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So, you know that nasty case of plantar fasciitis I’ve been fighting since last spring? Well, it turns out it might not be plantar fasciitis after all. After three sets of steroid injections, laser treatments and weeks of physical therapy, my feet were still killing me, so I decided to see another podiatrist for a second opinion. He thinks I may have peripheral neuropathy, which is common in those with fibro. I will go for nerve testing next week to confirm.

Obviously I’m not happy about this because neuropathy is extremely difficult to treat. The usual protocol calls for gabapentin, Lyrica or Cymbalta – none of which I can take due to side effects. I try to stay positive about my life with fibromyalgia, and my symptoms are much better than they were six months ago. I’m grateful for that, but I know you all can relate when I say sometimes it feels like taking two steps forward and one step back. (And yes, I know the saying is actually “one step forward and two steps back,” but I refuse to concede my previous victories.)

This week's fibromyalgia & ME/CFS news (week or Jan. 25, 2016) | Fed Up with FatigueTop stories …

Three lots of Lyrica have been recalled due to heat damage.

It’s an epidemic: Chronic fatigue syndrome affects 1 in 50 teenagers, reports Newsweek.

Another new fibromyalgia drug is in the works. Biotech research company Premier Biomedical has filed a provisional patent on a new drug to treat fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, MS symptoms and alcohol/chemical addiction. According to the company’s news release, “This new drug is in addition to Premier’s existing Feldetrex® drug, to compete in this segment of the health care market representing an opportunity of $16B annually.”

From Vice.com: “The withdrawal I experienced after quitting Cymbalta was worse than my depression.” (Want to know more about Cymbalta’s withdrawal symptoms? Visit my Cymbalta withdrawal lawsuits page.)

The National Drug Treatment Centre in Ireland says the misuse of Lyrica by drug addicts “is a serious emerging issue which should be monitored carefully.”

Fibromyalgia makes this list of the most frequently searched for conditions in the U.K.

Treatments & research …

Conflicting studies: Small Brazilian study finds acupuncture and electroacupuncture aren’t effective for fibromyalgia. But this Mexican study says electroacupuncture works!

Odds & ends …

BBC tells us “What not to say to someone with chronic fatigue syndrome.”  And while we’re at it, here are “10 things not to say to someone with fibromyalgia.”

The U.K.’s National Health Service could have saved £54 million last year if it had been allowed to prescribe generic Lyrica.

The first medical marijuana dispensary opens on St. Louis, Missouri’s east side, and it feels like a spa …

Attention Portland, Oregon residents: The Frida Center for Fibromyalgia is accepting new patients! Consultations also are available for out-of-town patients.

Personal stories …

“Vampire” teen with ME/CFS is allergic to daylight – and her last name just happens to be Cullen, like Edward from “Twilight.” Now, that’s a weird coincidence…

Fibromyalgia sufferer says she was up doing spring cleaning the day after she started using medical marijuana.

U.K. woman with fibromyalgia (and mental illness) is sentenced to 7 years in prison after attacking man with meat cleaver.

In case you missed it …

Lots of people really enjoyed my holiday gift guide in December, so I decided to do another for Valentine’s Day.

2016 Valentine's Gift Guide for fibromyalgia and ME/CFS | Fed Up with Fatigue

Off topic …

I’m definitely a news junkie! A few weeks ago, I signed up for theSkimm, a free service that delivers a summary of the previous day’s top headlines into my inbox each morning. I thought I’d share since it’s an easy way to keep up on current events.

The scientific reason for why it’s so hard to quit sugar

I guess some would think this takes cheapskate to a whole new level, but I happen to think it’s pretty innovative: How to use junk mail to heat your home


  1. Linda Sandford says

    Dear Donna, I have just been reading you’re latest message to me, I am so sorry to hear about you’re foot pain. I too have chronic neuropathic pain and boy does it hurt . I stopped taking Lyrica just before Christmas,it doesn’t help at all. I now want to stop taking Cymbalta , after reading you’re articles about it, so that is my next big challenge. Off to see my doctor on Friday 5th. I’ll let you know how I get on. Love and equally gentle hugs back to you. P.S. I absolutely adore the gorgeous feline pictured with you. I have 4 of my own life savers aren’t they Bye for now. Linda xx

