Week of Jan. 11, 2016 fibromyalgia and ME/CFS news

It’s been a good week at FedUpwithFatigue.com! This week, the National Fibromyalgia Association shared another of my posts on its Facebook feed. I’m so grateful for the NFA’s support and would like to welcome my new readers! I have a couple of interesting posts in the works for the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s this week’s fibromyalgia and ME/CFS news.  

This week's fibromyalgia and ME/CFS news (week of Jan. 11, 2016) | FedUpwithFatigue.com

Top stories …

Pfizer raises the price of Lyrica again …

Irish study finds drug addicts are abusing Lyrica. “We believe that misuse of this prescription drug is a serious emerging issue which should be monitored carefully,” researchers said.

Is your pain level really a 10? Probably not, according to this story from HealthCentral on how to use the pain scale effectively. (This is really useful information. I’ve printed it off and put it in my food/symptom journal, so I can refer to it when I’m assigning a pain score for each day.)

Pop singer Cher makes this list of “7 famous celebrities that you didn’t know were battling chronic illnesses.” (She has ME/CFS.)

For the young moms out there: “Games to play with your child in which you barely have to move or talk.” While you’re on the sofa “playing,” you might enjoy reading these “3 essential skills for moms with chronic illness” from OurSmallHours.com.

Research & treatments …

CBS News features intravenous ketamine as a treatment for fibromyalgia. Has anyone tried this? Did it help? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

Consumer Reports publishes a story on Quell, a wearable device that supposedly eases fibromyalgia and other chronic pain.

Here’s more info on using SAMe to treat fibromyalgia. I’ve been using SAMe for the past few months as part of my new supplement protocol. It’s really helped my energy/mood levels, but I’m not sure if it’s improved my pain.

Spanish study finds women with fibromyalgia need more assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, grooming and eating, than their healthy counterparts.

Severe fibromyalgia symptoms are linked to obesity and weight gain. (Maybe it would help if most of the available fibro meds didn’t cause us to gain 40 pounds when we take them. Just a thought.)

Not all fibromyalgia sufferers need to be screened for celiac disease, finds Spanish study.

Watching and listening …

“The Last Great Medical Cover Up,” a new-ish U.K. documentary featuring patients living with ME/CFS. (YouTube, 36 minutes)

A Harvard neuroscientist discusses the link between chronic fatigue and vagus nerve infection. (Podcast, 39 minutes, or written transcript)

Personal stories …

Creating art helps Florida woman navigate life with ME/CFS. And a Brooklyn artist with fibromyalgia showcases her finger-on-paint artwork during her first exhibit.

U.K. woman with fibromyalgia is organizing team of people to do 20,000 burpees to raise money for domestic violence organization.

Odds & ends …

Fellow fibro blogger February Stars shares “5 lessons I have learned living with chronic illness.”

And from Chronic Mom: “10 unexpected life lessons learned from chronic illness”

For some of us, stress really aggravates our symptoms. To help combat that, here are “40 healthy ways to relax and de-stress.”  (This list isn’t specific to those living with chronic illness, so not all of the suggestions will apply.)

U.K. soldier wins damages after he was injured while serving in Afghanistan and developed fibromyalgia.

New York City opens its first medical marijuana dispensary, and one of its first customers is a homeless man with fibromyalgia.

Bad news …

Horrible tragedy: Mom on Lyrica (and other drugs) smothers her infant child to death after rolling on top of her.

Thieves shatter window and steal money from Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation Thrift Store in British Columbia, Canada.

In case you missed it…

A bunch of my fellow fibro bloggers shared their best tips for reducing symptoms.

Top fibromyalgia bloggers share their best tips for reducing fibromyalgia symptoms. | FedUpwithFatigue.comOff topic …

The frigid cold has finally settled into Delaware, so I thought now’s a good time to share One Good Thing by Jillee’s “25 clever car hacks to help you survive winter.”

Drinking green tea is supposed to be great for one’s health, but what to do if you hate the taste? Prevention.com shares some healthy, healing alternatives.

Check out this photographer’s incredible images of miniature people clipping nose hairs and making popcorn.


  1. Andrea Milton says

    Has any one been treated with anti-viral meds such as Valtrex for Fibro. If so,
    what were the results? How long was the course of treatment? Any caveats?

  2. Love these roundup posts that you do, they are always so interesting. Thank you for including my post, I really appreciate it 🙁

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