FedUpwithFatigue.com’s top fibromyalgia posts of 2017

I am several weeks late on publishing this post. Most of my fellow chronic illness bloggers published their “best of 2017” posts right after New Year’s. Well, as they say better late than never.

Below you’ll find FedUpwithFatigue.com’s most popular articles from last year. I’m thrilled the top two articles covered issues we really need to talk more about in the fibromyalgia community: the high rate of misdiagnosis and the link between thyroid dysfunction and fibromyalgia. My interviewee Dr. David Brady really did an excellent job of covering both topics.

I was a little surprised my interview with Andrea Wool, creator of the Autoimmune Strong fitness program, made the top three for 2017. I definitely think the topic of exercising with fibromyalgia is important, but I’d been avoiding it for a long time because I know it’s a sore subject (literally) for many of my readers. When Andrea told me she’d developed an exercise program for those with fibromyalgia, I knew the right opportunity had finally arrived for me to broach the topic. I’m sure we’ve all heard our doctors encouraging us to exercise. Andrea’s program provides a gentle way to finally get started doing that.

I wasn’t surprised at all by the remaining top 10, which focused mostly on fibromyalgia-related research and treatments. That is, after all, what I try to cover the most on FedUpwithFatigue.com.

I’m proud of the breadth of work I published in 2017. Hopefully 2018 will be just as successful. I am forever grateful to my readers. Your comments and emails inspire me every single day. I couldn’t do what I do without you!

And now, FedUpwithFatigue.com’s most popular articles from 2017…

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2017's most popular posts from FedUpwithFatigue.com, a blog dedicated to helping others live better with fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme | Fed Up with Fatigue


The fibromyalgia/thyroid connection | If your TSH thyroid test is normal, you better read this…

Thyroid disorders can mimic the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, most doctors only test thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), a poor indicator of overall thyroid health. This article details how thyroid dysfunction and fibromyalgia are related and how to properly have your thyroid levels evaluated.


Physician says fibromyalgia misdiagnosis is rampant

I’m so happy this was one of the most viewed articles on my site last year. Getting the right diagnosis is so important! There’s research that suggests up to two-thirds of those with fibromyalgia may be misdiagnosed. Dr. Brady’s book, “The Fibro Fix,” covers the issue of misdiagnosis at length and includes information on how to tell if you really have fibromyalgia.


Fibro warrior develops exercise program just for us

If you have fibromyalgia, chances are your doctor has recommended exercise as part of your treatment plan. The problem is traditional exercise programs can be too intense, causing increased pain and exhaustion. Fibro warrior Andrea Wool knows this struggle all too well. Frustrated with the push-and-crash cycle, she developed a gentle fitness program called Autoimmune Strong just for those with fibromyalgia and similar conditions.


9 tips for anyone newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia

I wish there was an article like this when I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2014. It would have saved me loads of time and money and aggravation. I wrote this for those who were recently diagnosed, but I’ve been thinking about changing the headline because it’s a good read for anyone with fibromyalgia.


23 clinically-proven ways to reduce fibromyalgia fatigue 

Fatigue is one of the most debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia, and it’s also one of the toughest to treat. In this article, I explored the research on how to reduce fibro-related fatigue. There were several therapies on this list I’d never heard of!


6 pain-relief devices for fibromyalgia

In this article, I cover some of the more popular gadgets that are marketed for fibromyalgia.


Century-old vaccine gives new home to fibromyalgia community

Last summer, biomedical firm EpicGenetics announced it will partner with Mass General Hospital in Boston to determine if a long-used tuberculosis vaccine could be a potential treatment for fibromyalgia. The trial should start sometime this year.


No, the mystery of fibromyalgia is NOT solved

In 2013, an article entitled “Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved” claimed fibromyalgia is caused by excess blood vessels in the hands. Last spring, that same article made the rounds again on Facebook – only this time it was shared by various clickbait sites in an attempt to generate advertising revenue. Since the original article was four years old, I reached out to the researchers to get an update on their study.


