Topricin My Pain Away Fibro Cream review

Note: I was not compensated in any way for this Topricin My Pain Away Fibro Cream review. I purchased the product with my own money, and all opinions are my own.

An upbiased Topricin MyPainAway Fibro Cream review. Did it help relieve my fibromyalgia pain? Is it worth the money? Find out here!

Anyone who’s had fibro for a while knows there are lots of lotions and potions that claim to heal our aches and pains. I’m not embarrassed to say I’ve spent my share of money on these, hoping to find something that works. Sometimes I discover products I really love, but most times I end up standing in the returns line, requesting my money back.

So when I saw a post on Facebook for My Pain Away Fibro Cream, I didn’t hesitate to try it. A $2 off coupon sweetened the deal!

Topricin, the maker of Fibro Cream, claims its product:

  • Reduces the need for pain pills
  • Reduces the duration and intensity of fibro episodes
  • Improves sleep
  • Restores energy
  • Improves quality of life

Those are huge claims! If I could get that in a tube, it would be a miracle!!!

There are several customer testimonials on My Pain Away’s website, saying the cream really helped with their pain.

The website and advertising goes on to explain how My Pain Away Fibro Cream works, saying “people suffering from nerve pain have excess fluids and toxins that damage nerve cells. … My Pain Away Fibro Cream helps the body rid itself of the excess toxins and fluids that restrict micro-circulation.”

It claims to achieve this through its “patented formula,” which includes natural and organic ingredients such as aesculus hippocastanum, arnica montana, belladonna, crotalus horridus, echinacea and graphites. These active ingredients supposedly relieve pain, help repair damaged nerves, reduce inflammation and lots of other things.

I found the My Pain Away Fibro Cream at my local CVS drugstore in the same aisle with other pain relief creams. I paid $12.49 for a 3 ounce tube after the coupon was applied.

The product itself is a nice, creamy consistency, similar to most hand lotions. It doesn’t really have a noticeable scent, which is a good selling point, especially for those of us who are sensitive to strong smells.

The directions on the cream say to “generously apply 3-4 times daily or more often if needed three inches on or around affected area. … Reapply before bedtime and in the morning. Use before and after physical activity. …”

I find the directions a little funny. If you have fibro, then you know our “affected area” is our entire body. Even using it according to the directions, the My Pain Away Fibro Cream tube is pretty small and isn’t likely to last very long.

Over the next few days after purchasing the cream, I applied it to different areas of my body – my upper back, shoulders, legs, ankles and arms. I made sure to apply it several times a day as directed.

On a couple of days, I was having pretty severe leg pain, so I decided to apply it to one leg and leave the other leg bare. I wanted to see if I could tell the difference in the pain level between the leg with the cream and the one without.

The results? I felt no difference between the two legs. They both still hurt.

I tried it on two trigger points in my upper back. Again, no difference in pain.

I put it on my aching knees. Nothing.

I won’t say the cream doesn’t work. It just didn’t work for me. As most anyone with fibro knows, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another and vice versa.

Since trying the cream, I’ve occasionally run across others’ opinions in online support groups, and results seem to be mixed. It works for some people and not for others.

As treatments go, My Pain Away Fibro Cream is pretty inexpensive, so most anyone can afford to try it. The other good thing is that CVS has a customer-friendly return policy, so if it doesn’t work, just return it.

Update July 3, 2017…

I found out last summer that I have chronic Lyme disease, so that may have been a factor in why this product did not work for me.

Have you tried My Pain Away Fibro Cream? Did it help? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

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  1. Katrina says

    I tried this cream and found it worked very well for some parts of my body and not great for others. I truly believe it depends on the mechanism of injury/pain of the affected area.
    For example, I have a chronic sprain (going on 3 years now) that hasn’t healed and will start throbbing after about 2 hours on my feet. I found AMAZING relief almost immediately with the cream. However, on top of my lyrica for my restless legs, I don’t find it helps for those at all.

  2. I tried it for neck and shoulder pain. I have fibromyalgia and radiculopathy. It really helped me. The snake venom ingredients freaked me out a little though. I wondered how neurotoxic it is. Am I trading one set of problems for another potential one?

