July 27, 2018 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

I need your help!

Tomorrow will be one month since I developed neck pain/stiffness that is triggering a headache whenever I sit or stand for more than 30 minutes. I am having multiple headaches every day, which are only relieved when I lie down, and that is starting not to work now. 🙁 I’ve had an x-ray and MRI on my neck, and nothing abnormal showed up. My specialist believes the muscles/fascia in my neck are so tight, it is triggering tension headaches.

So far, I’ve been doing the following to try to loosen up the muscles/fascia: massage therapy, myofascial release, chiropractic. dry needling, active release technique, tennis balls (to release tight spots), foam roller and various types of stretches.

I’ve been using the following to manage symptoms: heating pad, muscle relaxers, ibuprofen, ActiPatch and TENS.

I have an appointment next month to get trigger point injections with lidocaine.

Do any of you know anything else I can do to loosen up these muscles in my neck/upper back? I need to get these trapezius muscles released! Help! I really need to get this issue fixed because it’s affecting every part of my life. I am having to spend hours each day in bed. If you know of any type of bodywork, stretches, devices, ANYTHING that will help with this, please leave it in the comments.

Update as of Sept. 9, 2018: So, it turns out I was initially misdiagnosed. After doing a bunch of bodywork and dry needling without relief, my doctor conceded my headaches are NOT tension headaches caused by tight muscles and referred me to neurology. Since then, I’ve seen a couple of specialists in neurology, and they believe I have a spinal fluid leak, possibly linked to the back surgery I had in May. I’m scheduled to have a test later this month to look for the leak. If they can find it, then they will do a blood patch to fix it. For now, I am still in bed and unable to work. 10 weeks and counting…


Fibromyalgia News Today: Neurotransmitters may have important role in fibromyalgia

From the article: “Supported by these results, the team believes that norepinephrine ‘may be an accurate predictor’ of fibromyalgia that is associated with worse physical health status, which “may greatly help in the diagnosis and treatment of this syndrome.”


LymeDisease.org: Tick-borne viruses? We don’t know what we don’t know

From the article: “From 1900 to 2000, there were only 12 tick-borne pathogens known to cause human disease in the U.S. However, over the past 17 years, scientists have identified dozens of new ones. This includes 16 new species of Borrelia—the spiral-shaped bacteria that causes Lyme disease, relapsing fever Borreliosis and other ‘Lyme-like’ illnesses. During that same period, the CDC estimates a 320% increase in the number of Lyme disease cases.”


Health Rising: Ron Davis finally gets his big grant

From the article: “The big multi-year, multi-million dollar RO1 grant to the Stanford Genome Center titled ‘Molecular and Single Cell Immunology of ME/CFS’ lasts for five years and pays out a cool $745,000 this year.”


Gates Way to Health: What causes chronic migraines? (YouTube video, almost 3 minutes)

Dr. Randall Gates, D.C., board certified chiropractic neurologist, explores the balance between the brain and body to get to the ROOT of chronic migraine pain. If you’re interested in learning more, there is a link to a full podcast in the YouTube video description. (Posting since migraines are a common comorbidity of fibromyalgia.)


Prevention: 10 pain-fighting moves you can do with a tennis ball

This is an older article, but it might still be useful to those of you who deal with localized pain in the feet, hips, back, etc.

Some extras…

I’ve got a backlog of articles saved for you guys so here are a few extras this week…

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Alternative Pain Treatment Directory: Neurofeedback for chronic pain


Pain News Network: BioWave device helps Vietnam vet with chronic pain


CFS Unravelled: Got ME/CFS/fibromyalgia? Stop doing this to avoid three problems! (YouTube video, 10 minutes)

July 27, 2018 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news | Fed Up with Fatigue


  1. Great post!

    As a fibromyalgia sufferer and therapist who works on fibro folks in the Albuquerque area, I know how it feels to be told it’s one thing – or maybe not – maybe something else – here’s a drug – here’s another to counteract the symptoms of that drug, etc.

