Friday 5: May 19, 2017 fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue news

May 19, 2017 fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue news | Fed Up with Fatigue

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Power Health Talk: Fibromyalgia – Cutting through the BS (YouTube, 1 hour, 49 minutes)

Grab your favorite beverage, head to your favorite chair and settle in to watch this longer video that discusses some of the underlying causes for fibromyalgia symptoms and how to treat it. Drs. Rutherford and Gates did a good job of explaining why we feel like we do and their approach to treatment. It’s worth the time to watch! (Dr. Rutherford has fibromyalgia!)


VeryWell: Can I be fired for sick days due to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome? 

It’s something a lot of us worry about: Will we lose our jobs if we call in sick too much? 


Michigan Avenue: Ease the symptoms of chronic disease with intravenous ketamine therapies

This is an article that’s local to Michigan but still has some good information about using ketamine treatments for pain. 


Fibromyalgia News Today: Cold gel packs applied to back muscle decreases pain in fibromyalgia patients, study finds

From the article: “Cold application using a gel pack on a major back muscle for short periods of time can significantly decrease pain scores in fibromyalgia patients, according to new research.”


#LivingQuell blog: Reducing fibromyalgia pain

I recently had the honor to share my experience with the Quell pain relief device on the #LivingQuell blog. Without a doubt, the Quell is my No. 1 tool for fighting fibro/Lyme-related pain. It’s one of the few things that consistently helps me. I wear it every single day. You can read my full Quell review here.

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Using flotation therapy for fibromyalgia | Fed Up with Fatigue


  1. I’m having an awful time with severe pain at base of my skull for the 24 hours before a rain system starts. It keeps me awake all night and no medication offers any relief of the pain. Even Lyrica does not help it. I do apply ice off and on for sl reduction. Is anyone struggling with this horrible matter?

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