What you need to know about CBD oil and fibromyalgia

Updated 5/17/19

If you’ve spent much time in the fibromyalgia community lately, then you know there’s quite a bit of interest in using CBD oil for fibromyalgia pain.

And it’s not hard to understand why. So many of us, myself included, haven’t been able to find relief from pharmaceuticals, either because they just don’t work or we can’t take them due to side effects.

What you need to know about using CBD oil for fibromyalgia pain | Fed Up with Fatigue

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know I’m always up for trying new products that might improve my fibromyalgia symptoms. I know there’s no cure for fibro, but I do believe there are products out there that will help us better manage our symptoms.

Over the past few months, I’ve read about others’ experiences with using CBD oil for fibromyalgia, and I decided I wanted to try it. My experience with CBD oil is what inspired this post (but more about that later).

Another thing that’s inspired me is that there’s a lot of misinformation online about what CBD oil is, what it’s used for and its legality. This post addresses some of those concerns.

The facts about using CBD oil for fibromyalgia …

  1. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of more than 85 cannabinoids that make up the cannabis plant. Most people are familiar with CBD’s close family member, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid that gives marijuana users a pleasant (at least to some people) high.
  2. Unlike THC, CBD won’t get you high. Some tout it as a great alternative for people who are seeking the medicinal benefits of cannabis, but who gave up smoking pot when they graduated college (or never used it in the first place).
  3. You’ll read claims online that CBD cures epilepsy, cancer, MS and any number of other diseases. These statements are over-inflated. There are anecdotal accounts of CBD-rich products helping to control epilepsy, especially in children, as well as stories of others who feel CBD has improved fibromyalgia and other conditions. However, at the time of this update, there is no research to prove CBD oil actually relieves fibromyalgia pain.
  4. In 2015, Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, testified before U.S. senators, calling for more research into CBD and its potential benefits. There have been research studies on the benefits of using THC/CBD combination products to treat certain conditions, and those results look promising. But more research is needed to figure out how CBD works and how it might be used to treat certain conditions.
  5. CBD is sold in many forms. It’s commonly sold online as an oil/tincture. There also are CBD-rich strains of marijuana that can be smoked or vaped, as well as CBD-rich ointments and other preparations.
  6. There are two varieties of CBD oil: the kind that comes from CBD-rich marijuana strains and the kind that comes from industrial hemp. There are big differences between the two. CBD oil derived from CBD-rich marijuana strains is usually sold by regulated dispensaries in states where marijuana has been legalized, so there is some semblance of safety and product reliability. Industrial hemp CBD oil is sold online and in stores, and is not regulated by any government agency. That creates a buyer beware situation, where consumers have no way of really knowing what they are buying.
  7. And here’s why that’s a big concern: Hemp is a “bio-accumulator,” meaning it easily sucks up toxins from soil. (It’s actually been planted at Chernobyl to help with radiation cleanup.) Since hemp CBD is not regulated, there’s no way for consumers to really know how or where the hemp plant was grown. That means if you use hemp-based CBD, you could be unknowingly ingesting harmful pesticides and chemicals.
  8. Some unscrupulous hemp CBD sellers are ripping off customers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cited numerous companies over the years for making illegal health claims and selling products containing little-to-no CBD.
  9. Now for the issue of CBD’s legality. Is it legal or not? Well, it depends on if your CBD product is made from marijuana or hemp. All marijuana-derived CBD products are still federally illegal because marijuana remains listed as a schedule I drug, equivalent to cocaine, heroin and other highly addictive and destructive drugs. At the state level, however, 47 states have passed legislation as of January 2019, allowing marijuana-based CBD for medicinal uses. Thus far, the feds have not sought to challenge these state laws.
  10. Hemp-based CBD products became federally legal in December 2018.
  11. For my international readers: According to media sources, CBD oil is legal in the UK (hemp only), Canada (from licensed producers) and Australia (by prescription under special access). 

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My personal experience…

For the past year, I have battled horrible leg pain and general overall body aches. Not much relieves my pain other than knocking myself out at bedtime with a dose of Flexeril. But I can’t live life in a drugged stupor, so during the day, I have to suck it up and live with it.

I read about American Shaman hemp CBD oil in a Facebook group and decided to try it. When I received my oil, I used it sublingually every 6-8 hours. I was surprised by what happened over the next 24 hours. After my third dose of CBD oil, I noticed the pain in my lower extremities was greatly reduced. I continued putting the drops under my tongue for the next week until my sample bottle was empty, and as I did so, it relieved the majority of my pain. I have other fibro friends who report similar results.

Hemp CBD oil is not cheap, and I felt that I could find a better value through another online retailer. I ordered a second, much larger bottle for about the same price of my first one, thinking I was being a smart shopper.

That was a big mistake.

The new product required me to take a much larger dose, and even then, it didn’t relieve my pain. I have no way of knowing, of course, but I doubt there was very much CBD in that particular product. I ended up tossing the bottle in the garbage. $40+ wasted.

Update as of May 3, 2016…

I’ve been using the American Shaman CBD oil off and on for several months now. I get the greatest pain relief when I consistently use it every single day. Unfortunately, due to finances, I can’t afford to do that.

Since January, my fibromyalgia pain has intensified, and the hemp oil has become less effective. It takes more to get the desired pain relief. I’ve interviewed numerous cannabis experts over the past year or so, and they all give me the same advice, which I’m now sharing with you: If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, then it is always better to use marijuana-based CBD oil purchased from a dispensary because it contains THC and other cannabinoids that have cumulative pain-fighting benefits. Buying from a dispensary also ensures you’re receiving a safe, reliable product.

Update as of Dec. 15, 2016…

I live in Delaware and was approved for my medical marijuana card in September. I’ve shared my experiences with using cannabis in this post.

Update as of May 17, 2019…

(This section includes an affiliate link.)

I’ve had my medical marijuana license now for almost three years. It’s rare that I use CBD products these days because I find THC-based products more effective for pain relief and sleep. However, I realize not everyone has access to medical marijuana. In those situations, I still believe hemp-based CBD products are a viable alternative to try.

There are literally thousands of companies that sell hemp CBD products online and in stores. Unfortunately, since these products continue to be unregulated, it’s easy to get ripped off with subpar products. In 2018, I wrote an article entitled, “How to choose hemp CBD oil,” which provides information on what to look for when shopping for a quality hemp CBD product.

But I still have readers who contact me almost every week, asking for hemp CBD brand recommendations. I currently recommend CBD products from Frida Botanicals, a company owned by Dr. Ginevra Liptan, a fibromyalgia specialist who also has fibromyalgia herself. I’ve worked with Dr. Liptan on a couple of projects over the years, and I trust the quality and potency of any products formulated by her. She sells a wonderful magnesium lotion, too!

More info…

For further information, I will direct you to ProjectCBD. It’s probably the most comprehensive, accurate website online for information related to CBD. ProjectCBD’s founder is a journalist, like myself, and he doesn’t sell any products on his site, so he has no “dog in the race,” so to speak. He does include a resource section for locating reliable, safe CBD products.

Have you tried CBD oil for fibromyalgia? Did it help? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Alfie Bloom says

    I suffer with chronic back pain and also struggle to sleep since using full-spectrum cbd I find it much more effective than Isolate, im also testing out some topicals and balms. Im based in Europe and after trying.a few brand in my local health store however I’ve found the best ones online at https://www.utopiacbd.com/ I’m using 1000mg Full-Spectrum Oil.

  2. I have been suffering from back pain for a long time and tried a lot of medicine but don’t get relief. Later on suggestion from my friend I purchased CBD Oil from https://kingandstone.com/
    After using the product for a few days I feel some relief and so I continued to use it. And I don’t feel any pain in my back.

  3. Where do you purchase CBD oil? Love this article, I would to try oil . i live in delhi.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says
      • Hi!
        I make my own CBD with bud from an organically certified farm my son owns.
        I have found by making it 5 times stronger then the typical recipe that it works wonderful…I take it twice a day & find great symptom relief. I do sell to people I know who can’t believe how it works for anxiety, pain & other health issues.
        The only Cbd I ever bought were both from organic Vt. producers whose products were great but only 25mg of cannabinoid per dose…so between my Lymes, Fibro & Arthritis pain I needed higher doses. I was taking 50 morning & night, but couldn’t afford it. So started on my own….I have had a person with stage 4 cancer take mine for relief….he claimed it was 1,000 mg per serving with 0 THC when home tested. I haven’t tested it in a bit, but find it to be working great also with some of my blood work results & blood pressure.
        Please read labels & make sure the product you purchase provides at least 25mg of cannabinoids per dose or it’s really not worth taking for pain or other medical need.
        Just thought I’d share this

  4. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story. Given the rising demand for the oil and CBD’s implied benefits, you should still be careful. Find high-quality CBD oil and see to it that you know how much you should take and if you are fit to include it in your treatment plan.

  5. very informative & useful post. thanks for sharing this with all

  6. Hi Donna,

    I have really liked the informative facts that you have shared about CBD oil for fibromyalgia but reading your personal experience was something that was worth spending time on.

    More power to you!

  7. Great text! One thing that is imo also worth being mentioned is how CBD interacts with drugs. If you take a drug that is metabolized by cytochrome p450, you should first consult taking CBD with your doc. Here is a great sum up about it: https://www.mydosage.com/cbd-guide/cbd-drugs-interactions-explained

  8. Karen Nelson says

    I have fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis. Needless to say I suffer much pain on a daily basis. Especially after my doctor took me off of Tramadol 10 months ago. I decided to try CBD/THC combo. My neurologist told me it wouldn’t work but decided to try. I don’t have the disire to get high especially since I get off balance because of my M on a normal day. I got the lowest amount of THC with the CBD from our local “Pot Shop”. I then took a half dose in the morning and the other half in the evening. It worked. At least on the fibro symptoms and pain. Just shedding one layer of my pain makes me happy. But I only get 15 doses in the bottle of tincture. I’m on SS so can’t afford to keep up on it. Today I bought some RSO which is a stronger version used by cancer patients. I plan on diluting it(alot) and seeing if it will help my pain.. It is a “full spectrum” concoction and the starting dose for cancer patients is an amount that is 1/2 the size of a grain of rice. I plan on diluting it by 10 to one. Hoping I can find the right dose for me. Any thoughts on this from anyone? I plan on using olive oil to dilute.

    • Hi I.have fibro W/Crohns Iam always on something

      The CBD is great only get Lazarus slight mellowing effect and then the pain subsides> I am on SS too and can’t afford it BUT LAZARUS knocks off 60% with a paper thts states you are on disability and Medicaid make sure it doesn’t say nything about Medicare !!! I can’t find my paper like that.I was on disability and CBD and they are a great team. it’s online…gotta cut this short due to the pain. Let me know if you need me

      I sware its this damn computer

      okay as I was saying the above

  9. I see many people here recommending some CBD brands but are you all aware that half of them is mislabeled or spiked? I wrote once an article about CBD spiking based on some recently run studies. In short, a wide range of CBD products of varying quality and strength are being sold on the open market today—including some that are probably pretty bunk. In fact, the University of Pennsylvania Medical School found that up to two-thirds of online vendors likely provide incorrect data regarding cannabinoid content on their product’s labels. You can check the whole text here: https://journal.eirhealth.com/cbd-spiking-what-to-watch-out-for/ as I’m not able to paste here the whole content

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I addressed this issue in my article that you’re commenting on as well.

    • YES I am! I.ve been on SS for total of 50+yrs yes Donna but people like it when another patient tells another about it thanks all I will close now

  10. My personal choice – Charlotte’s Web (CW Hemp) Pure Hemp Extract Oil, it works well for me.

    Anyway, thanks for a great article!

  11. Your facts about CBD oil is very informative. Thanks for this.

  12. Hello, i stumbled across your article doing research for a client. I currently sell Hempworx hemp CBD oil and other CBD products. I know in your article that you state that Hemp CBD is not regulated. Luckily this is changing as of January 1,2019 the U.S. Hemp Authority’s are starting to regulate hemp CBD obviously it is not controlled because several buyers get it from other countries. With that being said there was 20,000 companies that requested the seal of approval and only 13 of those companies received it. Hempworx and our hemp farm Gencanna both received this seal. Regulating Hemp CBD is still a work in progress but luckily there is hope that eventually only safe and pure hemp CBD will be more accessible and easy to find. If you have any questions or know anyone looking for Hemp CBD please feel free to contact me!

    • There are no public regulations, Hempworx paid for a certificate from a private organization. Value = 0

  13. Thanks so much for the comprehensive information – it is remarkable that cannabis has been such a life changer for so many and that truth has managed to break through and make possible the regulatory changes we’ve seen in many countries where it is now being either legalised or introduced as a supplement. The more mainstream, the better chances we’ll have of having a clean and steady supply of quality cannabis for everyone who needs it.

  14. Very interesting and informative. Health is the most important part of life nothing is more valuable than good health and massage is very good for healthy life specially the use of Cbd and hemp oils are very beneficial for us.

  15. William says

    Hi Donna, thanks so much for this useful article. Using alternative medicine like CBD for Fibro is so much safer than all the prescription meds on the market. I highly recommend people give it a try. I actually wrote about it on my website cbdoilgeek.com if you are interested in checking that out.

  16. A friend of mine keeps telling me about Klover Releaf Kratom. http://www.txbotanical.com. Can anybody vouch for them?

  17. Your article is very informative. It’s a welcome change from other supposed informational content. Your points are unique and original in my opinion. I agree with many of your points.

  18. Nice informative post. Thanks for posting on CBD.

  19. I’ve been using a CBD tincture for the past 4 days, .50-.75 ml twice a day. It’s helping quite a bit with my breakthrough fibro pain (I take gabapentin and Tramadol), but is giving me insomnia!! Normally I fall asleep easily at night and sleep fairly well all night. So I know it’s the CBD tincture. As of today I’m trying just a morning dose, to see if I can fall asleep normally. I don’t see anyone else commenting on CD causing insomnia. But I have seen it on the list of possible side effects.

  20. This is some really good information about CBD oil. I liked that you pointed out that you can get it in a solid form. That does seem like it would help you know if you would rather use it in a solid form.

  21. Donna Grebas says

    I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome a few years ago. The worst parts have been fibromyalgia, debilitating fatigue and brain fog along with a lot of trouble sleeping. It’s very hard to go to sleep when you’re in pain. I also have osteoarthritis that is worsening. My rheumatologist prescribed Savella (which I still take 2x day) and other drugs – most of which I am no longer taking. The Gabapentin was probably the worst. It affected my brain function. I would have ended up in the psych ward. Paranoid schizophrenia runs in my family so I may have been more inclined to have problems with it. I became very paranoid. I had to stop taking it. I was prescribed Tramadol for the fibro pain and it barely made a dent in the pain. It does dull the worst of the pain so it was better than nothing. My fibro pain kept getting worse and then the rheumatologist would no longer even prescribe Tramadol because of the draconian new rules that have been instituted due to the opioid misuse in the U.S. I was trying to decide whether to go to a street corner to buy pain relief or just end things when my youngest son told me to try CBD oil. Nothing ventured; nothing gained, so I went to a “head shop” for the first time in my life. I tried smoking pot a few times when I was young but didn’t like it, so I was unaware of all the new products from hemp/marijuana. He told me to buy the strongest CBD oil that was available in the shop and try it. I bought a 1 fl oz bottle of Charlotte’s Web Everyday Advanced (43 mg Hemp Extract). After leaving the store, I used one dropper that afternoon. No change. The next morning, I woke up and had NO, I repeat, NO fibromyalgia pain. I thought it could just be temporary – once in a while the fibro pain is a little less. So I took the second dropper that morning, another dropper at night. I kept taking it and the fibro pain did NOT come back. I was floored. I never expected such a good result. I have continued to take the CBD oil with much success. It helps my fibro pain, my IBS attacks are nearly gone. However, my osteoarthritis pain is still bothering me. I have been taking Charlotte’s Web CBD oil since last February. I still have some fibro pain now and then but nothing like what I had before. I accidentally bought some lower dose oil (only 11 mg) one time and after about 2 weeks, I had a horrible fibro attack in the middle of the night. I had to take 3x the amount for the same pain relief. So I’m careful now to buy the 43 mg Advanced strength oil. I wish it would help my osteoarthritis pain, but I’m happy it helps my fibro pain so much. I know I’ll have to use it for the rest of my life. I’m just afraid I may build up an immunity to it and it won’t work anymore. But for now, I’ll use it and try to get by. I have 3-4 years left to work before I can retire. As long as I can make it to that, then I’ll be able to use whatever pain medications I need to be nearly pain-free even if I have to buy them on the street or move to a different country. All I know is that I will not continue to live in pain if pain medications exist even if doctors will not prescribe it. It’s my life and if I shorten it by using pain meds, at least I will have had quality of life. Charlotte’s Web can be purchased at http://www.cwhemp.com. I hope their products help you as much as they’ve helped me. Just be careful and check the strength when you receive it as they did ship the lower dosage (11 mg) to me by accident one time. Use the 43 mg CBD oil or higher.

    • Hi Donna, I like you have lived with fibromyalgia since 1991 and then was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome in 2009. My doctor however, felt I had been living with SS much longer than the fibro. Anyway, I like you was ready to throw away my nursing license and turn to marijuana for some relief to the continual pain throughout my body. I had tried all the medicines in the past, only to have them effect my organs in some way and had to just get through the pain on a daily basis with very little. I had discovered a natural muscle relaxant that helped some, Formula 303. It is organic valerian root and pasiflora in a tablet form. For my gastro paresis I have used a natural product called Gastrex. And I too have osteoarthritis, so the anti-inflammatories available were not good for my stomach. Could not take them. Even tried low dose hydro-cortisone for awhile with too many side effects.

