Eli Lilly settles Cymbalta withdrawal lawsuits

This update on the Cymbalta lawsuit settlement was first published on NationalPainReport.com. It is being  republished here with permission from the editor. 

Eli Lilly and Company has settled hundreds of lawsuits involving patients who claim the drugmaker was not forthcoming about the severity of Cymbalta's withdrawal symptoms.

Drugmaker Eli Lilly and Company has quietly settled hundreds of personal injury lawsuits involving patients who claim they experienced withdrawal symptoms while quitting Cymbalta.

When asked for an update on the cases, Robin McCall, media relations director for Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, P.C., one of the firms handling the cases, wrote in an email, “All we can say is that the suit has been resolved.”

Lilly is also tight-lipped about the settlement, but provided the following written statement:

“Eli Lilly and Company has reached a comprehensive resolution of all personal injury lawsuits alleging symptoms from discontinuing Lilly’s medication, Cymbalta. Lilly has defended these cases vigorously and has won every case to reach a decision on the merits, including defense verdicts in every trial. To avoid continued legal costs, Lilly reached a resolution with plaintiffs in the remaining cases. Lilly remains committed to Cymbalta and its safety and benefits, which have been repeatedly affirmed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

No additional details on the settlement were provided.

More than 200 patients were suing Lilly, claiming the drugmaker didn’t fully disclose the severity of Cymbalta’s withdrawal symptoms. The plaintiffs in the cases said they experienced headaches, dizziness, nausea, nightmares, anxiety, mania, suicidal ideation, brain zaps (which feel like a lightning bolt going off inside the head) and other symptoms after they stopped taking Cymbalta.

Cymbalta is one of three drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat fibromyalgia. It’s also used for depression, anxiety, diabetic neuropathy and certain kinds of chronic pain.

As early as 2005, research indicated a high rate of what medical professionals call “adverse events” when patients stopped taking Cymbalta. This Lilly study found that 44 percent of patients involved in several short-term trials had “adverse events” when they suddenly stopped taking duloxetine (the generic name for Cymbalta). The most common withdrawal symptoms cited were dizziness, nausea, headache, paresthesia (tingling/numbness, usually in the limbs), vomiting, irritability and nightmares. About 10 percent of these patients had “severe” withdrawal symptoms.

A longer and larger Lilly trial involving 1,279 patients found that 50 percent of patients experienced withdrawal symptoms.

The crux of Baum Hedlund’s case involved Lilly’s physicians’ prescribing guide for Cymbalta, which says 1 percent or more of patients discontinuing the drug may experience side effects including dizziness, headache, nausea, diarrhea, paresthesia, irritability, vomiting, insomnia, anxiety, hyperhidrosis and fatigue.

While the “1 percent or greater” figure is technically accurate, Baum Hedlund argued it far understated Cymbalta’s true rate of withdrawal symptoms.

“The label gives the impression that withdrawal is a rare event (somewhere around 1 percent) when in fact it is common (at least 44-50 percent),” said Baum Hedlund in an earlier interview. “We think Lilly played with semantics and the system in choosing its wording – it chose wording to minimize the risk while at the same time using language such as “or greater” as a “CYA” [cover your ass] measure. We believe the label is misleading, plain and simple. The testimony of the prescribing doctors in these cases proves it – they believed the risk was rare.”

Despite the discrepancy, Baum Hedlund had been unsuccessful at convincing a judge or jury that Lilly knowingly misled doctors and patients. Four cases heard in various federal courts last year ended in Lilly’s favor.

The lawsuits may be settled, but Cymbalta users are still dealing with the fallout of the drug’s withdrawal symptoms. The design and dosages of Cymbalta’s capsules make it challenging for patients to wean off slowly over time. Capsules come in 20mg, 30mg and 60mg strengths, meaning patients sometimes have to cut their doses in half while weaning. For some patients, that’s just too much of a reduction at one time.

In desperation, some patients are quitting Cymbalta by dumping out the contents of the capsules and then counting the tiny balls every day in an effort to slowly reduce their dosage over time.

Note: A couple of readers have questioned the number of plaintiffs I’ve cited in this article (i.e. “more than 200 patients”). When reporting on this story, the attorneys and Eli Lilly would not disclose the number of plaintiffs involved in the settlement. Because of that, I used the figure “more than 200,” which the attorneys had confirmed in a previous article. One reader who is a plaintiff in the case has said thousands of patients are involved in this settlement, but I cannot confirm the accuracy of that statement. 

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  1. Kristene Crooks says

    Universal Primary Care, in Olean NY for about 2 years. they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia after not being able to figure out what was wrong with me, even though i didn’t fit the criteria. they in turn put me on cymbalta, i was not warned of the side effects of this medication which I developed numerous severely negative ones,that caused further permanent damages to myself. i have pleaded with my doctor to,get me off this medication they wont assist me and dont take me,off. i have pleaded with them via email, in person with witnesses and have even admitted myself to the psychiatric unit with suicidal ideations caused by this medicine. I have permanent heart damage and diseases, i have gained an incredicle amount of weight and for the first time in my life i am very over weight. I lost my job due to this, it affected my marriage, my quality of life, my ability to do every day activities. I now have very bad sciatic issues due to the excessive weight. this has ruined my life, I feel very confident that I am a victim of medical malpractice and want desperately for my voice to be heard and no longer neglected by my doctors. I pleaded with them that I felt my issue was adult add they refused to even look into that possibility and made up this and in turn ruined my life. please assist me in righting this wrong and preventing it for others. the withdrawal from this Medication is so severe its debilitating or i would have taken myself off it.
    thank you,
    Kristene crooks
    I feel i have been a victim of wrong diagnosis, neglect, malpractice, failure to diagnose, wrong medication prescribed, injury caused by the neglect and wrong medication.
    since starting this medication
    I developed severe depression, suicidal ideation, tachycardia, myocardial valve disorder, dyspnea, sleeping disorders, anxiety, borderline diabetic, among others

  2. It's been years! says

    I am in Class A in the lawsuit and still haven’t received my money.
    Is anyone else still waiting?

    • Eunice G Washington says

      Yes have not received a check or a response

    • Sharon says

      Wow. I wasn’t even aware of this lawsuit. I stopped cymbalta years ago, & still occasionally have withdrawal symptoms! The brain buzz really gets me!

  3. I received my check but was shocked at the many reductions beyond the attorney fees of 33.33%. A “common benefit costs assessment of an additional 14.5% (of the gross); “individual case specific expenses”; “lien resolution administration expense” and even $27.85 for medicare!? Law firm Miller DellaFera

    • I got mine today and they took all those charges out of mine ,too. $1,450.58 worth of fees. Law firm of Knox and Ricksen.

  4. Thank you for sharing the blog

  5. I just got off the phone with Kirtland and Packard. I have been following up with them consistently to find out when my check will be delivered. The rep was trying to rush me off the phone advising they have over 3000 checks to deliver. Only to find out that they have the wrong address! I have given the correct address to them multiple times. As I am reading through the comments, I recognize that I fall into the $600 (after it is all said and done) category. It’s very interesting how their assessments magically ends there. I should have opted out and pursued on my own. Very disappointing…. I guess one day I will get this money.

    • Audrey says

      What do you mean there assessment ends there?

      • Todd Nelson says

        When r we getting our money.

        • I was informed by Christmas. My atty also stated no one has received their checks yet, even those whom had nothing to do with liens nor Medicare as someone stated earlier that those whom didn’t got checks in Oct. That was misinformation. I myself have no liens nor Medicare. Guess I’ll have a Christmas bonus. I hope.

    • Kim Kaiser says

      I didn’t even get notified!! If I would have known that I would be experiencing what I am experiencing now, I would have joined this action!! I wish I could sue my Dr. and Insurance company for failing to tell me that Lily was being sued for this medication!

      • Waiting patiently says

        Kim, they did not notify people that I know of, but it was all over media and website re the lawsuit. I believe they closed it in 2014. I hope you feel better.

    • Carol,B says

      The attorneys at Kirkland and Packard got a real nice big cut from this law suit and the rest of us got screwed with a measly $600 thats bull crap

    • Michele Walters says

      Received mine today. Apparently, I had sent them my chance of address 3 times, however they sent it to the old address which does not forward. Finally, here is is on 1/7/19 – lawyers took as many BS charges out as they possibly could. I was supposed to received mid-to high 700’s, it was 698.00 after they found out that my pharmacy filled some prescriptions from my insurance. Allegedly, there (the attorneys) will be reimbursing my insurance company and of course K &P took $25.00 administration fee to do it. I am done and join most of you that should have opted out.

  6. Cathy Lighty says

    I’ve tried several times to get off Cymbalta, with dr instructions and I became a person I didn’t like. I didn’t know the side effects would be that bad. I would still like to ween myself off the Cymbalta, but I’m scared. I take it for fibromyalgia, but have recently started medical marijuana for the pain, which does help. I would prefer to only be on the medical marijuana and not a prescribed pill that causes more harm.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I’d suggest joining the Cymbalta Hurts Worse group on Facebook. They have a protocol to help people wean off of Cymbalta.

  7. Melissa says

    Well September has come and gone and still no settlement check! Has anyone received or heard anything from Girardi and Keese? Can’t really get any clear answers when calling.

    • Tommybul says

      We need the money to recover a little bite from this disaster drug. They say early next year,which should be Jan 2019, I hope no later than that.

      • Audrey says

        Awe man. My atty said around the holidays. The last update letter in June said six month which would be Thanksgiving. So yours said Jan? Crap!!!!

      • All you people need to realize is that this lawsuit against cymbalta was a big payout to the judges who over seen the cases.its all political and Lilly is one of the biggest contributors for elected officials in Washington, simple and plain Lilly paid out alot of cash to make this go away and that includes the attorneys who represented you and lied to you and your life ain’t worth a shit when your a peice of shit in there eyes.

    • They are not responding to me either. They do not seem to care if they get those checks to us or not. I am tired of waiting. It has been over six years for me and I think they should pay us a substantial percentage for each day they continue to hold our money.

      • wonda Rogers says

        I seriously believe they are letting the money Gain instrest , which will be more money for them not us , they really do need to be held accountable some how ,

    • Who is your atty?

      • Pogust Braslow and Millrod out of Pennsylvania. They have not been very nice to me. — very unprofessional,

        • Eunice Washington says

          I have the same law firm and your correct they are very unprofessional. I have no liens but still no check and still no answer from those so-called attorneys it’s only $600 if you or anyone else hears anything please feel free to spread the word thank you sorry that we all are going through this nightmare take care

      • Looking for Justice says

        Has anyone received their check yet?

        • Eddie Yanez says

          They are on the way

        • I was told that if they (law office) had not heard anything regarding the liens check being completed by 2nd week in December that they would reach out to the company doing the liens checks to inquire about my specific case.

  8. Bridget says

    I’m new here, currently taking Cymbalta, as I just got the memo. I’ve been on it for yrs. for depression. Although I’ve had terrible experiences with many mental health providers, I don’t think the prescribing doctor knew of the dangers.
    Currently, I’m tapering off other meds. (a sensible taper) and the other, was randomly stopped because the mental health clinic I went to had management issues and I suffered b/c of it. So — many things going on. A small amount of pills cut into 1/2s, 1/4s, you know the drill. I think opening the capsule and parsing out the tiny dots is a great idea. Eli Lilly just can’t tell you it is.
    Your stories are moving and sad. I’m sorry for you who’ve lost so much. I’m scared myself, but I’m going to let that be for now.
    I’m not part of the suit, obvio since I haven’t opened that particular door yet. The offer on the table is an insult, considering what many of you have been through. However, I also understand, it’s something. They can’t buy your silence. Look at the ppl. involved in recent sex scandals.
    You didn’t sign away anything. If it comes to light, and the truth always does, that this drug company willfully peddled a dangerous (tstl) drug to unsuspecting Dr’s, who, in turn, prescribed it to their patients, this is an entirely new circumstance.
    My two cents turned out to be more of a quarter. I hope I’m making sense here.
    Best to all of you.

    • Dianna says

      I am now in the process of researching why I am having a hard time getting off of Cymbalta. I have tried for over three months now. OMG! Is there anyway to still get compensation for these symptoms of withdrawal? I have almost lost my mind it seems and I can’t sleep. The nightmares are horrible. I feel so foggy. My personality has changed. I just don’t care about work..etc.

  9. Melissa says

    Has anybody that accepted the claim received a check yet? Not that it’s worth it but just curious.

    • Ora D Ussery says

      I recievwd an offer of 1400.00 out of which I would only get 600.00. I rejected it and told the attorneys what they could do with their offer. Destroying my life, coating me my home, marrage, son, sanity and any sort of security I ever had was worth more than their piece of crap offer. I want another attorney. I think eli lilly bought off our attorneys and hung us out to dry. They tried the case before most of us were through the withdrawl. Mine lasted 2 and a half years and some symptoms I fear I will have until I die not to mention the fact I will never again trust doctors or medication ever again. Eli lilly does not give a shit about consumers they only care about money!!!

      • Katherine George says

        I was on Cymbalta and quit in 2012. I am still battling serious side effects and I would not accept that pitiful offer either. I hope I can start off another law suit to end users from going through what I have been through all these years. Eli Lilly needs to pay for our suffering!

      • Elizabeth L Bobo says

        Unfortunately, drugs have side effects. If you seek a medical solution for your depression, why should the compamy be responsible. I have gone through hell coming off of antidepressants. It is par for the road. Just had a seizure coming off Cymbalta. I am not going to sue. I messed with my own brain.

        • Dene J. says

          We are not dealing with side effects lady. What we are having and what the lawsuit is about are withdrawal symptoms. Eli Lilly did not let the doctors know the risks, so they had no reason to believe they were harmful. People have died from these withdrawal symptoms. I take mine for Fibromyalgia, not depression. But it does not matter why you take it, but if you just quit taking it, it will cause the withdrawals,

          I have been in this lawsuit for six years. You act like we all went in for depression and if we asked for help that it was our fault. I can tell you that it changes who you are. Who would know best what you need than your doctor? This is serious and after trying to go off it three times with my doctor’s assistance, I will have to continue to take it or cause more harm to my body. Make sure you talk about the real problem. All medicines have side effects, but not withdrawals. They are a completely different thing.

      • I’m hearing any time this month 2nd wave of checks will be mailed out

    • Mike K says

      My attorneys replied that 90% of people accepted the offer.

    • Eunice Washington says

      No I have not was told maybe the end of summer. So I wait for 600.00 will give to my grandbabies. This settlement was a very bad joke punch line on us,my memory is shot I have to speak my text hands shake spelling has regressed 5th grade at best. Sorry for all of the pain and suffering that we are experiencing take care.

    • Tired of Zaps says

      I didn’t accept their offer and got a letter in the mail saying that they will be mailing me my papers that I sent into them and my case was not strong enough for them to continue.

    • Has anyone gotten an update on receiving settlement checks yet?

      • Big Ed says

        I heard disbursements will roll out 2nd half of July.first you must gi thru the lein and bankruptcy process to make sure you owe none…

      • End of july

      • Angie Baker says

        The 1st round of checks was paid out the beginning of October for those who were never on Medicare, Medicaid or have any legal judgement against them

    • Eddie Yanez says

      2nd half of july they will be rolling out.,*(checks)

    • No

    • Claus von bulow II says

      Miller Dellafera law firm said cks will begin going out on first part of aug! Lein checks have taken much longer to possess ! Is to blame ?

    • DONE with Cymbalta says

      Have anyone received their settlement check I was told that I was cleared from the lien process one time and was told that I would be receiving the check in June so June passed and then was told that I would get it in July send July is gone so now it’s August. Why do they keep lying to us this is ridiculous!!!!!!

    • No,no nothing..not even an answer as to why it is taking so long again..this time getting the check! It can’t be because of the amnt. since it is a ridiculous low payment…I guess they are just sittng on the money… .makes no sense any more..

      • Still nothing..no answers on the phone or email!!!Happy New Year!!! I am still on Cymbalta went down to 30 mg.it does not help …fibromyalgia..just messing with my head,total waste but can’t quit because of severe with drawal symptoms…still!!!!!Need help with quitting but can’t afford it…what a royal mess…6 years now!!!

  10. Looking for Justice says

    there are over “300” comments mostly about how all the Plaintiffs have seemingly been duped by the Attorneys representing them in the Cymbalta suit, yet there seems to be very little interest in banding together to tell these attorneys “enough is enough”! I’m pretty confident none of the Plaintiffs attorneys are getting a few hundred or a few thousand dollars for their work. They may say they are working hard for a fair settlement, hmmmm…… I’m pretty confident if any of them suffered from Cymbalta withdrawal sickness, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be settling for what they are trying to convince the injured to settle for! Do not let Lilly and these attorneys take advantage of you any longer. Band together and say “enough is enough”

    • Ora D Ussery says

      Wherw and how? I’M THERE!

    • I need more info as I “think” I am being duped by Kirkland and Packard. I need more info on other people who have used these attorneys. They talk really rudely to me after I signed all the paperwork. They are taking so much money out of my settlement that I’m not sure about, and their explanations make no sense to me, but I’m no attorney either.

      • Now they telling me early August

      • Sharon says

        I think they are doing something cause that’s my lawyer to and I have not received my check yet.

        • I spoke with them today. They are 4 1\2 months into the 6 month lien process. They still expect to release checks around the holidays.

      • Notstupid says

        They were my attorneys too…I rejected my penny offer 4500.00 then 2200.00 after they take their part…..that is real funny and I have been going through these withdrawal symptoms since 2009 off an on until I had a stroke April 2017…..I am just dealing with the pain and withdrawal symptoms the best that I can….I will not take another Lyrica or Cymbalta pill; I’ll just deal with the pains

      • Claus Von Bulow II says

        This whole suit was a screw job from the beginning ! We never had a chance I beleave the fix was in ! There taking a $250 BS fee from our settlement Cks on top of attorney fees sounds very fishy to me ? And when you call they give you a different story each time why it’s taking so long ! I wonder if people write to the attorney generals office and let them know what and how the attorneys have done us ! I’ve never seen such treatment from lawyers to there clients in my life ! Everything is very very suspicious looking to me. Many things just don’t add up right !

