May 17, 2019 fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme news


Pain News Network: Record decline in opioid prescriptions

From the article: “The volume of prescription opioids dispensed in the U.S. last year fell 17 percent, the largest annual decline ever recorded, according to a new study by the health analytics firm IQVIA. Opioid prescriptions have dropped 43% since their peak in 2011.”


Wise Traditions: The problem with fluoride (YouTube audio only, 27 minutes)

If you drink tap water from a town, city or community, you really need to listen to this podcast from Wise Traditions.


The Trail to Health: How I healed from Lyme disease

Blogger Erika Schlick shares a lengthy (and almost exhausting) list of therapies she used to heal from chronic Lyme. I always love these kinds of articles because it’s helpful to read what works for others.


Blooming Mindfulness: Alternative Marie Kondo method for chronic illness

Struggling with a messy house and lots of clutter? Beverley from Blooming Mindfulness modifies the popular Marie Kondo decluttering method for those with chronic illness.


Lyme Disease Supercharge Podcast: Mold sabbatical – the first step in healing from mold illness (Audio, 15 minutes)

Mold illness symptoms mimic those of fibromyalgia. Mold exposure can also slow the treatment of Lyme disease. If you’ve ever lived or worked in a moldy environment, you might want to research mold toxicity and see if it could be an underlying cause for your symptoms or a factor in why you’re not getting well. In the podcast linked above, author Bryan Rosner details a simple way to determine if mold might be contributing to your sickness. Another good mold resource is Ritchie Shoemaker’s website, Surviving Mold.

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The Curious Frugal: 10 free guided meditations for pain relief

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The if this, then that approach to managing fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme flares

The if this, then that approach to managing #fibromyalgia & chronic #Lyme flares | Fed Up with Fatigue
Thank God for ActiPatch!

(This section contains an affiliate link.)

Last year, ActiPatch reached out to me and asked me to try out their latest pain-relieving device in exchange for a blog review. (Read that review here.) Back then, ActiPatch did a great job reducing my lower back pain caused by a bulged disc, and I’ve been using ActiPatch almost daily ever since publishing the review.

A few days ago, my latest device unexpectedly stopped working. Oftentimes, you don’t realize how much a particular treatment is helping until you no longer have it. That was the case with ActiPatch! Oh boy, within 24 hours of my ActiPatch dying, my lower back pain increased from a typical 3-4 on the pain scale to 6-7, and sciatica snaked its way back into my hip and down my leg. I was so miserable, I was seriously thinking about contacting my doctor for a steroid pack to reduce the inflammation. I ended up popping Tramadol and gabapentin for several days with minimal relief.

Fortunately, when I contacted ActiPatch and told them about the defective unit, they mailed out a replacement immediately. Within a few hours of putting the replacement ActiPatch over my bulged disc, the pain subsided again. I am so impressed with this product! And no, they aren’t paying me to say this!

I just wanted to share my recent experience for those who suffer from localized pain (back, neck, knee, etc.) since the device is relatively inexpensive, and it works (for me at least)! If you’d like to try out ActiPatch, you can purchase a 7-day trial device through TryActiPatch.com or Amazon.

May 17, 2019 fibromyalgia & chronic Lyme news | Fed Up with Fatigue

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