  3. I tried the topricin “foot pain cream”, which, after comparing this product to the foot pain cream, have matching ingredients. I have neuropathy plus diabetic neuropathy in both feet so much that I started getting a compounded medication with a prescription from my doctor. The pain/burning and cramping is so bad that I sometimes wonder if having no toes would be a better route. I use my prescription cream in the morning and again when I come home from work, and after showing before bed. On the day I bought the foot pain cream, My feet felt like they were on fire, literally, when I came home from work. I immediately showered to remove any of the prescription cream, and them applied the foot pain cream. I massaged it into my feet and between the toes and extended the application up into the ankle, as I do with the prescription cream. I also applied a small amount to the dermatomes in my spine- if you aren’t familiar with that, google spine dermatomes,a nd it shows you a great mapping of what vertebra and areas coincide with other areas around the body. Kind of like two ends to the problem, if you will. I can honestly say- I had almost immediate relief to the burning and pain in my feet. It tasted a few hours, too. It wasn’t gone 100%, but then it isn’t with the prescription cream either. About 75% though for both. I have taken oral meds for my pain, including gabapentin to which I was up to 1800mg per day after only 2 years as the pain seemed to worsen. I took lyrics without any side effects and had fabulous relief but my insurance wouldn’t authorize the drug (we changed companies and the new one wouldn’t cover it even though I had been on it for almost a year) funny, too because I was using the manufacturer discount card to pay copays, and it wasn’t even being billed to my insurance…they simply had to say that they “would” cover if it necessary”. I was taken off lyrics and changed to duloxetine, supposedly helps with neuropathic pain….and had a terrible reaction to the drug, losing 2 weeks of work. Thats when I discovered the compound meds- but honestly, the relief I feel from the foot pain cream is not too far off of the prescription cream, and cheaper- so I sometimes use it to skip a dose of the prescription cream. I wonder if all those having specifically located pain with their fiber should try application of the cream to the dermatomes and see if it helps that way as well as on the specific area? Might be worth a try. Just wanted to chime in with my two cents. Wish our bodies never had to go through things like PAIN and illness!

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Thank you for sharing. I have a fibro friend who has horrible neuropathy in her feet. I just shared this with her, and will share it in my fibro Facebook group, too, since some of our members (myself included) also deal w/ this issue.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hi Paula, I shared your comment w/ a fibro friend of mine who has really bad neuropathy in her feet. She’s gonna try the Topricin foot cream, but she also wanted to know if you’d share what was in your compounded prescription cream?

  4. Shari maughan says


    Somebody sent me the link to this cream as I gave terrible foot pain with my neuropathy. I was reading the reviews and I see, like anything else, it works for some & not for others… I have Type 2 diabetes as well & was told that epsum salt products should not be used with diabetes … I’m going to try this cream since I’ve tried so many things, Lyrica, gabapenton, other lotions, etc… thank you for your recommendation.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I hope it helps! Feel free to share your experience after you’ve tried it!

      • Robyne Huber says

        I found the Topricin Foot Pain Cream does work for me I have terrible neuropathy ? From spine, Lyme’s ? & my feet get very stiff feeling like I have a metal bar cross middle of sole of foot & awful pain in toes also.
        I use Topricin Foot cream at times, Topricin. Cream; Aspercreme w/lidocaine; Red Ben Gay when alone!!!
        Procure Epsom Salt Rub( if very swollen) but makes very dry… most often now use Vick’s VapoRub all over feet dims all pain. I also find rotating products helps also.Dr Shepard’s Pain Therapy Relief ream helps but bottle doesn’t last long. AND new: Magnilife Muscle Cramp Pain Reliever… I love them comes 125 dissolving Tablets to treat or prevent pain ( homeopathic ingredients) helps me especially w/ Pain,stiffness, cramping in joints, legs,feet hips & back. Really help with legs (neuropathy from waist bilaterally down glutes, legs feet. It has lactose as a inactive ingredient but it has never bothered me even w/intolerance. $24.99 in my RX BUT lasts long time. At times use Freeze It. & wear inexpensive yoga socks to bed. My dr gave me nasal spray Ketamine 3sprays @ nostril ( 5 min bet sprays which I forget sometimes!) have to self pay.Forgot I had Dr Singha’s
        Mustard Bath ( ion small pan) I want to try it again & get back to you.

