Friday 5: May 5, 2017 fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue news

May 5, 2017 fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue news | Fed Up with Fatigue

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I Told You I Was Sick: 10 strange-looking Amazon products that treat chronic pain 

This is a fun list of unusual (to say the least) products that supposedly help with chronic pain. Whether they actually work or not, at least they’re entertaining! 


Power Health Talk: Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (YouTube video, 18 minutes)

In this video, Drs. Martin Rutherford and Randall Gates discuss the link between fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition in which the body attacks the thyroid gland. These doctors treat a lot of fibromyalgia patients in their Reno, Nevada, practice, and say almost all of their fibromyalgia patients test positive for Hashimoto’s. This could be an underlying cause for some of our symptoms! Unfortunately, very few of our doctors ever test for Hashimoto’s. I’m planning to ask my physician for the tests! 

(If you’d like to learn more about the connection between thyroid issues and fibro, you can check out my recent interview with Dr. David Brady. He says thyroid dysfunction is extremely common among those with fibro, and sometimes thyroid issues are even misdiagnosed as fibro. This topic is definitely worth researching and discussing with your physician.)


Columbia University: Chronic fatigue syndrome linked to imbalanced microbiome

This could be a potential breakthrough for ME/CFS! 


Live to 110: Single infrared bulb heat lamp therapy

I purchased an infrared sauna a few months ago, and it’s amazing how well it helps to reduce my pain from fibro and Lyme, but I know not everyone has the money or space for a sauna. This article gives instructions for a low-cost alternative! 


Tired of Lyme: 4 reasons a Lyme test will come back negative even if a person truly has Lyme disease

Lyme disease is frequently misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia. Whenever I mention this to my fellow fibro warriors, invariably most of them will say, “My doctor tested me for Lyme, and it came back negative.” What many people don’t know is that the standard Lyme testing used by most doctor’s offices is only 50-60% accurate! So, just because you had a negative test result doesn’t mean you don’t have Lyme! If you think you might have been exposed to Lyme disease, read this for more information on how to get properly tested and evaluated. 

Free summit…

The Microbiome Medicine Summit 2 starts on Monday – free and online! More and more research is connecting poor gut health with autoimmune and other chronic illnesses, including fibro and ME/CFS.

And a big thank you!

I’m so proud that FedUpwithFatigue.com made Healthline​’s 2017 top fibro blogs list! I’m honored to make the list for the second year in a row. I’ve spent 20 years as a newspaper journalist, but without a doubt, serving the fibro community for the past two years has been the most rewarding work of my life. I love you guys! Gentle hugs to each and every one of you!

This week on FedUpwithFatigue.com…

Unique fibromyalgia brain signature could lead to easier diagnosis | University of Colorado Boulder researchers have identified a unique brain signature in fibromyalgia patients. The finding could eventually lead to the development of a diagnostic tool for fibromyalgia.


  1. Lisa M says

    Congratulations on being on the top blogs list! That’s really awesome, and in my humble opinion well deserved!!

  2. garth malpas says

    have you tryed magnesium chloride people are saying it works from amazing oils pty ltd australia

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I’m a big fan of magnesium lotion. According to the research, topical magnesium is good for overall soreness and achiness.

  3. Bronwyn says

    Hi all; I would like to know how some of you “were able to get your GP to continue with testing for Thyroid conditions.”? I had the usual tests (TF; TSH LEVELS etc); and some were too high, some too low, and then normal: after the normal came back, then “that was that”….all over red rover…no more testing !!! At one stage I had ALL the symptoms of Hyper thyroidism….shaking hands, palpitations, loss of weight. Next time it was the other way, and then Hight TSH, etc. After taking Thyroxin, then Not taking, and then a Normal Blood check, we stopped. If I still feel “that something is not right, and I am becoming more lethargic, not sleeping, loss of appetite and Pain Increasing”, HOW do I get my GP to follow through? Unless I can get an extra long apt, and pay the extra money for same, I only have time to get my scripts repeated, and then “out the door”. I know this not all the GP’s fault, it comes down to Government money being available for costs of bloods etc, the Clinic’s rules on time. My Rhuematologist is of the older group who still believes that Fibro is due to Stressors, which I know most still do, and have come to the conclusion (as did the Rhuemy) that she cannot help me anymore. I know most would answer, “find another” but how many? , and how much energy have I got to go “doctor shopping again after over 20+ years”? I would just like to find some more answers. If anyone has any good ideas that havn’t been commonly covered, this would be much appreciated. Thankyou

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I don’t think there’s a way to get your GP to do the testing if he or she doesn’t want to do it. You’re going to have better luck by going to a thyroid friendly doctor. Here’s a list that might be helpful for you: https://thyroidpharmacist.com/doc-list/

  4. So glad I stumbled across your blog. I blog about thriving with fibromyalgia through changes to diet, lifestyle and natural therapies, and write once a month for a magazine. It’s good to have all of this info in one place, will be coming back and sharing on social media regularly 🙂 and congrats on the accolade!

  5. I understand that people can be misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia . I have had thyroid cancer and was surprised to hear about so many people who have had problems with their thyroid. Apparently your body makes T4 and converts it to T3 and if it does not make it or if it is not absorbing the T3 then you can have aches and pains much like fibromyalgia. Has anyone had a reverse T3 test . This is suppose to show if your T3 is working properly. My report registered high which is not good apparently. So now I am taking vitamins and supplements to see if this will help in getting the T3 to work. Stress can be a big factor in it not working.

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