Friday 5: June 16, 2017 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

June 16, 2017 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news | Fed Up with Fatigue

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National Pain Report: 10 things never to say to your doctor about chronic pain

I know parts of this article may be upsetting to some – I had a few knee-jerk reactions myself – but I’m sharing it anyway because I think it’s helpful to see things from another’s point of view. 


Bloomberg: FDA could act to pull more opioid pain pills from the U.S. market

More potentially bad news for those who use opioids for chronic pain. 


Fibromyalgia News Today: Both gluten-free and low-calorie diets ease gastrointestinal ills in fibromyalgia, study finds

More studies are supporting the use of diet to manage certain fibro-related symptoms. 


Medscape: Bright-light treatment shows promise for fibromyalgia

This is an extremely small study, but it could be easily replicated at home for a nominal cost. I know Amazon sells these light boxes


PainPathways magazine: 17 ways to boost energy for pain sufferers

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Coming up…

The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2 starts Monday, June 19. There will be eight days of interviews, all free to watch online, or you can purchase the talks and listen at your leisure. Click here for details!

This week on FedUpwithFatigue.com…Autoimmune Strong is an online fitness program designed specifically for people struggling with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders and Lyme disease.


  1. Mickey Nice says

    Of the ten things one should not say to a doctor there was one I disagreed with. The author suggested not talking about treatments or other news from the internet. I tell my doctor about studies from Stanford and Columbia etc. and he told me to keep sending him this information.

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