Aug. 16, 2019 fibromyalgia and Lyme news


LymeDisease.org: IDSA extends comment period and allows downloads

After many complaints, the IDSA has made it easier to read and comment on the proposed IDSA guidelines for Lyme treatment. The deadline to submit feedback has been extended to Sept. 9.


HealthRising.org: Rewiring the brain to get out of pain [using] the Moskowitz approach

Blogger Cort Johnson explores how one doctor is using neuroplasticity to help reduce or eliminate chronic pain in his patients.


Oxford Academic: James H. Oliver, Jr. | Ticks, Lyme disease and a Golden Gloves champion

Another scientist has come forward to say he worked on weaponizing ticks for the U.S. government.


HealthRising.org: Is the brain causing the small-fiber neuropathy in fibromyalgia (and ME/CFS?)

Blogger Cort Johnson delves into some of the most recent research linking small-fiber neuropathy and fibromyalgia.


Journey through the Fog: 6 great ways to enjoy audio books

For many of us, reading is difficult due to cognitive impairment. If you miss reading books like I do, audio books can be an alternative!

This week on FedUpwithFatigue.com…

Four new fibromyalgia drugs are under development

Four new #fibromyalgia drugs are under development | Fed Up with Fatigue

Free webinar…

Dr. Bill Rawls from RawlsMD.com is hosting an online webinar about “How to overcome Lyme arthritis | Natural remedies for chronic joint pain” on Wednesday, Aug. 21, at 8 p.m. EDT. Register here.

Aug. 16, 2019 #fibromyalgia and #Lyme news highlights: The IDSA extends deadline for comments about proposed Lyme treatment guidelines after complaints; rewiring the brain to feel less pain; another scientist claims he worked on weaponizing ticks for the U.S. government; four new fibromyalgia drugs are under development and more!

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