  11. heidi page says

    I finally received my joke of an offer ad replied to Girard and Keese with this :

    Well that’s a slap in the face. Despite my previous correspondences with Helen and Aliha from KCC, I have to voice my uncertainty in regards to accepting this offer. This would be on mere principal. If one could put a price tag on the suffering this medicine caused my son alone, as he had to enter a foster home for one week while I was MEDICALLY AND PROFFESIONALLY DETOXED from Cymbalta, I would hope it would be worth at least enough money to buy an Xbox! With all due respect, I need you to be aware that the purpose of this email is for no other reason than to show my skepticism and unfavorable interest in Girardi and Keese, KCC, Eli and Lily and the Judge who awarded accordingly. I believe KCC had me running all around collecting info, faxing documents and exspress mailing items directly related to this case… In order to get ‘everything’ needed all nice and neat tied up with a bow and submitted on time! These tasks alone equal a quarter of this insulting offer! Some skepticism lies in the text of the disclosure, particularly the sworn secrecy of the settlement offer. If this is my offer from a mass tort case that I was part of and had been part of for 4 years, why is it that I must not utter a word to anyone about my offer? Additionally, to say in such a lengthy way that I will never attempt to hold Eli and Lilly responsible again in the future in any way shape or form raises an eyebrow. To say that there was not enough Medical information provided specifically on my case brings up a whole other issue. I provided Helen Ohama, an employee of KCC all of the required documentation, doctors names, program names, past and present Dr information and by information I mean address, phone number, alternate phone number, email address and fax numbers yes somehow there was still not enough Medical documentation? Forgive me for sounding crass but why exactly am I paying over half of this settlement offer two attorneys and paralegals when truly the only thing done specifically for me as an individual submit my sloppy and poorly put together clean alongside the other claimants.

    Shitty situation

    • Looking for Justice says

      EVERY ATTORNEY and their firm that has represented the plaintiffs in this suit should be “DISBARRED “! Strength is in numbers and we as plaintiffs have those numbers to band together and tell our attorneys ENOUGH is ENOUGH! It appears that the few attorneys across the country that claim to represent plaintiffs seeking LEGAL MALPRACTICE representation don’t want to touch this particular issue with Cymbalta nor does anyone else. WE are VICTIMS of ABUSE and MISREPRESENTATION! We as Plantifs should start by sending LETTERS to the JUDGE in our Individual cases that we are VICTIMS of ABUSE and MISREPRESENTATION in these suits and DEMAND JUSTICE!
      Remember NUMBERS = STRENGTH

      • To Looking for Justuce> Hi, i think you hid it right on the head. I really think this “settlement” has to do with the attorneys. Yes. I too think its LEAL MALPRACTICE! I will be with you if you’d like ti do this. Something is very amiss here. Sometimes or many times the attorneys make “a deal” fir themselves in cases. Ive seen it- will explain later. The way this case was handled is very strange. We as the people having been injured should and i think we can still file civil cases. I want to do this while i can. Please let me know how to better reach you. Best

      • Thumbs up!!!!

    • Well written!!! Hang in there/hugs Marja Leena

  12. Lori Brooks-Smith says

    So I was on Cymbalta for only a few months 3 to 6 months way back in 2010. It really screwed me up.. I am not talking about withdrawal. Just taking it screwed me up. I had chronic pain and depression. I wasn’t diagnosed with fibromyalgia… Actually my diagnosis wasn’t until 2016. Cymbalta made my pain worse. I couldn’t get out of bed most days sometimes because of pain, sometimes depression, sometimes a general feeling of “who gives a shit”. That is absolutely not who I am. I am a mom of 3, I was married and working full time. I lost my job because I couldn’t get out of bed and go to work at a job that I had for 9 years. My oldest son ended up moving to California to live with his dad because I was so out of it that I didn’t see that his step-dad was beating him (behind closed doors), I didn’t appear in court for 3 lawsuits from creditors that my husband signed subpoenas for… Apparently if he told me about them I don’t remember at all. As a result of failing to appear there were summary judgments and the next year my payroll was garnished 25% leaving me no choice but to file bankruptcy. Cymbalta ruined my life. Honestly, I think it triggered my fibromyalgia. I did have chronic pain issues prior to the Cymbalta but nothing even remotely as bad as the fibromyalgia that I have now.

    Have you heard of anyone else who had issues while they were on the medication?

    • Waiting Patiently says

      Yes, that happened to me as well and was on for several years. When I complained to the dr they would up the dose or add more meds to the cocktail. Cymbalta was the first med I was on and ended up on several meds for the side affects. Now Im very sick.

    • Waiting Patiently says

      Lori, there are some imformative groups on Cymbalta on facebook with 1000’s of users to help u with questions.

  13. cymbalta ruined me says

    anyone find a new lawyer yet.
    i have heart damage from cymbalta.

    • Concerned says

      I am sorry this done this to you. I am still writing lawyers everyday, but need more help, someone will find the right lawyer, there is one out there, we just have to not give up.

    • i have not found another lawyer, nor am i looking for one, just wanted say ,i am so very sorry this happened to you, it’s so unfair , my case is like so many others , NOT ONLY HAS CYMBALTA CLAIMED MOST OF MY HEARING,i am not able to use most of what i do hear , sometimes i don’t even reconize my own name, or simple words like book, cat,just simple words have no meaning to me….sad but very true.

  14. Angelina says

    Reading this and all the comments scares me. I’ve been on Cymbalta for several months now. It improved my life drastically. But I do have moments where I’m just sitting or standing for a while not doing anything, until I “wake up” and realize what I’m doing. I’m constantly late for work because of that. I forget a lot of things too. I already assumed it was the medication, but the alternative is pain and depression 24/7. I’m scared to think about stopping this medication.

    • Claus vonbulow says

      When are you supposed to receive your checks ? The cut off was feb 26th now end of march ! This whole thing was handled poorly and the victims of this poison never had a chance from day one ! Always remember this , Behind every fortune there is a crime !

      • The aim is around or before Thanksgiving. They have to firstly have 80% accept then go over every case to see who has liens to be paid. Then disburse. I hope it goes through.

        • Melissa says

          THANKSGIVING! WTH that’s ridiculous;
          Sounds like they pretty much offered everybody the same insult of money, which is a joke . I will be on this drug for the rest of my life! I can’t get off it tried twice.

          • Originally prescribed for post-partumdepression, I tried coming off of it after about 6 months. I was on it for four years (because of withdrawal symptoms I would experience that were so terrible). It numbed me and I believe poisoned me. I was unable to feel emotions. Every time I tried to get off of it, I would have such bad withdrawal symptoms that I would feel like I was dying. I had the brain zaps, feeling like I was falling off a cliff, TERRIBLE nightmares of a demonic nature, and felt like I was dying. I had such debilitating fatigue that I could barely lift my head off my pillow and get out of bed to go to work. I would work for a few hours and have to come home and rest to make it through the rest of the day. Only because I have the best husband in the world who helped me take care of my kids,was I able to work to keep my job and then crash after work. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have made it. To quit, I would try to remove one ball at a time, and was told by a scientific department person at Lilly that it was not safe to do so, as the balls were not uniform in ingredients. I tried weaning gradually, I tried cold turkey, and I tried going onto other antidepressants. Nothing worked, until I found Brintellix. I was able to go onto that and wean off of Cymbalta and then I was able to get off Brintellix very easily. I wish I had known about the lawsuit but I have considered getting a lawyer because I lost four years of my life with 3 kids that I will never get back. That time is priceless. However, if I can help anyone else not have to go through what I went through, I will do whatever it takes.

          • Wow. I have read though these comments and some people have medical records showing major withdrawal and others whom did not go get theirs medically documented. For reasons I don’t know. But it seems that’s the difference I’m seeing in some receiving three figures verses five figures. It’s shameful some couldn’t go get it documented. Maybe their drs didn’t believe them seeing as how Eli Lilly said Cymbalta withdrawal only existed 1%. Maybe that’s why they weren’t believed and therefore not documented. But the Atty’s need to take into account that is why it wasn’t documented. It’s even part of the suit. The 1% lie. Opinions?

          • I’ve seen $300 to upwards of $30,000 on here.

    • notstupid says

      Hi Angelina, cymbalta improved my life drastically because my nerve pain was so horrible. I went to work late everyday while taking this drug. I also took Lyrica which turned into a controlled substance that required me to show my identification at the pharmacy. Wonder why they just recently started asking for id when I have been taking it for almost ten years. Cymbalta did help with the nerve pain in my legs, feet and hands. Then when i was not able to get it, i tried all sorts of things to get just one capsule of cymbalta. i went to the ER and begged the doctor to just give me one pill because i needed it to make he withdrawal symptoms go away. Please watch yourself if you have to miss some doses; that it when you will feel all the things you’ve read about on this blog. The withdrawal is serious and not even our lawyers seem to care. I am going to email cbs/60 minutes to see if we can get our stories out there so that other people will tell their doctors that they do not want to start on this medication. Cymbalta is very dangerous both physically and mentally. I think the symptoms get worse the longer you go without taking it. I had a stroke April of last year when I was trying to get myself off of the medication. Take care and be careful.

      • Amanda B says

        Let me know if you ever get traction with CBS/60 minutes! I would do an interview and share my story.

        • I would too. I had a second doctor tell me to “try it again” lolololol!!! Not if the doctor themselves took it themselves as well.

  15. Concerned says

    I sent my declining settlement offer back just a day or so after receiving it and told them to send all my medical records back, since I was the one to get them in the first place. So I was wondering if anyone that turned down their offer,has heard anything back yet? I have seen no response.

    • DONE with Cymbalta says

      They will be sending out checks to the ones that accepted the offer the ones that didn’t accept the offer will get nothing unless they get another attorney.

    • I declined those pennies also. It was an insult for what I have gone through an continue to go through. I spent more money on Cymbalta than what I was offered as a settlement. I have heard nothing since I declined the offer.

      • Are you expecting to hear something after you declined?

        • Laura Ann says

          Pennies? That’s terrible. I called and called looking for new representation. There just isn’t any out there right now. I’m sure in a few years they may again. But our statute will have ran out. I have read through these comments and notice many aren’t understanding that concept. Also some have been writing every single day it seems like for a year now. Who are they writing? There aren’t that many Cymbalta attys. Just send out a mass email to them in one go. I will accept my five figures and wash my hands of them. I’ve even seen someone say they weren’t accepting because that meant she wasn’t allowed to talk about it. Your atty fought for your rights to speak against Cymbalta. So speak up. You only aren’t supposed to speak about the cases. I’ve even read some saying please don’t accept and stay fighting with us. Are you kidding me? Just because I accepted doesn’t mean I’m not against it. I need some damn cash. I don’t want to fight anymore. I would be stupid too. My statute has ran out and something is better than nothing. I’m smarter than that. Just because statute isn’t fair doesn’t mean your exempt from it. Educate yourself. This med is just pure evil. I’m on permanent disability due to it. I will always fight for us. But I won’t give up my settlement.

          • Tired of Zaps says

            I couldn’t accept mine due to husband refused to give his rights up in case something happens. Talked to my attorney and I had to refuse. After talking to my husband it makes since. The little money they wanted to give is not worth going my rights up in the future.

          • I agree Laura!

          • To Tired of Zaps.. what rights in the future? I can’t seem to find what thw statute of limitations is in this type of case. If you know any more info on this, thanks!

      • Amanda B says

        May I ask what the offer was?

      • Has anyone received a check yet for the one that except it..

        • The checks will be distributed some time in June according to the letter I received today.

          • June would be really great. I spoke to my atty today and was told it was going to take at least the next three to six months possibly to go over every case and pay all medical leins found then take another couple of months to distribute checks accordingly. Which would place us at the end of 2018 which is still the time frame from our last updated later. So you have received a different update with sooner disbursement dates? I sure hope that’s the case Tammy. I’m feeling desperate for mine. Fingers crossed.

        • Word for word in the letter listed below:

          We expect that settlement checks will be mailed in June. We do not know yet what date in June the checks will go out because there is still work for us to do, but we will send an e-mail when they go out.

          In the meantime our office will be resolving the liens that some of the claimants have against their recovery. This must be done before checks can be disbursed, and we will reach out to you if we need more information from you in order to complete this process.

    • Ora D Ussery says

      I told them to kiss my ass and no they will not send anything back. They will also use your declining signature against you stating since you signed you hold elililly blameless. Did you read it because thats what it said.

  16. Melissa says

    Has anyone heard from Girrardi and Keese yet? Just curious as I have heard nothing and get knowhere when calling.


    • Yeah they keep telling me they’re mailing offers within 2 weeks, that was 3 weeks ago, now there’s some sort of hold up on the letters

      • Melissa says

        Yeah that sounds like them.

        • I’m trying to find out why they had the letters ready to mail and all of a sudden decided to hold off on mailing them.

          • Melissa says

            Yeah that sounds a little strange. If you find out anything please post it.

          • Waiting Patiently says

            I called on 3/15 they said they are hoping to send out anyday. Not sure whats going on.

          • Melissa says

            What are they waiting for? This is ridiculous. Will they tell you your offer ? I’m assuming no. Hopefully we will all hear or receive a reasonable offer soon. Thanks for all the posts

        • Waiting Patiently says

          No, they will not tell uyou your offer.

          • Waiting Patiently says

            I was told offer letters started going out last this last week.

  17. Concerned says

    I am guessing most of us here are turning down this offer. I am writing to law offices everyday to see if one will pick us up. I am hoping every one here that has turned this down will help in writing law offices, and if you find one please post it in this forum. Thanks, I really think we can find one, we only need one, that will fight for us and can’t be bought out.

    • Stop Complaining Cymbalta says

      Good luck on finding one but I don’t think one will pick this case on Cymbalta up. I’ve tried several firms and they are not taking cases on Cymbalta.

    • No. Most of us are not turning down the offer. In speaking with all the major attys the signed settlements are coming in. They are not taking any more cases. We know out statutes have ran out and are not to proud to turn down money nor be the the reason others don’t get there’s. If cases do reform years from now it won’t matter as out statute has ran out. My statute ran out years ago. I’d rather have some money than none. My first atty dropped me. I’m grateful for this. If your statute ran out and you declined you screwed yourself.

      • Concerned says

        I mean no disrespect , but how are all the attorneys talking to you and would not respond to Donna? I for one turned down this offer because the harm done to me from taking the drug, and then going through withdrawals , and then thinking what the long term effects will be,because I was on it for a lot of years. I would imagine there might be a small percentage of people that may not have had severe withdrawals from this, but I was not one. You know it is not even about the money anymore, Cymbalta and all the drugs out there like it, should be taken off the market, if there is no safe way to come off these drugs, because there are millions on them right now and have NO idea how hard it will be for them to get off this. This will not go away, whether you except the offer or not, this will continue unless some law firm wins this lawsuit and eli lilly is fined and has to admit that one percent or higher should be about 80% or higher will experience withdrawal. There is a law firm out there that will take this on to the bitter end, and either I or someone else will find that law firm.

        • Because I am a client and she is not. She even stated that they may not speak to her for that reason.

        • To Tired of Zaps.. what rights in the future? I can’t seem to find what thw statute of limitations is in this type of case. If you know any more info on this, thanks!

          • In most states the statute of limitations for these personal injury cases is two years. I’m already past that. Most of us are. If not all of us.

      • Tired of Zaps says

        Julie I don’t think you talked to mine. They will not talk to you unless you are with them. Maybe some you spoke with but not all mine is very funny about giving info out. If I am wrong but some had to reject the offer due to spouse would not sign and refused to give their rights to sue in the future. Eli Lilly does not care about anyone except for that dollar bill if they did they wouldn’t give shut up money. They are doing this to protect their selves and make the problem go away without it being a headline in the news. It’s not the money it’s our lives theses people are messing with.

        • Lady B says

          Thank you Tired of Zaps. You said it best. It’s not the money, it’s our lives these people are messing with. And there are plenty out there still taking this drug. This case went no where to help people. We have an opioid crises. This drug falls right in and probably contributes to most of the crises.
          My assigned law firm never communicated more than an email or by way of a manila envelope to even know why I took the drug. Just another easy payday in the books. The money went dirty the minute communication went silent and the low ball offers were meant to smooth over the issues. (Sweet psychological persuasion). I refuse to except money and to be quiet as long as this drug is on the market and people are still suffering. (The proof is in the feed of these comments). “We the people” have been scammed and therefore, screwed whether you accepted or not!!! Either way, it falls in their favor. As the saying goes, “Damned if you do and damned if you don’t”…

        • I’m not married so I didn’t have to have a spouse sign. But I am curious why if you are the one who went through hell why does a spouse have the right to not allow you to agree to your own settlement? Can anyone enlightened me here? I think that’s wrong/not fair, but there may be a reason I’m not aware of.

          • Tired of Zaps says

            Julie once you signed that paper no one in your family ever sue Eli Lilly due to anything it has done to you . All rights were given up and never again will you get a second chance. My husband has to sign the paper just like you and I did. He will not give his rights up for pennies and talking with him neither will I. All that happened was let’s give these people a little bit of money and wipe it under the rug. I am the one who lives through this he’ll and my doctor never told me anything about what will happen. They don’t even know how to take you off of it safely. My husband didn’t sign the paper which I am glad.

    • Looking for justice says

      I think some attorney offices might be posting to get us to fold? Not positive but seems to make sense

    • This isn't over says

      I have been reading all the different comments and I have to say for one..I cherish my life to much to quit. There are lawyers out there that will take the case “IF” you can get your doctor(s) to say the Cymbalta is the cause of your health problems. Which I did and I am working on with my doctors and the lawyer. Once I get everything in line I will inform the rest of you,so you may follow. There is hope! What has happened to us is unforgiven and no one else should have to suffer like we are. I filled out the paper work at the FDA about taking Cymbalta off the market and I don’t plan to stop. I’m telling you. When I heard my girls praying to GOD not to take their mom,that was it. I’ve ALWAYS lived for my girls,but at that moment…I thought there were others out there praying for their mommies and daddies. It killed me. It’s time for us to take a stand for “US”.. I wish everyone well. Which ever way you go,but I’m still alive and I’m going to take a stand for myself and others. There is no amount of money that will give me back my life,dignity,heart,mind,memories or soul. But I refuse for their insult to drag my down.

      • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

        Please keep me updated if you’re able to move forward on a case. Donna @ FedUpwithFatigue.com

        • All you people need to realize is that this lawsuit against cymbalta was a big payout to the judges who over seen the cases.its all political and Lilly is one of the biggest contributors for elected officials in Washington, simple and plain Lilly paid out alot of cash to make this go away and that includes the attorneys who represented you and lied to you and your life ain’t worth a shit when your a peice of shit in there eyes.

      • Concerned says

        Thank you very much for not giving up. I keep writing everyday to try to find another lawyer,but I have not found one yet. and I am not giving up either. Maybe your lawyer might consider others if we can’t find one by then.I will not give up , and there are many like us. Don’t ever give up, there is always hope. Thank you again, and for keeping us posted.

        • If you read the settlenebt,agreement, it states if not enough people accept their offers, there will be no money paid. So if you want anything, no matter what the offer, you either accept or cause the rest of us to lose. This,is not going,any further and the lawyers are taking the money. The $690 million amount being paid should have given us all,enough, but after almost,six,years I end of with $600 after the lawyers get theirs. It is a racket and Eli Lilly should be ashamed,of how they have treated us, WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO KNOW,WHAT CYMBALTA DOES TO US AND ELI LILLY AND OUR LAWYERS DO NOT CARE WHETHER WE ARE PAID ZERO, JUST AS,LONG AS THEY GET THEIRS..

          • notstupid says

            Where did you get the settlement amount from? Is this amount a fact?

          • Concerned says

            Dene, how did you find out the BIG settlement amount? I was told only eli lilly and the judge knew what that big amount was. I am not doubting that you know what the amount is, I am just curious how you found out. On another note, the lawyers should not get paid if we the people don’t get paid, unless they are getting paid either way from eli llly, so if the latter is the case, all our lawyers was approached by eli lilly before they ever reached out to us.I really feel we have been strung – along and played all these years. Nevertheless, I will not give up, I will eventually find that lawyer that can’t be paid off. and if you find one before me,just let us know.

          • Tired of Zaps says

            Dene there was not a 690 million dollar settlement for cymbalta that amount was for another drug that Eli Lilly was sued for. Look it up on Pharma Times. There are alot of articles on there that may be an interest to all.

          • Yes I received settlement papers that offered me a small amount and after attorneys get their part, I get $600. I am not happy but we have no other choice.

  18. I got an offer this week for 25K but with lawyer and court fees, it will come to 13k. It sounds like a lot of you are wanting to refuse your initial offer, but maybe my settlement is above average. I still don’t think it’s enough. Any thoughts?

    • Melissa says

      Hi Kevin
      Can I ask what law firm represented you? I still haven’t heard anything. 25k is a lot better then most however it still seems a little low. There’s some confusion on this if it can be taken back to court if you reject it or if you take it and that’s it. It’s not a bad offer so just do your research before making any decision, if you find out anything please post it here. Best of Luck

      • Hi Melissa. The attorneys said there’s next to no chance of getting a counter-offer if I reject. Law firm is Miller DellaFera PLC, but I do not think they are going to go further with this case.

    • I hate Cymbalta says

      Wow a lot more than my $550 and I had to have brain surgery, cant work cant cope with life all because I was overwhelmed with work and took my DR. advise to take a small pill that ruined my life not just months but forever, but hey my life I guess isn’t worth anything. what ever, But if you don’t take you don’t get anything. but don’t you think by not taking the lawyer gets nothing cause they will and everyone ells even if its pennies will get nothing. Actually you getting 25K and not taking pisses me off. That kind of $ could save me and mine from loosing are house since I cant work. oh but all we are offered is the amount of an Electric bill payment, I have to except, my time ran out two years ago. if I say no it the end and I am not so proud and rich I can pass up such small pennies. BUT go ahead and pass up 25k I guess you don’t know any charity that could use it if you cant.

      • Stop Complaining Cymbalta says

        I really understand what your saying I hate Cymbalta because all I’m getting is 400.00 and I was told a different thing last year. I would love to have what a lot of them got. But yet they are still complaining take my amount and see how it feels. And I’ve gotten tired of the whole Cymbalta thing I’m not gonna stress myself out with this anymore. I’m just ready for all this to be over. I put all of it in God’s hands he sits high and looks low and I know that God has taken care of me cause I’m still here. Some people that was apart of the settlement got dropped and here some of you on here complaining.

        • Tired of Zaps says

          I will not give up my rights in case something else related to cymbalta comes up. So I refused the offer they gave me. I thought we were in a class action lawsuits against Eli Lilly due to them not telling us about the withdrawals their medicine has done to us. . There is no safe way even with a doctor tapering you down. I asked my doctor if they knew how to taper me down safely from cymbalta and they said they didn’t have a safe way due to cymbalta only comes in 20,30 and 60 mg. No matter what I will go into he’ll withdrawals even under a doctor’s care, so why would I take pennies to make me go away. It is my right to refuse this low ball offer. My life and health is worth alot more than a few hundred dollars.

          • notstupid says

            25k is better than 2200.00. At least I could have purchased a used vehicle to get to my doctor appointments and physical therapy. Not giving up my rights either; at least i will be free to warn others.

          • Joanna says

            I just want to say that all of you people need to keep in mind that the court is on ELI LILLY’S SIDE. This is why everything has taken so long and why we did not receive the amount we deserve, They got to keep their money for all this time and now they are going to share a LITTLE of it with us. Wow, and they are calling us stupid because we had withdrawals from their medicine. The statute of limitations has run on this case and going through more of what you did with this case is not going to help. Eli Lilly knows they are favored by the courts and THEY DO NOT GIVE A DAMN about all of those wronged. They say that life goes on, but how do you go on with life after the damages caused us by Eli Lilly? They do not care about us people, and the court has rewarded them. What they did was wrong and the judges and lawyers who helped them should be ashamed of the lies that were told. I am sure they are all happy after getting money that should have been paid to us. What a shame it is that our lawyers were not good enough to prove our cases, or did they have the proof and just not use it? I know I had all records to prove my problems, but got a tiny amount because they said I did not have enough evidence.

      • notstupid says

        I had a stroke in April of 2017 and I am sure it came from cymbalta and Lyrica use.

    • Tired of Zaps says

      Can I asked you how much paper work from doctor’s office you sent in and how severe your withdrawals were. I am just wanting to know.

    • who did you contact?

    • At least you got a grand. Most of us didn’t. When we say “pennies”, we mean it literally.

    • Mines is exactly the sames as well Kevin. Just awaiting payout soon this month.

  19. Concerned says

    For everyone that turned down this offer or is on the fence about turning it down, I done some research and it seems that some lawyers are trying to revive the original class action lawsuit, I can not read the whole article, but maybe someone here can. If they re open this, I really believe it will win this time. this article was just written on (February 13, 2018, 3:24 PM EST), https://www.law360.com/articles/1011814/eli-lilly-says-cymbalta-users-can-t-reopen-axed-case They ( eli lilly) are trying to get the court not to open the case again, if the case gets opened, we will have hope again.

    • Tired of Zaps says

      That tells me that Eli Lilly knows they are in the wrong and our cases can be won. I myself rejected the offer due to my life is worth more than what they were wanting to give us. I will not give up my rights or my families right for pennies. The lawyers want you to take it saying you’ll never get another chance again. That will be my choice and my families choice.

      • It’s “Deal or No Deal”! I’ve been sitting on the fence trying to decide what is best for me. I’m sure we all put in a lot of time getting this together and we’ve waited a long time for this moment. I received the low end of the money offer that did not cover the expenses I made and it’s not enough to help with any long term issues. After reading in this forum tonight, it is stated someone’s attorney said we lost the case, but Eli Lilly decided to pay us anyway. Who ever heard of getting paid when a case was lost? It’s definitely hush money, but not enough for me to go away. This is a bad drug and Eli Lilly is a sly one. So… NO DEAL!!! I know a lot of people need this money and have been waiting a long time for this offer. Me too! I wanted it just as bad. It’s the biggest I’ve ever been offered for a class action settlement. But I want everyone to think about how long it’s going be before that little amount of money is spent? Will this money make a difference in your way of living? Is it really enough to give up your rights to pursue further if that opportunity arises again! Haven’t ” we the people” had enough of “big pharma” shoving things down our throats?

    • Sent them a letter back with no acceptance and I wrote, this crap needs to be taken off the market before more people get sick or even death, also said, to think the FDA approved of this when people took there lives in the trial stages of testing cymbalta.

    • cymbalta ruined me says

      i refused there offer also.

    • cymbalta ruined me says

      has anyone found a new attorney yet. If you do let the rest of us join .

  20. Concerned says

    It is public knowledge that in 2005 lilly settled many Zyprexa lawsuits @ about $90,000.00 per person, and about 2007 they had to settle again for the same drug for new lawsuits. So I am glad I turned down this insult offer,because there will be another lawsuit for this poison, probably after the long term effects kick in, but if you settle now ,( I may be wrong about this, I am sure someone will know?) I believe you can not be in another lawsuit for Cymbalta, I am not just throwing out figures here with out research . just google ( zyprexa settlement amounts ) and do your own research. Everyone needs to make their own decision about what they think is right. I just wish everyone that this poison and any other poison has hurt in any way ,to report it to the FDA , eventually they will do something . https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/medwatch/index.cfm?action=reporting.home . This is a lot bigger than us right here on this site, just think about the millions that are on this and have no idea what most will go through to get off of it if they suddenly had to stop taking it. When I first started going about this lawsuit, I was thinking I want to make them pay for what this drug put me through, but as time went on I just felt this drug needs to come off the market so that millions more will not have to go through this. I really believe that if someone is on this drug for 6 months or more and had to stop cold turkey , the withdrawal rate would be 80%+. To me it is just a bad drug period and needs to be removed from the market.

    • Don’t know what will happen with cymbalta I’m thinking that the lawyers new that 75% of all claims where people with low incomes and there thinking was that these people need the money and would accept this low offer I didn’t get much. Feel in b cat and got 1300 total insult and went through 7 nights of bad nightmares and high frequency shocks, here’s how I look at it If I refuse they don’t get paid I just don’t no how long this case will stay open.

  21. Melissa says

    Still haven’t heard fanything from my Attorney! Not sure if this is a good thing or not seeing how they’re are 3 different groups. I do know that when they sent me the paperwork in the beginning and lists categories 1,2amd3 ( stating that symptoms in the category 3 would pay the most) I had all the above. I’m sure not everyone’s is the same depending on documentation duration of RX etc…. I understand people are frustrated and disappointed but really there is nothing you can do about it, which does suck but it is what it is. Unfortunately that’s how these things work.yountake it or you don’t why it might be an insult it’s something.

    • Looking for justice says

      would like to know what everyone is in for a category. A,B or C and if you post your catergory, post what your offer was. We have not received our offer yet, but think we are in category A.
      I’m re trying to compare the catergories with the offers to see where we all fit in.. I also think its important to ask our lawyers what the total settlement amount was. We all have the right to know and to figure out what the attorneys are getting in their pockets. I dont know how this works but if they really did settle in 2016, does this mean they have been sitting on all this money collecting interest on it? Let’s get on this because we might no longer be fighting Eli Lilly but instead our very own lawyers.. Post what your offer is and your category.. please and thank you

      • I was a b and received 3500 – fees 1300

      • To be honest with you I don’t think there’s anything you can do about this due to it was a class actin law suit if you come up with something let everyone no.

        • Tired of Zaps says

          I read on line that in class action lawsuits every person is to get the same amount. Lawyer said we lost our case but Eli Lilly still offered us money. Money to make us go away. I am not going away.

          • This was a mass tort case. It is handled a little different than a class action.

  22. Concerned says

    This will come back to haunt lily, I sent my declining single page letter back to the lawyers the other day and I just feel so let down after all these years and all these problems to be insulted by this offer. I bet you though after all our letters start arriving the lawyers will be ringing the phone off the hook for the rest who has not responded yet. There is one thing that really bothers me , how can lily consider this settled two years ago without knowing if anyone would accept their offer. Cymbalta done too much damage to my life to just give up on this. To everyone this drug has hurt,Don’t give up and Don’t give in, The FDA should have never approved this drug and I have sent many emails to them and filled out the form,But I am only one person, if everyone would send them an email and or fill out that form stating what this drug has done and is doing, Remember there are Millions right now that are on it and don’t have a clue what they will go through if they try to stop taking it.Please think about it, it may just be your email/letter that turns this whole thing around and takes this poison off the market. https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/medwatch/index.cfm?action=consumer.reporting1 It is just like filling out any form,but this just might help us all.

    • I’m buying time, but I’m also retrieving all my med records from the lawyers that represented me I don’t need there services any more. I don’t need them to sit on my case and let the limitations run out hoping and prayin that another law firm pics this up God bless every one

      • Vickie Vaughan says

        Has anything happened on these cases? The last time I tried to find out anything they told me there wasn’t enough evidence to even take the case it looks like that’s what you’re saying. I even told my doctors I was having problems with this medication no one did anything no one said anything

      • notstupid says

        I also completed the form online for the FDA about cymbalta. I sure hope that it will help get this poison off the market….when the right person complains about it doing physical damage…..somebody will do something about it. Sometimes I think that its about who got harmed…..let it happen to someone who is considered very important or famous in the US and believe me; some attorney somewhere will get something done about it.

    • I’m willing to give my phone no out to anyone who didn’t accept this offer like I did, as you know it don’t matter to now about getting a settlement.if I go on social media, I just want this med regulated better and people to know the circumstances if they so chose to try this drug out.

    • Just to let every one know the CEO of Lilly makes 81thousand dollars a day and has know remorse of people getting very sick on the product his company produces

      • Eli Lilly is 28 on Forbes top 100 corporations net worth is 98.1 billion dollars

      • notstupid says

        And the CEO may continue to make 81,000.00 a day but, I refuse to take pennies for what I have been through and continue to go through. If we had been offered what claimants got for the Zyprexa lawsuit, I could understand others saying we should take the offer. I do not have 2000 dollars now and not settling for it is not going to change much about my financial or medical situation.

    • It happens all the time with medication like cymbalta,right now as we speak Eli Lilly is hard at work making another medication to replace cymbalta, once a drug maker gets a lawsuit the profit of that med drops considerably, they will have another drug ready to take its place,they will be very profitable with this new release they will have there money’s in safe keeping and ready for the next lawsuit on this next drug that will be FDA approved, its a vicious cycle but that’s how they work, people need not take meds like that, in 200hundred years from now if civilisation exists they will look back and wonder why people did this medication.

    • For all the people refusing this offer, they should write a letter stating that they would accept this offer if you lower court costs, and if they do that might tell you 2 things, 1 people are refusing this offer 2 they might have more money to hand out.But than again they may know this trickery, but if they do it might ease your mind, but if cymbalta damaged the way you think than nothing will ease your mind .

      • If people accept this offer it all goes away, but if they don’t it will send a message and big media outlets will pic this story up, that’s what big drug corps fear the most, heads will be spinning in there board room there stocks will take a hit and if I was involved in this lawsuit that would b my settlement watching these killers pay the price.

    • Tired of Zaps says

      My husband will not sign and told me I would be a fool to accept this offer. Why not sue for not having a way to taper down safely without having the severe . There has to be a loop hole somewhere

    • I signed my letter declining the settlement from Eli Lilly.
      My life is worth more than the $635.11 they were offering me. I’m sad for all of us that have suffered from taking this horrible drug know as Cymbalta. I’m terrified that I will never be able to stop taking it and for what it’s doing to my body and my mind. I will not be kept silent!!
      I will speak out and tell my story to as many people and places that will hear me. This isn’t over.

    • I just read that saratonin blocker inhibitors will slowly be phased out of big phamas plan of testing and production of these kinds of depression medicines.I wonder what there going to do with the millions of people using cymbalta and can’t come off of it.

  23. Concerned says

    I think what we need is a real Legal Malpractice attorney- lawyer to come to this page and read what is happening to us. Please, everyone involved in this, search the internet and find a Legal Malpractice Lawyer and ask them to look at this page and tell them to leave a way to get in touch with them. I think we have enough for a malpractice lawsuit if we find the right law firm, but we have to find one fast, so please search.

    • I would love to help its hard 4 me to take in what I was offered

    • Your right time is running out, a lot of law firms won’t touch this due to the fact that it went to trial a number of times and the jury stuck sides 4 Lilly and that’s why awards where so small.

    • Get_A_Grip says

      Okay, I’ve been biting my tongue long enough. Many of the recent posts are promoting absurd courses of action. I understand lots of people are frustrated and angry–I get it. But if anyone thinks they’re going to find a competent lawyer to successfully take on these law firms for malpractice, you do not have a grip on reality. Go ahead, call some law firms and see what they say, maybe I’m wrong but I doubt it. I’m not a lawyer, but I do have common sense, and I don’t see any point of pursuing a malpractice action against several law firms. What would the outcome be–the lawyers involved eventually writing everyone the check they think they deserve? That’s not realistic. Actually, it’s ridiculous. Also, if you think refusing your offer is going to somehow make a positive difference or hurt Eli-Lilly, it’s not. Refusing your offer is a classic “cutting off the nose to spite the face” misguided move. You’d be better off to take the money and use it to fund a Cymbalta public service campaign, or use it to educate doctors. Take the money and be grateful you have something to show for your time and trouble. I understand it’s not what you hoped for, but maybe what you hoped for wasn’t realistic in the first place. If enough of you refuse the offers, you’ll cause everyone to suffer by ruining the whole deal. Consider there are people involved in this settlement that consider a thousand dollars to be a blessing, and they need that money badly. Of course it does not compare to the amount of suffering endured, but would any amount truly make everyone whole? Please, for the sake of all the poor souls involved in this settlement, calm down, take your offer whatever it may be, and use the money for something good. if you don’t need it, donate to someone or some organization that does need it. If you want justice, use the money to fund that project. Turning it down will only benefit Eli-Lilly in the end. They will have the last laugh. Did any of you considered that outcome?

