May 2016 fibromyalgia and ME/CFS research news

Can you believe it’s already May? I swear it seems the days disappear like the snapping of fingers.

I’ve started the doctor shuffle again with several medical appointments scheduled this month. My nurse practitioner recently ordered some routine bloodwork, and I’ll get the results tomorrow. I know my cholesterol levels are back up (thanks, Mom and Dad, for my wonderful genes), so I’ll have to battle with her over wanting to put me back on a statin. My fibro specialist says supplementing with red rice yeast is a natural alternative to prescription statins. I’m pretty sure that’s going to get added to my Amazon shopping cart any day now. 

After I leave my NP’s office, I’m having oral surgery, so I expect I’ll be eating soup and applesauce for the rest of the week. At least I may get some Tramadol out of it. You know me, always trying to see the positives…

Later this month, I finally have an appointment with a neurologist to rule out physical causes (like vitamin deficiencies, toxin exposure, etc.) for the neuropathy in my feet. 

And then there’s the sleep study I’ve been putting off. I had an at-home sleep test a few months ago, and it showed borderline sleep apnea. I’m hoping I’ve lost enough weight now (40 pounds!) that the sleep apnea has resolved on its own. (Sometimes it’s caused by excess weight around the neck/throat.) I’m trying to avoid having matching CPAP machines on my and hubby’s nightstands if I can …

Now on with the news …

May 2016 fibromyalgia and ME/CFS research news

Research and treatments …

“Women with fibromyalgia have a high incidence of hyperparathyroidism, a disease caused by an overactive parathyroid,” reports Fibromyalgia News Today.

Ubiquinol-10 supplementation improves ME/CFS symptoms in small study.

From MD magazine: “Which fibromyalgia medication works best?” (Do you agree with their conclusion? Would love to read your opinions in the comments below.)

“Kill your fibromyalgia pain with cannabis” This article from The Marijuana Times provides a good overview of the research that’s been done so far using cannabis to treat fibromyalgia.

This isn’t good: Australian study shows ME/CFS patients lose brain matter over time.

“Why I love magnesium for fibromyalgia” Fibromyalgia expert Dr. Ginevra Liptan discusses different ways to use magnesium to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms.

Fibromyalgia News Today reports more interesting findings regarding a possible link between leptin levels and severity of fibromyalgia pain.

HealthRising’s Cort Johnson gives us a nice summary of Dr. Jarred Younger’s (University of Alabama at Birmingham) brain inflammation theory as a cause for fibromyalgia and ME/CFS.

Speaking of Dr. Younger…he may have figured out a way to measure brain inflammation using MRI, and he’s already found elevated brain temperature in several ME/CFS patients. (If you live in the Birmingham, Alabama, area, Dr. Younger is going to be recruiting fibromyalgia and/or ME/CFS patients in the near future to undergo brain scans to further test out his theory.)

U.K. researchers think ME/CFS may be caused by unknown bacterial infection.

Music therapy has been found to reduce pain and improve sleep in fibromyalgia patients.

Could ketamine become a wonder drug for fibromyalgia and/or ME/CFS?

“A clinical trial investigating if phone-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) might prevent chronic widespread pain in people at high risk of developing fibromyalgia is soon to begin in the U.K.,” reports Fibromyalgia News Today.

This is a marketing blurb from a press release, but I’m sharing it just in case some U.K. readers might be interested in checking it out: “NewMed’s PEMF therapy helps relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia sufferers across the U.K.”

Odds & ends …

“10 causes of fibromyalgia your doctor is ignoring” (I don’t consider all of these to be actual “causes,” but they’re definitely aggravating factors and need to be addressed.)

“Walgreens’ ‘secret checklist’ reveals controversial new policy on pain pills”

Prohealth.com inspirational editor Julie Holliday summarizes the commonalities of those who have recovered from fibromyalgia and ME/CFS. Great advice here!

“Three natural sleep aids that might surprise you”

In case you missed it…

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“Could fibromyalgia be caused by an endocannabinoid deficiency?”

Some emerging research indicates fibromyalgia, migraine and irritable bowel syndrome may be tied to a deficiency in the body's endocannabinoid system. This could explain why cannabis benefits so many fibromyalgia sufferers.

“An interview with Linda Elsegood, editor of ‘The LDN Book'” 

Linda Elsegood, editor of "The LDN Book" and founder of the LDN Research Trust, discusses how low-dose naltrexone can be beneficial for fibromyalgia and other conditions.


