Friday 5: August 12, 2016 fibromyalgia and ME/CFS news

Hi everyone! I thought I’d give you a quick health update because it’s been a while since my last one. As some of you know, I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in May.

I’ve been struggling with treatment. Actually I guess it would be more accurate to say I’ve been struggling to START treatment. My doctor has been good about adding supplements and drugs slowly over time in order to minimize side effects. I was able to add in the recommended supplements with minimal issues, and my body seemed to accept the first prescription drug, too. At some point, I tried to add in a good probiotic to prep my gastrointestinal tract for the antibiotics to come. You’d think probiotics would be pretty innocuous, but my body has rejected two (pricey!) brands already. I even tried splitting capsules into much, much smaller doses, thinking maybe I could start low and build my dosage over time. But no go!

My Lyme doc has recommended a couple more brands to try, so that’s my next step. I’m sort of in a holding pattern until I can find a probiotic that I can stomach (literally). It’s a little frustrating because I’d hoped to be further along in treatment by now.

But the good news is the herbal therapies are helping with my Lyme/fibro symptoms. I started the Vital Plan program (developed by a physician who has fibromyalgia and Lyme) about six weeks ago, and I’ll be writing more about that in a future post.

Now, onto this week’s news…


Fibromyalgia News Today: “Lyrica trial for adolescent fibromyalgia fails, but offers other positive findings”


VeryWell.com: “Mirogabalin for fibromyalgia: New drug may offer fewer side effects” Adrienne Dellwo gives us a nice summary of mirogabalin, a potential fibro drug that’s in clinical trials. It’s similar to Lyrica, but is supposed to work better and have fewer side effects. Here’s hoping! (If you’re interested in new pharmaceutical treatments, I recently wrote a post on three new fibro drugs under development.)


Healthline.com: “Can an infection or injury trigger fibromyalgia?” A new study finds that fibromyalgia triggered by an infection or injury typically manifests faster and stronger.


Fibromyalgia blogger Celeste Cooper shares her experience with the FM/a fibromyalgia blood test. (Yes, there is a fibromyalgia blood test, but it’s not widely accepted yet. You can read more about it here.)


Pain Medicine News: “Is suicide a consequence of the CDC opioid guideline?” This is really upsetting…

An extra …

…just because I know many of you are struggling to work … I listen to Kim Komando on the radio sometimes, and she mentioned this article on “3 legitimate work-at-home online jobs that pay big.” I thought some of you might find it helpful.

August 12, 2016 fibromyalgia and ME/CFS news

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Aug. 5, 2016 fibromyalgia and ME/CFS news


  1. Amanda Lewis says

    Hi, I too had problems with Probiotics. They made me feel rougher than rough so I can sympathise. I got them prescribed by a homeopath and she said to persevere. I felt awful and lost weight I didn’t want to lose. I had to give up. I tried a few other brands all made me queasy. And then I vowed never again. It’s like being poisoned. Then years later, skinny and on a ridiculously restricted diet due to Gastroparesis? I tried again. Scared but desperate I had heard good things about Bio-Kult Candea. Thank goodness it didn’t make me sick. It has taken a while and it’s not a cure yet, but taken every day I can now eat foods (in moderation) I haven’t been able to stomach for years. Look at me I can eat beetroot and peaches! I’ve tried the yellow Bio-Kult which doesn’t upset me but the Candea is the one that suits me and keeps my tummy working. I am convinced that our tummy bacteria is a vital part of our anatomy and in too many cases we have allowed them to be killed which is in turn making us sick. I was pleased to feel a little better quite soon taking Bio-Kult but it has taken many months to get to the point I am now where I feel relatively normal most days. which is why I’m going to mention the following just in case it may be faster and better. However if I was spending lots of money on a course I’d want to email them and ask about how well tolerated their product is.

    I’ve been reading that most probiotics struggle to activate their freeze dried bacteria in the alien environment of our tummies. There is a new liquid that has to be bought regularly and refrigerated that contains living bacteria that taken on an empty stomach doesn’t invoke the digestive process and more live bacteria make it safely to the gut. Can’t vouch for it but they have the figures to prove how many more bacteria are viable than other brands including my favourite. It is quite expensive and you take a 12 week course and then maintenance it’s called Symprove. Various suppliers including the maker. It could be worth looking at their website to see how the various brands have fared during trials. Good luck.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Thanks for the recommendations. I’m adding them to my list of products to research if this latest probiotic doesn’t work for me. 🙂

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