Friday 5: March 30, 2018 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

March 30, 2018 #fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & #Lyme news | Fed Up with Fatigue


Prohealth: 101 ways to tackle energy-limiting chronic illness

From the article: “There are many, many ways we can help ourselves when we have illnesses like ME/CFS Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. Many of them are small simple steps that may not have a huge impact in themselves, but put together they can make a big difference to well-being.”


Medscape: Much can be done to ease ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ symptoms

During a two-day meeting in Salt Lake City, specialists met to discuss best practices for treating ME/CFS. This article details some of their recommendations.


Pain News Network: Tips for surviving the rising cost of healthcare

Columnist Barby Ingle shares strategies for reducing out-of-pocket healthcare costs.


Vitality 101 with Dr. T: Orthostatic intolerance in fibromyalgia

Do you often feel dizzy or off balance when you stand up? This article from Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum discusses the prevalence of orthostatic intolerance in fibromyalgia and how to manage it.


TheMighty.com: 22 “embarrassing” symptoms of Lyme disease we don’t talk about

The headline says it all.

And an extra…

Counting My Spoons: The importance of support groups

Chronic illness can be a lonely journey. Even if family and friends do their best to support you, the truth is no one “gets it” until they get it! That’s why linking up with your fellow chronic illness warriors is so important! In this article, my fibro friend Julie covers the pros and cons of support groups, and includes a list of online support groups for various illnesses. I was happy she included my What Works for Fibromyalgia Facebook group.

Free magnesium spray…

Soothe Magnesium is offering a free bottle of their top-rated magnesium spray – just pay shipping! I’m a huge fan of supplementing with magnesium. I’ve found it helpful for reducing overall soreness, calming restless legs and improving sleep. I take an oral magnesium supplement, but I also use it topically because I’ve read it’s best absorbed through the skin. Soothe Magnesium’s offer is an easy way to try topical magnesium at a low cost. Get your free bottle here, or click on the image below.

Get a free bottle of Soothe Magnesium - just pay shipping! | Fed Up with Fatigue

Free webinar…

Dr. Philip Battiade, founder of Infusio Frankfurt and Infusio Beverly Hills, will present a free Lyme disease webinar on “The Mechanisms of Neuro Healing” on Thursday, April 5, at 4 p.m. PST. Register here.

This week on FedUpwithFatigue.com…

An estimated half of all fibromyalgia patients have sleep apnea | Are you one of them? 

Sleep apnea is extremely common among those with fibromyalgia | Fed Up with Fatigue


  1. I too purchased the magnesium sample but did not elect to buy the larger bottle even though they tried to upsell me. I noticed this weekend that I was charged for a new bottle and sent them a message to remove the charge because I did not sign up for a trial. Their advertisement as well as the form that was completed by me indicated it was not a trial and that there will be no monthly Billings. The response from Amanda was that I failed to read what I signed up for. She failed to take into account that I keep a copy of everything that I do. Very easy to make a PDF and save it to a file on the computer. I agree I do not do business with these types of people and since I never requested it I have no need to return the bottle when it arrives and surely would not return the bottle if I had to pay for the shipping.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Thank you for letting me know. Their last offer was not supposed to include any type of subscription.

  2. Re: Soothe magnesium spray. There was another ‘free’ promotion & I ordered a ‘free’ sample & continued to receive bottles charged to my credit card for months because I had to pay for shipping & handling through my credit card. So beware. I love your site & newsletter. Thank you soooooooooo much!

    • Francine says

      I had a similar experience. I ordered the free sample plus the upsell larger bottle. Was surprised when I received an additional bottle the next month that I hadn’t ordered. I emailed them and found that I had been put on an autoshipping program. I liked the product, but I didn’t sign up for it and won’t deal with companies who do this. They were good about cancelling it, but watch the fine print in the form and see if there is a box or something that you check or don’t check to avoid this. The return shipping cost is about $8-9 dollars for the full size bottle.

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