      • I’m not sure who you are and if you even came off a withdraw from this med, but I think a lot of people would like to no if there are long lasting symptoms from this med , I think that is a question that needs to b asked, your own government FDA released this on the market without properly testing it , big pharma runs the country and your elected officials could care less about there constituents, if you want to have this poison off the market things have to b address in Washington.there the ones who poisoned you for the sake of greed.

      • I refused offer sent decline notice back I’m going to keep this open as long as I can if I don’t collect so be it that means they won’t collect , I understand people need money, and I’m sure when you r3ceive that check it will b gone in the same day and your case will never b opened again.it’s not a chance on my part its only 1300 hundred dollars my god.

      • If everyone refuses this offer these attorneys will shit there pants they will lose a lot of money.and attorneys hate losing money

      • Sadly people need to take into consideration that their statute of limitations has ran out. If you could use a couple grand take it. Otherwise you aren’t getting zilch.

        • Not sure how that works, if you keep case open I still think you buy plenty of time

          • When you deny your settlement offer you are basically firing the atty in our instance. Once this happens your case is closed. When you get a new atty a new case is open. If your statute of limitations has ran out you no longer have a case to open. If you were able to keep your atty you have now your case can stay open but we aren’t getting that option. They clearly state they are not fighting anymore nor negotiating. This is it. I have already contacted several firms and this is the first thing they ask me. One, no one is taking Cymbalta on again and if they were has your statute of limitations ran out? Of course mine has ran out. So they won’t accept you. There’s no reason too. Statute of limitations is the law. So be very careful in your decision. Take the offer or let them keep it. But you will not get a new case. And you may screw many others out of their offer by denying yours. We have to think from every angle here and be smart.

        • Laura Ann says

          This is very true. The statute of limitations is two years. This case has gone on well over that time frame. Please be educated about that before you decide to not accept. I know you may not want to accept the low ball offer but your alternative is nothing. You may not want to accept even just for spite! That’s not going to do anyone any good. So many people actually seriously need their small share. If too many people deny for spite they are going to screw that single mom or disabled person that are alone or maybe homeless that need it. Don’t do that to them if your statute of limitations has ran out. Is this amount an insult? Absofuckinglutely!! But it is reality. And I for one would rather get a couple of thousand dollars knowing my statute has ran out and not risk taking money away from anyone desperate for it. That’s wrong! Please look at your state stature of limitations and not screw yourself and others. Thanks guys.

          • I hate to burst your bubble but I just got done talking to a big tort law firm they told me a no acceptance will buy you another 2 years on the cymbalta lawsuit .

          • Pragmatic says

            Did the big tort firm you spoke with say they will take on Eli Lilly in a new Cymbalta lawsuit for you? If they will, that’s extraordinary. I reached out to several major firms and was told that they are not having anything to do with Cymbalta lawsuits and don’t know of anyone who is. If you think having a few more years after refusing the offer is going to somehow open new doors, I think you’re mistaken. All that’s going to happen is good people will end up with nothing (if enough people decline), and E-L will end up paying out nothing, huge win for them. Why would anyone do something that would ultimately benefit E-L? If anyone wants 60 Minutes to be aware, I’m sure that can be figured out somehow without breaching the agreement. But a bunch of people declining and wrecking the settlement for those who really need it and recognize that it is within the disclosures we all had to agree with at the beginning, is a selfish thing to do. From what I can tell, those people declining the offers are insulted and angry because it’s not enough money. But the question is, how much were you promised? I don’t know about everyone’s legal representation, but mine never promised any specific amount, in fact they said I may very well be offered nothing. So to be offered anything is within what I was told. I’m pretty sure most of you had a similar experience. So now you’re going to throw a tantrum because it’s not good enough for you? Grow up!

          • Every state is different

          • All these people who want this offer can take it, I’m not, for those who get the award please do not go on social media and slam the drug, if you do you will b exactly the kind of person who has voting rights and does not use them, and than you go out and you give your political views when you refused to vote.

      • My offer is 3500. After attorney fees and 507.50 deducted for common benefit fund i will receive 1569.67.

        • For all the people who think that refusing this offer from Eli Lilly is a win for them, they are so dead wrong, if you take this offer its a win for them, if you refuse it sends a message to big pharma that people are getting more educated about these meds there putting out in the market place.and for a company who is 28th on the Forbes list worth 98 billion dollars and the CEO who makes 89 thousand dollars a day what there offering you is a 10 dollar bill.

        • cymbalta ruined me says

          patty my offer was what they offered you. cymbalta messed up my heart will be for the rest of my life

      • Small change says

        Yes, they are voicing the settlement amount!!
        Well for me, verbally speaking, I think the problem is with Eli ás well as cymbslta. I am tired of àll of the lies & broken promises. We as victims have been treated like shyt, perhaps, just putting it out there, there not concerned about us. I’ve received serveral calls saying the money ís on its way, where’s the money, probably in their pockets.
        #smallchange😈 it’s better than nothing.theres nø amount to gamble the life of any human being. But, with the same token, something ís better than nothing.from experience of this drug, I’ve had several bad thoughts. I thank God for bringing mè to where I am now.

    • You have to the end of this month to let your lawyers no what your going to do my total was 3500 and ended up with 1345.I’m not taking it no big loss if I don’t recover.

      • Have dignity with in yourself don’t except this offer people if you do you will only make your attorneys wealthy and laughing at you I’m turning 1300 hundred down and they will lose 2200 dollars on me that’s how I look at it and to think court costs where charged to you while making settlement agreements on phones.wake the fuck up people hold your dignity.

        • If a big media station picks this up and the whole country sees it and. Your case is still open your percentage of a better lawsuit goes up.

        • Wake up people, the majority of people on the litigation are low income and the law firms no this you can’t tell me that these law firms researched this, I guerentee that Lilly’s phamacutical sales people targeted low income ereas and law firms can see this with the records of people on this littigation, these individuals are hurting financially and will take what’s offered

      • Lilly does not want this on the big media outlets , people need to start calling places like CBS 60 minutes, I called them I got a reply and some interest , if more people start addressing this issue with them, they will take notice , 60 minutes hates big farma, they did the Prozac controversy some time ago and just recently did the opiet issue they will attack the FDA and lilly, Lilly does not want this issue on 60 minutes, call people call they will pick this story up

      • cymbalta ruined me says

        did you take taxes out of that amount also.. thats something else to think about. dont forget taxes

        • They do not take taxes because you do not have to,pay taxes on settlement money. I worked in litigation for 34 years and this is what we did. I can tell you that if you decline the offer, no money will be paid and the attorneys will get it all. I am very mad about this myself but just remember, Eli Lilly does not have to pay us anything. They are only doing it to make,the problem go away. The courts have been on their side,from day one.

    • This is criminal. Hopefully, at least 20% of us refuse the insulting settlement offers. We’re being used by our individual law firms. They don’t care about any of us. Maintain your dignity and reject!

    • People need to Google 60 minutes on cymbalta and read the article steak and shake they also need to call CBS 60 minutes and let them know what’s going on with this drug.

    • Didn’t care 4 my offer and don’t no if any firms are going to represent the people who reject these offers its not good and most likely will reject this offer just to spite the law firm that represented me, if I give in to this offer that would mean big pharma won and the attorneys that represented me besides if my life is worth a broken down car they can go fuck them selves.

    • Time is running out I have a lot of time on my hands I’m retired and looking 4 law firms looking to take this on, I do need help and leaving all options open I will not allow myself to take there offer I had credable doctor records and credable proof and still took a beating I’m so glad I went cold turkey of 60mgs of that med but believe me I took a withdraw hit with no help from my no longer doctor

    • I believe I was in the B category, I had some proof on my medical records, my records stated to the lawyers that I had called my doctor 2 days after taken off of 60mgs of the medicine complaing of being light headed and very dizzy, those are the first signs of the withdraw starting,the next 5 days I had high frequency shocks in my head, they only hit me when I was going to sleep 1 to 2 second bursts a least 3 to 4 every night for 4 to 5 nights I was very paranoid and stressed out, the paralegals told me that being light headed and dizzy just don’t cut it, that tells me that my law firm never did there homework, if they did they would of known that was the start of. The withdraws, they had no clue, I’m not excepting the 3500 hundred dollars they offered me, the doctors have no problem putting you on this medicine, but the pharmaceutical company does not tell them how to take you off of it, I was taken off 60mgs that I was on 4 1 year doctor told me you wiil not have withdraw boy was he wrong Thank u all.

      • One more thing people are going to ask me how come I didn’t seek professional care about the high frequency shocks, because I thought they would of thought that I had serious issues , they would of looked at the 1% of people who had withdraws and where bought by the labeling the pharmaceutical put on cymbalta, besides that more than likely they would of put me back on that drug, with all due respect I would of still b on cymbalta if they did that so I look at it this way I saved my own life and I believe someone else was looking out 4 me.

    • Tired of Zaps says

      Durning the trial period for cymbalta 2 people committed suicide. It is on the internet. I think one name was Tracey Johnson. Fda knew about it also.

    • Tired of Zaps says

      Woman Commits Suicide
      While Testing
      New Antidepressant
      Was Traci Johnson Driven To Suicide By Antidepressants?
      That’s A Trade Secret, Say US Officials
      By Jeanne Lenzer and Nicholas Pyke
      The Independent – UK


      • It just goes to show you that big pharma is a government institution and your lawyers know this.it’s a big buy out to important people to make sure that people involved in these lawsuits never stand a chance .

  24. Melissa says

    Has anyone heard from Girardi and Keese yet? Last I heard it was in litigation.

    • I hear settlement letters should be mailed out within the next 2 weeks. Have you received one yet?

  25. Heather says

    Hello. I haven’t posted here before but thought I would try to get support. I started taking Cymbalta for a diagnosis of Fibro only to have my pain worsen and then the withdrawal symptoms practically debilitate me. I still suffer from them daily and have fears of other meds because of this. I have turned to natural healing which only goes so far sometimes. I did join in the class action with Miller and received an email today to tell me the packet offer was on the way. It won’t heal my pain. It won’t make the brain zaps go away. But I am doing better than I was. Thank you. Just keep swimming ❤

    • Tired of Zaps says

      Medwatch.com we all need to complain to them about Cymbalta. MEDWATCH.CoM .

    • Just think about it there giving you settments to buy a tv set now that’s really messed up.

    • Lisa O says

      My post is elsewhere here but I just gave up and went back on it after 18 days of hell. If you bring another suit, please keep me informed and I will join you. We need to keep at them. I have been on this med for at least 5 years and didn’t know any of this until the last 2 weeks. I’m Lisa O, very29@gmail.com

      Just FYI, I filed an FDA report. Every single link to an FDA page from the lawfirm that sued them is now a deadend. Someone, I assume the FDA, has taken the info down. It’s not there.

      • notstupid says

        I’m going thru severe pains, shocks in my head and legs…at least the severe (daily) nausea has stopped. I am praying to God so that he can heal the damage to my brain. Lord help us all. I am going to check on Med Watch.

  26. Received email today stating my Cymbalta offer letter was mailed Saturday 1/27/18. The email explains that a choice of declining should expect no money at all. There will be no negotiations or counter offers. If you accept, it has to be accepted by 80% of all claimants for anyone to get the offered settlement.

    • Feeling Shocked says

      my sister got hers yesterday, they offer her a little over $1000 by the time they take theirs she will only have a little over $600 to her name…this is ridiculous!!!
      all those years she waited on this settlement and that’s all she gets…

      • Really?! says

        That was my offer too.

      • Concerned says

        I have a serious ?. If everyone rejects this insult to us, what can we do? Lily says this was settled two years ago, but if no one gets paid, that would not be the truth.Our lawyers are not fighting for us,if so they would not try to bully us into excepting such an insult for what we all went through, not to mention the MILLIONS that are on it right now and don’t have a clue what they will go through to get off of it, and what about the poor people that can’t get off of this. I am sorry I can’t except this, unless lily takes this poison off the market or make sure that Doctors really tell the people before putting them on this how bad the withdrawals will be for 60 to 80 % of people trying to get off this poison.

        • tecola love says

          They sent me the same BS offer I believe we are getting played they got more money because for years I been in constant contact with this attorney z.johnson I wont reveal his whole name cause he,s not the problem when I signed up for this he told me im looking at 50,000 to started now about a year go by he told me it went up to a 100,000 he said it could go up but now fastforward I get this BS in the mail i try to contact him the law firm said he don’t work there no more i believe they fired him because he was keeping it real and honest there’s definitely something fishy at works here

      • notstupid says

        I have no plans on agreeing to this insult. I started taking Cymbalta in 2008 and when I could not afford it, I began to experience electrical-like shocks in my legs and head, numbness, tingling, I even went to the hospital and begged the ER doctor to just give me one cymbalta so that I could get through the next hour. I started feeling things that I could not even explain to my doctor. I also went to the emergency room because I was vomiting all the time and that thought I had paresis. April of 2017, I suffered a stroke and i am sure that it came from cymbalta. While in a hospital out of state I told the doctors that I did not want anymore cymbalta or lyrica because I am sure that all my suffering was due to these drugs. They sent me home with a prescription for Duloxetine (which is the generic name for cymbalta) when I realized it, I stopped taking the capsules. I was in the hospital for a couple of weeks and then I went to rehab due to the damage the stroke had on the left side of my body. I do not know what you all think about the settlement offers and how they want us to keep silent, take away rights of our husbands and children from any future lawsuits, etc……they are out of their minds if they think I am going to do that for these pennies. Also, not disclosing the amount or any other documentation regarding our cases is ridiculous in my opinion. My life is worth more than this pissy offer of 2000.00. I know that something is not right because if there were two categories for the settlement 1. Claimants that only had proof they purchased cymbalta and 2. Claimants who actually had proof of purchase, use and documentation; why are the amounts so small. They must really think I am a dummy. I’m not. I want to see some documentation because without knowing the settlement offer amount Lilly agreed to pay, I feel we are being scammed. We’ll probably come out better suing the doctor that prescribed it to us. The doctor that prescribed it for me is at fault because I became immediately addicted to it in order to make the withdrawal symptoms go away. Think about it, there is no way for us to get anything for the time that we have suffered while we have been waiting over three years. What about that time, what about the future, what about how my life and health are seriously ruined. I am not signing anything in the packet and I am not sending anything back period. They just need to send me my medical records. SHOW US THE MONEY!!!!! I refuse to let the lawyers ride around in luxury cars while I ride a bicycle and they laugh at us all the way to the bank. Not to mention the interest they are going to get or have already gotten by prolonging sending out the funds for the pennies offered to us. I want TRANSPARENCY AND I AM NOT GIVING UP MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR THE OFFER I GOT BECAUSE THEY SURE USE THE BACK AND FRONT SIDE OF THE PAPER TO PUT IN ALL OF LILLY’S DEMANDS FOR THEIR PENNIES. HEAVENLY FATHER PLEASE HELP US GET JUSTICE BECAUSE SOMEBODY HAS GOT TO BE LYING BIG TIME. WE ALSO NEED TO KEEP SUPPORTING ONE ANOTHER AND WE CAN SAY WHAT WE WANT TO SAY TO EACH OTHER IN THIS FORUM. WE MAY NOT KNOW ONE ANOTHER BUT WE ARE GOING TO STICK TOGETHER AND TELL THEM!!!!!! HELL NO! PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF THE CAPS HAVE OFFENDED ANYBODY OR ANYTHING ELSE I HAVE WRITTEN. I AM JUST SITTING HERE SHAKING MY HEAD SAYING……..THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO OFFER ME …..NOTHING.

        • Totalbs says

          And why did every one of our different lawyers remain so tight lipped about the settlement amount!!?? They simply would not disclose the amount or they’d say they didn’t know. Huh?? How’d you settle without knowing the amount then?? That’s what I keep thinking about! With all the money lily has there should never be a settlement this low. It doesn’t make sense. I’ve never heard of a settlement this low from a pharmaceutical company even if they’re simply wanting us to stop complaining about the problems we have. I have no motivation to sign this offer. It’s just something inside me saying no way. It’s terribly disrespectful and these lawyers are hiding something.

      • Your right time is running out, a lot of law firms won’t touch this due to the fact that it went to trial a number of times and the jury stuck sides 4 Lilly and that’s why awards where so small.

      • Ya my offer was little bigger than yours don’t know what I’m going to do, time is running out and not sure what to do.

      • Pissed Off says

        Who else is refusing this GARBAGE offer??? $600!!! Are they freaking kidding?? That doesn’t even cover the ambulance ride to the hospital after the Grand Mal seizure, let alone the months and months of painful continual side effects, medical visits, MRIs, EEGs, and loss of employment!!
        I think we all need to band together and tell them to shove it up their behinds.
        What an insult.

      • I wouldn’t except that don’t let them pop champagne corks and if you don’t except offer that don’t get paid they settled with me 3500 I get 1325 I turned them down and if I lose they lose big deal I’m going to cry over 1300 hundred dollars.

    • Totalbs says

      Well. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I was only offered $1500 minus lawyer fees. Grand total about $675 final!

      • Were you guys in the A, B or C category with this low offer? I’m assuming C. Do y’all know?

        • The average was 1000 to 3000 I was in between a A and a B it was a embarresment in what they offered and I had good med records 4 proof.

      • Screw Eli Lilly says

        No wonder they want to keep the terms of the settlement confidential. They are ashamed of themselves. They know they are pond scum.

