ActiPatch review | Advanced 24-hour pain relief + free offer

I was given a 7-day trial device and a 720-hour device to use for this ActiPatch review. Although I was given these products for free, all opinions are my own and were not in any way influenced by ActiPatch USA. 

ActiPatch review | Advanced 24-hour pain relief for muscle/joint soreness, strains/sprains, #fibromyalgia, #arthritis and more!

Like most of you, I’ve been living with chronic bodywide pain for years. I thought I’d felt most every kind of pain there is until I developed a herniated disc last summer. Let me just say severe back pain is a whole different level of misery!

When the herniated disc first made its presence known, I was couch- and bed-bound for a few days. At one point, I was literally having to crawl up the stairs or to the bathroom because I couldn’t stand upright.

Thanks to stretches, inversion therapy and couple of steroid injections, the pain has settled down somewhat but it’s still a daily struggle. On days when it’s really flaring (like today), I’m grateful I discovered ActiPatch.

ActiPatch is “a new and clinically proven drug-free technology in the fight against chronic muscle and joint pain,” reads the ActiPatch website. “[It] provides long-lasting and drug-free pain relief with no side effects. ActiPatch relieves pain due to muscle and joint soreness, strains and sprains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more.”

I know a lot of my fellow fibro/Lyme warriors use TENS units for localized pain. ActiPatch is NOT a TENS! While using ActiPatch, I’m able to be completely mobile, and there’s no sensation coming from the unit – no heat, no tingling, no nothing. I tend to forget I’m even wearing it.

ActiPatch works by sending electromagnetic signal pulses 1,000 times a second “to stimulate neuromodulation of the afferent nerves to dampen the brain’s perception of pain,” reads ActiPatch’s website.

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(Watch: How long until you feel pain relief?)

(Watch: Product application and placement)

(Watch: Is the ActiPatch similar to TENS technology?)

ActiPatch review

When I first received ActiPatch, I was surprised by how small and unassuming it was. It’s just a simple roundish transmitter attached to a circular wire. I was given a 7-day trial device and the 720-hour device for longer-term use.

The 7-day trial package came with the device and a few bandages to be used for attaching the ActiPatch to the pain site. Once I activated the trial device, it was powered on with no way to turn it off, so I tried to use it as much as possible during those first few days. My 7-day trial actually lasted a few days longer than it was supposed to. Score!

I used the bandages to attach the ActiPatch over the site of my herniated disc and basically just left it there except for when using my sauna or taking a shower.

After the battery ran out on the trial unit, I graduated to the 720-hour device, which came with bandages plus an elastic band that can be wrapped in various ways to hold the ActiPatch in place. I liked the band much better because it was painful to remove the bandages from my skin.

ActiPatch review | Advanced 24-hour pain relief for muscle/joint soreness, strains/sprains, #fibromyalgia, #arthritis and more!

A closeup of the ActiPatch device and the elastic band used to hold it in place.

I wear the elastic band around my waist and then tuck the ActiPatch between my skin and the band to hold it in place. I’ve also used the band to hold ActiPatch in place while treating knee pain and leg/shin pain.

The 720-hour unit has an on/off button, so I can power it as needed and conserve battery life when I’m not wearing it.

ActiPatch is a disposable device. Once the battery is dead, the unit needs to be replaced. When my Actipatch stops working, I will be buying the refill device.

So, does the ActiPatch reduce pain? Well, for me it depended on the type of pain I was treating. I did not notice a difference in bodywide fibromyalgia/Lyme pain levels while using ActiPatch, but for localized pain, such as the pain in my lower back and knees, it makes a noticeable difference.

Like other pain-relieving devices I’ve tried, it doesn’t eliminate pain entirely, but it reduces the intensity. As I’ve said, the pain from a herniated disc is very debilitating. With ActiPatch, I’m able to remain upright and functional.

But what I think is most impressive about ActiPatch is how well it works given its low cost. I’ve written about several other pain-relieving devices on FedUpwithFatigue.com over the years, and I consistently hear from readers who say, “I would love to try XYZ product but I can’t afford it.”

I’m pretty sure I won’t receive these kinds of comments about ActiPatch. Here’s why: The 7-day trial device regularly costs $9.95 but is on sale right now for $4.95. The longer term, 720-hour unit is regularly $39.95; the sale price is $29.95. That rivals the cost of some of the cheapest TENS units, and frankly, ActiPatch works much better than any TENS I’ve ever used.

So, if you have localized pain, I would recommend trying ActiPatch. The 7-day trial is $4.95 right now, but the first 400 U.S. residents who enter the code AWW at checkout will receive their trial device for FREE!

I’m excited we have an affordable pain-relieving gadget that actually works! Good work, ActiPatch!

Now it’s your turn: Have you tried ActiPatch? If so, please share your experience in the comments section below! 


