Feb. 7, 2020 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. LymeHope: CDC says it's possible to pass Lyme from mother-to-fetus This is big news in the Lyme world! The CDC has finally updated its website to indicate Lyme can be passed from a mother to her unborn child. 2. Fibromyalgia News Today: Pain perception in fibromyalgia linked to reduced brain activity in primary motor cortex, study finds (If you're unable to access the full article due to Fibromyalgia News Today's pay wall, you can read the entire study here.) From the article: "[Fibromyalgia] patients overall had reduced activity in the motor cortex compared to controls, … [Read more...]


Jan. 31, 2020 fibromyalgia & Lyme news + giveaway

1. Fibromyalgia News Today: Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome patients have higher levels of inflammatory marker hsCRP, study concludes It's interesting how more research studies are now discovering different forms of inflammation linked to fibromyalgia - especially since many of us have been told by our doctors for YEARS that fibromyalgia is non-inflammatory. Note: Fibromyalgia News Today is a subscription-based website, but it allows visitors to access 3 free articles each month. If you've exceeded that limit and are unable to read the article linked above, here's a direct … [Read more...]


Is fibromyalgia caused by the herpes virus? Drug trial this fall may answer that question

This article was originally published on Prohealth.com and is being reprinted here with permission from the editor. It's been a long and winding journey, but what some would argue could be the most innovative pharmaceutical treatment for fibromyalgia ever is finally on track for a phase 2B clinical trial by this fall. Dr. William "Skip" Pridgen, the developer of the treatment called IMC-1, was scheduled to present several funding options to his board of directors this month. Afterwards, Innovative Med Concepts, the company founded by Pridgen, will commit to a new partner to help fund … [Read more...]


Jan. 24, 2020 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. Fibromyalgia News Today: Women with fibromyalgia more likely to have low levels of iron in the blood, study suggests (This website allows free access to 3 articles per month. If you've exceeded that limit, you can still read the study here.) From the article: "Statistical analyses found no relationship between ferritin levels and the degree of anxiety, depression, and sleep quality in women with fibromyalgia. However, among those who had poor sleep quality, lower ferritin levels were found to be associated with higher levels of depression." Just FYI: Too much iron can cause … [Read more...]


Chronically Kind Yoga review

(I received free access to Aroga Yoga's Chronically Kind Yoga course in exchange for this review. However, all opinions are my own. This post includes affiliate links.) I bet I can read the minds of some of you: "Another yoga-related article? Is she seriously gonna try to convince me that stretching is really gonna help my chronic illness?" I know the feeling because I've been there myself! But there's a reason why so many chronic pain-related websites are obsessed with publishing yoga articles. It's because it actually works! Below are links to a few research studies, which … [Read more...]


Jan. 17, 2020 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. Globe Newswire: Axsome Therapeutics enters into exclusive license agreement with Pfizer Inc. for Pfizer’s reboxetine clinical and nonclinical data and for new phase 3 esreboxetine product candidate From the article: "Under the terms of the agreement, Axsome will receive from Pfizer an exclusive U.S. license to Pfizer data for reboxetine and esreboxetine encompassing a full range of nonclinical studies, and short-term and long-term clinical trials involving more than five thousand patients. The licensed data includes results of a positive Phase 3 and a positive Phase 2 trial of … [Read more...]


Jan. 10, 2020 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. Daily Mail: Hope for millions as scientists learn how to 'edit out' pain From the article: "Scientists have discovered how to switch off a key ‘pain gene’, dramatically raising hopes of a long-term treatment to relieve the agony of serious illness for millions. The revolutionary technique alters a patient’s DNA, silencing a gene that transmits pain signals up the spine." 2. USA Today: Trump's proposed Social Security disability cuts could end benefits for thousands. What to know From the article: "The agency has said it expects to conduct 4.4 million more continuing … [Read more...]


FedUpwithFatigue.com’s top posts from 2019

Am I the only one who felt like they were just barely treading water throughout the entirety of 2019? I'm not gonna sugar coat it ... 2019 was a tough year for me, both physically and professionally, and I'm glad it's over. There, I said it. But some positives did come out of 2019! Below you'll find last year's most popular posts on FedUpwithFatigue.com, and I'm thrilled to report the top two articles cover new research into several potential fibromyalgia drugs and a possible genetic link for fibromyalgia. It's progress ... however slow!!! The other three spots are occupied by … [Read more...]


Dec. 27, 2019 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. USA Today: FDA adds warning labels to Lyrica, other nerve drugs over opioid concerns From the article: "The new labels will warn doctors against prescribing the drugs with other medications that can slow breathing, including opioid painkillers. The breathing risks also apply to elderly patients and those with existing lung problems." In a related article, Newsweek recently reported on the link between gabapentin and increased suicide risk. The media and the powers-that-be seem to really be building a case against drugs like gabapentin and Lyrica, which are commonly prescribed … [Read more...]


Dec. 20, 2019 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. U.S. Congressman Chris Smith: Chris Smith’s TICK Act and End Neglected Diseases Act to become law From the article: “It’s taken 21 years and over a dozen bills I’ve introduced in Congress beginning with the Lyme Disease Initiative Act of 1998 to get here. ... This marks a major victory for hundreds of thousands - especially and including children - who suffer from this horrific disease.” 2. U.S. News & World Report: Domestic abuse can leave legacy of poor health From the article: "...survivors of domestic abuse were twice as likely to have fibromyalgia and [chronic … [Read more...]

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