July 13, 2018 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

Where I’ve been…

Some of you may have noticed this is the first time I’ve posted since June 22. In late June, I confirmed through MRI that the disc in my back that was operated on in May has bulged again.

Then, a day or so later, I started having unexplained neck pain, which triggers a headache anytime I am sitting or standing for more than a few minutes. I’ve spent most of the past two weeks in bed because lying down is the only position in which I can find any semblance of comfort. I’m going through the process of having imaging and seeing specialists now to figure out my next steps and will resume my usual posting schedule when I’m able. I’d appreciate any prayers or positive thoughts you could send my way. Love you guys!

Now onto the news…


Fibromyalgia News Today: Immune system may play role in fibromyalgia, study suggests

From the article: “Inherited mutations in genes that provide instructions for the production of three immune molecules — called CCL11, CCL4 and MEFV — impact the immune system and may be associated with the risk of fibromyalgia, according to the researchers.”


NPR.org: Red meat allergies caused by tick bites are on the rise

From the article: “‘We’re confident the number is over 5,000 [cases], and that’s in the U.S. alone,’ [Dr. Scott] Commins says. There are also cases in Sweden, Germany and Australia — likely linked to other species of ticks.”


Solve ME/CFS Initiative: Hot areas in ME/CFS research: 2018 (YouTube video, 59 minutes)

Dr. Anthony L. Komaroff, Simcox-Clifford-Higby professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and senior physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, discusses ongoing ME/CFS research.


Younger Lab: Dextromethorphan for fibromyalgia (YouTube video, 8 minutes)

Dr. Jarred Younger gives an update on an upcoming study using dextromethorphan for fibromyalgia.


Pain News Network: Australian study finds cannabis does little for pain

From the article: “‘At each assessment, participants who were using cannabis reported greater pain and anxiety, were coping less well with their pain, and reported that pain was interfering more in their life, compared to those not using cannabis,’ said [Gabrielle] Campbell, who was lead author of the study. ‘There was no clear evidence that cannabis led to reduced pain severity or pain interference or led participants to reduce their opioid use or dose.'”

And an extra…

Sassy Holistics: Why are we all so SICK?!

Kristen from Sassy Holistics discusses why conditions like fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, chronic Lyme, MS, lupus, RA and others are so common these days.

Free webinars…

The U.S. Pain Foundation is hosting a free webinar entitled “Learn how to use mindfulness to reduce pain and stress” on Tuesday, July 17, at 1 p.m. EDT. Register here. 


Dr. Bill Rawls is hosting a free webinar on “Beyond Diagnosis: What it takes to overcome Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue” on Wednesday, July 18, at 8 p.m. EDT. Register here. 

July 13, 2018 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news | Fed Up with Fatigue


  1. joanie says

    Dear Donna, I always look forward to your newsletters. Can’t tell you what a help & inspiration you’ve been to me. And I so much appreciate your hard work & many efforts – in spite of your pain & situations.
    “May the Good Lord bless and keep you” – every day.
    Thank you.

  2. heather says

    I can feel what you are going through, I stumbled here today, have been researching on fibromyalgia my elder sister has been diagnosed and after reading and going through your post I now understand it all.. sending you prays and positive thoughts to keep your strong and heal your everydayhealth and life.

  3. Bwatson says

    Get better soon, Donna. Prayers are coming your way. Hugs.

  4. Mary Perkins says

    I’m recovering from an extreme medical emergency and hospital stay, so can sympathize with your current inability to move the way you want to and having to stay in bed. All that time getting tests and seeing doctors sounds familiar, too. I enjoy and learn so much from the news you send that I hope you’ll be in shape for continuting. This current issue is outstanding.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Thank you, Mary! I had chiropractic on Friday and it seems to have helped some, so I’m working a bit today. Still have the headache, but it’s bearable so far. I’ll see the specialist on Thursday.


    Praying for you and for a quick recovery. Blesssings to you.

  6. Susie Thompson says

    Donna I have recently come across your website and received a couple of newsletters, and just read about your recent health issue. I’m so sorry to hear of your last couple weeks….as if you needed something more to pop up! I appreciate all you do to help new and ongoing fibromayalga sufferers. Is that even a word?!
    I wanted to tell you I’m sending you much love and know we all are thinking of you. When u can, let us know what your next step re: this is and know your readers will keep u in thought. I have things to share with you re: things that have helped me and also some answers to things I believe you’ve ?’d. I will say prayers for you and remind u that your prayers are being listened to and feel will be answered soon.
    Thank you for all u do to help and share your journey with all of us.

  7. You provide me with so much information that I would otherwise find too overwhelming to find and I thank you for that. When I am out of it I find healing videos on YouTube. There is something for everyone. (But you’re so smart you probably already know,that). I hope you can find something that helps you through this, not only for your body but for your heart. The mind has so much power that it can bring us down or lift us up, but especially down when we are in pain or distress. I ditto Frances Hunt’s post.

  8. Sending you love and healing energy!

  9. Hi hope you soon better..its bad enough having fibro..

  10. Hoping you will be better soon & it is corrected xx Have they also ruled out any ‘spontaneous spinal fluid leaks’ Dr. Ian Carroll from Stanford pain clinic is finding this in these patients now see also YouTube spinal fluid leaks he has some awareness videos on there xx hugs blesses xx

  11. Frances B Hunt says

    Donna, prayers for you, asking for relief & healing. You are so precious to all of us.

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