      Anyway fast forward to 2018 and in so much pain I have not been able to work steadily in the nursing field at all. So I decided to give up my nursing license and find some relief in marijuana. After doing extensive research through every medical article I could find…I found a THC free product to try. Purchased my first bottle of 500 mg pure CBD oil that was an isolate of Hemp. And after a week of using, became a true believer of its many benefits! No pain, tummy issues at a minimum, no IBS episodes, clear mind, and energy levels have returned with lots of smiles and good humor to boot. Now going on 2 months and still going strong. I am so happy I found such a pure product processed by CO2 and no additives.

      First I found the processor, GenCanna, which is a member of the US Hemp Round Table Association. They are setting the standard for all future Hemp production and certification programs. And they are also behind the 2018 Farm Bill currently going through the House for approval. Their product goes to a partner distribution company and that is where I purchased the CBD oil. Now I am an affiliate of this company and sharing with everyone that wants to find relief and supplement their Endocannabinoid systems. I pray you find a great product and continue to experience the relief you have found.

      But I want everyone to know you do not have to have the THC CBD oil and can find an isolate that will not test positive for those of us who have license requirements or jobs they would lose if testing positive for THC. Do your research and you will find a product to meet your needs.

  22. Kim Brady says

    I do use CBD oil and a salve for chronic pain and fibromyalgia. You are right about quality. I buy locally in Kentucky. KY Beauty and Wellness is a company that processes he hemp with CO2 instead of butane. Buyers beware of lower cost products. Hydrocarbons aren’t healthy, cheaper to process, but not healthy. Their store is opening soon. 502Hemp. Can’t wait. I sleep better. Less anxious. All and all, I would like to see hemp legalized openly for farmers to easily grow it in KY. We grew in the 1700’s. Agriculturally speaking, KY is the state have best growth potential.

    • Hi Kim…you are fortunate to live in Kentucky where they are at the forefront on setting the standards for Hemp production. And I totally agree there is a higher quality with CO2 processing, rather than hydrocarbons which leave solvent residuals. Trying to get a processing plant here locally in southeastern Oregon to do the CO2 processing also. Now marijuana is legal, they are only looking to process that for now.

      We definitely need to help our agricultural economy here and establish hemp as a crop with local processing.

      Let’s continue to help pass the 2018 Farm Bill and bring hemp agricultural back to the USA.

  23. Thanks for this post on cbd oil. Very informative!

  24. Thank you Donna for the comprehensive info and links still relevant for those of us in the UK. I found CBD very confusing and promised to put together a little guide with everything I learned: https://www.fortheageless.com/pages/cbd-oil-uk-guide I hope my contribution helps somebody.

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it’s great to come to this article nearly 3 years later and see the progression of your CBD/cannabis use for your pain. I also have to agree with you that CBD quality varies widely from manufacturer to manufacturer and it’s important to find a high-quality source because not every product labeled ‘CBD’ is a miracle cure-all despite what the marketing teams may say.

  26. Hello everyone, it’s my first go to see at this web page, and paragraph is actually fruitful for me, keep up posting such

  27. Hi Guys, I’m helping a friend who’s suffering from fibromyalgia. I need some advice on a certain strain that would be very effective when it comes to pain management. So far Blueberry is on top of my list. I got it’s details from https://www.bonzaseeds.com/blog/fruity-pebbles/ Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks
    blueberry weed strain

  28. Jackie Wiltshire says

    Hi Donna,

    So Glad i found your website. I have been suffering with fibromyalgia for the past 5 years and with a 9 year old boy it has been tough going! I live in UK and there is not a huge variety of cbd oils. My husband got me the holland and barrat oil and it did not work well despite using every 8 hours.

    I found https://www.iceheadshop.co.uk/vape/cbd-oil.html more specifically https://www.iceheadshop.co.uk/vape/cbd-oil/re-leaf-eliquid-2500mg-cbd.html which has helped. Still some days are better then others!

    I just wanted to thank you for the blog. Its blogs like these that has helped me feel like i am not alone in this My husband is great but he just does not get it!

  29. Folks, Hi!
    I am new to the “CBD oil thing” and am still in the try, wait and see stage. I suffer from a constellation of ills, so to speak, among them Fibro, Chronic Fatigue, Spinal issues (Ankylosing Spondylitis), Narcolepsy, Restless Leg, and severe osteoarthritis in my knees and hip. I am not a candidate for surgery, given some other issues. I can imagine that a topical would help and I have, indeed, tried one from Elixion. Others that I have found well-reviewed are very pricey and, of course, one wants to make any product last as long as possible while still receiving therapeutic benefit. In considering these tiny containers of balm, let us say, or BioCbd’s topical oil or the Endoca balm I have wondered if anyone has tried mixing any of these with an inert carrier oil or lotion to permit spreading it over a larger area without using up so much of the product? I would love to hear if they have and the results. Thanks so much.

    • I have had insomnia so bad that I didn’t know what to do anymore. My daughter suggested I try THC capsules. I was ready to try just about anything so I said sure. It was the key to sleeping for me. I take 15 mg about two hours before I am ready for bed. I have been on it for about two years. I still have nights that I don’t get enough deep sleep but it sure is a lifesaver for me. Now that I sleep better I’m not up all night eating junk. I have lost over fifty lbs. and am not on a diet. For me it is key to my biggest problem and by solving the sleep issue I have a life again.

  30. This is absolutely great. I have personally struggled with fibro for years, over a decade actually, and have tried nearly every remedy under the sun. Lately I have been experimenting with grape seed oil and CBD oil. I found this site http://www.cbdoilroom.com/ which has served as a really helpful guide. My favorite thing to do is take a large dose once before bed, because I find it can make me groggy. Which only serves to help my sleep and insomnia at the same time though! And then I find that a lot of the pain relieving effects actually last all day and only just starts wearing off right before I take the evening dose again. But something newcomers to CBD need to be aware of is that it does take some time to build up in your system, so you want to make sure you have been using a cannabis oil for at least a couple weeks before you really judge how much it is helping you.

    • anne hc says

      I’ve been using for less than a week and have seen results. question: are you aware of some fiber sufferers having tremors with fibromyalgia?

      • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

        Tremors are not a typical fibro symptom, but it is a symptom of chronic Lyme disease. There are many people w/ fibro who actually have undiagnosed Lyme. The main symptoms are the same, and the standard testing gives a high rate of false negatives, so people can go years (or their whole lives in some cases) with Lyme and not know it.
        This is a questionnaire to gauge your risk of Lyme – it’s been validated as a good tool for diagnosis via a research study: http://lymeontario.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Horowitz-Questionnaire.pdf
        And this article discusses the best testing and common Lyme myths: https://fedupwithfatigue.com/lyme-disease-and-fibromyalgia/

      • I have Fibromyalgia and suffer from essential tremors in either hand and sometimes my head. I find it most closely related to taking gabapentin. I will tremor for a few minutes if it is time for my meds or if I have just taken my meds.

        Sometimes I will tremor more if I haven’t eaten enough. I also find that grounding helps calm the tremors. It also helps just to let it go and get the tremor out. I don’t know anything about Lyme disease. My symptoms are just too classic for fibromyalgia in men.

        I didn’t start having tremors until after I had a very strong reaction to another medication-Simvastatin, I believe. I had severe pain from my belly button to my ankles. About a month after stopping, I began to tremor. There weren’t any studies that link tremors to statins directly, but you will find anecdotal accounts. I add my story. You will find more credible studies that link tremors to gabapentin.

        Gentle hugs to all!

  31. Great info.im on cbd for bipolar in victoria australia…illigal…but i had my dr approval that was all i personally needed and with my research i was good.i will fight and continue to fight for legalisation here australia wide…our government right now is not the one.ONE NATION Pauline Hanson will deliver..god bless

  32. Thanks for this post on cbd, very informative. I love cbd because it’s completely non-psychoactive

  33. CBD oil has had profound effects on so many different aspects of our health it’s unbelievable! Hemp oil is the new age medicine that people are adopting and for good reason! To infiltrate a natural oil rather than a pharmaceutical drug is what are bodies are aching for. I am so glad that this time has come to pass! Read up on the benefits…There are so many!

  34. I believe that CBD is one of the most effective ingredients in treating pain. I have made my research and I’ve come up with this article: https://bellfeed.com/cbd-oil-for-pain-relief/2206
    I hope it helps!

  35. I just found your blog tonight and I’m really enjoying it! On this post it’s very informative! I just started the CBD OIL journey this last November 2017. For all those wanting information on cbd they should visit this website http://www.cbdoilusers.com they also have a Facebook page for fibromyalgia and non. Hopefully this will help someone!

  36. Kerry Smiertelny says

    I spent years of Dr’s being unable to help me with my malaise and fibromyalgias. I have a few diagnosis including Hashimotos and MS. They told me to take prescriptions and go on disability. That wasn’t acceptable!. After spending thousands of dollars on things that didn’t work, this nurse discovered ways to heal her body. One of the things thats helped amazingly is a particular hemp oil that has a very low THC count and is safe for medical professionals, those with CDL licenses etc. Check it out at kerry3.primemybody.com or email me. I’d love to tell my story

  37. I suffer from chronic low back pain. I was injured while serving active duty and went through many surgeries. Over the years I have had many injections of various sorts, physical therapy, acupuncture and more. I tried CBD, and I must say it really works. I use water soluble BioCBDPlus, which helped me deal with some of my pain more than any of these modalities over the years. – Johnny

  38. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Since 2004, I have tried many medications, diets and even an implant to manage my severe pain with limited effect. The constant fight with fibromyalgia pain, brain fog and exhaustion, losing my ability to work, as well as living in a stressful non-supportive marriage (which has since ended) increased my depression and I developed PTSD as well. I had given up hope that I would ever feel any better or be the Mom I used to be but then I learned about CBD and thought I should give it a try. From my very first dose of water soluble BioCBDplus, I noticed at least 70% relief from my pain. I am now able to get through most days without taking a nap midday as I am sleeping longer and more deeply at night. I feel as though my brain is actually healing as I have been able to lower my prescription of pain killer dosages by half. I look forward to continuing to heal and one day being the mother my four children deserve while also being freed from this awful illness. I have been taking your BioCBDplus for about 6 months I believe. – Lisa

    • Thank you for your comment. I have Fibro and chronic low back pain that has been tormenting me lately. I also get migraines and am looking for some kind of help that doesn’t have many side effects.

  39. ella mae says

    Hi, I am ella mae. I’ve been suffering from fatigue and sleep problem for years now. I don’t like taking other medicines unless it is a medicinal herb. My daughter was able to discover the black seed oil in this site, https://theblessedseed.com/. I try taking it for a week and it shock me for I was able to sleep well and active in every activities at work.

    • samantha says

      I’m also taking the black seed oil for my sleep problem. In a few days of taking it I was back to normal. I was able to have deep sleep. I also used it as a supplement with my family.

  40. Daniel S Lennox says

    Hi guys does anyone of you every tried using any mobile app when buying weed online? I find this app from greenmed here in https://www.greenmed.io/ and I was hoping to get some feedbacks before trying it. Thanks in advance

  41. Since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2002 when I was 42 years old, and I’ve been taking synthetic opiates to quell enough of my severe neuropathic chronic pain to survive. At one time, I was placed on three times the maximum dose! Last month, I was able to finish tapering off them completely with the help of water soluble BioCBDplus. Free for the first time in 16 years! I also believe that hemp CBD will relieve many other symptoms that are now also being treated with noxious pharmaceuticals. CBD has truly changed my life! –

    • Mary Lynch says

      That wonderful. I live with so much pain day and night . Neuroopahy, fibromyalgia, restless leg and back pain . I have bone on bone.
      I’m so tired of pain. I’m thinking of using CBD but unsure what to get and where from? I don’t want to be ripped off.

  42. Lorna Cline says

    Hi, I have been reading your site for about 1 year and have really found so much information helpful. I was diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy about 10 years ago along with many Fibro symptoms which my neurologist says common. I am taking Opioids for pain, both skin patch and oral pills. I would like to know if people that are using CBD Oil take their prescribed pain meds together? Also wondering if you know of any interaction between CBD Oil and Opioid pain meds?
    Thanks, Lorna

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I use Tramadol occasionally for pain. I’ve dosed w/ CBD or cannabis at the same time as taking Tramadol and had no issue w/ combining them.

      • Lorna Cline says

        Thanks Donna for your reply. Because of Federal guidelines, my Dr. will most likely be reducing my pain meds which have been keeping my pain tolerable since 2013….Fentanyl 50mg. I am seriously looking into CBD oil, knowing it effects everyone differently. Could you give me your opinion on using Hemp CBD oil vs Marijuana CBD oil as my state does not allow medical MJ. Is there a big difference in strength and effectiveness for pain? I realize the your answers are totally your experience in using any products and these responses are not to be taken as medical advice.
        Again I want to thank you for helping all of us with chronic pain through your information and great site.
        Thanks, Lorna

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          As I wrote in the CBD oil post, the experts in the field believe cannabis-based CBD is preferable to hemp-based CBD b/c it contains other cannabinoids and is from the whole plant. But for those who don’t live in medical marijuana states, hemp-based CBD is an option. There are many, many companies that sell hemp CBD online now – some are selling good products and others are just ripping people off. The only two companies I have used and recommend at this point are American Shaman CBD (which is linked in the post w/ a discount code) and Liberty Lixir which I reviewed here: https://fedupwithfatigue.com/liberty-lixir-review/ I believe some of my readers also shared companies that have worked for them in the comments.

          • Kristine says

            Will the marijuana CBD oil get me high (not interested in that). I live in Colorado and it seems to be cheaper with a card than the hemp cbd oil. I have fibromyalgia, IBS, and chronic fatigue. The worst is the severe fatigue, brain fog, and stomach cramps.

          • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

            No, CBD oil should not get you high.

        • Sherry Gardiner says

          I have HS autoimmune disease and have used hemp CBD for over 5 years with my Dr support. I have had cannibis strains that are 1:1 CBD/THC. It works fine but I prefer to just do both cannibis and CBD. I have used 3 different companies for hemp CBD and 2 years ago switched to Pure Hemp Botanicals. They even have capsules and I get them every month on a subscription. I also get crystalline CBD that you can use with a dab vape, mints, vape oil, and CBD herbal tea. I can’t say enough about how it works for the pain I have from HS disease. It also regulates my DM2 and I’m totally off clonapin for anxiety. I’m fortunate to have my medical doctors support my use of both cannibis and CBD and to live in a state that has dispensaries.

        • I know that the hemp cbd I use has changed my whole families life. It is pure with only 2-3 ingredients. The hemp carrier oil, the
          Phyto-cannabinoids, and if you don’t want natural then you have a option of peppermint.. It’s reasonable price as well. I have been taking it for 5 months for RA and nerve damage and it has changed everything, also I give it to my kids for ADHD and Autism, my mom for Fibromyalgia and Lupus and my husband takes it for anxiety, we are a mess but we have been improving since we started taking this product. If your interested I have a cbd education page on Facebook you can really learn a lot about CBD and your Endocannabinoid System and you can see testimonies of how CBD has helped many many people. Also for those who are concerned this company is regulated, they have documentation of what is in there products it’s updated with every new batch. It US Grown, Organic and Non GMO, no pesticides, etc. Also you can drop it under your tongue or vape it. Not all CBD is the same. Not every company has documentation or is pure some have a lot of fillers or are isolates. I find isolates not helpful that I have tried they extract just one component out of the plant and you are no longer getting full plant nutrition. And you need all the cannabinoids of get really good results and for all different ailments. Plus I want to know what is in my product exactly. Also I forgot to mention they are legal in the US, Canada and Australia!! They are considered a food!! I’m not talking about all CBD hemp oil I am talking about this particular brand. You can check it all out for yourself at http://www.hempyforcbd.com. And my Facebook education group if you’re interested is Hempy for Health –
          Hope this helps someone!!

      • Omagram says

        Me too. Flexeral was not useful.

    • I have been using Tylenol 3 for my fibromyalgia pain. I am also using CBD and find there is no interaction. What I have found is that the number of pills I take per day of T3 has decreased since taking CBD. I was told there needs to be some THC to make the product most effective. I take just enough of CBD/THC tincture so that I don’t feel high. I am still experimenting to find the right balance of everything, with my goal to not need the Tylenol anymore.

  43. D. Jones says

    Thanks so much for your post and for all the work you do to share your experience. All the comments here have been very interesting to read. I have Fibro and many other pain conditions. I live in Canada where I can purchase all sorts of cannnis products and have them delivered by Canada Post. I can purchase so many MMJ products and yet I haven’t found relief after over a year of trying oils and vaping many varieties. It’s been expensive and disheartening. Best I can report is 2-4 hours of sleep if I vape a high THC before bed. No pain relief, no anxiety relief, no help with mood. Reading through your post and all the comments makes me think that I haven’t tried a high enough dose of CBD oil. My internist thinks that I need some THC oil as well to help my pain. I was about ready to quit trying, but people’s success stories here give me a bit of hope. Surely, with this many options I can find something that helps. I’m in a horrible state pain-wise and have no traditional medication options and all pain clinic efforts have failed. Here’s hoping a higher dose will help. 30 mg of CBD divided into three doses per day has not done a thing for me.

    • Katie H says

      I’m from MN. At my medical cannabis clinic they recommend higher thc to cbd products for chronic pain and fibro. Though all high thc products they sell have some little bit of cbd in them to help mitigate the “high” of the thc. They also find that different ratios of thc to cbd oil in a specific dosage line help people differently so they have you try a couple like 1:1, 2:1 or 200:1 ratios, and some ratios in between by combining different ratio capsules.

      I would recommend that you talk to a medical cannabis clinic, not just a general marijuanna dispencery, for advice on which different products or dosages they recommend -from experience with their pain clients- for fibro or general pain. Even if you can’t buy from them b/c you don’t live in that state or country.

      My clinic in MN is Minnesota Medical Solutions. Their website mnmed.com has lots of good info about dosing, etc.

      I’m using combination thc:cbd capsules during the day when I need to get some things done and thc heavy (with 1-5% cbd) vap in the evening when I don’t need to be as alert or drive. Sleep is helped by either high thc (1% cbd) or equal amounts thc:cbd depending on the night sometimes. Minnesota has just included ptsd as a qualifying condition now for med. cannabis and those patients have been using the product line that is thc dominant for sleep and nightmares.

