April 3, 2020 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. Globe Newswire: Aptinyx reports fourth quarter and full year 2019 financial results and provides corporate update Aptinyx has suspended enrollment of new fibromyalgia patients into its clinical trial of drug candidate NYX-2925 due to COVID-19. 2. Amy's Chapter: Why many chronically ill & disabled people feel let down by society right now From the article: "I can spend months upon months without leaving my home. That is being house bound. So now, to hear healthy people moan constantly about how bored they are being ‘isolated’ and stuck in the house when they are still … [Read more...]


March 27, 2020 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. RawlsMD.com: 6 cost-effective ways to boost your immune system The headline says it all. 2. HealthCentral: 5 things people with chronic illness need to know about the new coronavirus This is a good overview of the coronavirus and its potential impact on those with chronic illnesses. 3. TheMighty.com: How #HighRiskCOVID19 is connecting a community during the pandemic There's a new hashtag aimed at raising awareness for those of us who are immunocompromised. 4. LymeDisease.org: Can plaquenil treat COVID-19? Researchers aim to find out Plaquenil is often … [Read more...]


New fibromyalgia research studies (March 2020)

It's that time again! Below you'll find the latest fibromyalgia-related research studies added to ClinicalTrials.gov since my last update in December. This time around, we have studies involving low-dose naltrexone and cannabis - both emerging treatments for fibromyalgia. One of my favorite researchers, Dr. Jarred Younger from University of Alabama Birmingham, has introduced a new study in continuation of his work to determine if immune system overreactivity might be the cause of fibromyalgia. You'll also find the usual studies regarding diet, exercise and complementary therapies … [Read more...]


March 20, 2020 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. Stanford Medicine: Potential treatment for Lyme disease kills bacteria that may cause lingering symptoms, study finds From the article: “This compound is just amazing. It clears the infection without a lot of side effects. We are hoping to repurpose it as an oral treatment for Lyme disease.” 2. Prohealth: What is positional cervical compression really all about? From the article: "Dr. Heffez believes PC3 [positional cervical compression] has been overlooked as a possible cause of fibromyalgia due to the fact that diagnostic MRIs are almost always taken with the cervical … [Read more...]


How to find a good doctor

Let's face it: Finding a doctor who is knowledgeable about chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and Lyme disease with a good bedside manner and the heart of a healer is a little bit like trying to find toilet paper amid the coronavirus pandemic. I learned this early on in my illness as I bounced from doctor to doctor to doctor, trying to find one who actually cared enough to dig into my case and figure out what was wrong with me. Because I've had so many negative experiences with physicians, I've developed a process over the years that helps to weed out many of the doctors we'd rather … [Read more...]


March 13, 2020 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. Tech Explorist: This hormone causes women to experience more pain than men From the article: “Dopamine D-2 receptor agonist drugs that limit prolactin release, such as cabergoline, commonly are used for other diseases, and are not addictive. These drugs, possibly in conjunction with other classes of medications, may help treat those pain conditions in women more effectively without the addictive properties of opioids.” 2. Forbes.com: Lessons from Lyme disease | Six reasons the CDC’s COVID-19 failure was predictable I see quite a bit of overlap in how the CDC has approached … [Read more...]


March 6, 2020 fibromyalgia & Lyme news

1. RawlsMD: Who’s really at risk of the coronavirus + how to protect yourself (YouTube video, 15 minutes) In this video, Dr. Bill Rawls gives practical, straightforward advice on minimizing exposure to the coronavirus and the best ways to boost your immune system. 2. TreatLyme.net: Coronavirus and Lyme Many of us with chronic Lyme - myself included - have compromised immune systems. Dr. Marty Ross provides a few suggestions on how those with Lyme can prepare for possible exposure to the coronavirus. For those who prefer video, Dr. Ross discussed coronavirus and Lyme during … [Read more...]


2019’s top fibromyalgia news and research

This article was originally published on Prohealth.com and is being reprinted here with permission from the editor. I spent most of 2019 spinning my wheels, and it feels like the fibromyalgia community, as a whole, was right there alongside me. What do I mean by that? Put simply, there weren't many major fibromyalgia headlines during 2019. Sure, there was lots of talk about new treatments and the potential causes of fibromyalgia, but at the close of last year, very little was actually accomplished. But I don't want to focus on the negative so I'll reframe 2019 like this: It was a … [Read more...]


Feb. 28, 2020 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

1. Medical News Today: Two herbal compounds may beat antibiotics when treating Lyme disease This latest Johns Hopkins study sounds promising! I know Japanese knotweed, one of the plants mentioned, has been used by Lymies (myself included) for years now. 2. Fibromyalgia News Today: Addiction medicine naltrexone may relieve tenderness, fatigue in fibromyalgia, pilot study shows If you have a problem accessing the full article due to Fibromyalgia News Today's paywall, here's a link to the abstract of the actual study. From the article: "In both trials to date, naltrexone was … [Read more...]


Mayo Clinic Guide to Fibromyalgia book review

Disclosures: I was given a copy of the "Mayo Clinic Guide to Fibromyalgia" in exchange for this book review. However, all opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the authors or publishers. This post may contain affiliate links. Today I have a video book review of the "Mayo Clinic Guide to Fibromyalgia." Click over to YouTube to watch the review!!! Purchase this book on Amazon! You might also like... My favorite Amazon products for Lyme disease & fibromyalgia … [Read more...]

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