Friday 5: April 6, 2018 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme news

April 6, 2018 fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & Lyme news | Fed Up with Fatigue


Griffith University: Drug hoped to treat CFS causes impaired immune function, Griffith study says

From the article: “….the study by Griffith’s National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases (NCNED) concluded that the use of rituximab in CFS patients could incur problems with their immune cells and is not beneficial as a potential treatment.”


MedicalXpress.com: Researchers uncover [Lyme disease] protein used to outsmart the human immune system

From the article: “A University of Maryland (UMD) researcher has uncovered a mechanism by which the bacteria that causes Lyme disease persists in the body and fights your early, innate immune responses.”


MedicineNet.com: Tai chi beats aerobics for fibromyalgia pain

From the article: “‘Tai chi mind-body treatment results in similar or greater improvement in symptoms than aerobic exercise, the current most commonly prescribed non-drug treatment, for a variety of outcomes for patients with fibromyalgia,’ the study authors wrote.”


Pain News Network: Medicare finalizes plan to reduce high dose opioids

From the article: “Under new rules released today for the 2019 Medicare Part D prescription drug program, a ceiling for opioid doses will be established at 90mg morphine equivalent units (MME). Any prescription at or above that level would trigger a ‘hard safety edit’ requiring pharmacists to talk with the prescribing doctor about the appropriateness of the dose.”


MindBodyGreen: An integrative neurologist’s best brain fog advice

Dr. David Perlmutter, author of “Grain Brain,” shares his top tips for reducing brain fog.

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TheMighty.com: Amazon offers discounted Prime membership to Medicaid recipients

From the article: “For those with a valid EBT or Medicaid card, a Prime membership will cost $5.99 per month with the ability to renew your membership every year for up to four years.”

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Julie Holliday from ME/CFS Self Help Guru is starting a free 7-day Mindful Relaxed Effortlessness Challenge this Monday, April 9. You can learn more about the challenge in this YouTube video. Register here for the challenge.

Dr. Daniel Cameron is hosting a Lyme hangout about “Rage, extreme irritability and Lyme disease,” on Tuesday, April 10, at 8 p.m. ET. Register here.

The Solve ME/CFS Initiative is holding “ME/CFS Advocacy Week Training” on Thursday, April 26, at 1 p.m. ET. Register here. 

Sail is hosting a webinar about “Embarking On Your Cannabis Journey” on Thursday, April 26, at 6 p.m. ET. Presenter Debi Facey, a cannabis patient and educator, will discuss how to start your cannabis journey and make choices that lead to better health. Register here. 

The Chronic Lyme Summit 3 starts Monday, April 30! Hosted by Dr. Jay Davidson, this is always a great event with plenty of new information to help you treat and beat Lyme. Register here. 

Several fibro warriors have recently raved to me about the benefits of the keto diet. You can learn more about this way of eating during the Keto Edge Summit coming up next month. Register here. 

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iQuity releases new fibromyalgia blood test

iQuity's new RNA-based blood test for fibromyalgia is 94% accurate. | Fed Up with Fatigue

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