How to keep your medical life organized

I recently published an article on RawlsMD.com about my system for keeping medical records organized. Check it out here!

How to keep your medical life organized


  1. This is a very helpful article which i will implement. I have been getting in a mess lately and misplacing referrals etc. It’s so annoying. I think I remember where I have put the important document but then can’t find it. I tried to leave a comment on Rawls MD but could not. So left it here. Great article, thanks Donna.

  2. Lisa M says

    Such a timely post for me! My Mom and I were just talking about a binder and saving medical records, well lack thereof and wishing we did. What do you do with the medication information pages that come with every bottle? Saving them with the receipt in a grocery bag for each year takes up a lot of space especially now that I have more bags then fingers tucked away everywhere in my home.

  3. Thanks for this great reminder. When my Dad was living with us and in and out of the hospital for four years, I started a binder. When he was in the hospital I wrote down every nurse, doctor, procedure, and symptom he had, filed copies of reports, everything. When he was home it contained the receipts for his oxygen, medications, etc. My sister (and Dad) were amazed by this but it came in handy for all of us many times. I have never thought to keep one myself but I think I will start!

  4. I have a similar system too! It’s easier to sort it in 2 mons each time rather than do a colossal stack in misery.

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