      When I first started medical cannabis, there was a huge improvement of all symptoms and increase in mood (knocked out my SAD in one day). Well it felt huge but was maybe a 30% improvement overall. Pain and fatigue aren’t helped as much as other symptoms but enough to increase daily functioning and I’m noticing a slow steady improvement in these as well. I think I would be showing more improvement if I had continued to not work for a bit longer. The improvement in my symptoms got me excited to try working again so I’m now working from home about 3 hrs a day. Something I definitely could not do before but does tire me out or can temporarily up my aches (mostly from trying to sit/work at a desk). Also- working helps me afford all the cannabis since my disability $ is tiny.

      Overall – would definitely!! recommend medical cannabis to others with fibro, but you have to have good cannabis professionals to support you because it can take a bit to dial in the right combination of products and dosages. I think the reseason there’s no perfect dose is because there are so many different factors that can bring about fibro in a person. The professionals who work in medical cannabis have lots of knowledge to share.

      I would love to answer any questions on medical cannabis that any fibro people would like to ask.

      Keep persevering you beautiful people

    • Katie H says

      I have FIBRO- what I’m reading in comments seems to indicate that different types of nerve pain seem to require different cannabiods like cbd oil vs thc or combos. What I’m sharing pertains to fibro pain and other symptoms.

      I’m from MN. At my medical cannabis clinic they recommend higher thc to cbd products for chronic pain and fibro. Though all high thc products they sell have some little bit of cbd in them to help mitigate the “high” of the thc. They also find that different ratios of thc to cbd oil in a specific dosage line help people differently so they have you try a couple like 1:1, 2:1 or 200:1 ratios, and some ratios in between by combining different ratio capsules.

      I would recommend that you talk to a medical cannabis clinic, not just a general marijuanna dispencery, for advice on which different products or dosages they recommend -from experience with their pain clients- for fibro or general pain. Even if you can’t buy from them b/c you don’t live in that state or country.

      My clinic in MN is Minnesota Medical Solutions. Their website mnmed.com has lots of good info about dosing, etc.

      I’m using combination thc:cbd capsules during the day when I need to get some things done and thc heavy (with 1-5% cbd) vap in the evening when I don’t need to be as alert or drive. Sleep is helped by either high thc (1% cbd) or equal amounts thc:cbd depending on the night sometimes. Minnesota has just included ptsd as a qualifying condition now for med. cannabis and those patients have been using the product line that is thc dominant for sleep and nightmares.

      When I first started medical cannabis, there was a huge improvement of all symptoms and increase in mood (knocked out my SAD in one day). Well it felt huge but was maybe a 30% improvement overall. Pain and fatigue aren’t helped as much as other symptoms but enough to increase daily functioning and I’m noticing a slow steady improvement in these as well. I think I would be showing more improvement if I had continued to not work for a bit longer. The improvement in my symptoms got me excited to try working again so I’m now working from home about 3 hrs a day. Something I definitely could not do before but does tire me out or can temporarily up my aches (mostly from trying to sit/work at a desk). Also- working helps me afford all the cannabis since my disability $ is tiny.

      Overall – would definitely!! recommend medical cannabis to others with fibro, but you have to have good cannabis professionals to support you because it can take a bit to dial in the right combination of products and dosages. I think the reseason there’s no perfect dose is because there are so many different factors that can bring about fibro in a person. The professionals who work in medical cannabis have lots of knowledge to share.

      I would love to answer any questions on medical cannabis that any fibro people would like to ask.

      Keep persevering you beautiful people

    • Hi, D. Jones,

      Have you tried naltrexone? There is a good article on this site about it. If you enter your email she will send you a link. I have tried it once and it helped the fibro pain but couldn’t continue as I am nursing. Am planning on trying again when my son is weaned. From what I understand, you can also really help people with MS pain.

  44. Amanda P. says

    How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  45. Robin Wiens says

    I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy July 2016 and was unable to work for 13 months due to severe pain in my face and head. I ended up with Trigeminal Neuralgia at the same time as the Palsy which explained the severe pain. I was unable to drive for 6 months and couldn`t wear my glasses for over a year. During this time I tried all the medications and therapies the Doctors prescribed and all ended in negative results. So a friend of mine said to me “what do you have to lose…try this stuff “, it was CBD Isolate (crystals).
    I went on it July 4th 2017 and within 4 days and I thought why not try wearing my glasses….sure enough I was able to do 2 hours with no pain, from there it increased in time, I was also trying to go on the computer and do some research on Bells Palsy and the lasting effects…to make a long story short….over the next few weeks my family and friends noticed a real difference in my face and I noticed that my pain in my head was gone…but not only that pain but also the pain from suffering with fibromyalgia for 30 years it too was gone.
    There is still my arthritis pain that is becoming less but with only being on CBD for just over a month I am hoping that being on it longer will make that at least bareable.
    I am now back at work after seeing my doctor and him being absolutely supportive and stunned at the difference in my face and head from the CBD.

  46. I started using Hempworx Hemp Oil and it has helped me so much in only ONE week. It is legal in all 50 states and shipping to over 150 countries. Check it out for yourself 🙂

  47. Dee Black says

    RICK SIMPSON OIL!! IT *cured* yes *cured* me partially restoring functions that were lost, not just lessening pain. Find it! Take it! Seriously, I didn’t think it would work and it shocked me. Try it! My life is forever changed, I am not debilitated and just existing in pain, I have a life and energy and the pain is 90% gone. TRY IT!!!!

    • Katie H says

      Where did you buy it? Do you have mainly fibromyalgia or other nerve pain issues?

      Glad your doing well!

    • Hi, can you send me the link for this post, husbands been on opioids for 10 yearsl.
      Now they are starting to not work. Vapes pot, that’s high in TCC, makes him feel somewhat better, but would rather do CBD for paon during the day.
      Any help is appreciated

  48. Robynn says

    CBD oil made from Marijuana worked extremely well for me! I felt like I didn’t even need to take the other Pain medications I was Prescribed. I would continue taking it and think about getting rid of the opiates I take for pain due to their Toxicity on the Liver and Other Bodily Structures as well.

  49. One last thing, our water soluble with nano technology is being studied at oklahoma state university. There are trials using our product going on at Univeristys and other institutions all over the country. I have scene miracles and still do daily. The Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City sends their terminally ill children with cancer or incurrable epilepsy to us. Because, quite bluntly, if you have high quality CBD the research has been around since the 1960s for dosing. If you go to Madrid, the 3 largest hospitals develop their own CBD to treat cancer and say “Big Pharma is not welcome.” Israel and Spain are world leaders in CBD Research and it’s just sad how many people have died, lived in pain, and suffered all because of our Governments atittude towards marijuana. Truly sickening, too, that the US Government OWNS THE PATENT FOR CBD.

    • By the way, companies like CW chalk up their discounts for CBD for the sick as tax breaks or form non profits. The CEO out of his own personal time and money spends 4 hours a day making super concentrated doses for the sick and spends about 30K a week on helping the illest people. We always give discounts to those who are sick, but if you have cancer or epilepsy, we just give it to you.

  50. projectcbd.org pretty tight sight, excellent starting point but keep searching for more
    libertycbd.com small batch ultra strong CBD oil, ordered twice and wow! quality is their forte!
    https://www.bluebird-botanicals.com/ excellent products and killer customer service
    https://www.hempforfitness.com/ 90% of the products I saw and/or personally tried are above the board, the owner is committed to helping people, they’re not scammers like so many!

    read up on the human endocannabinoid system for a real in-depth look at why we need cannabinoids and how they work!

  51. Mustain says

    The doctor told me I just had to live with the pain. A friend of mine recommended to try CBD products, and I have been better since. I rub it at night and day and the shooting pain stops immediately. Oh, if I don’t take it I have to go running for it. I recommend water soluble BioCBD. – B. Mustain (90 years young)

    • I found Liberty Cbd 3000 mg online has been a lifesaver for me and my wife whose sciatic pain literally drives her to drink, it’s super debilitating. I will say this, those of you with Fibro or Sciatic pain should also try powdered Kratom as its also super amazing at stopping pain like the Liberty CBD oil, I buy mine from PA Botanicals and it’s really the best price and quality around, trust me I’ve looked long and hard!

      https://pabotanicals.com/ for the Kratom
      https://www.libertycbd.com/ for the CBD oil
      https://www.pipesandcigars.com for the best premium tobacco at the best prices ANYWHERE!
      https://www.rt.com/ Russian news that’s mostly unbiased and not full of lies like in the USA

  52. Here’s an extremely educational iCourse on Hemp CBD, laws, benefits, how to shop, etc. http://www.hempthymes.com

  53. Kelsey Ruffing says

    I am new to vaping and suffer from lupus sympyoms. I am trying to rif the pain in my joints. I am looking for help with dosage anf hiw much oil yo start with and how many drags you need for relief???

    • Kelsey Ruffing says

      *and how much oil to start with

      • Jennifer says

        Hello Kelsey.
        I am able to help you. You can find me on Facebook if you search Jenra4 in the search box. my profile picture has me and an infant in it in black and white. Happy to help

  54. Missy Penick says

    Watch this series and then tell ppl there are no studies!

  55. I started taking cbd product about 3 months ago as a tune up for my body. After 10 days, my left shoulder has been hurting for 4 or 5 years cleared up. I have a left ankle that swells a lot from an injury in Vietnam and it seems to have minimized the swelling. I’m finding that I’m sleeping better as well. I plan to continue taking it for now on. Thank you BioCBD water soluble products. – Mike

  56. Fibroman says

    Update on http://www.satimed.eu/ CBD oil 🙂 It works really great for my mood! Nothing for the pain yet, but it’s only a second day on a recommended (10 drops dose) 🙂

    • Katie H says

      If you have legal medical cannabis in your state or live near one, THC (mostly in condo with some cbd) has helped fibro people at my clinic. The combination of some CBD with the THC helps pain plus mood and other stuff.

  57. Fibroman says

    I suffer from fibromyalgia as well, and I’d recommend checking other cannabinoids as well, because they also affect neurotransmitters involved in chronic pain. This is not an advertisement, but for example, http://www.satimed.eu has patented formula, pharmaceutical grade. It contains Cannabidiolic acid, Cannabivarin, Cannabigerol in addition to Cannabidiol. I think it’s the best hemp product we can get these days. I am going to try it next week, so, I can keep you updated with the results 🙂

  58. Sharon says

    CBD oil is making a positive difference for my pain issues when I use it. Where there is muscular pain, tendinitis or hand arthritis, it really helps! These are just subjective results, but I wanted to pass them along.

  59. Jara Halfen says

    Hi Donna,
    My 15 year old daughter has Juvenile Fibromyalgia. Pain is relatively controlled but energy level is still pretty low. Did the CBD oil have any kind of effect on your fatigue or energy?

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      It didn’t improve my energy levels. Just helped w/ pain. For fatigue, you might want to check out these two posts: https://fedupwithfatigue.com/fibromyalgia-fatigue/ and https://fedupwithfatigue.com/d-ribose-fibromyalgia/

      I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds, but whenever I see someone so young diagnosed with fibro, I wonder if the doctor got it right. There are lots of underlying causes for fibro symptoms, but one of the main ones is chronic Lyme disease – of which, I was diagnosed last summer. Has your daughter been evaluated for possible Lyme exposure? The testing used by Labcorp and Quest and other mainstream labs is only 50-60% accurate, so it’s highly likely that she could have tested negative for Lyme and still have it. There are other tests on the market that are more accurate. The main one is http://www.igenex.com. I’m happy to provide more info if you’d like to email me directly. There is a strong association between fibro and Lyme. My first symptoms started when I was 19 years old, so I was young, like your daughter. More details here: https://fedupwithfatigue.com/lyme-disease-and-fibromyalgia/

      • I recently got diagnosed with fibro, I am 24 years old, I have been dealing with the chronic pain/low fatigue for about 4 or so years now. My doctor said that it couldn’t be Lyme, but he did not testing. I am wondering if I should get tested for Lyme or any other diseases? I am still lost, and do not really have any help, and all the doctors I have been to have not been helpful at all.

        Thank you!!

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          Yes, I would highly recommend Lyme testing for anyone who is diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia – especially those who are young, like yourself. I would caution, however, that the standard Lyme testing has a high rate of false negatives. Standard testing from Labcorp and similar labs misses about half of all Lyme cases. The best testing available at this point is iGenex testing, http://www.igenex.com. Here’s a link to a post that I wrote shortly after my own Lyme diagnosis. It has a lot of useful information about how to get properly tested and evaluated for Lyme. You are welcome to email me w/ other questions. If you’re on my email list, just reply back to any of my emails. https://fedupwithfatigue.com/lyme-disease-and-fibromyalgia/

  60. Brianna says

    Great information! I have found that the hemp CBD oil definitely helps take the edge off of my pain.

    I buy mine from the company listed in an article that Fibromyalgia Awareness posted to its Facebook page: http://www.fibrotoday.com/5-facts-about-cbd-oil-and-fibromyalgia/

  61. good article

  62. Emmanuel poirier says

    The problem with CBD oil or drugs in general is that they work till we use them. Said differently they are drugs: they create dependancy so you have to buy them forever which is costly and take time.

    The solution? Health issues come from poisoining of food, water, air and products around us. This include the information and the spirit we are bombarded with: buying, buying, fear, fear, lack of confidence, isolation, product for this, product for that, be fast don’t think buy…

    The root cause of all health issues is either too much of something or not enough of something. With nature, water, soil, air destroyed by chemical agriculture, industrially produced fruits and vegs are containing less and less nutrients. Our body don’t have what we need and so we suffer. The chemical industry bring then its solution: drugs which bring then the balance back… it’s a scam.

    The solution is a complete change of paradigm with respect for nature with clean water, energy, air, soil as explained by viktor schauberger. This involves also the production of fruits and vegs in a nature friendly way and a different lifestyle. A complete change of environnment.

    • That’s going to take a long, long time, if it ever happens. What do we do in the meantime?

    • I got Fibromyalgia from a three week battle with the flu in 2001. I was absolutely healthy as a horse before that, so that kinda blows your theory out of the water.

      • Marti Murphy says

        Terry, I also was healthy as a horse before H1N1 flu hit. Fibro immediately followed. Had to give up my business overnight (doing Art Shows marketing my original clothing). Have had relief from my pain with Low Dose Naltrexone, but nothing touches the fatigue, unfortunately. But I am 76, now, so my expectations of myself are different. Marti

    • Switch the methods in which you ingest CBD. For example, I work for CBD American Shaman and my fionce has chronic pain. We take a Water Soluble to start our day, tincture, body and face lotion, vape CBD all day long, and usually have an edible rock candy. Bottom line, your body will always adjust if you do the same thing. But if you just slightly mix up your ingestion method, I have found that is how people have been able to not develope a “tolerance.” Just my experience.

  63. Castillo says

    Great informative article. I am actually the CEO of a Hemp CBD company. I’m not here to sell nor will I mention the company name. I simply appreciate the information.

    Not all Hemp CBD companies are the same and unless you are an expert you don’t know what to look for. Questions to ask: Are they using domestically grown Hemp? Are they testing every batch for pesticides, mykotoxins, heavy metals and potency? Do they actually manufacture their own products or buying from another company? Do they offer 3rd party lab reports? Does the mg dosage on their products represent the true active CBD? Who manufactures their products (degrees and experience they have) and where (FDA approved lab).

    Additionally, yes CBD oil derived from marijuana is ideal. Un fortunately not everyone has access to it because it is not legal where they live. Hemp CBD companies like ours want to provide a legal alternative to anyone.

    With regards to the DEA statement regarding extracts, our attorneys, The Hoban Law Group, argue the legality of the that statement and have filed a lawsuit in federal court. The 2014 US Farmbill Act sec 7606 outlines how companies like ours are allowed to manufacture and sell Hemp CBD products. Always ask the company you buy Hemp CBD products from how they are federally compliant, and is that compliance documented. I assure you there are only a handful of companies that are federally compliant and can answer that question.

    Our company actually offers a discount for sick clients, up to 50% off the MSRP. Always ask the company you buy from if they offer any discounts.

    We always encourage people to do their own research. We provide them with links to Project CBD for research information and the Mayo Clinic for CBD dosing.

    Again thank you for a great article!

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Thank you for all the great info and advice!

      • I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in 2000 after 18 months of not knowing what I was afflicted with. I was suffering chronically. In 2003 I changed my diet through the Sureslim method. I lost 17kgs and have been free of Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue since.

    • This company is Bluebird Botanicals

      • Castillo says

        I’m sorry but no. I am not with Bluebirds Botanicals. I know how they manufacture their products. I advise that anyone buying their check the purity of their oil, is it full spectrum, and everything else I mentioned.

    • Castillo, can you please send me the name of your company to bonita45@hotmail.com. I am 60yr.old disabled LPN with RSD chronic pain. I was bedridden for 4 yrs, from 2005-2009 from a major flareup. I am again suffering a flare-up for 8 months….I don’t know much about CBD & so many conflicting stories.Thank you….donna

    • Susie Hill says

      Castillo can you plz send me the name of your company to susiepaulhill@aol.com. I’ve suffered for 40+yrs with fm & cfs. Now have OA. Three mos. started using DiamondCBD after close friend had good success with it. Started with 350mg 2/day & just went to 550mg. Some improvement after 6wks but have had no more improvement in last 6 weeks. Thx, Susie

    • I too am the owner of a Hemp CBD product company and I couldn’t agree more with you sir regarding the unscrupulous CBD companies that are out here ripping people off and providing low quality and dirty products to people in need! I try to point them out whenever I can in hopes of educating folks but some of these operations are quite big and with aggressive sales force behind them that it’s inevitable that some will end up being ripped off unfortunately. I am not with Bluebird but will vouch for their products as I’ve done a lot of business with them in the past, My company name is Liberty CBD Oil and we strive for the most CBD mg per fluid ounce for the money as its very expensive and there are many who are truly in need that can’t afford all the diluted junk food CBD products others are pushing! All our products are sourced right here in Kentucky USA and have all the testing to go with. http://www.libertycbd.com and yes I’m promoting I suppose but we are small for now and love helping folks so…

      • Pamelahinken says

        Hi Mark I just brought a cannabis sati via hemp oil for fibromylia it is from naked supplements what is your thought on this I haven’t tried it yet I live in Va.

