New fibromyalgia & Lyme research studies (August 2019)

You guys liked my first new research summary so much that I’ve decided to keep doing them every few months!

To refresh your memory or for those who are new, the following is a listing of new fibromyalgia- and Lyme-related research studies recently added to ClinicalTrials.gov.

Like before, you’ll notice a heavy emphasis on lifestyle-related research for fibromyalgia including studies incorporating dance, music therapy and exercise (as always).

And also like before, you’ll notice there are very few research studies listed for Lyme disease. I guess Lyme is so benign that it doesn’t need to be researched, right? (That’s sarcasm if you can’t tell.)

One trend I have noticed while doing these summaries is the huge amount of fibromyalgia research that’s being done in Spain and Turkey. Anyone know why those countries seem to be so active in fibro research? If you have any ideas, please answer in the comments!

Now it’s your turn: Are you excited or hopeful about any of the studies listed below, or is this just all a waste of time and money? Share your thoughts in the comments!

New fibromyalgia research studies


Effectiveness of dance therapy in fibromyalgia

Universidad de Granada researchers in Spain will explore using dance therapy as an alternative to conventional exercise for the treatment of fibromyalgia. “The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of an intervention with dance on balance, mobility, pain and sleep in patients with fibromyalgia in comparison to a control group that will have an educational intervention,” reads the ClinicalTrials.gov summary.

(Read more: Effects of dance on pain in patients with fibromyalgia | A systematic review and meta-analysis)


Analgesic effect of music listening during pain elicitation in fibromyalgia (FMMusic)

University of Kansas Medical Center researchers will test if listening to music or nature sounds can reduce fibromyalgia pain.

(Read more: Effects of music therapy on fibromyalgia)

(Try it: Fibromyalgia music therapy playlist)


Efficacy of psychological therapy in chronic pain and fibromyalgia

Researchers from Spain’s Basque Country University will compare the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based pain management in chronic pain patients with and without fibromyalgia.

(Read more: Efficacy, acceptability and safety of cognitive behavioural therapies in fibromyalgia syndrome | A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials)

(Try it: Mindfulness for the Chronic Life course)


Effectiveness of neural therapy in patients with fibromyalgia

Hitit University researchers in Turkey studied whether neural therapy could be effective at correcting autonomic nervous system dysfunction in fibromyalgia. During the neural therapy, a 1% lidocaine preparation was injected into painful areas along the back and shoulders.

(Read more: Neural therapy | An overlooked game changer for patients suffering chronic pain?


Anti-inflammatory nutritional intervention in patients with fibromyalgia

Researchers from Universidade do Porto in Portugal will explore whether dietary changes can alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms. One group of female fibromyalgia patients will follow an anti-inflammatory diet for three months, eliminating gluten, dairy and ultra-processed foods. A second group will follow general dietary recommendations from the World Health Organization.

(Read more: How going gluten free may help with fibromyalgia)


Effects of core stabilization exercise plus kinesio taping in women with fibromyalgia

This 6-week prospective randomized controlled trial at Ankara Yildirim Beyazıt University in Turkey will examine the effects of core stabilization exercise (CSE) plus kinesio taping compared to CSE alone on pain, fatigue, health status, quality of life, sleep quality and depression in women with fibromyalgia.


tDCS combined with therapeutic exercise in fibromyalgia patients

University of Castilla-La Mancha researchers in Spain will “investigate the effect on pain of a combination therapy of tDCS and therapeutic exercise in patients with fibromyalgia.”

(Read more: Electrical brain stimulation could help relieve fibromyalgia pain, study suggests)


Pain neuroscience education in patients with fibromyalgia

Kutahya Medical Sciences University researchers in Turkey will explore if neuroscience pain education, including instruction in the physiology of pain, central sensitization, representation of the different body regions in the brain, pain-related changes in body perception and the psychosocial dimensions of pain, can reduce fibromyalgia symptoms.


Effectiveness and cost-utility of a complex intervention for fibromyalgia patients

The Jordi Gol i Gurina Foundation in Spain is sponsoring a large 300+ patient study “to analyze the effectiveness and cost-utility of a complex intervention in the quality of life (main variable), the functional impact, the mood and the pain of people with fibromyalgia treated in the primary care teams (PCTs) of the Catalan Institute of Health,” according to the ClinicalTrials.gov summary. The treatments will include health education, aerobic physical exercise and cognitive-behavioral therapy over 12 weeks.


Suprathreshold pressure pain stimulation in fibromyalgia

Researchers from University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain will study “the induced-pain characteristics after suprathreshold pressure stimulation at different intensities in fibromyalgia subjects compared with healthy volunteers,” according to the ClinicalTrials.gov summary.


Safety and efficacy of virtual reality graded motor imagery for chronic pain

Karuna Labs Inc., based in San Francisco, will investigate “the feasibility and safety of Virtual Embodiment Therapy in treating chronic pain of lower back and upper limbs and … the efficacy of Virtual Embodiment Therapy on chronic pain disorders of the lower back and upper limbs,” according to the ClinicalTrials.gov summary.

New #fibromyalgia & #Lyme research (August 2019) | Fed Up with Fatigue

New Lyme disease research studies


Peripheral facial paralysis sequelae in Lyme disease among children

The main objective of this study from Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Besancon in France “was to describe the clinical and biological characteristics of pediatric NB [neuroborreliosis] with FP [facial nerve palsy]. Other objectives were to describe the diagnostic and therapeutic behavior of a child consulting at university hospital for a facial nerve palsy, to compare the initial gravity of facial nerve palsy, the duration of the paralysis and sequels depending on the diagnosis and treatment initiated,” reads the ClinicalTrials.gov summary.


Alternative schedule study for VLA15, a vaccine candidate against Lyme borreliosis

Biotech company Valneva will be testing the effectiveness of its new Lyme disease vaccine on 250 patients.

(Read more: New Lyme vaccine in clinical trials)


Symptomatic management of Lyme arthritis

Desiree Neville, MD, from University of Pittsburgh is overseeing a 300-patient study to determine if “prescribing scheduled NSAIDs at the time of diagnosis of Lyme arthritis can prevent the development of the excessive inflammatory phase and decrease the number of patients with antibiotic-refractory Lyme arthritis, or at least decrease the duration of persistent Lyme arthritis symptoms.”

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  1. Thank you for posting all of this! Informative concise information in one place, good to know we are not alone coping with chronic pain, and I like that you include research based, alternative, cutting edge, and personal information as well : )

  2. Hi Donna,
    I just love your blog…you have given us much to think about & so many ideas to consider.
    My only problem with so much variety is that I get mind overload…just don’t know what to read first.
    Sometimes when I get sensory overload I have to take a Kava capsule to settle the confusion in my brain when too many things get jumbled in there at once! LOL!
    With that said your info has helped so many including me!

  3. Ron Matthews says

    Congratulations, you do a great job with your various contributions to the page, et cetera

    If possible I would like to see more of the work that has been progressing using Celebrex and one other drug to help with fibro

  4. StevefromMA says

    These FM “studies” are depressing Mickey Mouse lightweight pseudo studies that ignore the real physiological and anatomical consequences of FM. I think the studies are done in Spain and Turkey because they don’t involve sophisticated ie. expensive medical evaluation or expensive new pharmaceutical development.


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