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          I just had another reader recommend the Topricin Foot Cream, too, so it must be good stuff! I ended up w/ a $10 coupon to CVS so I’m planning to use it to buy the foot cream w/in the next couple of weeks. The neuropathy in my feet has been acting up so I’m hoping it will help. I need to pull out my Vicks. I’ve never tried it on my feet before.

  5. Crystal says

    I tried the fibro cream in a desperate effort to relieve my pain from MS/Fibro that of course carries with it chronic fatigue and chronic pain. As with all other over the counter creams I have tried, it didn’t help me at all. I tried it on my feet first since when I stand in the mornings when getting out of bed it feels like I’m stepping on needles.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Is it possible that you’ve been exposed to Lyme disease? The reason I ask is that the sensation of needles in the feet upon waking is a classic symptom of bartonella, a common tickborne co-infection of Lyme.

      • I had Lyme that went undiagnosed for a year in 2001 after a year on doxycline and anti inflammatory is did a number on my body and stomach I was also diagnosed at the same time with fibromyalgia. I have tried every drug none to man .I was just recently diagnosed with non diabetic peripheral neuroapathy and no one can give me answers as to why

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          Lyme/bartonella can be a cause for neuropathy especially in the feet. That’s one of my primary symptoms. I was diagnosed w/ chronic Lyme and co-infections last summer.

  6. Donna Greenwood says

    My Pain Away Fibro Cream:
    I ordered mine from CVS online with a 30% off and free shipping, it is a 6 oz tube. My local CVS was ALWAYS out.
    I did the same as you did Donna, put it only on my right leg. It took about an hour, but I figure it improved that leg about 30%. The key is to apply it before the pain gets really really bad.
    Not a miracle cure, but worth keeping around.
    It absorbed well and no scent.
    It worked better, for me, than CBD lotion I ordered from The Fay Farm. And more cost effective!
    Just goes to show how different we all are!

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I’m glad it’s helping you! I agree…it’s so funny how something will help one of us and not others.

      • Hello Donna,
        The fibro cream did not work for me. Along with my fibro I have cervical spondylitis, osteoarthritis, neurothapy pain, bursitis in my right hip, disc degenerative disease in my spine plus some. Any suggestions for me any one…..😭

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          I’m sorry it didn’t work. Like everything else, this stuff seems to be hit or miss. It works for some and doesn’t for others. For topical creams, I’ve had more success with magnesium lotion. Dr. Ginevra Liptan recommends the Ancient Minerals brand. I’m still using up my stockpile of Morton’s magnesium lotion, but I’ll be switching over to Ancient Minerals when I run out. Morton stopped making theirs, unfortunately. I also like The Fay Farm’s CBD lotion, https://fedupwithfatigue.com/fay-farm-serenity-cbd-lotion-review/ There’s a discount code at the end of the post. I also use CBD oil, which gives some pain relief. https://fedupwithfatigue.com/cbd-oil-and-fibromyalgia/ Hopefully others might have suggestions, too!

  7. Cheryl says

    I bought the fibro cream last night and am very impressed. For me, it started working within thirty minutes. My hips have been terrible the past few days and suddenly it was gone. I also slept like I was making up for lost sleep. Normally I wake up every two or three hours from pain. I’m on tramadol round the clock just to be able to function. This morning was the first time in I don’t know how many years that taking the tramadol wasn’t the first thought in my head after my feet reached the floor. My uncle used it on his lower back where he has had disc surgery and slept better than he has in a long time. My daughter has arthralgia in her large joints from hyperextension during seizures. At first she had little relief. Then she told me I need to really massage it in. Once I did that it worked better. If any of you who tried it but did not rub/massage it in really well did not get relief, try it again if you have any left using this method of application. I hope it makes a difference for some.

  8. Sometimes I use a Menthol Analgesic cream. It doesn’t take the pain away fully, but any sort of ease is nice. I wish the best of luck to all of you. Maybe one day we can get some researchers to figure all this out.

    P.S. yoga works miracles 😉

  9. Bonnie Boucek says

    My sister found this cream one day at CVS. She bought it because I often have break though pain even though I am on pain medicines. For most of the pain it doesn’t work; HOWEVER, it did work on the leg pain (calve area) and the neuropathy in my feet. I only use it when the pain breaks through. I also discovered that it doesn’t need a lot of cream, but it does need a fair amount. As long as the cream works into the skin, then it is enough and not too much.