    • Castillo would you please send me the name of your company, dettigers76@gmail.com. Thank you.

    • Can you please send me the name of your company? intl8665@gmail.com. Thank you

    • Castillo could you plz send information for your products. I’m on disability with two teenage boys. I have Fibro, CF, anxiety, and Bipolar. A friend recently sent me a youtube video of two doctors and for short that because there are so many symptoms and we end up on so many medications that it is actually not good for us. there was a lot of information. But, I am finding that using products can be expensive while my indiana medicaid covers it all. I really want to try.

  64. I have been on pain medications for a very long time. Buy once i met this guy from http://www.marijuanahouse.us , i took the cannabis oil and i felt more better than ever. Cannabis is more far better than these oxycodone medications. If you want to buy some oil for your pain go to http://www.marijuanahouse.us they will provide you with good products and fast healing.


  65. Cannabis is the best medication for pain

  66. Courtney Harpster says

    Please everyone go to The Realm of Caring website. From there, check out Marys Medicinals or Marys nutritionals. I have 100% relieved all my pain ( fibro and spinal) with the transdermal patches. Goodbye pain hello life. Good riddens of nasty narcotic pills

  67. Hi Donna,

    My brother has been in the biotech industry for years producing micellized products (the most efficient water soluble technology out there) and was approached 3 or 4 years ago about whether or not he could micellize CBD oil. The the surprise and delight of those he was working with he not only could, but could in such away that it is 85% absorbable (compared to 6% regular CBD oil) with an onset of action of 10-15 minutes vs. 60-90 minutes non-micellized oil. Have a look: purseven.com. Because it’s so effective the cost of therapy is reduced. Pretty cool. Neither my wife or I have conditions requiring this but my wife has been using it for cramps and it’s enabled her to stop using Ibuprofen, which wrecks her stomach. I’m sending some to my sister-in-law who suffers from Fibromyalgia to see if she has similar results to yours (she’s getting injections to her nerves and can’t sleep). I’ll update you once I hear back from her 🙂

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I’m happy to be a guinea pig if your brother needs another fibro patient to try it out! It sounds really interesting! Keep me updated!

  68. This is a great article that I am sure many people can relate to, I hope your journey continues to be a successful one!!

  69. Thanks for sharing the facts about CBD oil. These will really helpful readers who are suffering from fibromyalgia.

  70. I’m delighted to come across your blog as there aren’t many out there that have really taken the time to understand and research medical marijuana and the “potential” benefits of cannabidiol (CBD).

    In 2014, my wife began using medical marijuana for her chronic pain. The positive results led me to further investigate the industry and eventually start up my own business in medical marijuana in Washington State. The industry has been an interesting ride and adventure but the knowledge I’ve gain is priceless.

    A couple things that I’d like to mention:

    1) As much as we’d like to believe that medical marijuana is safer because it is becoming regulated, my fear is that the exact opposite is happening. Because of heavy taxes and some head-scratching regulations, the industry has become much worse off: Test scores are falsified because testing labs are for-profit businesses as well. If they fail a grower or a processor they are afraid of losing their business, so they inflate THC scores and they pass microbial tests even though the product includes pesticides, bacteria and biles.

    2) Heavy taxes and dirty money has caused price wars where organic growers in both Colorado and Washington can no longer compete and are going out of business. The guys surviving are the big-industry guys and groups being shadow-financed by drug cartels and mafia groups. These guys don’t care about creating good product, they care about cheap product and maximizing profits.

    3) Everything you said about CBD is correct and many of the companies today are nothing more than former head shop owners and e-cigarette guys looking to pivot into the CBD game because the FDA is finally trying to stop all these yahoo’s from vaping glycols, which converts into trace amounts of formaldehyde if overheated. I’m afraid that much of the CBD on the market today is either contaminated or being made with synthetic isolates that have little to no medical value.

    4) As a company, we decided to begin researching the benefits of legal “full-spectrum” CBD (less than .03% THC) but also is sure to include the other minor cannabinoids essential for medical benefits. We’ve currently partnered with the University of Maryland School of Pharmacology in Baltimore and conducting producing “affordable” CBD supplements, focusing on safety, transparency, and consistency.

    I’d be happy to share more information on our product development if you’d like in private as I don’t wish to “shamelessly plug” our products on your blog page.



    • Debra Ann Perkins says

      Yes, pls keep us that suffer informed. Sending my emaik below..thanks so much for ur hard work.

    • Can you kindly send me your info as I would like to start taking CBD for my chronic pain.



    • Kathi Degennaro says

      Please send company info
      I have had fibro pain for years

    • Please send company info to blewisdolphin@hotmail.com – Was diagnosed with fibro 30 years ago and reaching for any solution to help the chronic pain. and especially the sleep issues.

  71. Medical Marijuana Exchange is a group of legal, herbal enthusiasts who support and promote marijuana and cannabis sativa products legally for different diseases such as PTSD, Rheumatism, Schizophrenia, Sickle Cell Anemia, Skin Conditions, Sleep Disorders, Spinal Cord Injury, Stress, Stroke and TBI, etc.
    Cannabis Sativa

  72. Lori Mask says

    I take CBD oil, and I believe it helps, but it can be expensive. I have my MMJ Card. I recently started using the pain patch, along with it, which helps a lot. The patch is by Mary’s Medicinal’s and it last up to 12 hours. Then, I take an edible before bed for sleep…

  73. Mathew Bowser says

    I have read a lot of these posts and I love how people learn from each other about different forms of medicine. I share too, although I don’t have fibromyalgia , I have had lymphoma (cancer) for 17 years. My mom and sister-in-law suffer from it. I am here researching for them because I love them and want them to feel better. I don’t think anyone should live with pain. I hope my mom reads this to learn about CBDs and how they could possibly help her. I hope she also writes on here, she has tried so much! From my experience as a person looking in, I have found that narcotics only work for a short time until your body builds up a tolerance to them and you have to resort to something more powerful. My sister-in-law was on a morphine patch that was suppose to last 48hrs and it barely lasted 24. After hearing this I ask her if she knew the benefits in using marijuana as a substitute for all the other doctor prescribed drugs. She wasn’t into smoking it ,so I recommended eating it. She eventually tried it! Success it has worked for her. She loves to eat marijuana candy. The candy soaks directly into you through your mouth. Relief can be almost instantaneous. She has since moved out of state and can no longer get the candy. She has switched to using a vaporizer. She is uses a volcano to vape with. The vapor can last up to 24 hrs in the balloon like bag. When she visits the state I live in, she stocks up as much as she can. I asked her a few months ago when she was visiting if she took any narcotics. She said every once in awhile she will take a vicodine, other than that nothing. From my own experience I have tried once to stop smoking it but i felt the cancer grew back. For me it has helped the pain as I also have pain throughout my whole body. Sometimes worse than others. Seven years ago when I was dying of cancer I would eat it all the time. I love using olive or coconut oil. Consuming it can last up to 18 hrs in your body. The pain killer portion. If there are any questions on eating it or making any the oils or butter or candy just ask me. I read that the CBD oils for some may only work for a while in small dosages, but after a short time passes more is used until seems ineffective. I may have a solution. I always build up a tolerance to a certain variety of marijuana if I smoke that kind for a long period of time. Say I smoke one ounce of Train Wreck it would be very effective for the first ten bowls then after that I would need to smoke more and more to get the equal amount of relief as I did when I first smoked it. If I switch to another variety and then return to the first variety I will get the same relief as if I had never smoked it before. CBD oils can work the same way. Ask your dispensary what strain the oil came from and if they have multiple oils from different strains. If they are a good clinic they will say way percentage of CBDs are in that particular strain. If they don’t I would look in the Marijuana bible before purchasing if there is skepticism. There are also two different strains Sativa and Indica. Sativa is the kind that make you have legs so to say. To get up and want to do something because the pain is gone. Indica relaxes the body and make you want sleep or just watch a movie. I hardly ever write something this long and hope I haven’t left any information out. In chance that I have please feel free to email me and ask me any questions. God put me here to help my knowledge is a gift given to me by God to help others.

    • You are so sweet, Matthew. Your information will be very helpful for me. God bless you sweetheart, I’ll be praying for you and your family

    • Matthew! 🌹
      It’s so kind of you to have spent so much time and energy writing that for the benefit of others, when you’re suffering with such a devastating illness! 17 years is a Very long time to struggle with anything much less cancer.
      Thank you for being so kind, generous and we are all fortunate to have you with us!
      Good thoughts, and positive energy (plus a great big hug) sent your way! 💝

    • Sarahbeth says

      I really enjoyed reading your post and it is so absolutely wonderful that you share your story with others as a way to help!❤ I am beyond grateful for warriors such as you and your family who have not been afraid to speak up, lend an encouraging word and try something that has helped and in turn educate on it’s benefit! I am really interested in cbd oil and have tried a few different types. I would love to learn more as I find it helps with so many different elements of my diseases. I didn’t see an e-mail here but was wondering if you would be able to share it as I could them message you to learn more! I pray you and your family are finding peace and relief daily and I hope many many blessings for you and yours as well😊

    • I would love to know more about the candy and the butter part. I suffer with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis in my knees, chronic neck and baxk pain. Going on 3 yrs now. I don’t know if I can order the candy from you but Ivery hears the butter has to be frozen so I wasn’t sure. Would love to hear back from you…thank you…Jill B

    • Warren says

      Thank you so much for your testimony. I have been suffering from Fibro., and spinal stenosis for 15 years now. I have been hearing a lot about CBD oil and each and every web page I go to has a person that has been healed and another saying it is a scam. I have tried so many scams on late night TV that claim to help with the pain but never do. I do not have the money to buy CBD oil if it does not work and if it is yet another promise that turns out to be a lie. You being a fellow Christian have touched me with your story and I would love to hear your take on CBD oil. Thank you and God Bless You.

  74. For nine years, I’ve been living with Fibromyalgia along with other health ailments. In 2010, a combination of harsh pharmaceutical drugs nearly killed me. After two hospitalizations, I started researching credible facts about the prescriptions that my doctor ordered for me. (Beware of Cymbalta and all forms of Benzodiazepines!) Long story short, this was when I actively determined that Western medicine was no longer working for me. Gradually, I tapered off each medication. I went through wicked withdrawals and it was the most hellish ordeal of my life. Regardless of the suffering and pain, I don’t regret this decision. It was my breakthrough! The good news is that through this horrific experience, I’ve not only regained a larger portion of health, but I’ve become a published author sharing my own fibro journey. I am a voice to the voiceless. I give hope to the hopeless. In January 2017, I celebrated six years being DRUG-FREE! While I will never be “cured” from Fibromyalgia, herniated discs, or other conditions, I’ve significantly empowered myself to take back control of my health. Although I have decreased my pain levels and I’m doing far better off of drugs versus on drugs, I do experience some fibro flare ups from time to time, especially during the cold, damp winter months. In the autumn last year, I sustained another back injury, which automatically led to another fibro flareup. Based on the fact that pharmaceuticals have failed for me, I’m sincerely interested in a high quality CBD oil. I’ve tried a few, but wasn’t impressed. My concern is that there’s so many companies jumping on the CBD bandwagon that it’s hard to determine which product is pure versus poor quality. I’m specifically interested in a brand that is gluten-free and non-GMO. Also, what’s the Facebook Fibromyalgia group where you initially discovered CBD information? It would be great to connect with like-minded people!

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Unfortunately, the Facebook group where I learned about CBD no longer exists.
      I used American Shaman CBD oil w/ good results. It is linked in the post.

    • Leafly is a good place to learn about all that. Pay particular attention to their articles on terpenes, as they play a synergistic role in how each strain can benefit a person.

    • Hi.
      I increased my vitamin regimen to include Magnesium. The main CBD 500 mg I take is from a product named
      Magnatrophe. I thought for what it is worth, this might help you. Yours in better health. Charles

    • Hi.
      I increased my vitamin regimen to include Magnesium. The main CBD 500 mg I take is from a product named
      Magnatrophe. I thought for what it is worth, this might help you. Yours in better health. Charles

      • Hi Charles! I agree that magnesium is very helpful. Just wanted to add that the oxide is basically a waste of money, citrate is ok, but either the liquid bio available type, chelated Glysinsate or magnesium Orotate (a new one for me, and I’ve been taking it and researching it for 15 years) but it’s supposed to be the very best form. Im looking forward to trying it.

  75. I thought it was interesting that you started out taking cbd orally then finished the blog vaping cannabis. Indeed there’s no substitute for good old fashioned weed.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hahahahahahaha! You are right! From what I’ve been told, using the whole plant is much more effective than just using the parts (CBD only), and that makes sense to me. I am still using CBD oil sometimes. I still think hemp CBD oil is a great tool, especially for those who live in states where they can’t buy cannabis legally.

      • Hi Donna! I’m brand new to your site, and 1st off want to say that your information is outstanding, thorough, educational and it’s apparent that you put your heart Into it! So thanks for all you do!
        2ndly I’m really hoping and praying that the cbd oil (hemp, thanks to you I finally understand the difference) works! I’ve been painstakingly “no pun intended” researching to find the best for the least and as careful as I normally am, I ended up getting scammed big time! I’m not sure if this is the place to do a warning about this company, so I won’t mention the name. If anyone is interested feel free to email me. I feel foolish for falling for it, but these companies are dam good at being deceitful! I’m on disability and cannot afford to lose that kind of money. Dont think they’re too concerned with that tho. I live in one of the forbidden states, so all I can get is the hemp kind, I got a great deal of relief from kratom as well, but that’s illegal here too! 😟 Also not the place, but I do wish the government would stay out of my/our pain relief! I’ve got 6 issues Including Fibro and my pain is normally at between a 6 (really good day) and an 8, I could probably use a 9 on Terrible days, but I reserve 9 & 10 for being run over by a truck and childbirth! lol

  76. I’ve been having chronic all over muscular pain for about 6 months now and I still don’t have a diagnosis. Pain pills do absolutely nothing for this pain, nothing that the doctors have given me helps. I asked about medical marijuana and my doctor literally laughed at me but I persisted and told her the benefits I’ve read about online. She then told me I wouldn’t be able to get a medical card until I have a diagnosis. I’ve been bounced around to specialists and am currently waiting for more test results. But I can’t just wait till I have a diagnosis, sometimes the pain is so bad I can’t move. So I read about CBD oil – I had never heard of it before and found a place online that sells it. I just got it this week. I bought the vape juice and the tincture. The vape is working best for me at the moment but only because I have no idea how many drops to use of the tincture and how often? Can anyone help with this?

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Unfortunately, it’s still the wild, wild west as far as CBD and marijuana go these days. We all end up experimenting in order to find our best dose without much guidance from the medical establishment. For fibro, I’ve had the best results w/ around 30mg of CBD per day, spaced throughout the day. I typically dose every 4-6 hours.

  77. Catherine Saulter says

    I am grateful for coming across this post. A couple of weeks ago one of my doctors said several of his patients were using CBD oil and were experiencing a significant decrease in pain and being able to relax better before going to bed. Now I don’t know if those patients suffered from Fibromyalgia but the suggested use was by vaping. I have been trying this but need a learning curve since I’ve never even smoked a cigarette…

    Sometimes I think it’s beneficial and other times not sure. My question is, most of the comments I’ve read they were using it by placing the oil directly into the mouth. Could it be that those suffering from Fibromyalgia might get better results using this method over vaping? Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      My preference is to use it sublingually b/c I’m concerned about the lung effects of vaping. I had good results using it under the tongue plus it’s faster and lower cost (i.e. you don’t have to buy a vaporizer).

    • I have had great with result from a young man who works with American Shaman CBD. He has a website and always has products before the website does. My wife and I vape, tincture (sublingual), drink (water soluble), and injest capsules and edibles. Not too mention the topical serum and lotions. They are a great manufacturer and this young an employee of their has this website and is very accessible. His name is Joe and he is always trying to educate and give people the best deals on CBD. Most importantly, he listens and you can tell he IS NOT about the money, like most of these other CBD Companies. Either too much THC or no CBD. Joe gives a 20% discount code to people with chronic pain conditions and other serious remedies. But as you get to know him, you see that he is willing to work with you in a way that is not so common anymore. The website is http://www.GoOils.com and the passcode is PAINFREE4LIFE for 20% off your order. God Bless

  78. Christy Couch says

    Fed up is exactly right!!! And angry. I just used hemp CBD paste from Healthy Hemp Oil for the 1st time. I ordered 150mg to start. Lasted about 5 days due to having to take it way more often than I had thought. However, it helped me a great deal just in those 5 days. Especially with mood. I was also able to do more. I have just reordered again but ordered 450mg this time. I can really tell that I’ve been out of it. I am new to CBD oil so I’m still in the learning process. I do really like to read tons of reviews on any natural product I order. Any suggestions or information on something better would be greatly appreciated. THC is not legal just yet in MS. Getting there though. So Hemp CBD oil is what I feel like I’m stuck with for now due to its illegal to order the THC online. And I’m not buying it illegally. I am determined to beat fibromyalgia because I love myself and my family. I’m a fighter!!!!