        • This isn't over says

          I feel as if this whole thing is a nightmare and “We” all woke up to something horrible. This is like some kind of sick joke. There are to many of us that has suffered, “lost our life’s “as we know it and who STILL. suffer from these side affects to accept what is being offered. ( As like myself) Our life’s should mean more then this. It’s hard to come to grips that “they” would settle just for a win. Knowing to many people our suffering from this drug. They didnt even agree to take this drug of the market. They’re still making billions. If I could heal, maybe $1400.00 maybe enough. We will NEVER EVER heal from this. I even asked if they had everything they needed and if not to please let me know. I could go on and on about how wrong I feel this is. But soon many of you,I feel will be feeling the same. I hope I’m wrong,but what has happened,I feel we all were taken on a very long ride. What’s the big secret if it’s only that much?? I lost to much and will never get those times back. My dignity , mind,body and soul,has been taken because of this drug. Just because one doesn’t kill them self. Doesn’t mean they wish they weren’t here at times. So for me, this isn’t over..

        • SettlementBS: says

          The lawyers in this case have sold all of us down the river. In their offer letter, they were awarded expenses of 216.00 from each case plus money for costs to obtain medical records. That alone totals at least 1 million. After paying any medical costs back to insurance some will be lucky to get 1 dollar. People, wake up , we should all reject these offers and keep some dignity and not award incompetence from these firms. All this waiting for a token insult.

          • notstupid says

            They did not get all of my medical records and they did not have to obtain them because I sent a copy of mine to them. I also paid for the stamps to send them. My paperwork has 629.00 expenses and approximately 1600.00 for their share of my offer. I am still going through these withdrawal symptoms and I have not seen my neurologist since Dec. 2016 because I cannot afford to. I am with you, keeping my dignity. I’ve waited all this time for nothing so I guess I won’t be giving up my rights for this bull crap. This is why we need to keep on posting ….we have all been told different things. Eli needs to be stopped.

          • Small change says

            Seems like this is for the ” judge & the “attorneys” their nøt concerned about us ás victims.the lawyers are liars & the judge judges yõu for better or worse.

    • Your_Guess_Is_As_Good_As_Mine says

      Everyone should reject it & terminate their client attorney relationship & pray, another law firm picks up this case. I wonder how much the judge was paid while the many claimants were ripped off?

      • Totalbs says

        Total disrespect and underhanded greed! They market their poison and make trillions off patients then Laugh at us as we suffer. They’re worse than a street drug dealer cause the street dealer is at least honest about what he pushes!

      • Concerned says

        The judge was appointed by lily, so that should be a conflict of interest.I guess lily figures that we either are too stupid to figure out any of this OR they think we will just say OK we will take it? I really need that little bit of money right now, but I will not except it. lily could have done the right thing,but that would have admitted guilt, so they just decided to insult us.

    • Your_Guess_Is_As_Good_As_Mine says



      VIA FAX:

      RE: Cymbalta Settlement

      Dear XXXX:

      EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Hello! I regret to inform you that, at this time, I’m writing to request that you stop representation for me on the Cymbalta claim. Under the agreement contract I signed several years ago, it stated, that I could ask for you to stop representation at any time and I am calling upon that right.

      Moreover, I am also asking that you return all of my medical records and any other copies submitted to you. I will not be signing the document you mailed to me, nor the W-9.

      Furthermore, I did suffer damages from the use of this medication. By taking this prescription medication, as well as from the samples provided by the doctor. I am not in agreeance with the settlement offer decision, especially since no counter-offer is available. I’m sorry, but for my best interest, I cannot sign your letter sent with the packet.

      In closing, this letter terminates any client attorney relationship at once. I am requesting that all of my documents, including all medical records to be returned to me as soon as possible; as I no longer need your assistance for representation in this matter. I appreciate your time and effort, but I no longer require your assistance. As the results are not satisfactory and not in my best interest.


  27. Concerned says

    I would like to wish everyone Good Luck and Prayers on their settlement offer when it comes. All these years and all the problems that is associated with Cymbalta comes down to this week. I wish for everyone to get a Million dollar offer, but I know that is just wishful thinking. I wish you the best.

  28. Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

    As promised, I reached out to several of the law firms handling the Cymbalta settlement cases. No one will talk to me or provide an update on the case. I didn’t expect they would, but I wanted to ask anyway because I know there is so much frustration among the plaintiffs. I did receive a warning from one firm that said plaintiffs should not be discussing the case publicly. Apparently doing so can impact your ability to participate in the settlement.

    • All the attorneys that are handling our cases are Ryan and withholding information from us check all your paperwork from your tourneys they claim this as a personal injury case and we are all entitled to financial compensation medical expenses lost earnings loss of future earnings future Medical Care pain and suffering Google Mast tore lawsuits because the attorneys have changed it to a mast tore lawsuit without informing us at all note be careful do not give your name when talking about your case on the web have talked to a number of people who have and were dropped from the case for doing so have been told all they need is a percentage of people to settle the case and if they get that percentage you will have to say have no say so at all whatsoever you will get what they want you to get and that looks like about $3,000 is what they are saying this is not even close to the damage they have done to us remember the attorneys work for us they will be getting millions of dollars if we reject reject the offer they also don’t get. As for special master call West how can we make judgement on our settlement and metal two conditions what condition will 1 5 10 years from now because of what some Balta has done to us what about agreed-upon medical examiner to evaluate or current conditions they are no studies of long-term damage from Cymbalta the attorneys are lying withholding information and are trying to force us to settle what kind of deal have they made with Eli Lilly have contacted a number of legal malpractice attorneys about what is going on and if we come together we would have a case for a number of legal matters we need to contact our local and national television stations are State Bar justice department consumer rights groups start filing complaints as to what is happening to us the attorneys do not want us to talk or come together on this remember they work for us we are entitled to all available information about our cases why are they worth holding that information what are they hiding from us

    • Jacquie Canfield says

      Has anyone (female in particular) experienced the lack of being able to achieve a orgasm while having been on Cymbalta? I have taken this for almost 10yrs now and have been having trouble with this… I was searching for reasons why I could be having this problem and Cymbalta came up as to one of the drugs that can cause FOD … I was NEVER told about this as one of the possible side effects while taking this .. This has caused A LOT of issues for me and is staring to become a problem between me and my husband of 32yrs…

      • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

        I’m not sure about Cymbalta in particular, but it’s very common for antidepressants to have that side effect.

      • Brenda says

        I lost my fiancée due to no desire. Orgasm was out of the question.

    • Elle Lawrence says

      I have Kirtland and Packard. Just spoke with top attorney.
      Offers being sent out this afternoon or mom/tues at the latest

      • Elle Lawrence says

        Never had an issue getting through to even a lawyer and not a paralegal or secretary. I have called about 10 times in 5 years and they answer the phone saying good morning/afternoon/evening Mrs. Lawrence. Not cool they are not treating every client equally.

      • deborah hein says

        thats who i have my offer was 1500 take out their fee 611 is what i get.

    • Doctors are qualified to prescribe you cymbalta but are not qualified to tell you how to come of cymbalta RX phamacutical salespeople are people that are trained by there employers to push these meds 4 sales only and not to help the people there made 4 the, doctors are to blame 4 this to they get big kick backs.

  29. Concerned says

    I just have to say, I would be happy with any settlement if eli lilly would take this poison off the market, with that being said,I know that eli lilly will not do this,so we should be paid well. This is our only chance. Even if the lawyers only make one thousand from the settlement from each of us, that still will be 6000 X 1000 = $6,000,000.00 to the lawyers, and I know they will get a whole lot more than that. I just wanted to treated fair.

    • Laura Zalay says

      Has anyone gotten a letter yet?? The lack of information from the attorney, Kirkland &Packard is sad. I know they have many clients,but this has gone on way to long. I’m ready to see if I’M going to agree to this amount. Best wishes to everyone!!!

      • Outraged says

        I received my offer from kirtland & pakard and I thought it was outraged! I’m so happy I’m not the only one. I will not be taking the offer. After reading some of these messages, I will definitely be contacting 60 minuets and I will continue trying to find a lawyer to take this case. The fact that Eli Lilly is still able to prescribe this horrific drug makes me sick. I have been on cymbalta for over 10 years and I’ve tried to get off of it twice with no luck. The brain zaps are the worst next to feeling suicidal. I want to do anything and everything to stop this company from selling this drug or at least warn people how dangerous it is.

        • 60m@cbsnews.com I wrote a letter to them I want,the story told more people need to start e mailing them the more people start doing what I’m doing they will take notice,this drug is not right .lets all work together.

        • Go off, your e mail , it will show 60m there are a lot of people that suffered from this medication thank you all I will never ever forget my withdraws from this medication as long as I live its something that you will always remember it’s un real how it always revisiteds my memerory.

    • I was on it for eleven years 60 mg and it really messed me up almost committed suicide , my life has not been the same for a long time now, ,My doctor told me it was NOT addicted when she first prescribed , How do I know this because I asked, she said NO!well guess what? almost killed me and really messed me up.eleven years on this stuff and expensive too. drove me almost insane and made me almost a killing machine. did not know if I was coming or going.and guess what my Doctor got rid of me after it screws me up not much help at all just find yourself another doctor who I had had for several years. yes I have and Attorney was tole to be patient my patients has run OUT settle this and do it right, I will Not forgive anyone jollily OR THE attorney Stop playing games with me, I have waited long enough.

      • I’m so sorry for what you have experienced Jones. You are not alone as your story could have been written by me. On a good note we are supposed to be receiving letters towards end of next week per atty. P&K.

  30. Patricia Hudson says

    We have been told so many different things from lawyers. our lives are ruined from this drug and they should have to pay us for the rest of our lives. my mind body will never be the same since taking this drug and no i was never told of the dangers of what would happen to me when the DOCTOR GAVE ME THIS. Needs to be removed from every place in this world and eli lily needs to accountable for it. it effects me everyday and they want to give us chump change. LAWYERS MAKE THEM PAY FOR THE HARM AND DANGER THEY HAVE DONE TO US. ELI LILLY HAD TO PAY BILLIONS OUT ON OTHER DRUGS WHY NOT THIS ONE.

    • I am noticing that all plaintiffs are suddenly lawyers, doctors, and attornies. I am the first to say I am grateful to get any compensation for taking this drug. If not for the more serious cases prior I would not have a case at all or knowledge. Quit complaining, quit being greedy and be thankful that we are this far. I cannot even read this BS anymore, its just too negative!

      • Justice4all says

        Its not being negative. Its being knowledgeable. Why would YOU be willing to accept $1000-$3000 when other suits of this magnitude paid Billions? Ex: Z…..a. Please….do your homework and be Greatful for the support of one of another here. Especially those going above and beyond. I for one would truly say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are.

        • Laura Zalay says

          Thanks for speaking up for us. If you did get side affects from this drug and it did cause problems,as like myself. Then you got involved with this case in hopes that the lawyers would fight for you,not just walk away with something for most of us, to call it a win. This is something we will have for the rest of our life’s. If the lawyers or judge had any questions they should have contacted us,but instead. As I was told, they settled so everyone can get something. That’s where the $1,000-$3,000 came in. The lowest amount.This drug does need to come off the market. It’s hurt to many of us. I will be seeing my own doctors because of this for my own life time. How and where does that equal to a functional life. My family has also had to deal with me. Ive missed out on so much due to the side affects and this drug.The lawyers and judge should have fought for us, not gave in. Thousands to Billions is a big difference. Do really think that’s right?

      • Elle Lawrence says

        So I am glad you aren’t severe. It’s not going to be worth Bezos $ to me if l could go back. Still on it

      • Take it up the ass let big pharma control your life moron

      • You have no dignity I could care less if I get my settlement if I lose settment the lawyers don’t get paid.its like throwing a bone to a hungry dog.

  31. Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

    This is Donna Gregory Burch, the blogger behind FedUpwithFatigue.com. If you’re involved in the Cymbalta/Eli Lilly settlement, would you share the name of your law firm who is handling your case? A URL to their website would be even better. I plan to contact all of the firms to request an update on the settlement for you guys. I don’t know if I’ll receive any new information, but I want to try b/c I can tell many of you are frustrated.

    • Concerned says

      I sincerely thank you for doing this.They probably won’t even reply, but thank you for doing this.I know for sure that there is 6,000 all together, but in my lawyers lawsuit, I have been told there are 1500, My law firm is Kirtland & Packard LLP. (310) 536-1000. https://www.courtroomwarrior.com/ . Thank you again for even trying. I come here everyday to check if anything is new. I also check the web, but there is just not a lot out there on up to date information. I do know the Judges last name (West) that is handling every ones case.I did know the first name but my memory has been robbed by Cymbalta, but West is for sure the last name of the Judge. You can either post this or not, I prefer not but that is up to you. Eli Lilly has deep pockets and I assume they can tell the Judge to to tell the lawyers to kick anyone off the lawsuit. By rights there should be millions of people on this law suit, and the BIG settlement should be in the Billions, but Eli Lilly has enough people in their pocket to end this like it is going.I just wish every one knew what the BIG settlement amount was that Eli Lilly threw out to the Lawyers to get us off their backs, and I wish that Cymbalta was taken off the market for hooking people on their poison. I think the FDA needs to look at why this was approved in the first place. Thank you again Donna

      • Concerned says

        Also, I visit this website from time to time , https://www.cymbaltawithdrawal.com/ , I had to get off Cymbalta cold turkey, but there are tens of thousands, if not millions, trying to get off of it. I don’t know if that website is run by Eli Lilly, or just someone that wants to help, but there are so many websites out there trying to help people get off this poison, it really needs to be taken off the market.Thanks again.

      • b ostendorf says

        I was told the settlement was for 12.9 million and there are 3700 suits

    • Jessica j. says

      Hi Donna,

      I contacted my lawyer 12/5/17 and received their response of “Settlement offers have not yet gone out. We are still waiting, you will be notified as soon as they are received”. I know I’ve qualified into the settlement, but when I ask the settlement amount I don’t receive an answer and when I ask what Eli Lily settle for, I get no answer. It’s concerning that the dollar amounts are unknown…shady. I’m in Texas and the law firm representing me is Miller Legal, LLP. Their phone number is 760.479.5411.

      Thanks for helping!

      • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

        Thank you!

      • Michael says

        I also signed with Miller Legal to represent me and that was over two years ago today. What was frustrating was the many times they kept asking me to submit the same evidence almost as if their staff did not know what they were doing. After seeing this site I just wrote them about it and asked when I could expect an end to this.

    • Miller DellaFerra has mine.

    • Rachelle R Humphrey says

      I will post the email I sent and also the response to that email. All of the speculation is getting everyone more worked up and understandably. My advice is to not speculate and to personally contact your firm. YOU are paying them and they ethically and legally have to give you an update related to YOUR case to the best of their knowledge. The other thing I wanted to mention was as far as not accepting settlement offers…I totally agree that coming away with 1 to 3 grand yet the amount to each individual is much higher minus all of the attorney fees and so forth that you may want to check on to filing a formal complaint against the law firm IF they are not keeping to the agreement of the amounts they are to be paid. It is something that is often overlooked. The paperwork you first signed when agreeing to have the firm represent you had a couple of options as far as how you were willing to have them compensated. If you are unsure and don’t readily have that paperwork you can request it from your firm. Attorneys often have oversights in their billing and we as consumers do not always keep a close eye on it. So let’s all make sure we are VERY DILIGENT in checking what we agreed to pay our firms and be sure we receive detailed billing of the work we are paying them for! I will post the update I received from Kirtland Packard in a few minutes. Thank you everyone for supporting one another. We have been through so much and it’s nice to recieve and see the support here!

      • Rachelle R Humphrey says

        ************This the email I sent to my firm, KIRTLAND Packard**************

        Are there any further updates in the Cymbalta cases. I’m in an online forum that has several other members of the case and several of us have made comment that it seems to very confusing and we really feel in the dark about it.

        Are there any updates please?

        Thank you so much!
        Rachelle Humphrey

        *************THIS IS THE RESPONSE FROM KIRTLAND PACKARD:*****************
        Good Morning Rachelle,

        There was a bit of a delay in the settlement. When we submitted all of our cases to the defense for settlement consideration the defense downgraded or excluded roughly 300 of our clients because they felt that they did not qualify for the settlement categories we submitted them at. While your case was not one of the disputed cases but we unfortunately needed to resolve all the cases before we could move forward. This happened to all firms involved in the settlement and roughly 1000 clients where effected. We disputed these downgraded cases with the defense to ensure our clients where not unfairly exclude from the settlement. The disputed cases where recently resolved just a couple of weeks ago and have now been sent to the special master (retired judge Carl West) for settlement valuation. He will need to review the roughly 6000 cases included in the settlement before we will receive the settlement offers. We are anticipating receiving the settlement offers around the end of this year, roughly December or possibly January. Once you receive your offer you will need to complete the paperwork included in the packet to accept it and then we will need to do a medical liens check as it is a federal requirement and the last step in the settlement process. Once we have checked to ensure you do not have any medical liens (specifically for Cymbalta related withdrawal symptoms) we submit that information to the defense and they will release the funds to us and we will send it to you, generally via check or wire. While this is a roughly time frame and there is always a possibility that something could delay the process we are hoping that the first checks can make it out by around April or May of 2018, although for clients who do have medical liens this step could take longer while we work to resolve the liens.

        • Patricia Hudson says

          i received this on 12/.8/17 We expect to receive the offers from the special master (retired judge Carl West) by roughly early January. Once you receive the offer you will need to complete the paperwork to accept the offer, then we will need to complete the final step of the settlement process and conduct an medical liens check to ensure that you do not have any unpaid medical bills specifically for Cymbalta withdrawal related treatment, this step is a federal requirement and once we confirm that there are no medical liens or if there are that we have resolved them then we submit that info to the defense and they will release the funds to us and we will send them to you generally via check or wire.

      • How do you know the amount to each individual is much higher than the one to three grand someone posted here? It isn’t stated in the email from the atty you posted. I’m very interested as well as invested. Someone else also stated they received a letter that stated their amount would be small. My letter did not say that. I was however told over the phone that it won’t be a life changing amount. I think a life changing amount is different for everyone. That’s what I told them. I sure hope this resolves this year. Best of luck and new health to everyone.
        Thank you.

