When you’re first diagnosed with ME/CFS/SEID, you have lots of questions: What am I dealing with? Is this going to change my life? What are the best treatments?

If you type “chronic fatigue syndrome” into Google, there are more than 7 MILLION results. Being bombarded with this much information can be overwhelming, particularly for someone who is new to the condition.

And quite frankly, much of the information online about  ME/CFS/SEID isn’t that good. You’re going to find lots of companies hawking their supplements or devices with promises of a “cure.” You’re going to run into doctors and other “medical experts” who do blog posts on ME/CFS/SEID and give an overly simplified view of this very complicated condition. (“Just get some sleep and take a walk and you’ll be cured!” If only it were that easy!)

It’s hard to know who to trust out in the Wild West of the Internet, so I’ve compiled a few trusted links to help get you started. I consider these to be some of the best sites online for information about ME/CFS/SEID.

What are your favorite fibro sites? Email me at donna@fedupwithfatigue.com.

Solve ME/CFS Initiative – The initiative’s website includes a thorough “What is ME/CFS?” page, plus a “Do I have ME/CFS?” quiz that will help determine if your symptoms might be ME/CFS/SEID.

ME Association – There’s a comprehensive “About ME” section on the association’s site, along with links to support groups, research and other helpful resources.

Mayo Clinic – A good, basic primer on what ME/CFS/SEID is, its symptoms, treatments and common sense tips for managing it.

About Health Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue –  Writer Adrienne Dellwo has built an extensive ME/CFS/SEID portal at About Health. It’s so thorough, you could probably spend months browsing this site.

Health Rising – Anyone who reads my weekly news roundups will know I’m a huge fan of Health Rising. Writer Cort Johnson does an excellent job at covering the latest ME/CFS/SEID research.

Daily Strength – Daily Strength offers online support groups for a number of conditions, including ME/CFS/SEID. There’s also a feature that allows you to read reviews for certain treatments.

ClinicalTrials.gov – This site provides a searchable database of clinical trials, in case you’re interested in participating in ongoing research.

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