  79. Karen Turner says

    I started using CBD oil about 8 weeks ago. The first 1 oz bottle was 250 mg (30 doses) I started slow but within a few days found a comfortable leave of us…less then the daily recommended. It is a “Hemp Nectar” so it is water soluble. I place a few drops under my tongue morning and night and once during the day if my activity leave stresses my body. I also put about 40 mg into an ounce of coconut oil to use as a topical for my neuropathy. i store this in a glass container. The second bottle was 500 mg (30 doses). this has lasted me a bit longer as I use less. Buying the higher concentrate saves me about $10 every 2 months. Using CBD oil is so worth it. The topical helps relieve pain quickly and my muscles feel like they recover at almost normal rates…(an illusion since I have had fibromyalgia for over 20 years and have no idea what normal is…) I am sleeping better and an knee injury is improving much faster this time around with several daily massages of the topical and internal use….I am a happy user…

  80. I live in Fl mm was just past, I’ve heard of people using it ,but no one can tell me where or how to get started…my doctor does not know either…I have fibro…I could use some help & guidance please.
    Ty Joan

  81. I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue; I live in Canada, and asked my doc about MM in August, as I’ve tried everything else, and like so many, am under tremendous pressure to stop opioids. I received my first shipment at the end of September – and one of the items I ordered was a CBD rich oil that I would be able to use during the day. Within the first month, I was able to reduce the amount of Percocet I was taking by 50-75%. During that month, I found out that there were other options for oil that were much richer in CBD than the one I was using, for the same price – so I was able to change to a higher CBD oil last week. Results so far have been good. The first oil I was using was a 9% CBD 0% THC from Bedrocan (Bedrolite for those in Canada). Now I’m using a 25% CBD <2% THC from CannTrust (CBD Oil). I can't compare it to a Hemp CBD Oil, though, as I haven't used one. Interesting to read that a Canadian company is selling some, as when I worked for a hemp food company 2 yrs ago, CBD was listed on the schedule of narcotics with marijuana, so wasn't legal to sell in Canada.

    A couple of notes though:
    – Hemp and Cannabis are different plants. They are in the same species, but are different sub-species. Industrial Hemp, which is the type used for food and for clothes, fuel, and building, can be compared to marijuana in the same way that a red pepper can be compared to a green pepper. Same plant, different species.
    – In Canada, there is no legal pesticide (fungicide, herbicide) that can be used on hemp. So, no hemp grown in Canada would be sprayed with any -icide, whether organic or conventionally grown. The important difference between the two, other than price, of course, is that a conventional farmer may have used a spray on the crop prior to hemp, so the pesticide may be in the soil, and then be drawn up into the plant as it grows.

    Also, I've read that for insomnia and some forms of pain, THC works better – so I have also tried a 1:1 oil from CannTrust, which is 12.5%/12.5% CBD/THC, at night, before bed. I've found that when it kicks in, all of the pain is just gone – and I sleep wonderfully, without the Amitriptyline I've been reliant on for REM sleep for the last 2 years.

    Also, my mood is better, too. Which is great, considering that I've also dropped gabapentin and Pristiq (which were done per my doc.) And although I was to double my Lyrica (I take 50mg/day), I haven't, as I've heard so many scary stories about Lyrica that I have no interest in taking anymore unless I have no other option.

    Has anyone tried both Hemp and Marijuana CBD?

    • Girlsies says

      Hi Katzen,
      I’m Canadian as well and started the cannabis oil journey a few months ago. Can I ask how many ml/day and how often you are taking the 12%/12% oil? My current oil is 8%THC/12%CBD. I take 1 ml every 4-6 hours but I’m achieving only about 20% pain relief.
      Thank you in advance. 🙂

      • Karen, I’m also with CaanTrust, god can you answer this question, I’ve had chronic pain, arthritis throughout my whole body 7 yrs, walking kills me, my syringe that they send as you know starts 0.1 and goes up to 1.0, I’m not kidding when I tell you I have excruciating pain, how many times a day should I fill that syringe on a daily basis, I’m doing 2 of them which isn’t helping and why is it knocking me off my feet,it makes me extremely tired,pls email me , my name is Barb, my email is copeland.barb@yahoo.ca

  82. Margaret Browder says

    I have been taking Lyrica for my fibromyalgia for about 8 to 10 years I have had to up the dosage until I am now taking 150mg, 4 times a day. I am miserable because my pain has not gone away and I am tired 100% of the time. Blaming Lyrica for the above symptoms, I stopped taking it cold turkey but soon found out you can’t do that without upping your pain level quite a bit. i wish I had never started dealing with my pain. I told my doctor that it was probably that I was getting old and she told me that was wrong. So now, I’m trying to reduce the amount of Lyrica I take each day. I am also on an anti-depressant and Tramadol which I am trying to reduce slowly along with the Lyrica. Any advice? My goal is to not take any prescriptions except my statin.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hi Margaret, unfortunately I can’t give specific medical advice b/c I’m not a physician. You’ll need to work w/ your doctor on weaning. I will say to please take your time in the weaning – this may be a process that takes several months – b/c all of the medications you’re taking have an impact on the brain. You want to minimize any withdrawals or negative effects as much as possible.

      As you know, treating fibro pain is really difficult. I’ve had good luck w/ CBD oil and also low-dose naltrexone, and more recently, I’ve fallen in love w/ my Quell device. The Quell is the best thing I’ve found so far for pain, and I know others w/ fibro are having good results, too.

      Here are some links that might help:

    • http://www.highlandpharms.com/

      I’ve just started taking the CBD capsules from this company. I live in Georgia, where fibromyalgia is not on the approved list for medical marijuana. I hope the capsules work. I also have been taking natural supplements since being diagnosed last year.

    • You might consider changing from Lyrica to Cymbalta. You’ve been taking Lyrica for a very long time and the medication can become less effective over an extended period of time. Another medication that is extremely effective for fibromyalgia is Neurontin. I wish you the very best…….

      • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

        Gabapentin is a cousin of Lyrica, so if you had success w/ Lyrica, then gabapentin might work pretty well too. I have mixed feelings about Cymbalta. It does help some people but I’d be very wary of stopping it. Weaning is really important b/c 50% of people go through withdrawals and a lot of doctors don’t know about that issue. I’ve read many horror stories about people trying to get off of Cymbalta. There were lawsuits b/c of it.

      • MsIsis says

        Cymbalta was great for me until the side effects kicked in abt month 3. My hair started falling out (i first noticed it became luxuriously soft then noticed it was significantly thinner). I also began experiencing sudden muscle spasms at nite. One nite i literally fell out of bed as all 4 limbs and my stomach muscles spasmed so Hard. It was a shame because until then i hadnt felt so pain free in more tham 25 years. I tried cymbalta at a lower dose a year or so later and i ended up with restless leg syndrome. I now take gabapentin which helps the overall ache, but my doc is pushing to get me off tramadol. My question is, dies the hemp version of the oils kick off alarms in bloodwork? My doc is military and i can already guess his response if he hears im even considering this course of action.

        • MsIsis says

          Excuse my typos. Thats what happens at 4 am after 2 straight nites of fibro induced insomnia.

    • Thank you Karen!
      I love it when people share details! Like how much, when, where etc.
      You mentioned hemp nectar. Is that different than cbd oil? I’m just learning about this stuff. 🙃

  83. Is it legal to ship CBD oil from California to Pennsylvania?

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hemp CBD oil is legal in all states and can be shipped across state lines. You cannot ship marijuana-based CBD oil between states b/c it is illegal federally.

    • I bought 500 charlotte’s web after detoxing from 16 years of morphine, then fentanyl patches and oxys, and k-pin. I was so fatigued I couldn’t function. Going to the doc was all I could do. I had to stop the opioids! Charlotte’s web cost me $80. In 4 days it was gone. It did help but way too expensive. I am still in pain and decided on thc and cbd oil. Cheaper but I have to smoke it. Not good since I want to stop smoking. I tried chantix while stoping the fentanyl, oxys, and k-pins. I had disturbing dreams and only slept every 2 and a half days. I stopped chantix. Chantix made me crazy. I am trying to find a rolfer since that seems like the only thing that helped my pain in 88. I know opioids aren’t tge answer and only masked my pain. My body is so out of balance since I hardly ever got out of bed. I always said to myself tomorrow it will be different but never was.

  84. Kimberly says

    My husband was just given CannaCare by our holistic doctor. He is told to only do no more than 20 drops per day, does anyone know why he couldn’t do more?

  85. I just commented earlier, but please do not include my website with my comment. The company has asked us not to make medical claims, and I should not have the website address with my comment. I hate people’s comment like “you are trying to sell something.” If people want to know, I will tell, but I hate to sell things. I just share the information because it really helped me. I know many, many people with fibro who got their lives back. I hope you check into it. It is not a miracle cure. Just simply the best nutrition that body can use to work better. Good luck to you, and I hope you can become pain free someday.

  86. I believe that there are more cheaper, safer alternatives. I got off disability and all of the medication I was on for 6.5 years thanks to nutrition products. Even my mom with stage 4 cancer got relief and improvements, and she was given extra 16 months of quality life. She did not need pain meds until few days before she passed, and she passed peacefully. My kids got off allergy meds, and my daughter who could not ran or even walk long distance for 15 years due to knee pain, was able to ran 5 K and now she goes hiking every weekend. There are people with ALS getting reversal with the same nutrition products. There are studies being done at major universities. There is no warning label, and it is safe for babies, pregnant women, and elderly people. Truth is out there, but it is difficult to find. Before using medical marijuana, search for a good nutrition products. Many of our health issues could be addressed. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
    ― Hippocrates

  87. Hi, I’m a fibro guy living in Northern Ireland, have had this hateful condition for about 15 years but only diagnosed 5 years ago. I’ve tried everything from the useless pregabalin / gabapentin meds the doctor gave me to high doses of magnesium, vit-b, c & d and 5-htp which took the edge off the pain but didn’t help with sleep, ibs or cognitive issues. I’ve recently started taking cbd oil from a uk supplier at a strength of 25% and i have to say it’s changed my life.

    The pain is now a rarity, only making itself felt late at night, ibs has (touch wood) gone, sleep duration hasn’t improved a great deal, but quality is on another level (i wake feeling refreshed) and it feels like someone replaced my tired and broken old brain with a bright shiny new one. My mood is so much improved, not in an artificial anti-depressant sort of way, but like everything is back where it should be. My energy levels have quadrupled – to the point that the housework that I dreaded doing is now easy and almost enjoyable and i can do a day at work without needing to go to my car at lunch time for a power nap. Honestly can’t recommend it enough!

    • Schniamhy says

      Sometimes a higher dose at night can be helpful because CBD at low doses gives you more energy and at high doses makes you sleepy.

    • Gabriel says

      Can you tell me what cbd is it? Is it from cdbrothers the blue edition? Thank you

    • Sumster says

      Hi there can you tell me which brand you use? I’m in uk and want to buy a recommend brand. Thanks

      • rachel bassettt says

        I use american shaman cbd from the young man, joe and his fiance. They have a website http://www.gooils.com and they offer 20% discount but he is always willing to work with you. He also gets products onto his website and much better customer service than the american shaman website. So I would highly recommend his website or contact him. He is always there to take phone calls, answer emails, and help find the best remedy for you. His email is joe@gooils.com and I hope he educates you and helps you as much as he has myself.

    • Lauren says

      Hi could you give the supplier ? I would like to buy this for my gran who suffers from fibromyalgia

      • this lady is referring to me. now i’m working for cbd american shaman but I still try to help people with my little http://www.gooils.com website. go to it, check it, and call me and we’ll figure out the best plan for you. or order the 2 products that began selling on amazon prime today.

    • Where do you purchase your CBD Oil from? I live in the U.K. and would love to try it too.

    • Pls HELP ME GET WHAT U GOT! I am miserable w/same horrific pain & ibs as u mentioned!😁Pls text me what & how to purchase the product that has helped u b urself again! I would b so very grateful if u pls could get back w/these helpful products! I need 2 try ASAP! Thanking u very SINCERELY, Di

    • Patricia McKeown says

      Hi Martyn
      I have just come across this site and am very interested in your testimony about CBD oil. I also live in Nr Ireland and would be obliged to receive any Information regarding this product. Although you bought it from a UK supplier can it be purchased in any of the Health shops here. You mention all the good points of taking this but are there any negative issues regarding it.
      I would dearly wish to regain some energy as I have Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, IBS and Twitching Nerves throughout my body.
      Your feedback has given me a sense of hope of regaining a more active lifestyle as at the moment I am basically a couch potato (very listless one at that).
      Any further information you can supply would be very greatly appreciated.
      Thanking you in anticipation.

    • What is the supplier please

    • Hi Martin,
      I’ve been reading through the comments on this site & you’re the only one I’ve come across who’s in Ireland, I hope you don’t mind me messaging you.. I’m in Waterford (Ireland) have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 6+ years, turns out that it may be Lyme disease instead, waiting on further blood tests. My pain/fatigue is immense not to mention “fibromyalgia fog” & the rest… wondered if you would share the name of the company from whom you get CBD oil with me please as it’s in the UK so much nearer to me than others. My email address is annemarieb1@hotmail.com. I would very much appreciate it.

  88. ali kram says

    My children were wanting IRS Instruction 843 a few days ago and encountered an online platform with a searchable forms database . If others are wanting IRS Instruction 843 too , here’s https://goo.gl/N7YKti

  89. I live in the state of Texas where m.m is not legal. I am going to try CBD oil from hemp from a highly recommended manufacturer called Highland Pharms. I am wondering if anyone has had any help with the cbd hemp oil especially for sleep. Though I have burning nerve pain my sleep is terrible at best. I can not take anything overly sedating because it causes breathing problems for me so I am on nothing at the moment. Just looking for some input.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Using hemp CBD has not impacted my sleep, but maybe it has for others.

      • Has it help any of your other symptoms. I guess I was mistaken I thought it was helping with your sleep some. I am in desperate need to find something for that…that isn’t a prescription med.

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          I’ve only seen a reduction in fibro pain. I don’t believe that it’s helped w/ my sleep or fatigue.

        • Schniamhy says

          It helped my sleep a lot. I take 100 mg at 8 pm and go to bed around 10pm

        • Keri Dane says

          I imagine you have tried or used Melatonin and/or Chamomile or Sleepy Time teas, but I thought I’d mention them in case someone might benefit.
          Our bodies make melatonin, a hormone, which, among other things, helps regulate sleep cycles. As we mature, melatonin production diminishes. According to an article on WebMD, melatonin doses range from 0.2 mg to 20.0 mg and the author strongly recommends working with your doctor to determine the best dose. It is an over-the-counter item. Side effects include sleepiness, lower body temperature., vivid dreams, morning grogginess and small changes in blood pressure.
          Chamomile is also known by names like Sleepy Time Tea and Calming Chamomile. The package should list chamomile as the primary or only ingredient. A Google search turned up this (unattributed, possibly Wikipedia) claim: “Popular uses of chamomile preparations include treating hay fever, inflammation, muscle spasm, menstrual disorders, insomnia, ulcers, gastrointestinal disorder, and hemorrhoids.” However, I did read that some people can have an allergic reaction to chamomile and if you are allergic to ragweed, you would be allergic to chamomile.
          Both melatonin and chamomile have worked very well for me in the past. I had horrible insomnia, Even though I was so fatigued that I was falling asleep at work, I could not sleep at night at all and it was affecting my job. Back then, I described my bed as a torture chamber! So, I decided to give chamomile tea a try and within a very few minutes of drinking a cup, a sweet drowsiness overtook me and I was asleep in just a couple minutes.
          Another time, years ago, I was having trouble sleeping so I tried Melatonin. I recall that it also worked very well. AND, I mainly remember that both were very gentle and I don’t remember having any side effects at all.
          Finally, I most often use progressive relaxation if I find I’m not drifting off to sleep immediately after getting into bed. There are several ways to do it, so you might want to just Google it. What I do, is usually start by focusing on the top of my head and noticing any tension there. Then I say “Relax, relax and let go” and keep softly repeating that as I relax any tension I feel in that area. I then move down, maybe to my forehead, and repeat the process. In that way, I work my way down my body, never moving past an area until I’m able to relax the muscles in that area. After years of doing this, I can say, I’ve never made it to my waist before I am asleep.

        • I use Tryptophan, melatonin and meditation before bed. Sleeping to beta wave or white noise sometimes helps too. The supplements magnesium and pqq have helped me the most. I also balance my pH by taking baking soda water 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach. I sleep wonderfully now and can actually get out of bed in the morning. Now I just need to get rid of the pain. Good luck

  90. Rheal Cyr says

    20 years of Fibromyalgia pain, Ibs-c and chronic migraines. I was on two handfuls of pills a day including Opioids; It seems I lost so years of my life to needless suffering. One day I heard about all the people Medical Marijuana was helping, so I approached my doctor. It took some months, but I finally convinced her to let me try it. Now some days I don’t even remember what Fibro pain is like, I have no more Migraines my IBS-C is much better controlled, and I am Not taking any more Opioids, none, zip, zilch, nada. So I think that medical Cannabis is the only choice we have to relieve our Fibromyalgia symptoms until they come out with a miracle pill. I’ve been through enough and I know everyone with Fibromyalgia feels this way too so what do you have to lose. Do your research and find the right doctor who will prescribe you MMJ. It’s your life it’s your chronic pain own up to it and be proactive.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Thank you for sharing your testimony re: medical marijuana. I just recently applied for my license and am hoping to get approved so that I can try it myself.

      • Are you the author of the article? Niticed you were from DE, as I am. Trying to find a dr who can help me with fibro, mine is clueless. Any help is appreciated.

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          Yes, I’m the owner of the site and I do live in Delaware. My rheumatologist is Dr. Phillip Schwartz in Wilmington. He is a very patient, kind doctor. He takes time w/ his patients. But he also has certain treatments that he likes to use for fibro and isn’t really open to trying new things. The standard treatments haven’t worked for me, and I’ve approached him a couple of times about trying more unconventional treatments. He hasn’t been open to those suggestions, so I haven’t bothered to see him in well over a year at this point. As doctors go, however, I would still recommend him.

    • sylvia mifsud says

      Hi Rheal,

      Thanks for sharing. I have IBS-C and Fibromyalgia as wells it a Sativa or Indica Strain please? And how much CBD and THC does it contain? Is it an oil please?