        • Laura Zalay says

          It seems to me that most of us have Kirkland&Packard. They told me at first I was in a higher amount for the settlement,but because I had pre-existing conditions it would be the much lower amount. Well, That’s why I started the drug. Isnt that why you did too? No one said my medical condition was going to get much, much worse. Now,here we are with a life time of more medical problems. How does the judge and lawyers think this lower amount equals to mine and my families pain and life time of suffering. Thats All I see in my future along with going to the doctors. I still haven’t heard or seen any paper work. If they are the court room warriors then we all should get equal amounts,not$1000-$3000.

          • Elle Lawrence says

            NOT everyone has been effected the same way. I don’t want to be rude, but I know 100% that I in the top tier. I have even been told not to except a lot. When you are a raised with more religious dogma and guilt than the Duggar’s as a Pentecostal, and you beg your husband to go buy a gun a make it stop (hell is where I thought I would go) just making 120mg last a month for insurance by taking 110 mg (in front of your hysterical and now emotionally scarred autistic 6 year old…then maybe you would feel differently. I have been diagnosed with PTSD because I only had 110 mg each day for 2 two weeks.

    • Donna, thank you for taking your time to do this for us.
      My Attorneys are
      Baum, Hedlund, Aristei and Goldman
      Los Angeles, California

    • I have been told that everyone involved in the settlement
      Have to agree on the amount or no one will receive

      • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

        I sure hope that is not the case.

      • Concerned says

        I don’t think that would be legal, the reason I think this is because everyone’s case is handled individually and therefore we all are separate , if we was under the umbrella of just one lawsuit, then I could see one person holding up the settlement,but each of our lawsuits are separate or so I am told they are? Hopefully someone can tell me if I am wrong about this?

        • It’s partly true. 80% of the B category have to agree and 90% of the C category.

          • notstupid says

            Julie, if you don’t mine me asking, where did you get this information about these two categories?

          • An update letter. But there is also an A category and I think it was 80% also. I’d have to look back. I have asked several times when people above posted their settlement amount which category they were in but no one will. A is the highest amounts. Permanent damage. B has proof of withdrawal and etc. C hardly any evidence, so much less. Or so they said. I would like to gauge the difference $$. Anyone???

        • As I understand it we are under a Global Settlement. Maybe someone can explain that more clearly than I can.
          I spoke to my attorney in November and was told from their law firm there were 6000 to begin with but it had been reduced to about 3600 people. I was not eliminated because of my Pharmacy and Doctors records which I had sent to them.
          The 3600 were divided into groups of 3. A B and C groups. Each determined by their records and the severity of their injuries while on Cymbalta. They could not tell me which group I was in.
          The settlement offers could not be sent until each law firm had completed with each case.
          This would probably be 6 months or even the end of 2018. They held out no hope of it being less than 6 months.
          After talking to the lawyer I felt defeated with the settlement process. It has taken so long and with what I have read here about only getting from $1000 to $3000 for the horrible withdrawal from Cymbalta and in my case not being able to get off of this evel drug. Of course I was not informed of the amount from the lawyer. They act like it’s a huge secret and no one knows the amount!!
          Each of us has been told something different. I think every law firm should have the decency to tell everyone of us the truth!!

          • notstupid says

            Maybe we will be able to see the amount in their annual financial statement or somewhere else online. I think the financial statements would give us a good idea of the settlement amount. I was told the claimants were divided into two groups. See what I am saying…….sounds like somebody is just answering the phone telling us anything they can think of. Now I see why some people say the things they say about some lawyers.

    • Melissa says

      Hi Donna,
      I have Girardi and Keese in Los Angelas. Am I reading this right? Did they settle in October of 2016? I have not heard one thing from them. I ha e called and sent emails with very little response. Any help or updated info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Donna, I just got off the phone with a rep who is overseeing the cymbalta class action clients Della Fera law firm and was told they were notified that the ret, judge who’s overseeing the payouts has completed his part in assessing each case amount and that I should be receiving a letter within a couple weeks for acceptance ! Then to sign and return then alein ck is done to see if any outstanding medical bills due to this toxic drug are duepayment. (Standard practice ) so I would say to everyone wait another month or two ? Hopefully this is not more B S (also standard practice ) a little humor people) just be patient a little longer ok ! Luv you all ! BK.

      • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

        Thank you for the update. I’ve contacted several of the attorneys but they are not responding to me. I didn’t expect they would, but wanted to try anyway b/c I can tell some of the plaintiffs are so frustrated.

        • notstupid says

          Don’t feel bad. As you can see from our posts, we are not being told anything legitimate as well.

    • Susan Donahue says

      Kirkland and Packard(310)536-1000 is handling my case and if I receive the amount that they are suggesting under $10,000 they are worthless my whole life has been changed because of this drug and I can tell I have permanent effects.

  32. Brenda l says

    How do I become part of the lawsuits .because I have not hear anything.ido not know how much it is or fed up with fatigue

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      You’ll need to file your own lawsuit with a personal injury attorney. The current suit has been settled and the attorneys are not accepting new plaintiffs.

    • Alicia white says

      I would love to join a suit too. I’ve been taking antidepressants off and on since 2003 and after taking them for several months I would stop taking them and would be fine. I have never in my life experienced anything like what I just went through in stopping Cymbalta for five days cold turkey. I have depression and fibro and I really think I would have ended up on a 1013 hold in the physc ward if I had not figured out what was going on with me. I had an uti infection and wanted to complete the antibiotic treatment and then start back. During this period of not taking Cymbalta…..which by the way I take 120mg daily and have been at this dosage since Sept 2015. I developed a fever, I was cold and clamy, hot and sweating buckets the next moment, insomnia, panic attacks, crying spells, heart palp vomiting, this stuff is very dangerous.

  33. Concerned says

    I just wanted to check to see if anyone has heard anything about the settlement ? Some law firms might keep people more informed than mine.

    • Bob, I contacted my lawyers office last month (nov 2017) and they checked to see if my claim was on the list of claims to be paid and it was. (Thank God) then was told to just wait until I got the settlement offer If I accept then sign and return it !. I’ve herd the average payout is $3,000 ?

      • Concerned says

        Bob, thanks for the information. When I get the settlement offer, I think I will reject it because this drug has done so much harm to all of us, and there is the long term damage to our bodies. I have been told there are only 6,000 people in this. The lawyers won’t tell the amount eli lilly settled for, neither will the judge, neither will eli lilly, that is because (in my opinion) the lawyers get the most and may be paid off and we will never know, eli lilly just wants to hide all of us so they can keep their poison on the market, you see===(( eli lilly and company agreed to Pay $1.415 Billion to resolve allegations of off-label promotion of Zyprexa)) that was made public knowledge because there were fines to eli lilly. I think the Big settlement offer should be made public, same as the other lawsuit. I think our settlement should be at least that amount. ask yourself this, did your lawyer ask you for your input before they agreed to settle with eli lilly ?. I think eli lilly just threw out some money and told the judge and lawyers to make it work to get us off their backs, because the lawsuits just kept coming .There is so much I need to say about this, but I will wait and see how things go.

        • Laura Zalay says

          I just spoke to my attorney and once again,the news is different!! Now she says ( they’re in California ) the ones that have proof of side affects from Cymbalta will get more money. Not sure how much,but the others only get $ 1,000 ??? What’s that , for what this drug has done?! I was also told, now it’s by the ends of January..if not, to call. We will have to sign for it( paperwork). I think we all need to keep in touch with each other because something DOESN’T sound right. All of us together may need one another for a law suit!!

      • ART SAUER says

        I would like to know if no settlements have been awarded WERE DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS AMOUNT. MAYBE IT’S 44 cents

      • b ostendorf says

        I was told by my lawyer that layer fees come out of our settlement amount

    • Patricia Hudson says

      I talked to my lawyer at the beginning of November. They said checks will be in the mail in December but if by the end of December you do not receive a check to call back in January 2018. Ask if they knew what the amount would be and she said I have an idea of where it starts and ends. She also said that not all 6000 people will receive a payout but most will. Will not tell you if you are getting anything or not keeping it so quite. I asked if they were going to call with a settlement amount and they said no we are sending checks out. Said at that time judge had them and was getting ready to turn them over to them. Yes mine is in California and so many different stories. I am so confused. Either tell use yes you will get something or not and if we do get something the amount. We know we are getting screwed either way and the lawyers are the ones making out . I say they have had the money just keeping it to collect interested. I would advise everyone to call and check up on what is going on. Plus to see if they all tell the same thing. So far what my lawyer and another person have said 2 different things as in mailing checks out without seeing if you want to accept the settlement

      • Pedro Duran says

        I was told that the agreement letter would arrive in January and the checks would be sent in July. I was told they are reviewing each case. Those that have more documentation will get larger settlements. For example, my medical records shows the doctor saying he could keep increasing the dose because it is harmless enough, and then I had to seek treatment for withdraws.

    • Melissa says

      You got screwed. If they settled at 6 billion for 6000 cases, $3000 seems a little low. Appeal it

      • Concerned says

        Thank you very much Melissa, That is the first time of hearing of the BIG settlement number, and I have to believe that is correct and that would break down like this= 6 Billion divided 6000 = one Million per person minus Lawyers fees since all the cases was handled on a one to one basis. If that settlement amount is correct,(and it sounds about right since eli lilly makes Billions per year on just Cymbalta) then I will reject the settlement offer if it is just $3000. As far as I know, there are only about 3,4 or 5 Law offices handling all these cases, the Lawyers will be paid well , that is the fact. If this ever gets settled, I will tell my very long and painful story about getting off this poison, that still effects me to the day I die. I have been off Cymbalta for about 6yrs now.

      • Feeling Shocked says

        my sister just got her “settlement” it was 1000 and something, by the time the lawyers get their share and some other b.s. she gets $624 to herself, then they advised her not to talk to any other lawyers or social media blah blah blah…they said people went to court to fight it and they left court empty handed…..in other words agree to the $624 or get nothing at all….any advice before she sends the letter?

    • Spoke with my firm today. Settlement offers are expected to be mailed out in January. Estimated settlement average is “several thousand dollars”. No word on settled total.

      • Did you hear anything about $1000.00 and $3000.00 and do you know of different amounts and why?

        • Concerned says

          With these low amounts that I am seeing, I am convinced that eli lilly, the judge, and all our lawyers are in on keeping us all from figuring out just what is going on. I would think the lawyers have to know what the BIG settlement amount, so they could figure out how much they get for each individual case,since each one is handled separately. If they actually send us an offer,if we don’t except it,what can we do,ask another lawyer? This poison is still being pushed upon people that have no idea how hard this is to get off of, I feel it is right up there with opioids . for every one of us that has kicked cymbalta, think how many that can’t and some are right here.and if this gets swept under a rug, there will be millions more that has to deal with this, and not to mention the long term health effects on our body down the road. This needs to be investigated fully by someone that is NOT in eli lilly’s pocket. they should be held accountable for this, if anyone out there reads this and knows who to contact please do something.

          • Laura Zalay says

            I SO agree with you on this note. Many more people will be hurt by this drug because of what is happening. “They” say it was better for us to get ” something” and them get a win,then to loss again… We’ve already lost in my book. The damage this drug has done to ALL of us should be taken off the market. Why should one more person have to suffer as we are???

  34. Hillary Steiner says

    Me too. It took me 9 months to get off 120mg. I had 4 episodes of suicidal ideation and I could barely work because of the symptom severity

  35. jackiehicks says

    I was wanting to know if there is a lawyer that i can get ahold of to speak with concerning cymbalta and lyrica…

  36. I’m STILL taking the damn drug (it DOES help some nerve pain in my hands and feet) but when medicaid wouldn’t cover it for me in 2009, I had to literally had to have my ex tie my hands and feet down with nylon hose to our Futon day bed because the withdrawals were soooooo horrific for me. Once Medicaid picked me back up, of course I went back on the Cymbalta because my FM went out of control. These companies ONLY care about the money they make. They NEED the pants sued off them by ANY OF US whom have suffered, make THEM take their own dose of medicine and then go through the withdrawals themselves. Maybe then they’d wise up…..

  37. Sandra says

    My California attorney told me we should receive a settlement offer this month. Anyone gotten an offer letter yet?

    • Got an email yesterday. The lawsuit got settled last October but they said it takes 12-18 months to disperse settlement. Email yesterday said each plaintiffs case is being reviewed now and seeing how much each will get. Which could take another 12 months. It’s such crap as the law firm has all this money gaining off interest as they drag their feet to disperse.

      • Christopher says

        Anybody hear anything about settlement yet?

      • Melissa says

        You actually get mails? Your lucky. 2.5 years and I have gotten nothing! Every time I call it’s the sam old story, ” no new updates” such crap, I just want to know something.

        • Robert Kosta says

          Robert , call your lawyer to see if your claim was excepted ! They have list of there clients who’s claims were taken and denied! I just contacted my lawyers office last month in Nov, and was told anytime now I should receive the settlement amount offer acceptance letter ! To sign and return ! I’m at the point to just get done with this nightmare! I’ve heard the average check is around $3,000 ?

      • I’ve been waiting for a settlement offer since last year. Was told in an email offer should be received by fall 2017. Nothing received yet.

    • Donald says

      Not yet. It’s probably going to be 10 bucks

    • fedupwithitall says

      They told me I would have some news in 2 weeks. That was 6 weeks ago. Really getting fed up with the attornies more than the withdrawal at this point. It has been 3 years waiting.

    • If you don’t mind me asking, what law firm did you use? My lawyers are the worse with keeping me updated

    • Christopher says

      Which law firm??

      • Laura Zalay says

        That is so funny you all are talking about a law firm in California putting you off.. Sounds like we all have the same lawyer?? First they said March, then June, then August and by the end of the year…they want to be sure everyone gets the same amt. Oh Plz! It’s been long enough, let’s just get this over.

    • Cathy Montoya says

      I am looking for a Calif sorry for my case. Anyone kbow a good one if so, please email me at
      pcmontoya22@yahoo.com before I die from These withdrawals..

      Thank you

  38. I’m currently withdrawing from the generic form of Cymbalta. I was put on it for Fibromyalgia pain. I purposely had been avoiding going on anything because when I first got diagnosed 12 years ago, my Rheumy had me try about 4 different types of meds (Cymbalta was not one of them) and they either did not work at all, made me an emotional and psychological wreck or made me super sick so I just figured I’d suffer on my own and try natural methods. Years later fast forward to this past April and I decide maybe I should try something for some relief. Pffffft! Relief my butt. I’m going through hell to get off this medication because I hated the side effects. I’m trying to hold it together and get to work every day and do what I need to do to live while dealing with this crap. The only side affect my Dr. told me about was weight gain and she never told me about how hard it would be to get off of this evil drug. Taking Cymbalta caused more fatigue than what I already had from the Fibro, rapid weight gain and ZERO libido. Zero!! I’m too young for that in my life. The bad thing is, it didn’t make me feel any better. If I knew I’d have to go through this, I would have made an educated decision to walk out of my Dr.’s office with nothing and would not be going through this. I only wish Dr.’s would do their homework regarding the drugs THEY ARE PRESCRIBING to their patients. Usually I do my homework before I just pop a pill but this time I did not and fully trusted her. Shame on me for trusting a Dr.!! I knew you can’t just abruptly stop taking an antidepressant because I’d been on Celexa before but because of the way this capsule is, you can’t cut it down any smaller than 30 mg. Actually you can’t “cut” it at all like a tablet. I did some research and read that people were having to take the bb’s out of their capsules and weaning that way so that’s what I did. Two weeks of weaning off of 60 mgs and I am now beginning my 3rd week of no drug at all. Awful head zaps (slowing subsiding now) and dizziness, clumsiness, nausea, diarrhea, constant crying over nothing (which is subsiding) strange shooting pains that even my Fibro never caused, fatigue, insomnia, agitation and trouble concentrating. I may be one of the “lucky” ones because I was only on it for 3 months and 60 mg was the highest dose I took. I really feel for those of you who have been on it for years and on a much higher dose. If you want to wean off, talk to your Dr. on how to do it safely. Just remember that 30 mg capsules is as far as you can go and if you can’t tolerate the withdrawals at that point, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands and take your capsule apart. I’m sure your Dr. would have a hissy fit but screw it. It’s the only way to completely rid yourself this madness. Just listen to your body and don’t put yourself in the ER. My Dr. does not know about what I’m doing and frankly, I’m not crazy about her anyway. Ha ha! Also, going through some paperwork this past weekend, I found the information pamphlet that comes with your prescription. I read it again to see if somehow I didn’t see the withdrawals symptoms when I first got it from the store. I did not see any information or warnings as to what would happen if you try and get off this drug. As always, it lists all the good and bad if you take the drug but nothing on withdrawal. This is a hard lesson learned I tell you. From now on, I will never take another pill unless I’ve done all of my research. Good luck to everyone going through this. P.S. Why is this drug still on the market?!