    In my case my fibro was triggered by food allergies and cutting out those foods has made a world of difference. I also do Electro-Lymphatic Therapy to keep my lymph moving and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. I use these as a practitioner and personally.

    I would encourage people looking for natural ways to treat their symptoms to check out these therapies with therapists in their geographic areas.



  2. cort johnson says

    WOW. Good luck with the spinal tap! They can be very helpful.

  3. Hi
    So this may be a weird bit of advice but I get awful headaches every time I get a virus (I’ve had M.E for 35 years )
    I was told by my doctor to take a small dose of aspirin ( 1 a day for 3 days ) to see if it helped as it’s inflamation in the blood vessels from the virus that causes the headaches and aspirin works better for this than any of the stronger meds I was on . It used to work brilliantly but sadly my stomach can’t tolerate aspirin anymore but if you can it might be worth a try . Good luck

  4. Katherine says

    Hi, I also have Fibromyalgia, I got diagnosed Feburary, I believe sometime in 2012-2014 (as you know, with fibromyalgia, you never know or remember days or dates. Anywho, I have had Fibromyalgia since I was about 11 years old. Its been very hard. When I was younger, I could not function the way most people do. Hard to stand, hard to sit, always in pain. Even hard to stand to do the dishes for 10 to 15 minutes. It progressed to my stomache, aches and pains, and eventually my arms, and I couldn’t use them when in pain. Occasionally, Temporary paralysis over comes me, and even though my mind is telling my body to move, it refuses. For me it has become a progressive disease. Though, aside from word of mouth, and no proof, its hard to explain to doctors this may be a progressive disease. (whatever)

    As I was reading your latest article, I realize I may have some beneficial information. (I went to Baltimore School of Massage in Linthicum MD) And I found that aside from the TENS unit, TRIGGER POINT therapy from a Massage Practitioner or Massage Therapist would be VERY benifical to you in releaving your fibromyalgia pain. — Just look into it, and see if it helps you.


    • Hi-I’m late to the party. I have arthritis in my neck and have experienced whiplash from auto accidents. I use THC patches when the pain gets bad. I make my own cannabis topical pain cream too. Look in to MELT which uses a softer roller & a small ball to massage areas of pain. It’s very small & slow movements. Yoga has also been helpful. Currently, I am working with a Psychologist exploring EMDR to reduce pain. It takes a village to treat Fibro. I’m in my late 60s & it’s becoming more difficult to manage the pain.

  5. Lija Renton says

    I’ve had pretty chronic neck pain for years, the worst being at the very top, in the middle at the base of my skull. I have chronic migraines & my first warning sign is usually worsening neck pain.
    I have also recently developed various types of pain in & around my shoulder blades (stress is such a lovely thing! 🙄).
    The VERY best treatment I use on myself is a shallow warm/hot bath with LOTS of Epsom salts. I fill the tub with enough water so that when I lay flat on my back in the tub (knees bent, of course, with my feet either low on the wall or tucked under the taps) the water level is to the middle of my temples.
    (I have a back injury & the bath tub is no longer the comfy place it once was, so I take a small towel in with me to fold & put under my back to make it a little more cushy). Once I’ve marinated myself for at least 15 minutes, I do some gentle neck & shoulder stretches while still under the water.
    I hope you find some relief soon!!

  6. I want to thank you all for sharing your pain and ideas. I have had fibro. for 30 years now. I got Lyme in 2005.
    My pain has taken so many routes that I won’t try to share it. Like wise the Lyme. I have varied from a 3 to a 10 over and over until I thought life was not worth living. I have tried everything from massage to Chinese medicine, to medications. Every alternative leads to another problem and then I am back to where I began. The one thing I can say has helped is accepting my pain. When I accepted it my mind was able to focus and I could feel again. I can now recognize when my muscles are tense, causing pain, and with practice I can relax my entire body. This actually diminishes the pain and in some cases eliminates it. Yes it is temporary but when a person lives with pain for years, day and night, even a few minutes is wonderful.