      Thank you

  91. I have been taking the CBD oil from American shaman for over a week no difference. I did use the coupon code so it was only 94.00 but if it helps I will get more but not so far yet. I did have a problem with receiving the product after several calls and emails they discovered it was not shipped then I finally received my product. Trying to stay moving and positive.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hi Carla, I would suggest reaching out to Vince at American Shaman who may be able to give some advice on dosing for fibromyalgia. I was having an issue w/ it not working for a time, but found out through him that I wasn’t using enough. I’m using the 750mg tincture now, and am dosing 1/2 dropper full about 3-4 times a day.

  92. One thing I’m worried about with hemp-based CBD oil is whether it shows up as positive in drug testing. My job and university program do drug testing. So can I get relief without worrying about becoming positive?

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      From what I’ve read, it does not show up in drug tests b/c it doesn’t contain THC.

      • marleen says

        hello Donna,
        I am so happy I found this site.
        I live in spain (55) and have since a few years fibro,
        I am taking my own made cannabis oil at night to sleep, which helps very good,
        I cannot take more than a drop because it makes you really high (THC)
        So I decided to take CBD as well so I can build it up to more drops.
        I bought oil from dr. Hooy, which is 2,75 % CBD hemp oil

        This one has 15 % CBD ( I found on the internet in spain)

        My question is , I am very confused , should I take the 15 % ,
        I just do not know what to take or buy now, because you are never talking about %
        So I really hope someone can help me out here,
        I am quite desperate.
        I cannot order from USA in spain because customs let me pay a lot or takes it in.
        keep up the good work,

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          I’m sorry but I cannot advise you on dosages since I’m not a medical professional. Given the lack of research available, I think most people – myself included – are just experimenting to find the best dose.

  93. Michelle says

    I have been taking cbd infused oils for almost 3 months. I live in Canada where it is medicinal marijuana is legal. I use a half/half cbd oil with no thc and cbd oil with 1:1 ratio of cbd and thc to get through my days. It’s been working out amazingly 😆.
    I had been through all the meds for fibro. Fentyal patches, opiates, you name it I have tried it. So my doc said I was a good candidate for medical marijuana. In an effort to get off all the opiates ( my decision) he prescribed the synthetic marijuana pill and refered me to a cannabis clinic if I wanted the oils and flower.
    Bar none the best thing I’ve ever done for my fibro.
    I’m actually thinking of going back to work after 5 years of not working.
    I don’t get high.
    I get relief.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I just applied for my medical marijuana license here in the U.S. I’m excited to see if it will help me too!!!!

      • Patti Lucas says

        Donna ,do you have any updates?

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          I’m still using American Shaman CBD every day for pain. I’ve recently applied for my medical marijuana license, but am still waiting on the state of Delaware to notify me if I’m approved or not.

  94. Donna & friendly readers on the topic of CBD for Fibromyalgia…

    I live in Canada where medical Cannabis oil is legal.

    With my chronic pain doctor’s information and help, I started it one month + two days ago.

    I can now DO more living.

    The pain relief is incredible. As long as I don’t do too much gardening or dancing around the house. I’m hoping this will improve as my deconditioned muscles get used the increased activity level.
    My question is to Donna and others that have taken the CBD medicine for a longer period of time. Have you found that your muscles became stronger over time and the soreness per amount of activity reduced?

    I have certainly become physically stronger since starting the CBD Cannabis Oil, but I keep upping the anti. I would like to hear about others’ experience, that is, do you get a new set point / threshold before dipping into the pain again. Does that make sense?


    P.s. If there are other Canadians out there that would like more information about CBD products in Canada, I started to collect a number of helpful information resources (Canadian & US) including videos and TV documentaries to help educate yourself. If you are interested, post a message in this blog.

    • Josephine zarb cousin says

      Hi im from Malta how can i get cbd

      • Schniamhy says

        Bluebird botanicals ships internationally to any country in which hemp products are legal. There bottles do not say CBD on them, so customs shouldn’t confiscate it as long as hemp products are legal in your country. I think that they have a list of countries they ship to on their website. I’m sure other companies ship internationally also.

        • Deb Jones says

          I would appreciate it if you could post the companies that ship to the U.S. I have not been able to find a doctor to prescribe any CBD oil. I live in a very rural area and it is very hard to get any info. I have had Fibro. for 40 years and I have other health issues, too. My pain doctor retired as did my nurse practisioner so am having no luck finding a doctor who could prescribe. My days are very dismal but I push myself to get things done everyday. Cites like these really help with the isolation. Thank you so much!

        • jeff michael says

          i know http://www.gooil.com that sells american shaman cbd sells to basically every country except for austraila. plus they offer a 20% coupons. I suffer from fibro and RA and was wheel chair bound until I took the water soluble, 450 tincture, and mix in some of the cbd edibles. hope hits helps!

    • Chantal Wade says

      HI, I would be so grateful to have more information.

    • I’m interested!

    • Chantal Wade says

      I am interested in getting more information from you 🙂

    • Verry interested in this. My wife has FM and has very bad days. I just recently got a pharma pen for her to try. I would like to do this above board but don’t want to go through the hassle if it does not work. Please send me some info.

    • Marianne de Bretan says

      Hi KAte. Please send me your info. Thanks,

    • Barbara Dashwood says

      Hi Kate. I’m Canadian, too, have CFS/FM and vagus nerve irritation. I am trying MM and not getting very far. Suspect I’m not taking enough CBD but have no idea about dosing or is I’m wasting money. Therefore, I’d really appreciate it if you would share with me some of your information. Thanks a bunch

    • Hi, I’m from Canada also and would love to get more information. Chronic pain of the knee, degenerative disc disease, als husband had traumatic above knee amputation, is on opioids, lyrica, and vapes.
      After a while, nothing seems to work anymore. We are both exhausted living in chronic pain.

    • Hi Kate , I would love your collection of info, suppliers, videos on CBD oil.
      I just bought pure CBD herb. Waiting on delivery. Will post my results.
      So far the oil hasn’t helped me at all

  95. schniamhy says

    CBD oil derived from imported hemp is NOT ILLEGAL based on the information sheet that you linked to from the DEA. It explicitly refers to “‘Charlotte’s Web’/CBD oil” and says “Because this extract is a derivative of marijuana, it falls within the definition of marijuana under federal law.”

    The CBD oils for sale on the internet DO NOT meet that criteria as they are NOT A DERIVATIVE OF THE MARIJUANA PLANT. Both hemp and marijuana come from the cannibas sativa strain of the plant. The only difference is that the plant is defined as hemp if it has practically no THC and it’s defined as marijuana when it has a certain level of THC or more. However the laws that govern marijuana are separate from those that govern industrial hemp. The Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is considered to be from the marijuana plant because the growers bred actual marijuana plants to have a lower dose of THC and higher doses of CBD, while this technically turns the plant into what we define as hemp, the government is clearly choosing to continue to define it as marijuana simply because it originated from marijuana with these particular growers rather than most hemp plants that are derived from other hemp plants. Other CBD oil sellers however are not making their oil from marijuana plants with an altered THC/CBD ratio. They are making their oil from industrial hemp which already has a low level of THC and high level of CBD. Products made from this imported industrial hemp are completely legal. We can buy CBD oil from these manufacturers legally for the same reason that we can buy their hemp seeds and hemp soaps and hemp fabrics in the store. As long as they don’t claim on the packaging that their product cures any diseases, they are not violating any laws.

    I think that you should update your article to reflect this because you are potentially turning people away from a product that may reduce their suffering. I use the product for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I have had amazing results. Sleep perfectly now, way better energy during the day (almost normal at times, which is way better than the housebound I used to be), never feel sick anymore, no swollen glands, no aches and pains. It’s given me a whole new lease on life and I wonder if it might heal me completely after a few months of use (I’ve only been on it 2 months).

    I use the products from Bluebird Botanicals because they use third party testing, so I know it’s not contaminated with anything and has the amount of CBD they claim it does. I’m also a super health nut and they are basically growing organically and will be getting certification in a year or so. Plus their hemp comes from Denmark, so they have very safe growing practices there unlike some of the other companies that source from China.

    I’m telling everyone I know about CBD oil because it has been such a miracle worker for me, and I really think you need to change your article to reflect the fact that it is legal.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      All CBD oil is illegal, according to the federal government, b/c it is derived from the cannabis plant. If you read the U.S.’s drug schedule, it lists cannabis as a schedule 1 substance, not marijuana. CBD falls under that category. I stand by my reporting. I asked the DEA specifically about the legal status of hemp CBD, and two officers told me it is illegal, according to federal law, as did multiple sources who work in the cannabis trade. I’m glad it’s helping you and hope our country changes its laws so that more people feel comfortable using it.

      • schniamhy says

        Not all products derived from the species cannabis sativa are illegal under federal law. If they were, it wouldn’t be legal to buy hemp seeds or hemp soap or hemp oil or hemp t-shirts. ALL hemp products are legal in the USA as long as they meet the zero tolerance level for THC.

        Also, the word of low-level, anonymous DEA officers is not sufficient evidence for a journalist. Only primary sources are sufficient. To be 100% certain of the legality, you would have to cite the actual law and get an official statement from a high level DEA official and the source would have to be named. Otherwise it’s just a blog post.

        As it stands, the official statement that you link to is regarding “a DERIVATIVE OF MARIJUANA that many refer to as ‘Charlotte’s Web’or ‘CBD oil.” and IS NOT a statement regarding HEMP DERIVED CBD oil.

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          My DEA sources are not “low level.” My primary source was Barbara Carreno who is the spokesperson for the entire agency! Feel free to call her and question her yourself. I just spoke w/ her again on Friday. She says hemp products, like lotions and clothing and that sort of thing, are exempt from the Controlled Substances Act. Hemp seeds are also exempt b/c they are inert. But she says CBD oil in any form is illegal. There is no hemp plant. Hemp is part of the cannabis plant. Hemp is the stalk, marijuana comes from the leaves. Cannabis is a schedule 1 controlled substance. CBD oil, therefore, is not legal, whether it comes from the hemp stalk or the leaves – it still comes from the same plant – an illegal plant! It is not even legal to grow hemp in the US – there are just a few places that have special licenses from the government to grow it. If hemp itself is not legal in the US, then why in the world would you think that oil that comes from hemp would be legal? Your logic makes no sense.

          • schniamhy says

            I do intend to contact the DEA for an article I’m writing. I will contact Barbara Carreno also. Thank you.

            Here’s the logic: You said “if Hemp itself is not legal in the US, then why in the world would you think that oil that comes from hemp would be legal? Your logic makes no sense.”

            Why would oil that comes from hemp be legal??? You mean like hemp oil that you can buy in the grocery store. Well, the point is that it is legal and so is the CBD oil that comes from hemp and all the other products that come from hemp.

            The logic is clear: All hemp products that do not contain THC are legal in the US, such as hemp soap, hemp seeds, hemp oil and CBD oil. The industrial hemp is grown outside of the US and then made into products to be sold in the US.

            A law group specializing in cannabis law and business states exactly the logic I have been arguing in this way:

            “Given the foregoing, is CBD legal under federal law? It depends.

            Marijuana is currently listed as a Schedule I narcotic under the federal Controlled Substances Act, meaning the federal government believes it to be a dangerous drug with no recognized medical benefit. Consequently, any CBD derived from marijuana violates the federal Controlled Substances Act, and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has already stated that it believes that CBD is a marijuana derivative and, therefore, a Schedule 1 drug. However, the federal Controlled Substances Act does not include in its definition of “marijuana” the plant’s “mature stalks.” These mature stalks are used to create hemp (which contains little to no THC and has not intoxicating effect). Hemp is not scheduled under the federal Controlled Substances Act and, therefore, is also not under the enforcement authority of the DEA.

            Though the DEA has no enforcement power over hemp products, it does control hemp cultivation. In order to grow hemp in the U.S., you have to have a permit from the DEA which the DEA typically never issues. Therefore, cultivating hemp without a permit to do so from the DEA remains a federal crime. The only exception is the 2014 federal Farm Bill which allows state departments of agriculture, universities, and colleges to cultivate hemp without a permit from the DEA for educational and research purposes. Because of the prohibition on hemp cultivation without a DEA permit, the hemp products we see in the U.S. typically come from hemp imported from overseas. This means that companies and individuals may freely sell CBD derived from processed hemp (not from marijuana), imported from outside the U.S.

            Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has inserted itself into the CBD market. Generally, when a company makes a medical claim about a product, that product is classified as a drug. Under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), new drugs are not allowed to enter the market without first being tested by the FDA, unless they meet the definition of a dietary supplement (which doesn’t require such testing). When these types of claims are made without the requisite testing, the FDA takes action under the FDCA.

            The FDA does not consider CBD to be a dietary supplement; it considers CBD to be a new drug. As a result, earlier this year, the FDA issued warning letters to companies making medical claims about their CBD products. Ultimately, among other identified violations of the FDCA, the FDA accused these companies of making unfounded medical and therapeutic claims about their CBD products by, for instance, stating that CBD is effective for treating certain kinds of cancer. The FDA gave these companies 15 days to demonstrate how they were curing violations of the FDCA or face legal action by the FDA.

            Anyone undertaking the sale of hemp-derived CBD should make very clear to regulators and to its customers that its products come from imported hemp and not from marijuana. Moreover, anyone selling or making hemp-derived CBD should take great care to avoid making any medical claims about those products or else they risk facing the consequences under the FDCA.” (http://www.cannalawblog.com/what-is-marijuana-the-legality-of-cbd/)

            About the Law Group:
            “The Canna Law Group®

            Since 2010, The Canna Law Group has represented hundreds of start-up and established marijuana businesses on their legal matters in multiple states.

            The Canna Law Group is a ten-attorney dedicated practice group of Harris Moure, focusing on cannabis corporate, compliance, intellectual property, litigation, and consumer product issues. Because we are part of a larger law firm, we are able to take advantage of the abilities of other Harris Moure lawyers when a marijuana legal issue requires more specialized knowledge. We have lawyers licensed in Alaska, California, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, and Washington, and in China, Germany, and Spain. We have the depth and the breadth of expertise you need to operate legally and profitably.

            Our cannabis business lawyers have received multiple awards for their work in this burgeoning industry. In 2013 alone, Hilary Bricken was named the Marijuana Industry Attorney of the Year by DOPE Magazine and one of only seven top Deal Makers by the Puget Sound Business Journal. Major media outlets frequently look to The Canna Law Group for expertise on national and developing marijuana issues.”

    • Thanks for your post. I have suffered many years from CFS/Fibro and has debilitated and incapacitated me a lot of the time. Interestingly I started the CBD oil for severe pain with my spine but what I found was that my energy improved. I usually walk in the park in the morning struggling for every ounce of energy dragging my tired body forward. But since taking the oil, I can do my walk without stopping to sit every 10-15 minutes. I didn’t realize the CBD oil was helpful for energy levels and that people with CFS/Fibro were taking this. I read that using CBD oil for those with low energy on a cellular level that the CBD promotes wakefulness within the cells. An unexpected surprise taking this only for a few days–I am feel more awake, alert, brighter and happy! I am also a health nut and happy with Bluebird Botanicals products. Which CBD oil do you use and how much?

      • schniamhy says

        Oh, thanks! I’m glad it was helpful. Yes, CBD is so exciting as a potential medicine for CFS because it treats so many of the things that are malfunctioning in various different systems, including the immune, nervous and digestive systems. But, like you mentioned about the cells too, it is so interesting because it appears to promote homeostasis and proper energy metabolism within the cells! It also helps with calcium regulation within the cells, which many CFS patients suffer from. It’s very interesting, and I can’t wait until someone starts to study it specifically for CFS. But at least I know it’s working for me.

        I started out taking the 250 mg bottle of the classic hemp CBD oil. I started just taking 2 servings per day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), which was 4.2 mg per serving (or 8.4 mg per day). I had immediate relief of multiple symptoms, but then when it started wearing off, the symptoms returned. They went away again when I took more. So I decided to jump up to a much higher dose reasoning that most of the research done on CBD for insomnia, epilepsy and anxiety used doses that were between 150-400 mg, so really I was taking a minuscule amount. Also, the highest dose tested in research was 1500 mg and was determined to be safe, so I figured I could really be taking a lot more. I would have just gone straight to 300 mg per day if I could have, but it is very expensive. So I just stepped up 2 weeks ago to 50 mg per day (25 mg in morning and 25 mg in afternoon). It made a huge difference. Now I never get symptoms like shortness of breath returning before my next dose. Energy is much improved and I am able to do more with less consequences. I still can’t overdo it though or I pay a price. I wonder if I could be close to cured if I went up to a normal dose for other illnesses, such as 200-400 mg.

        I’m currently looking into ways that I might be able to get it for cheaper, so that I can afford to take a higher dose. I’m looking into getting a medical marijuana card because a lot of dispensaries now sell high CBD/low THC strains of the flower (like charlotte’s web). We’re going to look at prices next week. Alternatively I might be able to grow my own with the license. That way I could also raw juice it. I saw a video of a woman on YouTube who allegedly cured her CFS by raw juicing massive amounts of cannabis.

        I think the important thing to note here for all those patients with Fibro and CFS who are trying CBD oil and feel like maybe it doesn’t really work for them or help their energy, I would tell them to look at the dose they are taking before determining that it doesn’t work. Because most people are probably taking less than 10 mg per day and claiming that it doesn’t work, when the therapeutic dose for these diseases may really be anywhere from 100-1500 mg per day. That would be like splitting an aspirin into 100 pieces and only taking one piece and then claiming it doesn’t do anything for headaches. So if CBD oil even makes you feel a tiny bit better in any way at a dose of less than 10 mg per day, chances are it’s going to make you feel a lot bit better at a much higher dose.

        Please let me know if anyone has any cheaper sources of CBD oil! Thanks!

        Also, bluebird botanicals has 25% off for people who sign their hemp petition.