  39. Bradley Guthrie says

    Hi yes I want to put my two cents in this conversation I was represented by the lawyers in California on Cymbalta morning and labels I was put on Cymbalta and October 2009 three months after being on this medication I had a seizure then when I went back to my doctor’s I told them they gave me a different prescription but they kept me on the Cymbalta yet 8 months later I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C what is that when you go I was put on treatment for 12 weeks the 10th week I ended up in the emergency room they took blood from me to find out what my problem was about 20 minutes later the doctor came back in should we got your room all ready for you I went from the ER to ICU I had to have a blood transfusion I only had a half a body of blood the doctor said he don’t know how I walked in the door they kept me on the Cymbalta for about for about another 5 years I went off of all my medications December 14th 2014 I want to a dermatologist they took blood work they sent me back to infectious disease again they done an ultrasound they told me I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver I’ve been beating my head against the door because I couldn’t figure out how I got cirrhosis of the liver on December 14th 2014 I ended up back in my neurologist office because the night before I had 5 seizures in one night they put I guess about two or three hundred wires in my head ran it down my back I’ll stay that way for 72 hours I’m going back to my neurologist he told me come back in a week here that I have all the test results back I go back in there he tells me I’m normal this doctor had done numerous tests on me I looked at that doctor that day I said. I come down here three years ago I was on a hundred seventy milligrams kaprow I said to the doctor you got me up to 2000 milligrams of Capron a day now you tell me there’s nothing wrong with me but yet you want to raise it another 500 milligrams which would have made me 2500 milligrams a day I asked him why would you do that he said standard precaution I told him to take his stand precaution and put it where the sun will never shine I was on Cymbalta for five years revive years I have seizures and any other symptoms trimmers nauseous dizzy and lightheaded I never put the two together because I had my first seizure 3 months after I was on Cymbalta I was on the Cymbalta for 5 years for 5 years I have seizures anyways the doctor said if you have another seizure make sure you get back in here and see me that was the last time I talked to that doctor I haven’t had a seizure since I’ve been off my medicines April 6th 2017 I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver April 12th a 2017 I got a phone call from the Cymbalta team wanting me to sign the seven that declaration form I told them I don’t know if I want to sign off on this now I want to know what caused my cirrhosis of the liver I have not drink any alcohol and over 36 years not one beer not one shot I really believe it was from the medicine the doctors gave me I started out on one pill call Cymbalta 60 milligrams every time I went to the doctors they give me another prescription I was taking 15 all because of one pill call Cymbalta I left the doctor’s office I’d day I went home was watching TV one that warning sign come up on the TV about Cymbalta it’s a call this number the FDA I called them they sent me a package out stating it all the symptoms of this medication I believe it was like 45 of them I Mark 40 of them off the other five just pertain the women I know the back about two weeks later I got a phone call guy says it will be glad to handle your case I asked him what the hell he was talking about he’s a didn’t you fill out this a thing for the FDA about Cymbalta I said yes I did he said where the Cymbalta team we’re going after them for failure for warnings and labels I said okay go ahead at this time I did not know anything about the side effects until I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver this lawyer that was one of them the representative in this case against the both of her labeling warnings called me she told me I need a personal injury lawyer if I find a lawyer to call her she will fill him in I’m having trouble finding a lawyer because everybody I talk to says I have a lawyer I really think consumers are the get-together and file a lawsuit against the FDA because the FDA are the manufacturers of these pills I really think the manufactures go out and find lawyers to have a class action suit against them so we walk away with pennies the lawyers walk away with Millions and you can go against the manufactures again because they because you have been paid I do not know about anybody else but I know but my life is on the line now to try to find a lawyer is like pulling a tooth out of a Siberian tiger we the people of United States should get together and protest our government to hell and back for letting these companies ruined people’s lives and getting away with it because they make billions a dollar annually or killing us because you’re not going to find a lawyer this going to go against Eli manufacturers because it’s a corporation they make billions and billions and billions of dollars annually as the poor people are paying for this this corporations got money that we will only dream about and just think it came out of your pocket for their medications of they are making how can you win they make the pills they sell them to you knowing the side effects from them and then they go out looking for lawyers to have a class action suit against them these lawyers are handling cases with 5000 people and they win these cases but it’s confidential the noun that they won now they’re going to sit down and review your case to see how much money after they take their percentage is left to give to you I looked it up the medication that they got me on right now cost $18,364.60 for 28 pills I have right now over $60,000 in medical bills it looks like it’s just starting to me I don’t know what the grand total of my medical bills are going to be as of yet but yet soon as I was involved in a class-action suit I don’t feel that my lawyers are representing me properly I feel us people I to get together and file a lawsuit against the lawyers I think that will change the picture pretty much so so we don’t have to take chicken scratch for pain and suffering yet the manufacturers I laughing hoping that you’ll drop over dead so they could just pay for your funeral a cheap way out there you think I am a fighter I have bad credit because I owe so much and dr. Bills other than that I never had any credit in my life I paid for my house in cash I paid for my truck and my cars in cash the only thing shows on my credit report is Doctor Bills but I had bad credit what is wrong with American people go to Canada you get free medical care we are supposed to be one of the richest countries in the world I know I pay enough taxes and I bought my house once but I pay taxes on it every year why I asked I got so bored and listening to my government I had a shirt made up this shirt says I stand behind my country but not my government I had another shirt made up this shirt says excuse me I wasn’t born this way Society made me this way now you know how I got that

    • Bradley, I tried really hard to look over your post a few times and I’m still not sure if I’m understanding you correctly but Hep C is one major cause of Cirrhosis of the liver. Hep C does not come from any kind of medications. I’m not defending Cymbalta one bit because right now I’m going through the hellish withdrawals. I just read your post and got a little curious and confused as to how Hep C and Cirrhosis wound up in your Cymbalta experience. Unfortunately now that you have liver damage, all kinds of medications (NSAD’s for example) can exacerbate your condition but of course that’s between you and your Dr. Good luck with everything!

  40. Has anyone who has gotten off of cymbalta have blood work and find that their iron level is in a dangerous zone? This happened to me and was wondering if cymbalta did it. 🙁

    • Pam Grimes says

      How do I get into a lawsuit? I have taken Cymbalta for apx. 2 years. I have a chronic. Pelvic/nerve pain. I felt side effects all the time, but did not know the drug was a problem. I had gone off it after a serotonin syndrome attack. I asked my medicine doctor to go back to pills I had taken for years. After several months my doctor said I shoul go back on it. I was seeing a PT specialized in PF D. I also have IBS. Her work was doing good for the pain , but then stopped the positive movement. I went to a spine institute . At that time I fell asleep while driving. Luckily I was off the freeway on a little country road and woke up hearing the brush under my car. From defensive driving courses as a PO I was able to get the car back on the road without over corrective. I have sleep apnea and use the c-cap at night. My mood changes day to day. Cymbalta did no pain relief. My memory was getting very bad and could not remember things for 1 minute. My speech was very erratic and I could not concentrate. I did not associate it with the pill. I decided I needed the pain relief and asked my DR. To go off Cymbalta and add amitriptlyne in the morning as well as at night. It did help the pain. I went on his step down for 3 weeks and then added the Amit. I took my last Cymbalta. I was on my computer and came across an article about how bad Cymbalta. I was overwhelmed because I had been having all the problems listed. I then realized my problems, sick feeling, brain shutdown, losing time, gaining weight, memory getting worse, having a hard time talking or thinking in an organized manner were all problems with Cymbalta. The anxiety is a constant feeling. I was having all the whithdrawl problems as side effects . It was hard to believe this pill from a dark place was allowed. It has been over a week off the Cymbalta and I am still having withdrawal effects, I had a good day where I could be up and walking around for a few hours. I have been in bed for 90% of the time for 6 months . I am still having a hard time comprehending shows on TV. The weakness and dizziness . I cannot do any of the things from my past, cooking, working out with weights and Pilates , making jewelry to sell. Working on the new back yard. My husbands has to do every thing. If I can I force my self to do a little cleaning in the bathrooms. My life is gone. I am also having to live with and deal with the IBS. How long will I feel like I want to die? I do metabolize pills differently than most people. I cannot take any opiads, or other pain meds. I have tried them all for the pain from the Pelvis Floor Dysfunction. Now I am going through what is basically illegal drug withdrawal. I have had genetic testing to see how drugs will effect me. I should never have taken Cymbalta. If I only knew.

      • I feel for you as I am similar to you. I was on for 10 years. Started out only with cymbal ta and ended up on over 12 other pills due to other symptoms from the cymbalta. My doctor had no idea it was the cymbal ta and would up the dose and add other pills. I never slept after starting, was more fatigued then I was when started and ended up in bed majority of the time. Had inconstince problems after starting, also severe constipation, blood pressure sky rocketed, colestrohl went way up, started throwing up continuously and had herd issues, I also could not concentrate I stopped watching TV for years as I could not follow it, I would get over whelmed with bills or medical applications to the point I would cry due to focusing and concentration. My muscles became very weak and progressively got worse. Lots of blood without stools. My arms, feet and face would become numb often, or feet would burn like a fire underneath. Lost many friends due to being I’ll because the doctors did not know what was wrong with me and they thought I was exaggerating. I finally quit cymbalta about 2 years ago. Withdrawals were extreme. I felt like I was drying for almost a year and still feel awful but better. I could not get out of bed, weak, disoriented, constantly felt like I was going to faint, was constantly in tears from excruitiating pain; felt like arm and leg bones were crushing, awful stomach pain, electric shocks ALL over body. Too weak needed to hold onto the wall as I walked most of the time. Plus many more symptoms. I’m better in some ways but do not have a decent quality of life any longer. In bed most of the time, very weak, major stomach problems, can only walk short distances and then end up in bed due to weakness. plus many other things. I can not believe this drug is on the market.

    • Yes I am chronic anemia now after 10 years of cymbalta

    • Joceyln says

      I am staring my tapering from 40mg, I am down to about 30mg. I have been craving red meat!!

    • Hi, I was on Cymbalta for 10 years. And yes I have chronic anemia as a few years ago along with many otber issues

    • Susan Tarik says

      I have been battling very low iron all year and also wonder if Cymbalta could have played a part.I also bruise at the slightest brushing of my skin. So far all investigations into the low iron have been inconclusive with more investigations to come. I was on Cymbalta for 5 years and am now in the final stages of weaning off it at the suggestion of a cardiac specialist who wants to see if it has played a part in the long Q T pause in my heart rhythm.

    • yes my blood work shows my battle with very low iron for years , however it has not dropped any lower plus not so easy to bruise now that i am finaly off of the cymbalta.

  41. irene pine says

    I want so bad to get off Cymbalta and asked dr. she shrugged her shoulders then prescribed 30 Milgram’s instead of the sixty oh my goodness I freaked out because I got so mad mean out of control crying head aps horrible headaches I quickly grab another thirty and by twenty minutes I felt better. I want so bad to come off this med but so afraid of losing my mind.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I’m sorry you’re having difficulty getting off of Cymbalta. You might want to join the Cymbalta Hurts Worse group on Facebook. They have a protocol that is helping people to successfully quit Cymbalta w/ minimum withdrawal symptoms. Hope this helps! Sending positive thoughts your way.

  42. I was on Cymbalta for over 10yrs and when I started symptoms of electricity running thru my head I went to the Dr. and asked what was causing it. He looked at me as if I was nuts and just shrugged. Sent me for an MRI and it came back normal. When they started coming more and more and stronger I researched the internet and found out they were called brain zaps, and Cymbalta was more than likely the problem. Went back to the Dr. and explained that what I was having were called brain zaps and I wanted off the Cymbalta and asked how to get off of it safely, his suggestion was to give me a different drug. So back to the internet I went. This time I found a gentleman who figured a way for himself to get off Cymbalta without almost any side effects. I followed him steps, it took almost 6 months to get off of it but I did. The only symptoms I was homicidal, suicidal, headaches, nausea, facial tremors. My daughter took a yr off of work to babysit me because they were afraid to leave me alone. No I am left with the outbursts (getting better, but oh I can be nasty for no reason), my vision in bad, facial tremors, and headaches. I tried at the time to find a lawyer to take my case against Lilly but no one would and I was told there was no class action cases anywhere. My life has never been the same and my quality of life is terrible. Dr. only suggestion everyone gets older and gets aches and pains and problems you just have to live with it. Why do I have to live with these problems I didn’t ask for them. I thought this drug was supposed to give me quality of life not take it away. If anyone knows of any lawyers willing to take on new clients please let me know

    • Do you think if we copied some of this and mailed it to the doctors they would wise Up? I’m so sorry you are going thru this!! It’s wrong!! My dr said I would have NO symptoms because I would start prozac the next day. I was on 60 mgm of cymbalta for 7 years of more. Today it is decided I can no longer take the hydrocodone I’ve been taking for 10 years – to function in my life in a half way normal way. Like walking, talking, maybe playing with my grandkids. NO taper, no warning, nothing. And they took me off blood pressure medicine – so smug and sure that I would have NO problems and that withdrawal would be 1 day or maybe 2. Maybe they don’t read this stuff – how can thousands and thousands of people be wrong?? They were so proud of themselves for taking me off all the meds and told me they were the experts and I was not. Incredible. There was no concern about my worries, my wanting to taper – half the dose and half the pills – I think I might have been able to comfortably do that. But no – I think this is unethical – there are patient rights and the obligation to not cause pain. No one told me they were going to just abandon me. This was a doctor that I have known and who has prescribed this for 10 years. A NA took over and told me to eat plants and all my problems would be gone. I’m hurt and angry right now – sorry for the rant. I’m so sorry you are suffering. I too have had bad thoughts and since there seems to be a lot of suicides in my family I want to be really careful of what is happening. Both the cymbalta withdrawal and the hydrocodone withdrawal in the same month is beyond cruel. We need to figure out a way to have doctors hear all this. TheNA had the guts to tell me not to believe anything on the internet. Looking for a new doctor after 30 years. And I’m sure that whole office is whispering about how horrible I am and that I dared to argue and email and try to explain. Someday somebody is going to come thru and believe in us and allow the patient to be involved in decision about their body and their care. I didn’t tell her what to do – I never had any input in it at all. Just shocked my doctor backed her up – IF she was telling the truth by telling me about messages he sent me. If this is true why in the hell did he give it to me for 10 years and decide in one day – uh, no more for you. It can make you crazy if you aren’t careful. I’m very happy you have a good support with your daughter. God knows we need help and rescued from the ignorance of some of the medical staff. God’s Blessings for you, your daughter and your family. I will pray that you find relief soon.

  43. Cover-up says

    I to am in this so called lawsuit there is something shady going on here no one will give any Info what so ever. Have called a number of times to get updates on what is happening Garth refuses to give any info on my case.they were to review your case with you before submitting it to the court never happened and the move u question them they just drop your case.here is what I have found GO back and read all your letters from the attorneys u will see them promising to go after pain and suffering,lost of earnings ,future medical care, when ask about this they say if we are lucky we might get a few thousand dollars that it.they changed the outcome of your case without any ok or communication from any of their claimants.these law firms r doing what ever they want with out any regard to us people that have suffered from what Eli Lilly has done to us.I highly recommend everyone in this lawsuit to contact a malpractice attorney asap and see about suing your attorney .also start calling your state attorney General office and the state bar and let them know what’s going on here.question what is happening who is this court appointed person who is going to evaluate your case.how come when asked about a medical examiner to review your case how come they didn’t have u see one.future medical coverage they don’t know what cymbalta will do to you 10 20 years from now.lost earning can’t no longer work because of what cymbalta did to me. It’s time to hold your attorneys accountable for what they are NOT doing for you or your case. THEY IS SOMETHING GOING ON HERE

    • Jeannie says

      I am also part of the Cymbalta lawsuit. I don’t understand the silence regarding the settlement. I have spoken to the para legal several times that is in charge of my case and cannot get any answers except that they hoped to have it all settled by the end of 2016 and that the cases were very difficult to sort out. It seems there should be some updates to those involved in the lawsuit and settlement. I don’t know what to expect except that I am still taking Cymbalta because the side effects of not taking the Cymbalta every day are so painful and horrific.

      • East Coast says

        Jeannie, I agree with you. In my lawsuit there are over 1,000 people and no one knows what the settlement amount was at the time of the settlement.
        There really needs to be an over sight ,someone needs to monitor if all the people are treated fairly.
        I am sure the lawyers will be paid well,and so should the people who brought about this suit.
        The drug company is still making Billions off this drug,we should be compensated well for our pain and suffering.Time will tell I guess.

      • Last time I spoke with the paralegal she told me that Eli Lilly is fighting every single case on every detail trying to get them each individually kicked out of the settlement.
        She said they are having to fight them on everything.
        We were supposed to have our settlement amounts this summer but are now saying by the end of the year. This is going to be going on 3 yrs for me by then. They keep postponing the date. Don’t have a clue what the settlement amount is though.

        • Patricia Hudson says

          I have kirtland Packard and they told me the same thing. If I don’t get it by December to call them . I know they had to go back to court in august of this year. Nothing makes since.

          • Rachelle Humphrey says

            I habe kirtland packard as well. I asked for the court case number, which isnt really helpful. Im going to send them an email now amd ask for ANOTHER GROUP UPDATE. I dont feel we have been treated well as clients from the firm. They are being paid VERY WELL from our extreme hardship/suffering.
            If anyone wants to be included in my email to kirtland packard email me and i will cc ypu on email i send reqiesting more detailed information AND REGULAR ONGOING UPDATES. Rachelle in Minnesota. Myangelsrockro@gmail.com

    • I was on cymbals 60 mg a day for over a year
      Somehow I lost my prescription and hadn’t had a dose for four days. I was vomitting, high fever, cold sweats, headache, then after being on the sofa hideously sick I got up and went into the bathroom and started banging the back of my head on the wall as I could, then i started pounding my face on the granite counter top, my son 21 years old at the time came downstairs to see what the commotion was and was able to stop me just before I was going to pound my face into the glass mirror. This was almost 2 years ago and I wasn’t even trying to stop taking cymbalta, I just lost my script and was without a dose for four days. There was blood all over, my nose was so swollen and bruised and my right eye was swelled shut. My son witnessed this incident, was extremely traumatic for him. I went to the doctor and told him I looked like that being without my cymbalta for four days, he replied there’s no way you would have done something like that after only being without cymbalta for four days. I left the doctors office in tears, I have never need suicidal in my life, not was I trying to commit suicide at that time. I went home and researched withdraw from cymbalta and read a story about a 54 year old woman that was doing one of those volunteer test trials on cymbalta, she had been doing the trial for 6 months, 5 days before the end of her test trial the cymbalta trial facility was giving her placebo pls for five dayz, on the fifth day an employee at the facility was looking for the woman for breakfast, the employee found her in the ladies shower room, she had hung herself!!!!

