Please excuse this interruption in service…

I’m sorry but I won’t be publishing any blog posts this week, including my usual Friday news post. I’ve somehow managed to hurt my lower back and have been confined to my sofa/bed all week. It hurts too much to walk, stand, sit, etc.

I suspect I have a pinched nerve because I have sciatic-like pain going down my left leg in addition to the back pain. I’m seeing a chiropractor in hopes that will speed my healing.

But for now, I’m not getting much done, other than finally watching all those PBS TV series that I’ve recorded over the past year on my DVR. Hopefully, I’ll be back in service next week.

If you have any ideas to speed this misery along, please share in the comments. I’ve been using ice/heat, sciatica stretches, Tramadol, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Aleve and Biofreeze, but none of it is very effective. I’ve had a pinched nerve before, but it’s never lasted this long. 🙁

Gentle hugs to each and everyone of you,



  1. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself! We’ll all be here when you get back!

    • To anyone who can see this. Research reiki therapy in your area. You can decide if it is something go you would like to pursue. Best wishes.

  2. So sorry for you and the pain you are going through.
    just rest and take care of you.
    I was going to mention the Tens Unit, but I see it has been suggested.
    Just take care of YOU right now and I will keep you in my prayers!!!!

  3. Bonnie Watson` says

    I have the same back pain left side. Xrays showed scoliosis and the original pain came off and on like a hot poker as I called it. Just heat with pad or “Bed buddy” from microwave. Now with FM it seems to get worse and ;yes goes down my left leg and wants my entire leg to collapse.And I too have had entire lower back go out to point can’t move. SO…I understand. Only thing I can say is heat and bed rest. HUGS to YOU sweetie..I look forward to you on.line.

  4. Maureen says

    Hi Donna, I thought you were ‘quiet’ this past week. Welcome to my life… unless there is something anatomically going on with your spine itself…
    in my opinion…myofascia release, anti-inflammatory’s, ice, rest and a lot of patience is about it. Hang in there!!! I will be praying for quick healing for you!
    Thank you for being wonderful YOU! Maureen

  5. Margarida says

    Best wishes for you from Catalonia
    Get well soon

  6. Vanessa says

    Hi Donna. Sorry! That pain would be such a bitch! I wanted to wish you a speedy recovery and most importantly let you know ………. Just what an amazing service you provide to all those suffering with pain and fatigue!!! I have found your posts/ updates and links to articles incredibly helpful and invaluable. I’m in a country town in NSW, Australia and I just can’t express enough how supportive and wonderful this site is.
    Thank you so much for all your effort, time and sincerity. It is greatly appreciated! Gentle hugs xo

  7. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Feel Better Soon. GENTLE HUGS.

  8. Donna: I have dealt with the same problem on and off for 10+ years. What has usually given me relief is spinal decompression. I have done treatments on a couple different tables over the years, but the best by far is the “Spine Med” table. If you can find someone in your area that has one (usually chiropractor) I would give it a try. It has been a couple of years since I have gone for treatments, but if you goggle “Spine Med Decompression Table” it should give you a web site that used to give a list of who had tables. I also had good luck with acupuncture but you have to find a good one. I never had any luck going to the chiropractor for adjustments, as most times it made me worse.

  9. In Mccool says

    I too have lower back problems,I got a yoga ball comfortable enough to sit on whilst holding on to the bed .very gently bounce up and down for a couple of minutes ,this helps to gently exersize the vertabrae and perhaps release the trapped nerve by opening them.I hope it helps,when your desperate you will try anything. Make sure your feet are resting on the floor.

  10. Hi Donna sorry to hear about your back… I suffer with a lot of problems with my back and l also have Osteoporosis so l know what kind of pain you are going through…
    I stopped going to Chiropractors many years ago, as l found the next day l was always in more pain then when l went…
    I do have one good tip though ……. and that is l eat jelly everyday it’s the protein in the jelly that is excellent for the bones, nails etc… I have only been eating the jelly for about two months or more now and the difference is amazing,
    l am not in such chronic pain, l can walk properly without pain, and l can get up and down out of chairs without squealing…
    I can also see a major change in my nails so it must be doing some good for the bones…..