        • Oh wow just seeing this now.. I kept checking to see if you responded but somehow missed your reply. I am excited to hear back from you and have much to share. I have to go out now but will write back soon! 🙂

          • schniamhy says

            It’s probably because the comments have to be approved by the moderator first, so they don’t post right away when the person responds.

      • schniamhy says

        Oh and the CBD oil that I am currently using from Buebird Botanicals is the Classic Hemp Blend 6x and the size is 3,000 mg. I take two servings of that per day. It tastes gross but is obviously worth it 🙂 If the taste bothers you you can get the non-concentrated version but you’d be taking a lot of extra oil with that. I’m on an oil free diet so I prefer the concentrated blend. The 3000 mg CBD costs $309, but with their 25% off discount it was actually more reasonable than a lot of the other medicines I take.

        Also, I’m going back to my doctor in a few weeks to do some follow up tests, he wants to see if the CBD oil has helped with any of my nutrient deficiencies or with my calcium regulation inside my cells, which we have been unable to budge with any other treatment. Will be interesting to find out.

        • I really appreciate all the helpful information you provided as I could relate so much to what you have written and had more of a guideline in my dosages. I also wanted to give myself more time using the CBD oil before responding back to you. It’s been 3 weeks now and I have taken anywhere from 25 mg to 42 mg per day using the same formula as you have. I take 8-15 drops in the morning which equals 16 to 25 mg and then late afternoon 5-10 drops which is 8 to 16 mg. What I found what was initially taking it in the morning I had better energy and my second dose I either felt more energy or groggy. I initially started to take the CBD hemp oil for issues w my spine and fibromyalgia but noticed it only helped minimally with my pain. As time went on I have felt myself feeling increasingly groggy and having a hard day making it through my day. It does give you a more relaxed feeling and cuts on your appetite but I needed to function as having CFS is hard enough. What I read is that CBD oil decreases cortisol, blood pressure and blood sugar and I already have adrenal insufficiency so perhaps that is why I am so much more tired. I am not sure what to do at this point–there are positives taking this–I may just need to cut the dose to perhaps 5 drops 8.33 mg twice per day. Any thoughts? PS I am so glad you have found the CBD oil to be helpful for you! 🙂

          • Schniamhy says

            Research shows that THC causes the autonomic nervous system changes that you mentioned, such as blood pressure drop etc… However, CBD does not cause any of these changes in the nervous system. This was a biggie for me because I have really low blood pressure and bad adrenals too as well as palpitations. I find that Marijuana does negatively affect these things in me but that CBD does not. So my experience matches the research I found. And I’m now taking 300 mg per day.

          • Schniamhy says

            I’m not sure why it would be making you groggy. One reason might be that it relaxes people and makes sleep come easier when our bodies are tired. Are you a person who needs a mid day nap?

            Another reason might be that cannibas has been shown in research to kill candida in a petri dish. This mean that, like all antifungals, it has the potential to cause a herxheimer reaction in the body when we take it. A herxheimer can make you feel sick and tired because the candida yeast release toxins when they die off. This is a well known side effect of treating systemic candida overgrowth with antifungals. I experienced about a week of a herxheimer reaction every time I jumped up my dose of CBD by 50-100 mg or more.

            For some people it might be hard to tell if they are having a herxheimer reaction if they don’t have any visible candida symptoms. But for me it’s obvious because I have a candida rash that flares up when the herxheimer is beginning and then dies down at the end.

            And actually, I would say that CBD has been the best anti candida medicine I have tried yet. I have tried a bunch of alternative and mainstream treatments but always still had the rash. But now it’s almost completely gone! Amazing!

            There might be other reasons you are tired too that we don’t understand. Adjusting the dose like you are doing is probably the best way to figure out how to make it work for you.

        • May I say, you make a lot of sense.

    • Malka Margolies says

      Curious to know how much CBD oil you take daily. I received my order from Bluebird Botanicals the other day and thought it best to start with just 15 drops a day. This is for my child, who could not tolerate the taste. So, today I put the 15 drops in a capsule and that seemed to avoid any argument.

      • I’m curious about something. Do you feel your child is getting the same benefits by putting in the capsules? I only ask because I’m having a hard time with the taste. I bought my cbd oil from my local health store that I do trust. Because of stomach issues they suggested a certain kind that is easier on the stomach. They also suggested putting the drops into a shot glass with water. Because I had sleeve gastrectomy (weight loss surgery) in November drinking all that all at once actually hurts my stomach. So long story short, 😉 do you feel your child is getting the full benefits? I think for my nighttime dose a I’m going to put it in a capsule, but since I’m brand new at it I wouldn’t know if I was getting the full benefits. Sorry for the ramble. =)

        • My guess is that the impact is less when the CBD oil is put in capsules. But it is the only way I can get it into him. I know another mother who put it in capsules for her child and saw great improvement. It’s too soon for me to tell whether it is making any difference.

        • Hi Monica, putting the CBD oil in water will waste some of it because some of the oil will stick to the glass. I’m not sure if it will be less effective in a capsule, perhaps just take a little longer to get into your system. To cover up the taste, you could put the CBD oil into a small amount of food, particularly something with fat in it.

      • schniamhy says

        I detail the amounts I take in my post above. I started with just testing a few drops for a day or two and then quickly stepped up to the suggested dosage of 15 drops twice per day of the non-concentrated original version of CBD oil from Bluebird (that’s 30 drops or 8.4 mg per day). Now I’m taking 30 drops per day of the 6X concentrated form. 30 drops of the 6X is 50 mg per day.

        • Is it helping?

          • schniamhy says

            It is helping me immensely with many different symptoms. However, I feel that it would help me more if I could take an actual therapeutic dose of 300 or so milligrams per day rather than just 50 milligrams per day, because the more I take, the better I feel.

    • Hi
      I came across this site by pure accident. .and how chuffed am I? So pleased to find such input from other sufferers of this dreadful condition! and the CBD info is very interesting. Have never tried it and not sure of the availability in England.

      Also, on scrolling down the posts I saw one from Debi Hamblin in Tennessee …this was so unexpected as my family name is Hamblin which is very uncommon in England, and she is suffering from the same condition as me! I sent a reply post and then realized her post was from March, so guessed she may not see my reply.

      Is it possible for you to repost her?
      Many thanks

      • Michael says

        Hello mate, there is one brand I can recommend that is based in UK, they are called CBD Brothers, you can either find their products on Amazon or on their website, currently they have around 9 products between 7-300+£ , they sell oil extracted from specially breeded cannabis strains, also they sell capsules made from same cannabis flowers (expensive stuff) not that long ago they’ve introduced new product, much cheaper made from proper hemp plants made in Finland from Finola32 strain. Very potent strain with 15:1 CBD to THC ratio. I’ve been testing all their products and I can tell you all, this works. I take blue oil 2000mg 25% CBD extract, which works wonders. My back is genuinely fu****, now because I smoke a lot of dank weed I get lazy and get anxieties sometimes, and that’s when I take expensive stuff in capsules made from cannabis strains, this completely relaxes my mood and Takes the anxiety moods back big time. CBD works people, just don’t fall for traps like OP did buying that 40$ crap. But yeah if you are based In UK CBD Brothers are the people you want to deal with.

  96. Kim Miller says

    Hello. I am a smoker and decided that I would investigate vaping as a way to either cut down on ciggs or to stop smoking all together. Now, I went to my local smoke shop and saw CBD oil there at the counter. I had just read an interesting article on it (don’t remember which one) and was interested. As soon as I got paid, I went back and got a vaporizer and the CBD oil. I just started it so haven’t noticed any remarkable results yet except that I do seem a bit more relaxed. I have started with 150mg and the bottle said that it can be vaped or put a few drop under the tongue twice a day. The gentleman that owns the shop said that I should probably go for a stronger dose for fibro. I am hoping it helps as I do not like being high, like from marajuana or using opiates. I live in Nevada, so legality is not an issue. Love your forum. Thanks for the input.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hope it helps! Once you get a little further along, I’d love to hear an update on how it’s going.

  97. I live in CO. I tried MMJ oil and found that it works! I don’t heat it over 200 degrees. That is what releases the THC. I tried CBD from hemp thinking that it was the same. It was a waste. I went back to the MMJ oil. I work for a drug counseling agency and have been very honest with my boss. He is curious to see if MMJ oil can be regulated. I take 2 droppers at bed and have slept the best since 1996. I also take half a dropper in the morning and my pain is a lot less. I can function. As for it being a drug, it is like any Rx. They are abused all the time too. Alcohol is abused, and even food is abused. addiction and abuse are a behavior. I struggled really hard getting to the point to use the oil. I am an herbalist and swore I could relieve my pain by other methods. I do still use them, and only incorporate the MMJ oil on the extreme high pain days. God made all the plants and before the fall of man it was all perfect. Be good stewards of what He has given us, and it will all be good!

    • leslie says

      This is a great site talking about MMJ and how others use it. I have been very frustrated with the help I get at the dispensaries here in the Denver metro area. I have very painful fibromyalgia and have tried many types but get confused with the dosing. I have been told a person needs to have some level of THC to make the CBD work and that is the trick finding the sweet spot. Does anyone have a really good dispensary that takes the time to actually work with you on dosing? I much rather be taking MMJ than the tramadol I am on for pain. I hope in the future they get some medical professionals that can work at the dispensaries that one can pay to monitor the dosing and make records of the various trials.

  98. I started using cannacare cbd oil a month ago and it has work so well to help relieve my pain. It was so significant that my chiropractor could see the difference after only 4 days of use. My doctor recommended this brand. He is a distributor but you can easily order directly from the web site. Cannacare.com.

  99. I purchase my CBD HEMP OIL DROPS 1250mg from HIGHLANDPHARMS.COM. The hemp is grown in Colorado and the oil is extracted using a co2 process, no chemicals. Hemp CBD OIL is legal in all 50 states.

    • Karma Magers says

      Hi Linda, I decided to jump into the conversation when you said youbuythe 1250mg from HIGHLANDPHARMS. I have just ordered the same. I have Fibro, Sjogrens, Autoimmune Syndromes too numerous to list, plus some pretty serious injuries acquired in military service. Over the years (and years and years) my Pain Management Docs have worked with me for relief without Opioids, for which I am allergic. I have done quite a bit of research over the past two years on CBD, THC, Hemp and MMJ. There is an enormous amount of information available if one is willing to sift through misinformation, ignorance and outright lies. I chose to go with CBD oil rather than smoking MMJ because I have asthma and I quit smoking 30 years ago. I have yet to receive my first shipment from HIGHLANDPHARMS and am curious as to your experience with the 1250mg potency oil. I have great hopes for even a small level of relief as I recently was involved in a sever auto wreck and it pretty much overwhelmed my ability to mentally deal with the additional pain. Please let me know how you use the CBD oil.

  100. Jacqueline Smith says

    Hi I live in Colorado where this stuff is legal and I found some CBD pills that I take that relieve the pain quite well. They’re from Mary’s Medicinals and you can get them at the dispensaries here. I love them.

  101. Jessica says

    I’ve tried hemp CBD, it helps some but wears off quickly for me and is entirely too expensive to keep enough to reduce my pain. Unfortunately for me, I’m in a state that hasn’t quite legalized medical marijuana so I’m SOL. It’s been on the ballot once and just barely didn’t pass. I have no qualms with having it completely legalized nation wide. It was big business from the start of the United States, up until the 1920’s when prohibition began. It has been used for centuries for a variety of things, including clothing!! And suddenly was banned?!? For what?

  102. I have cluster migraines and fibromyalgia . Will someone please post a link to the exact cbd oil I should buy? Please, I beg you. Email it to me at nikkibullis@gmail.com

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      There’s a link to the brand that I use in the post. There are other recommendations in the comments section.

      • Lois Flett says

        I also have cluster migraines that last for days on end & the worst Fibro my Pain Specialist has ever seen! He just hooked me up with a Licensed Producer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada called CanniMed where I get my thc-cbd medical cannabis from! Sent directly to my house 👍! I’ve got to tell you- the very first time I vaped the cannabis I had a 3 day migraine!!! Wow!!! GONE IN 5 MINUTES! AMAZING! Plus I’m using it every morning to help with pain control… I go from a 2 (feeling awful) to a 6 out of 7! Consistently every time 👍! It’s only been 2 weeks for me & next month I plan on adding OIL to my regimen for longer lasting results! Vaping is awesome but wears off in about 2 hours. Good luck with your journey 💞

  103. I believe my fiance has FM (he’s getting tested in less than two weeks), and he’s finding all sorts of bad side effects with conventional Western treatments for his chronic pain. While I’ve been opposed to “recreational pot” on principle, the idea of medicinal use where other treatments have failed has never been an issue. But until I read your article I never thought I’d be purchasing something like this to try at home–luckily I live in a state where “it’s legal” but both of us work for corporations which will fire us if we get tested. I’ve some trepidation, but if it helps him and it helps with my repetitive motion injury…

    Thank you for this information.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I’d encourage you to also read my post on “How to use medical marijuana without getting high.” It includes info on choosing CBD rich products, which will give you the pain relieving benefits w/o the usual high associated w/ marijuana. https://fedupwithfatigue.com/marijuana-without-getting-high/

    • Hello and thank you so much for this amazing blog! My cousin has suffered terribly from fibromyalgia for a long time now, and nothing has helped her. However, I promised her that I would look into hemp oil as I remembered reading about it at some point. I am planning to help her buy some but could you please just clarify which strength you purchased, since there are three that I see on the site? 150, 300 and 45 mg. Many, many thanks for your help!

      • Go to HOGHLANDPHARMS.COM. I USE THE 1250mg mint flavored. There is a lot of info. On the website and you can call them with any questions, they are very helpful.

  104. Ruth Templeton says

    I tried the CBD oil for 5 days, made my depression a little worse and didn’t help my pain at all. I hoped it would.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Sorry it didn’t help. It’s possible you were using a bad brand. As the post says, there’s a lot of variance in the quantity/quality of hemp-based CBD oil. Some brands are selling products that don’t even contain CBD.

  105. My daughter is 50yrs old. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia,CFS, post traumatic depression, bipolar , the list goes on & on. She starting getting sick the last yr of R.N. School. Got her degree but hasn’t ever been able to work. She was 26 when this all started. I’ve spent about 25yrs helping her raise her children and I was happy to but my life has been on hold and still is. I can’t hardly stand to see her suffer day & night. She has taken so many Meds ,that she has been like a zombie half of her life. Starting drinking to help dull pain, got addicted to pain killers but all this did was made her worse. Can’t fine a dr. that will spend time to try to really help except with another scrip. She wants to try medical marijuana but can’t get anywhere with that. She has attempted suicide.she said she was existing not living. My heart hurts so much to see her in this horrible pain and not able to get someone to help. I’ll one day find her dead if things don’t change. What should I do.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. I wish I had the perfect answers for you. Have you looked into substance abuse treatment for her? It sounds like that’s the first issue that needs to be addressed – to get her stabilized and feeling a little stronger mentally. Many, many prayers to you and her. It breaks my heart to think of what she (and also you, as her mom) is suffering.

    • Malka Margolies says

      So sorry to hear this. Has your daughter ever been tested for Lyme disease and all the co-infections (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Bartonella, etc.)? Has she had her thyroid checked as well, including thyroid antibodies? Sadly I’m learning that both tick-borne infections and thyroid disease (often a result of tick-borne infections) cause horrific fatigue, aches, pains, arthritis, depression and psychosis.

      • Patti Lucas says

        I tested Positive for RMSF, was sent to a specialist who said it had to be a false positive because I’d be sicker if I had it.

    • CryTears says

      Linda Hall…I know the suffering you’re writing about with your daughter. There are times I have dark thoughts and too many times I think death will be a sweet relief from pain and suffering.
      Just existing, not living…I go from one day to the next trying to deal with my pain and some days is so bad it has me crying, pleading and begging with God to “heal me or kill me”…but my prayers have gone unanswered all these years and I’m getting worse…both rotators and bicep muscles torn, are unfixable.
      I had one repaired 5 yrs ago, nightmare post surgery pain was off the charts. All for not as it retore months after the surgery and now my neck has horrible arthritis…I have Rheumatoid arthritis, Crohns disease and Fibromyalgia for over 30 yrs.
      So my only hope is this CDB oils…am going to be ordering it soon, but I want to make sure I’m making the right choice, not buy expensive, worthless junk…
      I hope and pray it helps…otherwise, I’m going to be checking out of life…whats the point of “living” this way? I have no family, no parents, just a husband who loves me, but he has oral cancer…doesn’t smoke, chew or drink…go figure this out…life sucks for us.
      Your daughter is blessed by having a mother who cares and I’m sure her children are also loving caring.
      Blessings to you and hope/pray your daughter finds some relief from pain, suffering and fatigue.
      Seems like this is our last bit of hope.

      • I hope someone has heard from this person since her post, she sounds like she needs to be in touch with a crisis center. She wrote she’s going to check out of this life and that’s pretty alarming.

  106. Allison says

    I had been using Charlotte’s Web CBD oil for chronic angina pain and
    one day I noticed many of the fibro symptoms had lessened significantly.
    Charlotte’s Web CBD is expensive but purchasing it through Realm of Caring
    offers a small discount.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Glad it is helping you! I am hearing more and more stories like yours.

  107. I cannot tell you how informative this article has been for me. Thank you for a well researched and thought out article. I’m interested in reading your article for the Community Pain Center once it becomes available.

    There are so many success stories with the CBD oil, that I would like to give it a try. I’m glad that I read your article before doing so in order to make a better informed decision.

    I pinned this to the fibromyalgia group board as well as shared it on my FB page.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Thanks for sharing my post on your social media channels! Glad you liked it and found it helpful.