    • I too am involved in this settlement. And the statement is accurate. This particular lawsuit there was less than 200 of us. Whenever I call it get the same answers. A retired judge is going through each plaintiff and deciding on amount to me dispersed. Can take up to 18 months! Really??? So frustrating

      • East Coast says

        That retired judge was appointed by Eli Lily.I just can’t figure out how that is going to be good for any of us? Eli Lily says they settled, but my lawyer says that they don’t know what the settlement was,how is that? I can’t really argue with them unless I want to get dropped.I think maybe Eli Lily might have hired all of our lawyers too, So what do we have: we have lawyers that won’t tell us anything,a settlement that Eli Lily says is settled(but no one knows for how much) and a judge(1 judge) that was appointed by Eli Lily.What can we do? We really need someone to look into this,this is not right. Does anyone know who would be over this mess we are all in?

        • Lovelylinda68 says

          Do you know for sure that the retired judge was appointed by Eli Lilly?? Do you mind me asking who is representing you?

          • East Coast says

            Lovelylinda68, sorry I can not say what law firm represents me.My law firm is the one that informed me that “1 retired judge was appointed by Eli Lilly and is handling every ones case ,one by one”.I have done so much research trying to find out who the judge is ,but I can not. Again,sorry I can not answer all your questions.

    • Linda Green says


      Do you mind me asking what law firm is representing you? Mine has been pretty informative. Now sometimes the information is a little different or I’m mislead a little but it’s pretty much stated the same. It keeps dragging out, that is for sure.

  44. Cynthia Manca says

    I was told by I had to be off Cymbalta 120mg/day in order to have autonomic testing done, scheduled for 2/7/17. I have been on this medication for at least 10 years for symptoms of Fibromyalgia/Lupus. I went to Dr. who prescribed Rx to me on 1/19/17 was given instruction on taper which would end Rx on 1/31/17. Mind you, I have been on the highest dosage. Eli Lillie does not even have a “safe tapering off procedure” based on patient current dosage or length of time on the Rx. I ended up in ER on 2/6/17 due to extreme dizziness/headache, intermediate “hammering sound” in head, very high BP, diarrhea, dehydration. I was unable to get testing done on 2/7/17 due to meclizine med. I had to reschedule for 3/14/17. ER doctor did not recognize that I was in withdrawal from Cymbalta! It was my GYN Dr, on Monday, who I’ve been seeing for years, who noticed how bad I looked & thought of “withdrawal syndrome”. What outrages me the most is that prescribing Dr didn’t even tell me I could have these symptoms. Now they want me to start retaking this poison 30mg taper before 3/14/17 testing. They can kiss my ass. I am not going to put any more of this poison in my body in spite of still going though this hell.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hi Cynthia, unfortunately many physicians are not aware of the withdrawal issues with Cymbalta. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this.

  45. Holy moley I wish I had known about this lawsuit, I had the absolute worst time with getting off Cymbalta. I originally was prescribed it by my neurologist to help with pain and nerve damage from a neck injury. I stopped taking (weaned) off it early 2015 I think, because I felt it wasn’t helping anymore. Even weaning off as slowly as possible, it took *months* for the zaps to go away, along with all other awful physical pain, feelings & emotions. During this time I had to work a full-time job, and take care of a little boy by myself. So fast forward to mid-2016 I’m 45yo at the time – I am diagnosed with Fibro, but I’ll be damned if I take another Rx like Cymbalta. I’m working towards as much natural stuff as possible. Its not easy. I’m hoping to find a dr on my UHC plan that can treat for Fibro and offer alternative options for pain relief. Thanks for keeping us updated and I hope your days is as pain-free as possible 🙂

  46. Just got off cymbalta after 5 years withdrawals was horrible. It’s a shame something has to be that difficult to be set free from. I was on 60 mg and weened down but had to result in opening the capsules and counting the tiny white balls inside crying over the kitchen counter if one fell on the floor. This drug withdrawal is too much I have never any type of problem getting off other medication like cymbalta. Also, if you took this medication you need your liver levels tested it effects the liver. The withdrawal process took over 6 months.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I’m so sorry you had to go through that, Lisa, but I’m happy that you were finally able to get off of it successfully.

  47. I have been DUMPED by my attorneys (Baum Hedland) now that the suit has been settled, I feel the lawyers are just discarding any plaintiffs they can in order to increase their share and get rid of the people who have been suffering and deserve the compensation. I chose one law firm when there were many who were involved and now no one will talk to me since the suit is settled. I feel I have been unfairly excluded and if there are any attorneys who are starting a new group of plaintiffs for another class action can anyone please contact me and let me know? My email is lasvegasjo8@aol.com I have all my documentation because Baum Hedland did absolutely nothing to help me get my info together. All of us plaintiffs who have been left out and pushed to the side need to get together and pursue another suit against Eli Lilly mostly because they are STILL peddling their poison CYMBALTA to more people which is unacceptable.

    • East Coast says

      Jo Murry, Sorry to hear that a law firm dropped you. Did they say what their reason was?Was you on Cymbalta for awhile,and did they ask for your pharmacy records. I am in a law suit too,and my lawyers told me it was settled too,I am just wondering if all the law firms will do the same. I am sure there is a $$$ amount they said they would pay,so why are they dropping people.I done some research online and as far as I can tell the judge put a stay on the settlement until November,I am guessing that is to verify every ones case,but these cases should be handled one by one so I am told.

      • I was told in Nov I would hear back within a few weeks and I could decide to take offer and sign papers . That it would be March with an amount .Last contact I was told know nothing! Now may ! It’s 2:10 am if I get started I will be up all night running my fingers! I’ve lived 5 yrs of hell and as of today unable to take any type of meds for fibromyalgia ,depression …. ECT not even meds I took with no problem before this ratt.ass.posion ! I feel for everyone of you ,my 💓 bleeds for you all . I have so many medical records and seen so many Dr.s trying to get off this .My insurance Co stopped paying . Dr.said it’s not the cymbalta keep taking. Finally went to a urgent care for help .It took me at least 2 years before I started having somewhat normal days . And no Im still not right at all . Iam trapped inside my body and can’t get out . Ok enough for now . I will be back soon lots of questions and answers I would love to share with anyone. Its been over 5 years I still have a hell of a time talking about this. While coming off this . I took care of my Grandparents who had sundowners and and other medical problems what few good days they had here and there should have been a joy for me .. OMG !

        • Jerry Hunter says

          I have not tried this myself because I am on Vicodin, but I just read in an article about Low dose Naltrexate that is helping people with all sorts of autoimmune diseases. Check out Facebook, and google it. This is our best answer for pain relief. It has been around since the ’80’s at a higher dose for opid addiction.Recently Europe has been testing and now giving Low doses Naltrexate for all kinds of problems. At this time doctors here in US are prescribing. Compounding pharmacies are making it. Very inexpensive.

  48. People if you all think your gonna get thousands of dollars from this your sadly mistaken ! you know how these law suits go ! the dam lawyers get most of it and we the ones that went thru hell will get the crumbs ! in all honesty instead of joining a class action suit you would have been better off getting your own lawyer ! good luck to everyone ! and stay alive because we need you and care about you ! BK.

  49. I have been on Cymbalta for eleven years. It was given to me because I have fibromyalgia and it actually did help the pain for a while. I was taking it with WellButrin because I was having depression after a lot of things that had happened in my life. I actually did get into this lawsuit back in 2012, but am still waiting to receive the settlement papers for review. I have spoken several times with the girl who is handling my case and she always tells me it is settled but it will take a long time to get everything done. I worked for a law firm for 30 years, but it never took us this long to close cases after settlement, but I guess they do it different in other states.

    I lost my job in 2012 and could not afford the medicine. At the time, with no insurance, my amount would be $600 for 30 pills. I just did not have the money to buy them, so I told my doctor I was going off them. He never said anything to me about not going off them. I started having brain zaps so bad that I had to go to the hospital once because I passed out after a brain zap and did not remember even my name for about 8 hours. In a week’s time of not taking cymbalta, I began to be very angry and would get mad and scream. I would just sit and cry for hours for no reason. I had a lot of anxiety after losing my job because I applied for over 100 jobs and did not get hired anywhere.

    I told my sister that I felt so strange — like I was someone else. I hated myself and everyone around me. I told her I just wanted to die and I really did. I took a handful of Xanax but all I did was sleep. I just say that it wasn’t my time to go. I ached all over and sometimes the pain was unbearable and I could hardly get out of bed. I was so tired and began to be late for work each morning (not more than a few minutes). I would start having stomach pains and then would throw up for 30 minutes or longer.

    I was another person during this time and then one day I saw a commercial on t.v. talking about withdrawal symptoms from using Cymbalta and it all came to light. I knew where all of this was coming from. I went to my doctor and he began giving me samples until I got back on the medication and was feeling like I should. But now, my feet and legs are numb and tingle all the time; it hurts when I walk; I have pain in our shoulders and down my arms. I have pain running from my arm down through my back and my legs. I am getting really bad headaches and my memory is clouded. There are times that I have to just sit and think about what I started to say. I have never been like this before. I could not sleep and being out of work caused me to stay up all night. Then at 5:00 a.m. I would get up and go without sleep and it never phased me, except that I did feel fatigued.

    What I have gone through is the worst thing I have ever dealt with. I have been on this medicine now so long that I believe it is causing the problems I am now having. This medicine is just no good for us and I have to make him take me off of this. My doctor just recently put me on two pills a day for a total of 120 mgs. per day and now I am having all these symptoms again even while I am taking the medicine.

    I feel they owe all of us something who have had to deal with this. No one ever told me about these withdrawal symptoms and if they had I would not have suffered from all the pain and other problems I had. I just hope this matter is finalized soon.

  50. Mariam vangas says

    I was on cymbalta 60mg for 3 1/2 years I was tappered down to 30mg last month and this month nothing I have been feeling Brain zaps, zaps on my body every time I move, my heart is racing really bad, headache, diarhea, dizzy, very bad mood, can’t mentally function. I am very scared and heard about the law-suit class settlement and wanted to know how to get involved Any info please contact me.. thank you

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      The current lawsuit has been settled and there is no way to join it at this point. You could pursue your own case w/ a personal injury attorney. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. 🙁

  51. East Coast says

    Cymbalta Settlement Amount
    I am in one of those settlements,but my law firm won’t tell me what the settlement amount was.
    I search the internet everyday to try to find out what the big amount was to divide between all the law firms and people ,but can’t find out.So I called my law firm the other day and they said the lawsuit is settled,but it may take up to a year to find out what I get.So this is my question,the drug company agrees to let a judge (of there choosing) decide on what to give each person,so how do we know if the judge just tries to give little amount and give the rest back to the drug company,I mean since no one but the drug company and the judge that was appointed by the drug company knows the $$$ amount of the settlement?Also ,if anyone has already got a settlement and wants to give us a heads up,just don’t give your real name. I just hate to wait around for a year expecting a big amount and end the end only get $5.00. Thank you for your time.

  52. Eleanor Curry says

    Husband was on Cymbalta and had hallucinations we stopped it and the hallucinations stop also. he was given this for nurophathy. he was on it for about 3 weeks when upped it from 30mg to 60mg.
    so bad we had the police over 3 times in 2 days due to the hallucinations.

  53. I have tried to get off it and was suicidal. Still taking it. I tried to be part of this lawsuit but no response from anyone;-(

  54. Deb Helms says

    How do we get to be a part of this lawsuit? I went through a month of withdrawals from stopping Cymbalta.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      This particular lawsuit is settled. You’d need to research and see if there are other attorneys who are pursuing a case.

      • B. Brown says

        I’m in the lawsuit that’s settle and its over 6,000 plantiffs involved!! Do anyone know of a Cymbalta lawsuit for being on it for more then 8yrs. And developing fatty tumors from it ive had 20 tumors removed from using Cymbalta and the doctor told my sister he saw plenty more!!!! Its not much money involved at all very dissappointed for sure!! With all my sever suffering!!!!

        • Deneen Johnson says

          I have fatty tumors also, I’ve been on Cymbalta for 4 years now trying to taper off. The tumors are painful and are mostly in my abdomen my doctor told me that they were Lipomas. My first appointment for a surgeon is this Tuesday

        • M. Williams says

          Hello I was just wondering what was the amount they settled with. Excuse I was told that they did each case as individual cases? And how long do it usually takes before you hear something back because I am part of the law suit but have not heard any news other than what I’m reading on here! Please if you can shed some light for me.

          • M. Williams says

            Is there anymore information on the settlement?

          • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

            I have been told Baum Hedlund clients have been contacted and asked to supply medical documents. I haven’t heard anything re: the other law firms involved.

          • Concerned says

            I have spoke at length with my Lawyers today and this is what they said, there was about 200-400 people the judge did not want to include in the settlement,but decided to about two weeks ago, now we all are supposed to get the famous settlement offer by the end of December or early January, and then it will go beck to the judge to finalise everything and maybe we will get our check by spring or summer . But the main thing I wanted to know is what was the amount the drug company gave out to devide between the lawyers and us.This is very important ,I feel we need to know,because the lawyers can say ,well that is all there was to devide between everyone.We need to know the big amount. Why is it such a BIG secret? I can understand that if it was one person and that would be between the drug company and the person, but we are talking thousands of people, we need to know the whole amount they settled for, so we know we got treated fair, that is not to much to ask is it?

        • K M MacDonald says

          I am waiting for my “settlement letter” for the Personal Injury lawsuit that was settled in early October 2016

          I was advised all my records have went to a judge for review and determination of my settlement amount after using Cymbalta since it’s inception. The records went to the judge on October 17, 2016. I was told I would receive a “letter” in December. I was also told that there were 3000 members in this suit total.
          I, too, have developed lipomas all over my body in which I never even claimed.

          • I feel your pain! Yes I had a mass tumor removed from my eye then later another eye sugury. My eye Dr. Called my Dr. Telling. him to get me off the carp. I went to my Dr. Over and over with complaints side effects..lol was told its not the CYMBALTA keep taking it. it was and still is to this day living hell a nighmare! I would lay in bed and hear ballroom music didn’t have to be in bed to hear it .sounded like a jet taking off in my head and other times like a race car NASCAR was live in my head the cars going around in my head hundreds of miles an hour. I couldn’t function I couldn’t cook without burning something . putting things in cabinet that should go into fridge. My dad was serious telling me I needed a helmet.I was bumping into the ways. Then I finally went to another Dr. To be out on something to try to get off of it. That’s when it really got bad! I have fibromyalgia and had taken antidepressants for years with no problems. To this day I can’t take anything ! So I fight depression and fibro everyday with nothing . there were days I would go to shower two hours later I’m still sitting on toilet seat not in shower yet. I would hear and yes to me it was real in middle of night when i could sleep someone knocking on door calling my name I would get up answer door but never anyone there.This is only a small bit of what I went through I could go on and on. But something tells me you know the story and have been there as well. Its really screwed muy life up took years from my life helped cause me. To loose a 25 yr self employed business ,as well as my home. I can’t focus today i feel like I’m trapped inside my body and can’t get out. I thank God for Donna who gives me hope reading I’m not a nut case with fibromyalgia she rocks and gets me throughout a lot of shitty fibromyalgia days ! I wish you all the best with your problems caused from Cymbalta. Your in my prayers . I went thought this caring for both my Grandparents their last 2 years of their lives . it breaks my ❤ I was in another world and should have been cherishing the time I had left with them. And my living father I wouldn’t never made it without him ! He would help me count the beedstrying to come off it….. I could write a book. It was and stil is to unreal for anyone to have to live that .my medical records just for the Dr.who put me on the medication was unreal in numbers .MY insurance co stopped paying for my visits.They just wouldn’t listen ..”keep taking it Its not the CYMBALTA ” as I said this is just a very small part of what I went thru! Good luck and God bless you .it’s got to get better one day .

          • Oops on the typos … My loving father! I’m sure you will find more …lol But will figure it out. Sorry I get ahead of myself when talking about this very upsetting at times .

          • I am waiting for the same letter. It has been a substantial amount of time now. Been involved in this suit for nearly 2 years. Waiting for a judge still several months later.

  55. Michele says

    When there was miscommunication between myself and verbal pharmacy instructions I inadvertently double the maximum dose for one month. Then when the insurance denied my refill and I had to wait for special refill approval after explaining the circumstances, I went without Cymbalta for about a week to a week and a half. While I didn’t incur the brain zaps, the mania I experienced was surreal. It was a roller coaster of varying emotions from rage, melancholy, depressed, suicidal, self-assured and others…then through the emotions, almost split personalities, if you will. I had memory loss from several manic episodes and this withdrawal cost me an almost 6 year relationship. The symptoms started in less than 72 hours. I had no physical symptoms like nausea or shaking. Mine was all in my brain and I really didn’t fully comprehend what was happening at the time, though I realized I was in WD.
    Within two weeks, I could not walk across a room without sitting down to catch my breath. In three weeks I lost nearly 20 lbs without changing anything. Each week the breathing got worse, my heart would race. By the time I was finally referred to a heart doctor, I thought I was about to die. He finally determined I had a heart murmur I likely had from childbirth (unbeknownst to my mother or myself) – I was 45 at this time. After all tests he ran were coming back clear, finally the ultrasound picked something up. He caqlled it hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. He told me no exercise. (What dr tells you that?!?) I repeated that. He said exercise can kill you now. What?!? I had developed the same things those young, healthy athletes that drop dead after a game die from. He said the cause was lkiely from medication. I immediately considered the Cymbalta, but he said he could be specific (I also have MS in addition to fibro and have been on many meds for several years now). However, in my heart, I believe it was too coincidental for those symptoms to have started just a couple of weeks after the accidental overdosing, thanks in part to a drug store I no longer use, for it not to be related,
    Has anyone else experienced heart issues while using Cymbalta…I doubt many have done the same as I and taken too much for an entire month, but curious just the same.

  56. Eileen Rubert says

    How do I become part of this law suit?

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      You’d need to find an attorney who is not part of the settlement and/or who will take your case.

  57. I think drs hand out these drugs aren’t truely educated on the side effect. I have tremors since being on anti depressants- dr said, well your grandma probably had that— no she did not. Later I found out it was because of drugs. Then the brain zaps — Oh my goodness. I won’t try their new drugs either.


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