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hi Linda, yes, my kitty babies definitely make my days brighter. As I type this, I have two of them on my desk keeping me company. 🙂 Interested to hear how your doctor’s visit goes. Just hit reply to any of my emails and you’ll get me. 🙂

  2. JaeLeen says

    I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 1990 (back then it was just called CFS or CFIDS) and then fibromyalgia in 1993. I have substantially recovered over the past 8 years ever since my introduction to Eden Energy Medicine, but that is a different subject. Just wanted to pass along that after my car was rear-ended in 2013 at an intersection, I developed plantar fasciitis for the first time in my life in the foot that was on the brake at the time. I tried everything and was still in terrible pain each day the minute my feet hit the floor when I woke up & with each step throughout the day thereafter. In my research online I read a blog post by the GreenSmoothieGirl about doTERRA’s essential oil called DDR Prime helping her overcome plantar fasciitis. I decided to try it on my foot and within 3 days the pain was 50% better. I was elated! I’ll admit that it still took a total of 18 months after the fender bender before my pain was completely gone, but the DDR Prime definitely acted as a catalyst and got me moving in the right direction. I do not sell doTERRA so this post is not self-promotion for business purposes, rather just trying to help some other sufferers out there. My chiropractor thinks the reason it worked so well is perhaps because of its strong anti-viral properties and hypothesized that after the injury to my foot that a virus may have settled into the weakened soft tissues. From my research, people also use this essential oil when they are trying to beat cancer or prevent recurrences, so I find that interesting. Hope this info helps some of you!

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Thank you for sharing. A lot of people benefit from essential oils for various conditions. I have a follow up w/ my doctor next week to find out if I do indeed have plantar fasciitis or if my pain is nerve related or a combination of the two.

  3. Hi Donna,

    Thank you for your site. It’s good to find so much information in one spot. I can certainly identify with the name of your blog. I don’t know anyone who has fibro who isn’t “fed up with fatigue” not to mention the countless other symptoms that are a part of this horrid disease.

    For more years than I can remember I tried anything and everything I could find to achieve even the smallest relief from the terrible pain, sleep deprivation, total exhaustion, confusion and general inability to function and carry on any kind of “normal” life. My condition continued to deteriorate until I was totally disabled and had to stop working.

    Fortunately I had a primary care physician who did not doubt the existence of my Fibromyalgia or its severity as so many others, be they “friends,” colleagues, family or medical specialists had. My GP did not hesitate to try whatever new medications were available or to refer me to whatever specialists either of us believed might be of help. He neither suggested I was crazy for trying other alternative or complementary wellness works that I found, nor did he try to discourage me for doing so.

    After I finally discovered what really did work for me, I came to the clinic to see Dr. V. He not only listened to me but, skeptic though he might have been, he observed and monitored my progress as I continued to improve. I told him about the beautiful wellness work of Joy of Healing, http://www.joyofhealing and how founders, Andrew and Tamara Overlee, worked with me to help resolve the numerous unresolved stressors and issues in my life that, no matter how hard I tried to ignore them, kept resurfacing and making me so very ill. I shared with him my decision to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle—trying to eliminate sugar, dairy, wheat and as many processed foods as possible, daily vegetable juicing, as well as incorporating water aerobics and energy work geared to meet my needs.

    Then when I suggested that experience the work of Joy of Healing for himself he did. At the end of his appointment he told the Overlees that if they were able to help the rest of his patients as they had helped me he wouldn’t have any patients left.

    Thanks to this beautiful work I have been in remission, both pain and prescription free, for nearly fifteen years. No longer am I “just about any primary care physician’s worst nightmare,” as Dr. V. has since described me. As he says, “It is now 20 years since we started this journey… I am convinced that this wonderful recovery is absolutely the result of work with Joy of Healing.”

    I encourage everyone to research and try to find whatever healing modality resonates with them. Do not over look alternative and complementary approaches as well as the traditional. Trust your intuition to guide you in your search for help and healing.

    Love and blessings,

    Janet Komanchuk

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