  7. Hi. I am responding about back and neck pain. I’ve tried lots of treatments for my neck and back. The best medicine that I found is Soma. Soma works on both areas. It’s not a muscle relaxer, exactly. It tricks the brain into relaxing the muscles and gives pain relief. For migraines I now use Relpax which works great for me . U take one tablet, then u can take a 2nd an hour later, if u need. Also for neck and back, prescription Lidocaine patches. These patches drives the Lidocaine under several layers of skin. I find it to be very effective. Just keep away from heart. Otc Lidocaine patches and ointments don’t work, and cost more. Lastly, my dr has me on 2.5 mg to 7 mg of prednisone per day. Reduces inflammation, but isn’t a large enough dose to cause problems.

  8. Some things that help me which haven’t been mentioned:

    –I clench my teeth while sleeping due to the fibro and a nightguard greatly reduces jaw pain and tension.

    –Cupping helps reduce muscle tension in my shoulders and neck. When the chiro is feeling practically sadistic, she moves the cup around which breaks up soft tissue adhesions (warning: this can hurt a lot).

    — The chiro will also sometimes do graston on my neck and that helps relieve tension. The graston is also a miracle worker on my knee with arthritis.

  9. Christine Little says

    I’ve found cranial sacral therapy to be helpful in releasing tension in my neck. It gently manipulates the spinal fluid. Also acupuncture as opposed to dry needling- its less invasive and more relaxing in my opinion, which is what works for me. 🙂

  10. Patricia says

    This is the address link to an article from Dysautonomie International re migrained and spinal leaks.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Thank you! My neurologist and neurosurgeon both agree I likely have a spinal fluid leak and are referring me to a radiologist to do a blood patch to fix it. Fingers crossed!

  11. Occipital Nerve Blocks – ONB’s – have helped my migraines tremendously. I get treatments for them along with Trigger Point Injections – TPI’s – for myofascial pain at the Arnold Pain Management Clinic, a part of The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

  12. Michelle Alt Hazlett says

    Hi Donna. I have fibro pursuant to a head on collision with a large truck, which also caused me to have surgery to replace two cervical discs with artificial ones, reconstruct my shoulder from a SLAP tear, ruptured biceps tendon, torn rotator cuff and shaving of the acromium, in addition to an instrumented lumbar fusion at L5-S1.

    I’ve had intensive medical treatments, including chiropractic care, physician therapy, trigger point injections, myofascial release, stem cell transplants to repair damage to the flexor tendons in my arm, etc., etc. After 9+ years of treatment, I think I’ve experienced most everything! Including 3 years of braces to treat my TMJ!
    I refused dry needling – think about the fact that it creates scar tissue! No thanks. I have enough of that!

    I recommend not only the tests to see about spinal fluid leaking, but also ice and cryo spray to help with pain, and also my chiropractor did a massage inside my mouth to release the muscles in my jaw which were causing headaches and neck pain! After an extremely painful 40 minute massage of the jaw muscles from inside my mouth, I had a great deal of relief from the headaches and neck/jaw pain.

  13. Renée says

    I agree with Aiden. I had a spinal test done and had severe headaches after, I could barely stand and ended up in bed all day. After I talked to my doctors, they determined I had a spinal leak and subsequently gave me a blood patch in my spine. After the patch, the severe headaches were gone. I hope and pray that you will find relief.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I have called my doctor to request testing for a spinal fluid leak. The symptoms are very consistent w/ what I’ve been having for the past month.

  14. If this is an exacerbation of an old symptom, which responded to mechanical/structural work in the past, then maybe finding a more effective approach like that is valuable. In my own experience with lots of patients, and from studying the basic science of neuromuscular control, it’s important to recognize the layers of structure and protection. That means that the larger outer structural muscles like trapezius and scalenes and levator scapula can be tight because they are protecting deeper structures. So you can do all the soft-tissue and myofascial release and manipulation in the book, but miss the inner structures.

