Break free of the flare cycle!

I may send out another blog post to you later today, but because this is time sensitive, I wanted to let you know my colleague Andrea Wool will be presenting a free online masterclass tomorrow on the topic, “The Road To Recovery: How To Finally Break Free Of The Flare-Up Cycle And Get Your Life Back.”

Andrea is a fellow fibromyalgia warrior and the creator of Autoimmune Strong, a fitness program for those with fibromyalgia and similar illnesses. Register for the class here!

If you’d like to learn more about Autoimmune Strong, I’ve linked my previous articles about it in the “more from my site” section below.


  1. Michele Brown says

    I have suffered with fibromyalgia for 26 years. After moving to a new town and finding a new Internist, I saw him for my yearly physical and he didn’t hesitate to tell me what I had. He informed me that research was still not very interested in investigating the malady and helped me with the depression I was fighting from not sleeping well. Over the years I’ve seen a foot specialist and gotten help for foot pain and calcium deposits which he has said are caused by FIbro. I now have a Rheumatologist who helps with the osteoarthritis I’ve acquired as well as my FIbro. I’ve been one of the lucky ones to have found doctors who believe in me and keep up with the latest info they can find to help me with this awful disease. I have MFS, also. I find that deep tissue massage helps with MFS and keeps me going and relaxed. Problem is you’ve gotta find one that knows what they’re doing. Keep going and helping those of us who are suffering too. Michele

    I too, agree with your article on the flower arranging woohoo junk. Stop fooling around and find out what the heck causes this stuff.

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