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss!

    I take magnesium supplements each day. The reason I do is because I participated in a fibro research study years ago, and had magnesium intake through IV. I had amazing results! The pain returned a few months after the research study ended, so I began taking it on my own.

    I also use essential oils for sleeping with my entire family. Funny story – I watched my four month old nephew this past Saturday, overnight. I didn’t know he had sleep issues (I wouldn’t have offered if I had know which explains why I didn’t know – no hard feelings though!). I put a diffuser in his sleeping area with lavendar after giving him a bath with a few drops of lavender oil. He slept the entire night with waking up for a feeding one time. My sister could not believe it! That is when she told me about his sleep issues. She is now asking for a diffuser with the “sleep” oil. haha

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I just recently bought a diffuser and have been using it in my office. I love it!

  2. Karen C says

    I was really happy to come across this post as my mother is suffering from fibromyalgia and I am constantly looking for suggestions/advice/research to help alleviate her pain. Thank you for sharing such valuable resources with your readers. I am really surprised that Dr. Stuart Goldman’s book “Neutralize the Hidden Causes of Pain” didn’t make the list (http://walkingwellagain.com/). It’s come highly recommended for people suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, poor circulation, etc. The approach he outlines within the book generates relief for the person suffering from chronic pain within 1-3 days (and this is without medicine, injections, or surgery!). The book has a personalized touch as well because there are over 80 individual patient success stories and it is written in a way that non-medical people can understand. This book has been a godsend for my family and I think it should definitely be considered for a future list.

  3. Linda Grooms says

    Google didgeridoo sleep apnea. Treating sleep apnea can be fun!

  4. re: I’m trying to avoid having matching CPAP machines
    Hi Donna, many thanks for Your super alerts,& now
    here’s food for thought:
    Liptrainer Patakara:
    Breakthrough Invention for Snoring & Sleep Apnea,
    without Surgery or Machines plus many far-reaching effects.’Other remarkable happenings are also observed
    when the lips close on the simple device,
    which is held in between the lips and the upper and lower front teeth.

    Thermograph pictures show that the blood flow to the brain is instantly increased,
    upon using the device.

    Thus it was not surprising that adults with speech disorders,
    and stroke symptoms
    the one hand and children with Autism and Down syndrome
    on the other hand,
    have experienced remarkable recovery upon consistent and regular use of the device.’


    Liptrainer Patakara:
    Breakthrough Invention for Snoring & Sleep Apnea,
    without Surgery or Machines plus many far-reaching effects.
    The year 2000 saw the invention
    of a breakthrough device by Dr Akihiro, a dentist and lecturer at the Tokyo Dental College.
    This unique innovation (the Lip Trainer Patakara)
    laid the foundation for many degenerative and lifestyle related diseases
    to be improved or ameliorated.
    The research and clinical trials conducted by Dr Akihiro and his team
    laid bare
    the simple fact and root cause of snoring and sleep apnea
    – mouth breathing during sleep.
    1. If one’s mouth is closed during sleep and breathing is done through the nose,
    (which is the natural and healthy way to breath),
    it is impossible for one to snore or suffer from sleep apnea
    and many other oral-breathing-related health problems…

  5. Deb Ross says

    On the what works best for fribo pain,the 1st two meds I have tried and had horrible side effects. The 3 med I have heard of but have not tried, but after reading the side effects I wont be trying it. I am one if those people that if the drug has side effects I will have them lol. I am using Tramadol and that will have to do for now. I am looking into adding magnesium lotion that I read in the other article. I already have IBS-D so I dont want to take it in pill form. I really appreciate all of your info. Deb

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Thanks for commenting, Deb. I’ve had good luck w/ Morton Epsom Salt Lotion, but the company just recently stopped making it. I think there are still some bottles on clearance at some Walgreens locations and on Amazon. When I run out of my stash, I’m going to try the Ancient Minerals brand recommended by Dr. Ginevra Liptan.

      • Deb Ross says

        That is the one I’m going to get.

        • Deb Ross says

          Oh and I ordered a Quell but they havent shipped it yet. Hoping that will help with my pain too.

          • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

            I’ve been trying out the Quell myself, and it’s been helping me. I’ll be doing a review on it later this month. Hope it helps you as well. Would be interested to hear about your experience.

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