ingredient)

I love that I can actually understand the ingredients list, and it’s not full of mystery chemicals like the products sold at my local drugstore.

What’s NOT in Resonant Botanicals‘ products is just as important as what is! There are no harsh chemicals, mineral oils, parabens, petrol-based ingredients, phthalates, propylene glycol, silicone, palm oil, sulfates, synthetic colors or fragrances, animal by-products, gluten, dairy or soy. Resonant’s products are never tested on animals.

For me, I find Painless PM works best for that all-over, flu-like achy pain that’s so common in those with fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme. If you’re like me, my pain tends to increase as the day progresses so it’s nice to have the added hemp oil and other pain-fighting ingredients when I need them.

One of the things I appreciate most about Resonant Botanicals’ lotions in general is they serve multiple purposes for me. Yes, Painless PM definitely helps me with nighttime pain, but it also keeps my skin moisturized and provides me with a mini spa session every time I apply it.

I remember one particularly trying day last summer when my spine specialist finally admitted my CSF headaches were not caused by stress. Her admission came after weeks of me being confined to bed with debilitating headaches and spending hundreds of dollars on all sorts of bodywork in an attempt to release the “tight muscles” in my upper back and neck that were supposedly causing the “tension headaches” she diagnosed. After saying she didn’t think my headaches were “tension headaches” after all, she then told me to see a neurologist. That created a whole new kind of headache because all of my local neurologists were booked up for 6+ months.

As I took my shower and got ready for bed that night, I was in such a low place because it seemed like none of my doctors could help me, and I had no idea when help would come … if ever. I seriously wondered if this was going to be my life … stuck in bed and on disability.

This probably sounds corny or contrived, but the best part of that day was using Painless PM and crawling into my bed where I could fall asleep and make it all go away for a few hours. There was something about the scent of the oils and herbs and the creaminess of the lotion that was so soothing for me that night. I needed that little bit of comfort.

That’s the thing I love about Resonant Botanicals’ lotions. Yes, they help my pain, but it’s more than that. They’re a real treat to use – especially on those bad days when I feel overwhelmed and beat down physically and mentally!

Neuro-Soothe review

Neuro-Soothe has only been available for a few months, but it’s quickly become another of my favorites from Resonant Botanicals. Michael developed Neuro-Soothe to help his mother’s neuropathy (i.e. nerve pain/numbness/tingling/burning often in the extremities).

“It took me over two years to develop Neuro-Soothe, and I had the advantage of testing trial batches on my mom and other folks at the nursing home [where she lives],” Michael says. “With Neuro-Soothe, I’m targeting the arachidonic pathway, a metabolic pathway that eases pain and is anti-inflammatory, and also going after calming down the myelin sheath, the insulation around our nerves. That is the cause of neuropathic symptoms.”

Like other Resonant products, Neuro-Soothe contains mostly natural, straightforward ingredients. The full ingredient list includes distilled water, borage oil*, jojoba oil*, sea buckthorn oil*, evening primrose oil*, kalahari melon oil*, tamanu oil*, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, hemp oil extract (300 mg in an 8-ounce bottle and 75 mg in the 2-ounce), magnesium chloride, essential oils*, terpenes, anantamul extract*, ginger root powder*, neem powder*, calendula extract*, white willow bark extract*, common sendudok powder*, he shou wu extract* and bladderwrack extract*. (*organic ingredient)

I use Neuro-Soothe as an all-over body lotion, but I reach for it on days when I’m having increased nerve pain – particularly if I’m having a flareup of the neuropathy in my feet caused by years of untreated Lyme disease. Since I started actively treating Lyme in 2016, the neuropathy has improved a great deal but I still have minor burning and tingling, and Neuro-Soothe is good for taking the sting out of my feet.

Neuro-Soothe’s scent is a little more medicinal than Resonant’s other lotions, but I don’t mind that at all.

MSR & Digest-Ease…

I haven’t used these last two products as much as the Painless PM and Neuro-Soothe, but I wanted to include them in this review because they may be of interest to some of you.


MSR is a maximum-strength pain-relieving cream that I tend to reach for when I’m having localized pain – especially shin pain and joint pain. As I’ve treated Lyme, I get much less shin pain than I used to, but it still periodically happens, and is by far my toughest-to-treat kind of pain. Basically, it feels like someone has slammed a baseball bat into my shins a half dozen times.

In the past, the only thing that helped was wearing compression sleeves on my calves. Now I’ve started slathering my shins down with MSR and then applying the sleeves over the cream. This combination actually works pretty well for me when nothing else has!


Digest-Ease is one of Resonant Botanicals‘ newest products. The instructions say to apply a small amount over the abdomen to relieve digestive discomfort caused by upset stomach, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea.

I keep forgetting to use the Digest-Ease when I have a tummy ache so I’ve just recently put the bottle in my bathroom drawer with my other digestive remedies so I will see it when I need it and use it! I’ll try to report back in the future on if it helped or not!

My past Resonant Botanical reviews…

Read my previous reviews of Resonant’s Painless and Calm Day lotions!

Painless (formerly called Invigorate) is my all-time favorite lotion for pain relief! I always have a bottle of it on my bathroom counter, and I’ve stashed a couple of the travel-size bottles throughout my home so it’s handy when I need it.

Calm Day (formerly Qi of Calm) is another great lotion designed for anxiety and stress relief.

Want to try Resonant Botanicals?

Resonant Botanicals is offering 10 percent off to all Fed Up with Fatigue readers with the code FEDUP10 at checkout!


  1. Maureen M. says

    HI Donna, Thank you for posting Resonant Botanicals again. I contacted Michael re: the type of spinal nerve pain that I have and he suggested trying NeuroSoothe and Painless together. I just put my order in for the travel sizes of both to try them out. 🙂 After 10 yrs on Gabapentin I took myself off of it 6 mths ago when sick with my Lupus…I was feeling so toxic! So far I tolerate most days without it but some days are very difficult. I’m hoping this product may help. I’ve tried many others!
    Be well and keep strong! Maureen

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hi Maureen, I had not thought to use them together, but it does make perfect sense. I am going to try that myself and see what happens! Thank you for the tip!


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