An open letter to Eli Lilly and all patients affected by Cymbalta’s withdrawal symptoms

Almost every day, I receive a comment or email from a patient who has been harmed by Cymbalta’s withdrawal symptoms. Even though the horror stories never stop, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration refuses to address the issues with Cymbalta – issues that have harmed thousands of patients for more than a decade. As I said in this open letter, Eli Lilly should be ashamed and so should our federal government for allowing this to continue!


New UAB study could radically change fibromyalgia treatment as we know it

Dr. Jarred Younger from University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is doing some of the most promising fibromyalgia research right now. This latest study is trying to determine if fibromyalgia patients have an overactive immune system. If fibro is found to be an immune disorder, it would open up an entirely new approach to treatment. The immune study is still ongoing because Dr. Younger has had difficulties recruiting patients. If you live within driving distance of UAB, please consider filling out the online screening survey to see if you qualify to participate.

Now it’s your turn: What was your favorite post from FedUpwithFatigue.com during 2017? Share in the comments! 

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2017’s top fibromyalgia news and research

2017's top fibromyalgia news and research | Fed Up with Fatigue


  1. Thanks for this great post. Very informative

  2. I’ve had Fibromyalgia for over 15 yrs, have taken a lot of prescriptions, supplements, and have done alternative therapies. This is what I discovered works for me…
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    Some sites are offering a free trial of CBD, Do NOT click on them they will SPAM you with emails, key logging malware, sell your email address and more. Instead ask the company your interested in trying, if you can buy a sample, tell them you have bad allergies…FibroSurvivors know this, give CBD a good chance to help you, for your sake do the following. You need to take it for a month and probably 3x the serving as people with just one ailment. Slowly over several days increase your dose.. for some people 5mg of CBD will work for others you have to take 30mg of CBD or more and 2-3 doses a day, especially if you have been taking pain pills. It is all about finding the right dosage to increase more Good Days than bad. I found that I still have some pain, but it is much less than what my normal use to be. Also it has helped my overall pain, migraines, inflammation, stiffness in my hands, restless leg & arms + my GI health, dry eyes, fibro fog and more.
    I am not endorsing or selling any of it just what I have found.
    Also I have taken CBD with my meds, you slowly increase your dosage of CBD until you feel it starts helping, it takes a little while. I take 2 to 3 doses a day now. IT ISNT A MIRACLE DRUG, but finally I feel a bit better and able to do more, I’ve been on CBD less than a year.. I’m not a medical professional, though my doctors, especially my pain doctor approve of me taking CBD and decreasing my opiate usage.

    I still take an opiate with CBD and muscle relaxer on really bad days and sometimes to sleep. Ask me if you have questions. Also if you have IBS/spastic colon with constipation, like I did, go gluten free or light. In the last 6 months, since I started I have less overall pain, no more constipation, a lot less gut pain, and loss more than 40lbs. Air hugs, good luck.

  3. Donna Gulyas says

    In #7……about the TB vaccine. Here’s something that I’m wondering about…… My parents met each other when they were both in the same rehab hospital for having Tuberculosis in 1950. I was born 4 years later. I’ve had Fibromyalgia since I was a little girl, possibly since birth (they didn’t have a name to go with all my symptoms back then). My Mom also had Fibromyalgia. Of course, we don’t know just when she started because it wasn’t diagnosed back then. She “arthritis” since she was 19, but I don’t know how they diagnosed it back then…..or if it really was Fibro at that time. I just always knew my Mom was hurting like I was. She passed almost 4 years ago, so I can’t ask her. What does TB have to do with Fibromyalgia, and what would happen if I ever get that TB vaccine? Could there have been latent cells in my parents reproductive systems and could that have effected me? What do you know about this?

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      As I understand it, the BCG vaccine boosts certain cytokines in the body. Those cytokines are the ones that EpicGenetics has identified as being suppressed in people with fibromyalgia. They believe fibromyalgia symptoms will be relieved by giving the BCG vaccine and restoring those cytokines to normal levels. It really has nothing to do w/ TB at all – they’re just using the TB vaccine b/c it happens to affect the same cytokines they’ve identified as deficient in their fibro studies. I hope this helps!


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