    That’s where a more subtle bodywork approach comes in. Someone who is really good at craniosacral, or an osteopath with cranial training, will assess the outer structures, and also use light touch to contact whats happening in the inner fascial layers, like the perispinal ligaments, and meningeal layers around the spinal cord and cranial base. If those are restricted or in spasm because they’re protecting against something, you need a more subtle touch to access them without activating protective reflexes.

    The other important consideration is whether the problem is something else. When I hear ‘severe headache when I stand up’ I think ‘spinal fluid leak’. That can happen spontaneously in some situations. But also have a procedure like a diagnostic lumbar puncture.

    I wish you speedy healing.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Thank you for your ideas! I have called my doctor to request testing for a spinal fluid leak. The symptoms are very consistent w/ what I’ve been having for the past month.

  15. Candis Byers says

    Sounds stupidly simple but have you tried ice packs, neck and eyes? I so appreciate your work. I am unable to walk now without a walker. Very discouraged. I appreciate hearing from others and getting suggestions. Every case is so different but we share the search for answers and keep on trying. I am praying for an answer to your headache cause, and treatment.

  16. Veronica Gilbert says

    Hi, Donna. So sorry to hessr about your neck. I have a lot of problems with mine. If I don’t sit with my head against the neck rest constantly with my chin level, I start going through hot flashes, cold flashes, my hands get ice cold and will not warm up and I start feeling awful. I have found keeping my chin level (90°)instead of tipping it down to read or sleeping with my chin tucked in has made drastic improvements on how I feel during the day. It has also significantly improved my breathing. It seems like such a little thing, but I feel so much better. Ice is the only thing that has also helped, alternating with heat every half hour to hour. It’s a royal pain, but it helped me when I was on a roller coaster like you. Anotger thing to ponder is getting a lot of things done to your neck keeps it aggravated. It just needs to rest. Try laying down with the ice and a hand towel rolled up under your neck and relax. Then switch it for a heating pad. Go back and forth between the two. Ice and heat your traps as well. Stretch in between GENTLY. You should feel better. Good luck and may tgge force be with you!!!😄😆🤣

  17. Tamara Moroz-King says

    I’m so sorry you are in so much pain, Donna. What works for me for neck pain and stiffness is alternating heat and cold. Take Care!

  18. Tamara says

    So sorry you are in such pain, Donna. What works for me for neck pain is alternating ice and heat. Take Care.

  19. Something that may help you with your neck pain/headaches is craniosacral therapy. My physical therapist has recommended I try it for similar issues but I haven’t gotten a chance to yet. Here’s some info if you’d like to read more about it: https://www.upledger.com/therapies/faq.php
    I hope you find relief soon. Hugs

  20. Kathie Warren says

    Donna, my heart goes out to you. Can you call your doctor to get the trigger point injections done now? If he knows how much pain you’re in he might agree. You also might need your steroid injections early. You’re exhausted as well as tense with this. Have you tried meditation in addition to the other things. I know sometimes my husband has to massage my neck several times a day just to get minimal relief. Do you have someone who will do that for you. There were times he had to massage it out every hour. Does your head feel too heavy for your neck? That happens to me. Laying down only works for a little while. Did you see your MRI? Once when I had one my doctor told me I had some compression of my discs. When I read the MRI it showed severe impingement between C4-7. I wish I could help you.

  21. I just hate that you’re dealing with these headaches (on top of everything else). I’ve been working out with Andrea Wool. She specializes in fitness with people who have autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia. You may find some stretches designed for our bodies there. Praying for you.

  22. Three suggestions:

    1) Epsom salts, biofeedback, and ice are things that have helped me to an extent.

    2) Sometimes doing a lot of things like you’ve mentioned actually makes me worse, so you may want to try taking a short break from them. I know the idea of it sounds awful, but I find it important to avoid doing things that are actually making it worse just because someone told you it might make it feel better.