    It really is sad that there isn’t something that works for all of us.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hi Bonnie, thank you so much for telling me that it helped w/ the neuropathy in your feet. I’ve recently developed neuropathy in my feet, and I’ve found a couple of things to help it, but it’s still hard to live with. I may have to buy another tube of Fibro Cream just to try it on my feet now. 🙂

  10. Maria Kilgore says

    Does this help with arthritis and muscle pain. I received mine yesterday and it doesn’t seem to help. I have a friend with fibromylgia and she said it didn’t help her at all. Also CVS does not have it I had to order it on Amazon.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Theoretically, it should help for those conditions based on the ingredients, but it’s marketed for fibro.

  11. Kelly loughner says

    My mother has neuropathy and along with it she has burning sensation that travels the entire foot. Does anyone know if this helps to relieve the burning.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hi Kelly,
      I have the same issue, which has developed over the past few months. I’m in the process of being evaluated for neuropathy. I’ve found a couple of things to help. One is Epsom salt (magnesium) lotion. I love the Morton Epsom salt lotion. Morton recently stopped making it, but you can still find some bottles on clearance at Walgreens locations next to the Epsom salts. If not, they sell different magnesium-based lotions on Amazon. My podiatrist said it makes sense that this helps w/ the burning/numbness b/c he just read a research study that said magnesium helps with neuropathy. The second thing I’ve been using is a CBD hemp lotion from The Fay Farm, http://thefayfarm.com/p/cbd I find the most relief when I mix the Epsom salt lotion and the CBD hemp lotion together and put it on the bottom of my feet. They both work separately, but seem to work so much better when they are together. Hope this helps.

  12. I just come upon your website while researching the fibro cream. I sorry to hear that it did not work for you. I have tried about everything anyone would recommend. I have not tried the Morton Epson Lotion. I have severe neuropathy in my legs to the point that the only way I can stand to work is to take pain meds. My wife found this at cvs by accident one day when I was out of pain meds. I have to say I have went from 2 – 3 pain pills a day to one, or none with this cream. The only problem I have with the cream is that a tube doesn’t last that long. But if it gets me off the large amount of pain meds, than it is worth every penny. I am going to try the Epson Lotion just to see how it works. I like you site, I wish there were more like this on stuff like this !!!!

    • I’m so happy it’s working for you! Like so many other things with fibro, it seems like it works for some people and not for others. I’m just glad there are things out there to help us. I have a friend who has neuropathy in her legs. She swears by these products: http://thefayfarm.com/ She says she applies the lotion to her legs every night and if she forgets, she ends up having to get up in the middle of the night and apply it b/c she can tell the difference. Just thought I’d share.

  13. Rea Williams says

    I saw Fibro Cream for the first time today at CVS while shopping for my stand by pain relief, Aspercream with Lidocaine. I thought abt trying the Fibro Cream but wasnt in a position with pain today to take a chance. I did like that the tube said a percentage of each tube sold goes to Fibro research. Maybe next time I will try it. I can say the new Aspercream with Lidocaine (has to be that one) works miracles for me.

    • I’ve heard other people mention Aspercream with Lidocaine has worked for them. I think I’m going to check that out! Thank you for the tip!!!!!

  14. First off I love your website! I bought this product excited to give it a try but it has not helped with my pain or neuropathy. I still have some so I’ll try it more but don’t think it’s doing anything.

    • Hi Eric,
      I’m so glad to hear that you like my site!!!! I’m just getting started and have so many things planned for it.
      Sorry to hear that the Fibro Cream didn’t work for you. Have you ever tried Morton Epsom Lotion? It’s one of my favorite products to help w/ fibro pain. It’s sold at Walmart in the same aisle where Epsom salts are sold. I plan to do a review on it at some point.

  15. I have used Topricin cream successfully, Donna. It works for me on my very achy places – I don’t use it every day, though. Just when I have a tough trigger point pain.


    • Hi Sue,
      I’m glad it’s worked for you! It’s wonderful when we find something that works. For me, I’m in love Morton epsom lotion (sold at Walmart). I hope they never stop making it! I always find it so weird that what works for one of us doesn’t work for others. Fibro is such a strange thing.


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