Friday 5: Feb. 2, 2018 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

Feb. 2, 2018 #fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & #Lyme news | Fed Up with Fatigue


Pain News Network: Feds target doctors and pharmacies in new crackdown

From the article: “‘Over the next 45 days, DEA will surge Special Agents, Diversion Investigators, and Intelligence Research Specialists to focus on pharmacies and prescribers who are dispensing unusual or disproportionate amounts of drugs,’ Sessions said during a Tuesday speech to law enforcement officials in Louisville, KY.”


Jaime Heidel: Why you should go to the doctor looking like a zombie (YouTube video, 7 minutes)

Jaime discusses how our appearance affects the way our doctors perceive us. 


TheMighty.com: 16 products to use when painsomnia keeps you up at night

Can’t sleep because you’re in pain? Here’s a list of products recommended by people who have painsomnia just like us. 


ADDitudeMag.com: Fibromyalgia patients should be screened for ADHD, study says

From the article: “A small observational study found high rates of comorbidity between ADHD and fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder, as well as some evidence that patients with both conditions experience heightened symptom severity.”


Counting My Spoons: What’s improved my fibromyalgia symptoms the most?

I always love these articles where fellow warriors share their successes. It’s a good way to learn about new approaches to treatment, and it gives me hope that healing is possible. 

And an extra…

The Paleo Mom: 5 gut health tests you can do at home

Research is now confirming what Hippocrates knew more than 2,000 years ago: “All disease begins in the gut.” This article covers five gut health tests you can perform at home – all of them free except the cost of food! 

This week’s Facebook Live…

Brandi and I discussed “Unrest,” a documentary about ME/CFS. Watch the replay here. 

This week on FedUpwithFatigue.com…

How to choose the best hemp CBD oil


  1. Barbara Desrosiers says

    These offerings by all the different experts are expensive and can’t be covered by health insurance. I am a Senior Citizen on a limited income. And who do we believe, that they have the “Magic Bullet” to ease the PAIN? I have tried a few over the years with no success. I have had fibromyalgia for over 40 years. I have recently been diagnosed with onset Alzheimer’s. I wonder if this is a continuation of “Fibro Fog”? I have experienced minor memory problems over the years, notably the last 10 years. I am overwhelmed by all the theories given on Fibromyalgia by all the “Experts”.

  2. Robyne says

    Hi Donna thx for you & all your info. I’ve subscribed
    to National Pain Report & just read re: 2 smallish studies showing benefits of Stevia ?”mixed” im liquid to help with Lyme insomnia & brain dysfunction. Stevia leaves etc don’t work. Was wondering if you’d come across it or suggest how I could find it. (Sorry for lack of details… Have been in midst of horrific Lyme’s & Fibro Flares?)( not sure if Lyme’s has flares or the coinfections just making me worse.)Also have Hashimoto’s, many spinal problems, Neuropathy,etc!!
    One of the studies in different country. And i saw it this past 1 1/2 wks.
    I also have trouble finding the grp/blog on FB.

    I do want to comment on Trump & Sessions new Political War on Pain Medications (Opiods). I believe it’s a cover up
    The same as all govt wars on drugs have been & to distract from providing monies for more in-depth studies on the benefits of natural Marijuana when used for pain because they always state there’s not enough scientific data to draw any positive conclusions!! Though it’s clear all ‘anecdotal’ info is very positive!
    Think anything to do with Big Pharma developing or have”synthroid medical marijuana???”…which has unnecessary inactive ingredients?!?
    It enrages me that people & their MDswho are treatimg those Inchronic severe pain are being threatened with having to suffer in pain &their MDs being threatened with criminal prosecution!
    Was put on small dose with muscle relaxant & Sleep
    med after I lost total control of legs falling in street & breaking some ribs. Ppl v helpful & since I was going to physiatrist’s appt anyway cont’d on my way. By end of my appt couldn’t stand up ( I have to admit I have very sharp elbows!!,fell hard into road on side digging my elbows just into side! (Lol) So I’ve been on pain MED esp since have severe spinal issues. Just properly Dxd w/ Lyme’s & 3 co-infections fd in brain besides other places.

    I also use lots of supplements & as I find they lose benefit after certain amt of time find rotating them helps. I want to get back to acupuncture; & have PT & OT 2x/wk. Also used Groupon to discover a fabulous Chinese massage therapist who also does reflexology! After the massages I’ve had,came away Painfree lasting ~ 1.5 months!! I also learned some pressure points to use on my own.
    Wanted to buy Quell but ongoing costs felt like too much.
    Have found 2 products which finding great “Magnilife- Muscle Cramp pain Reliever” fd in local RX when able to get out. Homeopathic 225 dissolving Tabs 2 under tongue , 2-3X/day.Wks quickly & well. It does have lactose as inactive ingredient no problem despite my being lactose intolerant.
    Also had physiatrist who gave me Pain cream containing Ketamine which wkdgreat esp on OA knees & all other pain but insurance not paying for it anymore.
    Other MD WHO finding many Fibro pts have Lyme’s l! Says little THC very helpful. Will have to go to MMJ MD who makes pts see him every 2 months & take drug urine test.
    I’ve never been addicted to anything well guess food counts! I have no reason to feel this BUT it feels like such a stigma & if anything comes back + will refer u to another MD immed! It makes me angry!This in NYS. Hard to find Drs & dispensaries. But his pt reviews all glowing so going to make soonest appt avail. Have tried several Hemp CBD oils but only fd 1helpful then changed their formula?!?
    I have used several Invite Health for yrs. somewhat expensive so wait for sales & stock up. Has radio programs & includes human studies. Also @ Store has naturopathic Drs.
    I have few other things trying but my rambling is way too long. Didn’t see film yet but will.
    To better health for us all & for insurance to accept Chronic Lyme’s as Disease!thx

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Yes, I’ve heard of the stevia study. They used NutraMedix Stevia for the study. You can buy it off the NutraMedix site at http://www.nutramedix.com. It’s pretty inexpensive and I think they always have free shipping too. The study showed it killed Lyme in a petri dish – it’s hard to say whether it would kill Lyme in the body or not. Some people in the Lyme support groups online believe it’s helping them.

      If you’re treating Lyme, you might also research banderol. It’s another NutraMedix product. I’m having really good results w/ that.

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