Friday 5: Dec. 16, 2016 fibromyalgia and ME/CFS news

Dec. 16, 2016 fibromyalgia and ME/CFS news | Curated weekly by FedUpwithFatigue.com


Market Realist: Lyrica to lose patent protection in the U.S. in 2018

Good news for those who are taking Lyrica. A cheaper generic version won’t be far behind…


Griffith University: $4 million grant to aid chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis

I believe Griffith is the same university who ID’ed a biomarker for ME/CFS earlier this year. This is really promising research. 


Leafly: New DEA rule says CBD oil is really, truly, no-joke illegal

Well, it’s official: The DEA has officially ruled that ALL CBD oil, regardless of whether it’s derived from hemp (which is sold online) or cannabis (sold at dispensaries), is illegal, according to federal law. It’ll be interesting to see how this changes the availability of online hemp-based CBD oil. I’m currently a medical marijuana user, but previously used hemp CBD oil as a pain reliever


Prohealth: The role of diet in the treatment of fibromyalgia

Interesting study on how food additives, like MSG, might contribute to fibromyalgia symptoms. 


#MEAction: Join the #MillionsMissing art competition

The #MillionsMissing Art Competition is open to all art forms, including photos, graphics / illustration, scanned drawings, paintings, poems, quotes, video clips and music. We’re also accepting patterns or tutorials for do-it-yourself projects like embroidery, crochet, knitting and sewing. 

And an extra…

PainPathways magazine: Surviving the holidays when you’re in pain

This week on FedUpwithFatigue.com…

Chronic illness warrior and author Lene Andersen's book "Chronic Christmas" is "an Advent calendar full of self-care tips to help people with chronic illness savor the holiday season as never before."


  1. Linda Hoagland says

    Well, once again the Federal Government oversteps its bounds, bows at the feet of big pharma for probably big money and buries its head in the sand. This culture of creating law without the say so of law makers cannot end to soon.
    My son always tells me Mom you can’t fix stupid and I must say I have to agree with him.

  2. I fail to understand how something from hemp can be illegal? They abuse their power with regards to marijuana and its relatives so badly, yet alcohol is so much more harmful- yet no one would dare argue for prohibition again. Hmm. Cigarettes too, which have almost no medical benefit (sans irritable bowel disease in some cases and maybe 1-2 other things).

    Really just shows bias and it is not about caring about people’s health or wellness. They just want to restrict and restrict, they don’t care that pain is more devastating than a non-existant possibility of being ‘addicted’ to marijuana or some other myth they’re still buying from the 1930s.

    I’ve never even used the stuff and it just upsets me because I have not been offered any solutions for pain, just expected to suffer- and when I find possibilities too late they’re already illegal. Frustrating day and age to be in pain!

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I agree with you. I’m so over the federal government and its stance on marijuana. I believe way over half of states now have some form of marijuana or CBD oil legalization, so for the DEA to do this is just ridiculous.

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