March 20, 2020 fibromyalgia and Lyme news

March 20, 2020 fibromyalgia & Lyme news highlights: Stanford researchers discover potential drug for persister Lyme; how neck compression could be causing your fibromyalgia symptoms; wearable devices for relieving chronic pain; treatments for Lyme-related joint pain; how childhood trauma is linked to chronic pain and more! | Fed Up with Fatigue


Stanford Medicine: Potential treatment for Lyme disease kills bacteria that may cause lingering symptoms, study finds

From the article: “This compound is just amazing. It clears the infection without a lot of side effects. We are hoping to repurpose it as an oral treatment for Lyme disease.”


Prohealth: What is positional cervical compression really all about?

From the article: “Dr. Heffez believes PC3 [positional cervical compression] has been overlooked as a possible cause of fibromyalgia due to the fact that diagnostic MRIs are almost always taken with the cervical spine in a neutral position. In order to see PC3 in an MRI, the neck has to be in positions other than neutral, with images ideally compared in a neutral position as well as in flexion (looking down toward the toes) and in extension (looking up overhead).”


The Disabled Diva: Five types of wearable pain relief devices for muscle and joint pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis

Blogger Cynthia Covert gives us an overview of some of the pain-relieving devices currently on the market. I’ve reviewed several of these in the past including the Quell, ActiPatch and Omron Avail TENS device.


Psychology Today: 5 ways a painful past influences chronic pain

From the article: “While childhood trauma does not cause chronic pain in adulthood, there is a link between the two. To reduce the impact that adverse childhood events have on chronic pain, we first need to understand how stress and trauma influence brain development. More specifically, we must recognize how a painful past primes the central nervous system to overreact to sensory input.”


Prohealth: How to stop Lyme disease joint pain

Joint pain is one of the most common and painful symptoms of Lyme disease because the spirochetes love to feed on collagen!

And an extra…

Dr. Andrew David Shiller: 4 keys to a mindset that can transform your fibromyalgia

From the article: “Many people with fibro are caught between two false premises. One false premise is that fibromyalgia is incurable. The other false premise is that someone has a miracle cure. Both premises are ridiculous. Let’s talk about why, and how you can start healing.”

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