    3) With spine-related stuff, my muscles never release until the underlying structural problem is corrected. For this I suggest PT. It may be hard to find a PT experienced in this area, but I have had the best luck with manual therapists with Maitland/COMT certification. A number of their practitioners are listed on their site here: http://www.ozpt.com/comtgrads.php

  23. I forgot Gelatin & magnesium stearate from Animal sources are not allowed & countless other ingredients with ALPHA-GAL

  24. I had botox injections which helped and after 6 weeks things are painful again. The botox is to last approximately 3 months. Insurance does not cover as it is not FDA approved. The idea is to retrain the muscles. I also have scoliosis so doubtful there is help.
    I get the “you look fine” words to and this only leaves me feeling even more guilty. A boil on humanity is what I have become.

  25. Spinal fluid leaks may be your symptoms see YouTube Dr. Ian Carroll on spinal fluid leaks & another thing to be tested for is ALPHA-GAL which a lot test Positive to now I have seen this now in a military soldier as

    well & if it is ALPHA-GAL avoidance of all Mammal foods, products in medicine, foods. vitamins including household cleaning products…The blood test for ALPHA-GAL cost about $37.00 to $48.00…There are also

    Groups on Facebook & YouTube Videos on ALPHA-GAL…Look for food lists as well online…Some cannot tolerate chicken some do…Delayed reactions once consumed with this as well…Hope you feel better soon xx

  26. Hi Donna,

    Sory to hear of your neck trouble. I suffer similar, agravated by driving, computer use and stress. The tight muscles in the neck pull the spine out of shape which causes the pain. The best relief I get, apart from stopping the activities that aggravate, is Thai Massage. I’ve tried all sorts of massage, in my search for relief from fibro, some of which my body reacts badly to, but real Thai massage is great. Fully dressed, no messy oils or having to strip off, it works with muscle and flows. My lady gives a really good head massage as part of it and it really helps. Hope you get some relief soon.
    Thanks for all the hints, tips and news – love the natural stuff, but avoid the chemicals.

  27. Mandy Buffington says

    Try acupuncture but make sure you get a good one have that with massage.

  28. Anita Krukas says

    Botox really helped my headaches which are really related to osteoarthritis and not having anymore discs in my cervical spine. This was diagnosed with a simple X-ray. “No discs, its causing nerve impingement, that’s what’s causing your pain”. When I had the majority of the injections in my neck going into my shoulders it really helped. I have not had this, but I have heard from many people that Sacro-Cranial therapy is a game changer. You might want to look into that. I hope you find something that helps and I can so relate. Constant neck pain is the worst. Good Luck!

  29. Donn, after reading your message, I would very strongly recommend you try homeopathy. After trying everything else many of us try homeopathy and it is miraculous the relief that can be obtained, often almost immediately when a well matched remedy is chosen based on your physical symptoms in addition to your mental/emotional feelings. Many homeopaths offer long distance consults via phone, skype, etc. However, The National Centre for Homeopathy (www.homeopathycenter.org) lists an M.D. Homeopath near to you:

    Robert Hall, M.D.
    Naturally Healthy Family Medicine
    7637 Lancaster Pike
    Building 2
    Hockessin, DE 19707
    Phone 302-234-0222

    • Received his medical degree from the Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
    • Became board certified in Family Medicine
    • Obtained his homeopathic medical training from the National Center for Homeopathy, Alexandria, VA and from the New England School of Homeopathy Amherst, MA

    or there is:
    Barbara Bason
    212 Wooddale Ave
    19720 New Castle
    United States
    Phone: 302 897 1542

    Barbara Bason, B.A., B.S., PCH, CBT
    Barbara is a graduate of the University of Delaware with degrees in Biology and Medical Technology.
    She holds certificates in classical Homeopathy from the Allen Academy (Robert Bannan) and in advanced classical Homeopathy from the Dynamis School (Jeremy Sherr).
    Barbara is a registered member of both the National Center for Homeopathy and the Minnesota Homeopathic Association.
    Barbara is also certified in the practice of Bowen Therapy, a gentle form of physical therapy that has been called ‘the body work of homeopathy’. She added the Bowen Therapy to her practice in 2001 as a complement to her homeopathy practice.

