Aug. 23, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news


TheMighty.com: What you need to know about medical PTSD if you’re chronically ill

I’m not sure if I would label it as PTSD, but there definitely needs to be a term for what happens when the medical community invalidates a patient over and over again. This is a HUGE issue for so many of us – myself included! I tend to walk into most of my medical appointments armed with meticulous notes, printed research studies and a prepared speech, ready to do battle if necessary. It’s sad that I feel that way…


Centers for Disease Control & Prevention: Updated CDC recommendation for serologic diagnosis of Lyme disease

After approving new Lyme testing earlier this month, the CDC is now saying it’s ok for doctors to use two-step Elisa-based testing vs. the two-step Elisa/western blot testing they previously recommended. I feel like our battle with the CDC is one step forward, two steps back. Statistically, the western blot is more accurate than the Elisa form of testing, so why in the world would the CDC recommend TWO Elisa tests? So they can miss Lyme TWICE? It’s just ridiculous!


Medscape: The power of flowers may ease fibromyalgia symptoms

I guess all we need for a cure is some Lyrica and a few fresh-cut roses to arrange. (That’s sarcasm!) How insulting is this for our community? It makes us sound like we’re a bunch of bored housewives who just need a fun hobby.


RawlsMD.com: How to save money on Lyme disease treatment

Lots of good ideas here – many of which would also apply to those with fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses!


Counting My Spoons: 23 best apps for people with chronic illnesses

Just what the headline says! I’m curious if any of you use apps to help manage chronic illness? If so, share what’s working for you in the comments!

And an extra…

Express.co.uk: Feeling a pain on this body part could mean you are deficient [in vitamin D]

A few weeks ago, I tested low for vitamin D, so I’ve added a vitamin D supplement back into my treatment protocol. Since then, I’ve had a reduction in back pain and wasn’t sure why, but then I read this article! I can’t say for sure the vitamin D supplement has caused the reduction in pain, but it sure is an interesting coincidence. I’m going to increase my vitamin D supplementation a little more and see what happens! I thought I would pass this along in case it resonates with some of you, too.

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Check out a list of the latest fibromyalgia and Lyme disease research studies from ClincalTrials.gov. There are studies underway for dance, music, neural therapy, virtual reality, the new Lyme vaccine, Lyme arthritis and more!

New #fibromyalgia & #Lyme research (August 2019) | Fed Up with Fatigue

5G summit…

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Are you familiar with the concerns about 5G? Find out more during the 5G and Beyond Summit, which starts this Monday, Aug. 26. You can listen free every day. If you miss some talks, there’s usually an encore weekend at the end of the summit to catch up. Register here.

Aug. 23, 2019 #fibromyalgia and #Lyme news highlights: Why medical PTSD is so common among those with chronic illness; the CDC recommends new (and still highly inaccurate) Lyme testing protocol; how flower arranging can reduce your fibro symptoms (no, I'm not joking); how to afford Lyme treatment; the best apps for managing chronic illness and more! | Fed Up with Fatigue

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