Friday 5: Feb. 16, 2018 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

Feb. 16, 2018 #fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & #Lyme news | Fed Up with Fatigue


Pain News Network: Study finds little evidence shock therapy works [for fibromyalgia]

Wow, that’s a relief, right? 


MD magazine: Why chronic fibromyalgia pain can be treated with physics

From the article: “A new study posits that hyperactivity in the brain networks of patients with fibromyalgia is to blame for those patients’ chronic pain. According to the research, that hyperactivity causes brain networks to react in major ways to minor changes, a phenomenon known as ‘explosive synchronization.'”


Prohealth: Five supplements that support the immune system

Columnist Jenny Lelwica Buttaccio reached out to the Lyme community to find out some of the most popular immune-boosting supplements. 


Jonathan Ginsberg: How sick must you be to qualify for Social Security disability? (YouTube video, 9 minutes)

From the video description: “Social Security will only award you disability benefits if you can prove that you have a medical condition that has or will last 12 consecutive months and that will prevent you from performing the tasks at even a simple, entry-level job.”


Futurity.com: This is how your stress turns into sickness

A recent study hints at how stress can morph into disease. I’m sure this biological process led to my own chronic illness. Maybe you can relate, too. 

Facebook Live…

I had food poisoning on Monday and Tuesday so I wasn’t able to join Brandi on Facebook Live this week, but she covered a topic many of us are familiar with: Having to cancel plans over and over (Facebook video, 26 minutes)

This week on FedUpwithFatigue.com…

If I could give anything to people living with fibromyalgia, it would be…

If I could give anything to people with fibromyalgia, it would be ... | Fed Up with Fatigue


  1. Guarnieri Cristiana says

    I think you must try oxigen ozone therapy blood transfusion . This helpsvavlot with fibromyalgia and choronic fatigue. All the best Cristiana -look the website Umberto Tirelli Italy.

  2. Gloria Hurta says

    Has anyone had any experience with the cellular device called AmpCoil which is supposed to alleviate pain at the cellular level for many chronic pain conditions?

  3. Phyllis Denison says

    I had a frustrating and ineffective visit with my Primary Care person on Wed. I not only have FMS but also Degenerative Disk Disease in my cervical spine and from T-12 down. Last year I suffered injury at the hands of an unqualified personal trainer at LA Fitness, went through PT and most recently had another 8 sessions with the Physical Therapist. Last week, I had an unusual accident when I tried to exit a Dodge Ram Pickup that we rented – our van was in the shop – where, forgetting how much distance there was between seat and street, I turned to try to slide off and I did – fast! It wasn’t the fall as they say, it was the sudden jarring stop on my feet. I experience huge pain and so made an appointment to see my care provider.
    I also have extreme multiple chemical sensitivity which precludes the use of opioids, NSAIDS, anti-anxiety, etc. drugs. Basically, I can use Arthritis Strength Tylenol and, when I could afford it, CBD tinctures. Period.
    A number of years ago, here in Tucson, Kristan Thorston started the Fibromyalgia Network of which I was a member until she had to quit due to her getting a 2nd debilitating muscular condition. Each issue would have reports of various studies being done and I remember one regarding the use of steroids. As I recall the bottom line was that those of us with FMS should not use them, or at least not use them on a regular basis.
    Back to my visit – after listening to my complaints, for some reason she zeroed in on my issues with my neck. I experience numbness in my left hand when on the cell phone and at times wake up with numbness in my right thumb and first 2 fingers. I also have that when using the computer, etc. She had me get onto the exam table and proceeded to press really hard on the outer part of my left elbow. It hurt! She then said she wanted me to see the new doctor – she is a nurse practitioner – who is a Sports Medicine specialist as he could put a shot into that joint. I told her no, that I did not want a shot and began to try to remind her why. She cut me off and said that if I was refusing shots there was no point in seeing the doctor. ( are shots the only treatment modality he uses???_
    She then had me wait and I was put through a series of xrays of my neck and told i would get results that day or the next.
    It is Friday now and I don’t have results. Still having back, hip, leg and ankle pain although the intensity has gone to about a 2.
    I then remembered – at 80, on a Medicare Advantage Plan, I am only allowed to present with ONE complaint of as the provider can only use ONE CODE for billing!
    So, once again I find myself having to look for alternatives, integrative health options knowing that insurance will not cover cost but also knowing that if I want to continue full mobility, that is what I must do.
    This provider in the past has assisted me with alternative choices for treating sinus, bronchitis and other issues. Yesterday, all that changed and so I will only go to her with an acute issue, not for my chronic pain and difficulty in walking, etc.
    I am a very active woman, still working, and trying so hard to remain fully involved in life. However, due to the fact that now our health care is dictated by business people at the for profit insurance companies who are only looking at ways to improve their bottom line, I and others will have to find ways to get what we need by finding and paying those holistic practitioners out of pocket.
    It is hard enough to have both FMS, the extreme fatigue at times along with the DDD that is getting worse without having to deal with doctors and providers who do not listen anymore and who dismiss you if you question or refuse their treatment options.
    I dread the day when I might have to go to the hospital – I have and keep a list of my sensitivities and diagnosis to provide to the First responders and to hospital personnel but again = they usually dismiss it.

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