    If you do your research on the Internet about jelly it will tell you about how it’s good for the heart and digestion too..
    Everybody’s bodies are different so it might not work for everybody and they do say not to over do it on the jelly because like most things you can have to much..
    I started off for a week on half a jelly a day, but now l just eat 3/4 squares…everyday.
    It’s worth a try and it can’t do you any harm…..
    And it beats taking all those harmful tablets, that seem to cause more problems and side effects..
    Good luck with your research…..Carole xxx
    Let me know how you get on…

  11. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  12. Katie Murphy says

    Laying here on my ice packs, so I definitely say ‘I feel your pain’. Take it easy and let others do for you. Many prayers. Katie

  13. Julie H says

    Have you tried a lidocaine patch? They are over the counter now but come in a slightly smaller dose at 4%. I was surprised how much it relieved my shoulder pain and muscle spasms due to tendonitis and bone spurs.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I didn’t know I could get those over the counter. Thanks for letting me know!

  14. So sorry you hurt your back Donna😢. Glad you are taking good care of yourself.

    God bless you with grace to endure, peace and healing.

  15. StevefromMA says

    Eek, more pain, just what we need. I ended up in the ER with awful lower back pain after bending down to put air in my tires. It hurts!

    I hope it gets better fast and we’ll look for you here in blog land soon.

  16. Rebecca Hulem says

    Hi Donna, sending you lots of loving, healing thoughts and energy. I know exactly how you feel. This too will pass. You’re doing all the right things. Thanks again for all you do for the community!

  17. Cheryl Nagy says

    Get better soon! I so appreciate your newsletter!

  18. Donna, I’m so sorry and feel great empathy for you. We all love and appreciate you so much! I’ll be praying for your healing everyday. Terri

  19. Hi Donna ,Your pain sounds a lot like what I had about a months ago. I suffered for two weeks before I gave in and went to my Dr. because I thought it was my sciatic acting up but in a matter of minutes he pressed on a few places and told me I had bursitis and gave me a shot of Lidocaine. This was a new one for me but I walked out of his office pain free . I wish it was that simple for all the rest of my pain. I was going to go to my chiropractor but I was at the point I new I needed something that would maybe give me some relief a lot quicker. The tramadol or the acetaminophen never touched that pain even though I don’t know what I do without them for my fibromyalgia.
    I’ll say a little prayer for you and hope you get relief quickly.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I was wondering about that myself. If I’m in the same state on Monday, I’m going to my GP and see what she can do.

  20. Vickie Heisey says

    Hmmm.I’m very sorry to hear of your pain. You may have done more than “pinched” a nerve. Sounds like it could be a bulging &/or torn disc, which really needs medical intervention. The standard treatment would be an analgesic injection, aided be xray, into the vertebral space. This is generally done under anesthesia, takes only a short time, & the benefit gwnerally lasts months. I’ve had it don several times for my torn lymdar/sacral disc. I hope that this isn’t your issue, but if it is, know that relief is possible. Be well…Nurse Vickie

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Thanks, Vickie. If I’m not improved by Monday, I’m going to my GP to get checked out.

    • J Thompson says

      Can you explain what an analgesic injection is and how long it will last? I need relief badly. Thank you very much. Where is this done? If you have a contact it would be great to chat about this cause I know nothing about it, need help and recommendations. Thank you

  21. Jackie says

    I was gonna also suggest a tens unit. It doesn’t solve the pain permanently but it does relieve it while you’re using it. I’m having the same problem at the moment with my upper back! Yours might need new pads. Fresh pads and batteries make a huge difference!! Hope you get relief soon. ❤️

  22. Donna…sending gentle hugs, kisses and wishes that you feel better soon

  23. Jean Price says

    Life seems to be full of interruptions of some type for all of us who live with persistent pain! Yet having MORE pain is definitely not a welcomed interruption…or a way to have more, well deserved time off!! I’m really sorry this has happened, Donna! And although we DO love your writing and we’ll miss it…the most important thing now is doing what YOU need to do to take good care of yourself!! I imagine there’s not any one here who would disagree!! So MAYBE you can use this as a “guilt free” excuse to rest as much as you can…and to hopefully heal what ails your poor back!! You’re in my prayers…and I have a pretty good hotline going, too!! Please keep us updated on how you’re doing!