  108. Sharon Mhyre says

    I have both Crohns and Fibromyalgia. I use CBD pills because the oil wasn’t working as well as I hoped, although it WAS working somewhat. The CBD pills have made a HUGE difference in my life. No, it doesn’t take away my pain completely, and I didn’t really expect it to. But it has made it so that I am having less flare ups of Crohns, and also I can handle the pain I am getting from both better. It seems to lower the inflammation that I get from both. I used to have to be on opiates at a high amount, that made it almost impossible to function during the day. I still take opiates, but so much less that I am able to function better than I have in years. It is not a cure, but it does make a very clear difference in my life. I am in the process of seeing if I can get a license to grow my own, just for my own use. It’s very expensive and is not covered by any insurance I can find. I live in WA state, so it’s easily obtainable for me. I do recommend that you give it a try if you have any of these kinds of conditions. But stick to CBD, because there really aren’t any bad effects to my mind, or anyone else I know that uses it.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      So glad to hear about how CBD has helped you! Your testimony will give others hope. Thanks for sharing.

    • Barry Burt says

      Sharon, thanks for your post. My girlfriend has Crohns and Fibro in addition to chronic fatigue syndrome and rhumetoid arthritis. We are looking into CBD oils and I came across this thread. We live in the Tacoma area. Are you nearby? Do you have recommendations on where to purchase quality CBD oils? Recommend any blends? Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, have you heard about hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments for fibro? Check it out on Google. Sounds promising!

  109. Great Article, you can buy high end organic CBD oil from us with free UK delivery

  110. Hello – I have been taking hemp oil for about 5 days now and I have been getting headaches every time I take it. Is this a normal effect and do they usually go away after you continue the oil. Thanks for you help

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      No, from what I’ve learned, that is not a normal side effect. It could be that your oil contains contaminants that your body doesn’t like. Hemp oil is completely unregulated, so it’s hard to know what you’re getting. Since hemp is a bioaccumulator, it sucks toxins from the earth, which then taints the oil. It’s really important to get your hemp oil from a reputable source, so you are not risking exposing yourself to toxins.

      • like buy it from a dispencary if you have that option in your stae. it’s clean, tested and then make your own. it works excellent for my sleep that the crap the government tries to push down the veterans throats for sleep. I lost my damn pain meds cuz I use the cbd oil for sleep and have never slept so well in my life after service as now.

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          Glad you’ve found something to help you. Thank you for your service to our country.

        • CryTears says

          Donald…if you’re still wanting/needing pain meds, find a good doctor who doesn’t test for the marijuana…lots of good Rheumatologist have gotten on board with medical marijuana.
          I know mine sure is…You’d never in a million years believe he’d be all for the MMP.
          Some doctors won’t charge or ask for small fee for office visits as they’re in it for helping those in pain and not for the money…at least my doctor is awesome, caring and compassionate…hope you’ll be able to find one….and yes, thank you for serving our country and I’m sorry that you’re suffering! May God bless YOU and GOD Bless America!

  111. Kelly Lee says

    Hello. I have fibro and a ton of other ailments/injuries. I am a disabled combat veteran and I was on a lot of opiates for years. In addition to opiates, I have tried a bunch of meds and my weight has skyrocketed. I am in Lyrica and I use lidocaine patches, ointment, muscle relaxers, Tylenol and Motrin. I recently moved to Florida and I found a place that was referred to me for my eliquid vape. I discovered that they also sell cbd oil. I was extremely impressed with the owners knowledge and the fact that he makes all liquids in house. His passion is to help others and he said he’s not doing it for the money. He make cbd and eliquid, with medical grade ingredients and the hemp derived cbd is backed by lab reports that he receives on every batch. He ensures the highest quality products. Sooo. I decided to try and it worked for my pain and anxiety. At first I only tried sublingual (he has several flavors) and I also vape it because you get a much quicker effect when smoking. His product is 25% cbd and the flavors make it taste good. It does have a slight earthy flavor because of the cbd but not bad at all. The earthy flavor ensures that actual cbd is in it. My mood swings have improved and I am happy. The place is called Johnny Copper Vapor Co. In Green Cove Springs, FL. https://johnnycopper.org let me know what you think.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      That’s fantastic news! So happy you’ve found something to help you! Thank you for sharing!

  112. Kathryn says

    I used a cbd hemp oil pain patch from http://www.pureratios.com and it took my joint and other pain from a 6-7 down to a 2

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      That’s great news, Kathryn. I’m going to check that out!

    • Kristal Mulkey says

      I want to try the patches but it says for California??? ugh I so need some relief

    • This looked like a great option but when I went to the site it said they only sell to people in California.

  113. Debi Hamblin says

    I too am fed up! I want my life back that Fibro has taken away! I’m on too many prescribed meds that I feel may be making my fatigue worse. They have replaced my pain meds with Gabapentin & Cymbalta & I hate taking them. I cannot take anti-inflammatory meds due to stomach issues.
    Recently, I smokes just a small amount of Marijuana with a friend & felt immediate relief! The next day, I still felt better! My limbs felt less heavy, less achy, I felt like going, doing. It lasted for over a day & a half! I could not believe that anything would relieve my pain! Now, I want to know what I can do to get that same relief! I live in Tennessee, Marijuana is illegal here. Do any states that it is legal in, ship to states like mine? Or will I have to move? I am desperate to feel that we’ll much more often & be productive again! I miss being me! Thank you for your efforts!

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hi Debi, there isn’t a legal way to ship medical marijuana into a nonlegal state. Some states do allow visitors from out of state to purchase from their dispensaries, but you must go there to purchase the product. Laws on that vary by state, and of course you would be breaking the law by crossing back into Tennessee with it since it is illegal there.

      The other option is to buy it illegally off the street, which I, of course, wouldn’t recommend due to safety/legal issues.

      Or move to a legal state. I’m sorry…I know none of those are great options. Hopefully the federal government will reschedule it and we will be able to move toward legalization w/in the next few years.

    • Hi there Debi Hamblin!
      I was stunned to see your post …my maiden/family name is Hamblin! and is an uncommon name in England! The odd thing is I too suffer with fibro and am unable to take anti-inflammatory drugs because of stomach condition! How strange is this?
      I wonder if we could be related? My dad’s sister Jean lived in America, sadly passed on now.

      I hope your pain improves ..I know how soul destryoy this condition can be. I also suffer arthritis and spinal damage and The hospital I am under tried me on Gabapentin but I had a allergic reaction to it, have never tried any of the products discussed on this site but am on a number of prescribed mefs and painkillers which I also hate taking. The number of times I have said I want my life back!!
      Warmest wishes and good luck with your pain relief

  114. I live in Iowa. Right now as I write this, our state legislature is debating this subject. While my desire is to support pain relief and healing, I don’t want to encourage drug use or addiction. It has been difficult to know where to weigh in on this. I want to thank you for clearing up the mystery surrounding CBD. Also, it was helpful to read about your personal experience.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Glad that you found it helpful. There is quite a bit of confusion out there about CBD right now.

  115. I’ve been vaping CBD oil, as well as using it sublingually for a few months now. It has helped with my pain level to a good extent. I still have problems with fatigue, but it’s so much easier to handle when you’re not in pain on top of it.

    • I’m glad it’s helping you! If the government can work out the issues with legalization, then it will open doors for research to prove what we already know anecdotally.

  116. Alan Redfern says

    I have had fibro for a few years and no painkillers have helped much,i tried cbd vape oil 150mg a few weeks ago which did help.It didn’t completely take the pain away but made it bearable.I have tonight ordered some 600mg from a different supplier so I’m hoping for better results from the higher strength.I’m in the UK and cbd if legal over here so I’m lucky in that respect.

  117. Jessica Jackson says

    I have and do use Medical Marajuana (MMJ) and CBD oils for Fibromyalgia pain, and live in a Legal state to do so. I have tried a majority of the pharmaceutical pain medications out there, and that’s why I switched. Can only use the Indica type of THC (they come in Sativa and Hybrid also) or a strong CBD (they come in different strength, flavor and size.) I have also been told to keep it refrigerated for maximum “shelf life”. Can Not drive while medicated (as in Every state with alcohol.) Relieves pain based on how much you use, I don’t use much of the THC as it turns on the nerve endings first then turns them off. The CBDs just turn the nerves off. The only problem so far with CBDs is the cost.

    • Yes, I agree that medical marijuana can be expensive. Hopefully within my lifetime I will see insurance companies actually paying for it, like they do for pharmaceuticals. I’m glad you’re finding relief.

      • I hope so too! That would be great if insurance companies paid for it. Also, maybe once enough people are buying it the prices will come down.

  118. Paul Williams says

    I would just like to offer a suggestion to those interested in CBD oil, I researched on-line for my partner who had chronic migraine, I bought CBD paste and diluted it with flax oil to make my own oil, it is a lot cheaper than buying cbd oil. I also used turmeric and black pepper and garlic (for sulphur) heated in a little olive oil added to the mix, (do not heat flax oil) this helps the body absorb the oil better and also increases the potency of the CBD, After years of chronic headaches and proscribed medication not working and becoming an addiction with dreadful side effects, my partners headaches went with 3 drops of oil under the tongue. tip, only make small amounts as flax oil has limited shelf life and must be refrigerated and shake well before taking. I am in Europe and bought the paste on-line from a UK based website that gets its paste from a traceable supplier in the Netherlands, they also sell other CBD products.

  119. Unfortunately, the DEA are not always well informed. DEA defines marijuana as a drug type of cannabis and hemp as industrial cannabis. There is a big difference and plenty of case law to back it up. The current ruling is that a maximum of .2% thc is allowed in products derived from hemp that are meant for consumption. There is only ever mention of thc levels being regulated and zero law regulating cbd content.

    THC can be above .2% if the product is topical and clearly not intended for ingestion. This is the official DEA position. Topical products do not allow transfer of cannabinoids into the bloodstream so shampoos, balms, and lotions are perfectly legal even if they have more than .2% thc. A product with a transdermal agent, like DMSO, would be considered illegal. They also mention that there is no way to distinguish hemp derived thc from marijuana derived thc. So, as lomg as the product is topical it is been decided they can not prosecute.


  120. Deborah says

    Yes, I too am at the end of my rope. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 30 years ago and I have tried everything and shared similar, if not identical experiences with our community of sufferers. No need to go on ad nausea! After reading your articles, I am piqued with curiosity about CBD oil. Google has thousands of sites and Amazon has hundreds of products. I’m looking for a reputable name to order from. Please share with us, either publicly or by private e-mail, your recommendation. To say your leg pain vanished, gives us more hope than we ever thought we would feel again.
    Waiting to hear from you soon.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Deborah, thank you for your message. Please email me directly: donna@fedupwithfatigue.com

      • Could I email you directly as well? This is something I am interested in

      • Hi Donna, Ive been reading the posts about the hemp oil. I would also like info. On a reputable place to purchase it. Also the proper name, seller’s name, doses, etc. Any important info. You can spare. I am so appreciative of this site you have. I’ve had fibro for 37 years. And I swear I’ve gotten more info. From this site than all my drs. Combined! Do you think drs are Ignorant or they just simply don’t give a shit?

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          Hi Robin, I just replied to the email you sent me. Re: your question about doctors…yes, I do think some of them are ignorant of fibro, but to be fair, the research on fibro is all over the place these days – so many theories on what causes it and so many theories on what will help it. It’s hard to figure out what’s legit and what’s not. I think we, as patients, need to become our own greatest advocates and champions in our treatment. I’m so happy to hear that you like my site. It is my labor of love and my way of trying to give back to the fibro community.

      • Melanie says

        Is this true? Thst the FDA owns the actual patent to medical MJ! https://patients4medicalmarijuana.wordpress.com/medical-use-of-cannabis-video/the-government-holds-a-patent-for-medical-marijuana. They are other links to this. I just went with the first one, also do not feel well at all.

  121. I have used a CBD cream on my ankle. I have a lot of pain especially during winter and it also helps my Fibromyalgia pain. It comes in a metered dose pen. I live in Colorado so I buy it at a dispensary. I am switching to the CBD oil this winter to see if it helps more. The dispensary I buy from grows their own product and it is organic. They have quality control practices to insure the quality of their product. It is a little pricey but if it works I am willing to pay for it and if I can get off of my prescriptions then it is worth it.

    • Glad to hear CBD is helping you. You are very lucky to live in Colorado where it’s safe and regulated. I welcome the day when the federal government legalizes medical marijuana so that all fibro patients will have access to it if they want to try it.

    • Hello Susan” great information” I was just wondering if you could let me know what dispensary place that you are using I’m moving to Colorado, I like the organic!

  122. Sakkara says

    Thank you so much for this blog post! I’ve been wanting to try CBD oil for a long time and there is just so much information its confusing… Even without fibro fog! I ordered from the company that you said worked for you, though I ordered the vape pen. I’m very excited to try it! I don’t take any fibro meds but I do take very strong pain meds and my tolerance grows quicker than most people. I need to get off them and I really hope that this may be the trick….

    • You’re right! There is a lot of conflicting information on the web about hemp CBD. I hope you find some relief. I know CBD is helping many people. I’d love to hear how it works for you.

  123. Is hemp oil cbd tinture legal in canada? will it bother the authorities? Some sites says its under shedule II and some say its legal. not sure what to believe. Can you answer that?

    • I included info on Canada’s legality in the post. Look for the bullet that talks about legality in countries other than the U.S.

  124. Cheryl says

    Hi, forgive me if you did mention this in your article, but did this help at all with energy levels?

  125. Unfortunately, the company that I get my CBD oil products from (they don’t sell straight oil) is no longer able to sell their cbd products online, but they are located in a state where it’s legal. You are right there is a lot of mixed info out there. I didn’t do the level of digging that you obviously did when researching it as the info I found all pointed that as long as it was from commercial hemp plants it was legal.

    • A careful reading of the DEA statement shows that only US made CBD oil from hemp is prohibited specifically. Read it carefully 1. CBD oil is controlled/crime to possess and sell because it is derived from psychoactive cannabis, which is a controlled substance etc. 2. Producing CBD oil from industrial hemp grown under the 2014 legislation is not permitted because it is not ‘agricultural research’….. The follow on from this is that CBD oil made from industrial hemp is not derived from psychoactive cannabis. IT IS NOT PERMITTED to produce and sell this product, but there is no prohibition against possessing, using etc. If it was produced legally outside the US, and imported legally there is no point where a crime was committed. There are imports like Endoca that are classified as made from industrial hemp, but the production uses spare trim from psychoactive cannabis. These are in a big grey are

  126. Kathi B says

    Hi Donna,
    Thanks fir the information. I just started exploring buying some hemp oil. A woman from one of my Facebook pain groups suggested a website, but I do not know how to discern between the good hemp oil and the industrial one. Can you share with me the name of the company you used for the CBD oil that was successful with your pain relief?


    • Hi Kathi,
      You do have to be careful where you get your CBD Oil from. That being said most of your online and store bought CBD Oils are only about 40% potency and can have other fillers as well. Now I have CBD Oil that is 80% potency along with the 400+ other nutrients in a naturally synergistic, easy-to-use, easy-to-absorb form and the testimonials have been off the charts! I read about how everyone is suffering and my heart is breaking!

      Take a look at your leisure.

      And please get back to me with any questions.

  127. Thanks for the clear info on this product. I sure do appreciate it!


  128. Laura B says

    It would be good if the Project CBD website could cover reliable online providers for people who live all over the world. It is very hard to know what you are getting when you order from another country. Many of the websites look so professional too.

    I live in Australia, it is illegal here. Still, there is an underground community of compassionate people across the country, and some no so underground standing up for our rights to better health. As the now famous Coltyn Turner once said, I’d rather be illegally alive, than legally dead.

    • Hi Laura,
      Yes, it’s very hard to tell a good supplier from a bad one. I believe that the company I used in the U.S. does ship internationally, although I don’t know about their shipping rates or any other issues related to it being shipped internationally. If you’d like to contact me directly, my email is donna@fedupwithfatigue.com. I agree completely with Coltyn Turner. It’s a shame that our laws and research haven’t kept pace with what we know anecdotally about cannabis, but I suspect both of those will be changing quite a bit w/in the next few years. I read the other day that there is legislation under consideration in Australia to legalize cannabis, but I haven’t heard anymore about it since.

      • Sally Ellis says

        Hi I’m new to your website as of tonight and I wondered if you could recommend a CBD oil that I can purchase in the UK please? I have been hearing so much about the benefits of the oil on so many websites and generally regarding CBD oil and it’s benefits with helping with chronic pain due to fibromyalgia as I was diagnosed back in 2013 after a huge battle with various health problems and having gone downhill after a gallbladder stones problem then operationto remove my gallbladder. I have hypothyroidism. Fatty non alcoholic liver disease. Swollen spleen. IBS. Depression. Anxiety. PTSD Fibromyalgia. Alapecia. I had to give up work in 2011. Lost my house and have had a really hard time coping with everything. I’m currently battling Agraphobia as because of pain and anxiety I don’t like going out and I have slowly withdrawn myself through lack of confidence etc because of my decline in health etc. Mentally and physically I’m constantly being challenged and as a singlemum it’s really tough but my girl’s have kept me from giving up . Chronic fatigue and constantly being exhausted and feeling I have been hit by a bus is what I am dealing with daily on top of severe pain and swelling. I’m constantly having to take every hour of every day at a time so the opioidsand other medications I take are vast. I’m desperate to cut down on the amount of pain and anxiety meds I take is there a CBD oil that you know would be the right one you can recommend in the UK please?

        • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

          Unfortunately I’m not familiar w/ the UK CBD companies. The only brand that I recommend right now is American Shaman. I think they ship internationally to some countries. I would check w/ them and see if they mail to the UK. You could also join some of the CBD groups on Facebook and see if anyone has recommendations for a UK based source.

        • Donna, you can get the purest of the pure Hemp Oil at http://www.HempWorx.com/HempLife and they do ship to the UK 🙂

    • Claire says

      Endoca branded oil is available here. I’m about to try it as they test their own batches for quality and it’s grown to organic standards. It comes from Europe and is available in 1600mg dose. I’ll keep you posted.

      • Hi Donna, thats for the read, I’ve been suffering with fibomyalagia for a while, here in the UK there is a growing market for oils, I found the best range at https://www.buycbdoil.co.uk they also stock USA brands. Thanks for the blog, it was a good read.


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