  30. Effie Carson says

    My neck is an issue most of the time. Often spasms have me nearly bedridden. I use a neck brace after chiro or massage until I feel the muscles have settled down. I also use it in long car trips, when flying or any situation where jerky movements can cause distress. Health pros will tell you to not use one. They are right, overuse can cause the muscles to weaken. The trick is to wear it backwards with the opening at the front. This allows the chin to drop and allows you to stretch the back of your neck. Good luck.

  31. Donna, I’m so sorry you are dealing with this additional pain. Have you ever tried Lidoderm patches? The prescription ones are 5% strength, but you can get the OTC version with 4% if you want to try them. They won’t take away all the pain, but maybe enough to allow your muscles to relax and give the other tools a chance to work. When my back pain gets unbearable, I take 1/2 an ambien and escape into sleep. I hope you find relief!

  32. Patricia R Dawson says

    hi Donna, I commented earlier about the Mary’s topical cream. My daughter is having the same, or very similar symptoms as you. She always had the unrelenting is shoulder and neck pain, and now the occasional migraines are regular. She is taking migraine medication as needed with some relief. Her PCP just had her doubled her dose.
    The PCP is having her start nortriptyline to her regime, as it may help with both sleep and headaches. Also she says Tyleonel Migraine helps bring it down a notch. Also a CBD capsule. Our massage therapist can help the neck and shoulders for a bit. She is studying something new for the fascia, I will ask her what method she is using. I also just got her a neck cradle on Amazon, the one you are supposed to use for 15 minutes. She said it felt good..
    I am sorry that you are going through this.I am interested in what works for you, when you find it.

  33. Marline says

    I think the Lyme may have entered the CNS, causing MENINGITIS. This happened to me and I thought it was the mother of all migraines (which I had been having for years). Please get medical attention immediately.

  34. linda Hodign says

    Have you been to a pain specialist and gotten an epidural to block the nerves?
    Also, the only thing that helped my horrible total back spasms was to get a prescription of low dose Naltrexone. I only take this medication when my back starts feeling tight and after a few days of taking this medication it subsides, so no more horrible spasms. This medication has to be formulated at a compound pharmacy…not all physicians know this medication helps with fibro symptoms as in full dose it is typically used I think with drug rehab. I have a 2.5 mg caps.
    I also take glycinate magnesium several times a day when my back or neck gets tight. I take 300 mg. several times a day if need be. The worst thing on taking too much magnesium is it can cause loose stools, But doing multiple dosing in one day seems to keep the magnesium level up. Magnesium helps relax muscles, calcium is needed for contracting muscles. So I lay off calcium supplements when dealing with muscle tightness.

  35. Karla Sarmiento says

    Sounds like you are hitting the neck issues from all angles. The only other things I can suggest is to apply cold pressed Castor oil with damp heat….. I have a terry cloth neck wrap with aromatherapy beads inside that you can heat in the microwave. I have had neck flares a lot and if I can catch it early with the castor oil with this damp heated wrap I can get a lot of relief that really settles the muscle spasms down. Epsom salt soaks you may find very therapeutic also. Have you heard of float tanks? Perhaps this might help too as you relax in magnesium. There’s also the rub ins like bengay, emu oil, tiger balm, arnica etc. I hope you find improvement and relief soon!!!

  36. Sue Mackey says

    As a follow up to my last message about the website, the gal’s name is Lisa. If you go to the Facebook page, Fibro Fit People, you can message her with a question and she will write you back. She has even given me her number to call her. It usually takes a day or two for her to give you a time to call her but she will respond. She helps as many people as she can and doesn’t charge for her time. She’s amazing and has been very helpful. If she can’t help you I don’t know who can. Give her a try.