  24. Oh Donna. So sorry you are in pain. Wishing you a speedy recovery back to your “normal”. Thank you for all you do and take your time. We can wait. Gentle hugs x

  25. Michele says

    I suffered with lower back pain for years not knowing what was causing the pain until I had a CT scan of my lower abdomen in 2013. The CT scan found a disks problem with my L4 and L5 but I was never told of the findings from the scan related to my back. Then at the beginning of this year I was in agony with my lower back and my fibromyalgia, I made the appointment to see a specialist, Orthopedic Surgery. I was first x-ray (neck to lower back) and that finding lead me to get a current MRI. By the time I was able to see the doctor or in my case it was the doctor’s Physician Assistant-Surgical, my back pain was almost gone. I wanted to know why my back was causing me so much pain and each occurrence would be worse. I wasn’t even able to sit or stand for a short time and I do graphic design. The strange thing about my back was it would just flare up in the middle of the night. I was hoping it was a disk and I could get surgery to replace the disk. I learned I have Chronic degenerative disk disease and would need to get cortisone injections for the pain. I looked back at the CT scan I had in 2013 and there it was the finding, Chronic degenerative disk disease and spondylosis with disk space narrowing and posterior annular bulge. I now have pain in my lower back all of the time but different levels of pain from minimal to severe, on your back all day and trying to figure out how can I get out of bed, crawling or holding onto the walls to get to the restroom. I now have an appointment set up with a chronic pain specialist and I can get my injections to relieve my back pain next week. Having multiple chronic pain from fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis, if it’s not one it’s the other. But for now if I can get to my car I crank up th AC and turn on my seat warmer and drive until I start to get some relief. But make sure your heat is on/off, my seat automatically has a timer with intervals of heat on and off. When you have time find out the true cause to your back pain. If it is a disk and you can have surgery great… or you can get relief with injections for the pain. But you first need to make the appointment, it took me 9 years of pain before I made the call.

  26. Carol Moulton says

    Hope you are feeling better soon.☺

  27. Sandra Kukla Schroeder says

    Oh my, I hope you didn’t take all those meds at one time! I know sometimes we may feel like it, but not a good idea. Hope you heal and feel better soon.

  28. God bless and get well.

  29. Martha Murphy says

    Hi, Donna – Really sorry to hear about your pain! Do you have a medical massage therapist available? That is my main “go-to” for body pain. Sciatica is a true bitch to deal with, and once you make it angry, it is slow to come around! Please recover fast!!

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I’ve got a lady who does myofascial release, and may reach out to her if this doesn’t subside soon.

  30. Jennifer Olson says

    I have the same problem with my back if I move the wrong way sometimes. I have tried ice and heat and muscle relaxers, all of which seem like they don’t even touch the pain. The only thing that I reach for now is my Tens machine. After moving the Electrode pads once or twice to get the perfect placement, it is instant partial relief! Within hours your back feels 75% better and by the next day you are up and walking around again. I hope you give one a try. They are very inexpensive. I think I paid $40 for the one I have had for 3 years now. Good luck.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I have a TENS machine that never seemed to work for me. I’ll pull it out and try it. Thank you for the idea!

  31. Prayers you feel better soon

  32. I’m sorry you’ve hurt your back, I live with back pain 24/7 and the only thing that relieves and it’s only temporary is a Epsom salts bath. Dr Teals lavender. Hope feel better soon, I will miss your blog this week. Hugs

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