  37. Jennifer says

    Hello Donna.
    Have you tried Botox injections? How about spraying mag oil?
    I’m sorry you are in pain.

  38. Sue Mackey says

    For some help with your neck and headache go to http://www.living-smarter-with-fibromyalgia.com. It is the most comprehensive website and resource for fibro I have ever seen. She is amazing. She writes and developes all of the content. Has videos, tips, remedies etc.. Go to the sitemap and you’ll find every topic covered and she breaks it down by body part and region. There is something for neck and headaches. She is extremely knowledable. Also has a Facebook page where she posts videos all of the time. I know you’ll find something there to help you.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I really like her site, too, but this is not fibro related. This is some sort of structural issue.

  39. Donna…
    Take a look at a Cold Laser, such as this one:


    I have NO AFFILIATION WITH THESE PEOPLE WHATSOEVER. However, we started using it on a lame Old English Sheepdog years ago and it was almost like a miracle cure (and that’s the only time I’ve ever used that term. Since that time, we have been using it on ourselves, and lending it to others, and have enjoyed relief from all kinds of pain.

    Good luck.

  40. Hi Donna, It’s been my long experience (over 40 years worth of managing pain) that when none of the physical interventions work it is because there is something bothering me emotionally, usually something that I am not consciously aware of. It could be something that upset me but i just forged on or it could be an anniversary date of something bad that happened or the accumulation of all the distressing stuff in the news. It helps to think back to when the pain started to try to determine the source and let all the emotions about it flow or use a tapping therapy (see http://www.emofree.com for a how-to-manual). If you can’t figure out the source, you can just do the tapping therapy while focusing on the pain itself. Let me know if this helps.

  41. Donna, I’m sorry you are going through a hard time right now but I’m grateful to you for this site. You’re doing a great job and helping a lot of people. I’m fairly new to commenting so bear with me. I have had fibro, arthritis and hypothyroidism for over 30 years and right now my worst pain (other than feeling like I have the flu all the time) are muscle tightness and spasms. I have tried EVERYTHING with very little success. Opioids did help but I had to reduce drastically for other sypmtoms. I have been on cannabis oil for about 9 months and have has some pretty good results – I’ve reduced my opioids by 80%, reduced my prescription muscle relaxants from 3/day to 1 or 2 a week, I am off my prescription sleeping meds that I was on for over 20 years (and had no withdrawal), lost over 20 lbs., and have a much better mood and more energy. But, my point is that for me the cannabis oil works best on my tight muscles and spasms. I guess that’s why some people who have MS have good results with medical cannabis. So if you’re open to it, it might be an option for you to explore. If you have any questions feel free to ask – I might even have an answer! Keep fighting the good fight.

    • Get check out for Temporal Mandibular Disorder. My daughter had terrible headaches, muscle spasms of the neck, etc. was diagnosed with this. She now wears a mouthpiece they made for her that she wears at night. It has helped so much. She has Fibromyalgia.

      • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

        Hi Kathy, I do have TMJ and it’s been flaring up since right before this headache issue started. I think it is all connected, and my doctors/bodywork practitioners have said the same. They just don’t have any good ideas on how to fix it. I plan to talk w/ my dentist about a mouthpiece.

    • Joan Ballantyne says

      Yes cannabis CBD oil has helped me a lot too! I got a medical card here in MI. Shiatsu massage, exercise two times a week at local gym helps. I woke up with a neck issue this am and reached for my ‘S’ Hook to apply pressure to the areas that were spasming. Decided to take a pain pill today (been off since CBD oil) to nip it in the bud. Whoa it certainly did help however I can really feel the floaty feeling still several hours later (don’t like the feeling). Myofascial Release and Cold Laser and almost all the other modalities I have tried. I have fibro and polyneuropathy which CBD oil has helped tremendously most of the time. I had used it prior to going to a med marj clinic in Ann Arbor, however the product is working much better from the clinic.

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