  1. John Doe says

    I am on 4x 80mg ooxycontin a day for 4 years now. Actipatch I can not live without. Opiates I can. If your back locks up in spasm or muscles feel super hard that walking or standing hurts like crazy, then putting this on your lower back will stop those muscles locking up to start with, allowing you to move through your day without having that pain. I have used these for 2 years now and my back recognises when battery is getting low as it starts hurting again, no matter how much opiates i have.
    I swear by this thing. I ow work out at the gym with severe fibro and my back does not hurt, but if it does, i simply adjust the device and within 10 minutes my back pain has stopped again. My experience is severe fibro but this works on my back and is only place i use it. Or tried to. I wear it day and night. I thought it would be a snake oil device but i was way wrong. Without it my back locks up standing still within 2 minutes. With it on i can even work on my boat and play with my kids. It cots mw $70 AUD a month but its better than lying on couch all day. Actually ive even gone down in my opiate dose. Just my experience

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I love my ActiPatch too! Mine unexpectedly died on me a few months back and I had to wait 2 days for Amazon to send me a replacement. I was almost cripple and starting to think about asking my dr for a steroid pack by the time I got the new device. Within about 2 hours of slapping the new unit on, my back felt good again. It really is a miracle device! I look forward to their sales b/c I try to stock up!

  2. Melinda Sebring says

    Thank you so much for offering the free trial of Actipatch. I’ve had fibromyalgia over 24 years and I’m growing weary from so many years of pain. I do have osteoarthritis in many joints and possibly RA too. It recently I fell and fractured some ribs, and that was some severe pain. I had this laying on my desk and forgot about it until a week after the accident and the pain was not so intense, but still there. I put it on my back and really noticed a difference in a short time. Unfortunately, the pain comes back when I take it off. I still like it and just ordered 2- 720hr with strap for me and my husband. We were sharing the trial and it’s helped him too. We would love to have them make gloves with the unit in them, since we both have terrible arthritis in our hands. I have neck pain too but I don’t know if it can be used near the head or heart. Some of my most severe rib pain is under my right breast near the center of my chest. I know TENS units tell you not to. As for helping fibromyalgia, I would need a bodysuit size but I plan to move it around to areas and see how it helps. I love your blog ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for passing on helpful tips.

    • HI, I am responding on behalf of the manufacturer. ActiPatch should not be worn directly over an ACTIVE metallic implant (ie pacemaker) but there is no reason not to use it on the chest.

      ActiPatch can be used anywhere on the body. For the BEST RESULTS from ActiPatch the most important thing is to the have LOOP (not the bit with the light) over the pain area and to wear it continuously on one pain area – only take it off to shower or bathe. The MORE CONTINUOUSLY you wear it the better it works. ActiPatch does not have to be in direct contact with your skin. Here are two good videos to watch so you can get the best use from ActiPatch:
      Keeping ActiPatch in place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1azI665tqmM
      How Long until you feel Pain Relief: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEbIlGqtv_U


  3. Celeste Adkins says

    I am morbidly obese and have arthritis in my knees very badly. I use the ActiPatch at times and am very pleased that it helps me by taking the edge off of the pain. My knees are big, due to my weight. Is it safe to take 2 patches and put them on one knee? I am hesitating on trying unless it is safe to do.

    • Yes, but you should not overlap the loops as this may interfere with the radiofrequency signal being produced. One on each side of the knee should be fine. For the BEST RESULTS from ActiPatch the most important thing is to the have LOOP (not the bit with the light) over the pain area and to wear it continuously on one pain area – only take it off to shower or bathe. The MORE CONTINUOUSLY you wear it the better it works. ActiPatch does not have to be in direct contact with your skin. Here are two good videos to watch so you can get the best use from ActiPatch:
      Keeping ActiPatch in place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1azI665tqmM
      How Long until you feel Pain Relief: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEbIlGqtv_U

  4. i got a free actipatch thru your site. was saving it for a really bad day, last wed my right glut was on fire, deep achey burn. i put it on before bed, and woke up with only very slight pain. a few hours into my day, NO PAIN there, thought i would cry! i have been diagnosed with chronic myofascial pain syndrome, only recently, before that have been to 40 plus health care providers, from tops in their field to quacks. you can only imagine the meds, supplements, diets,etc… YECK! and the CONSTANT pain….after 3 days of feeling more like me, and having so much more energy, i moved it to lower abd, it is still there, and the pain there has reduced by about 2/3. I’m a little leery it may stop, bc i feel better than i have in 9 years. I pray others will benefit.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      That’s awesome news! I’m so glad it’s helping you. I’m just amazed at how well this little device works.

  5. I thought maybe the free ones would be gone, but I clicked on the link, went to the website. It didn’t give me a place to enter the AWW code until after I entered my address info, but in the shipping section, it had a place for Discount Code, I entered AWW & sure enough, they’re sending me the $4.95 trial one for FREE, no shipping or handling charges 🙂 Excited to try something local for my neck & lower back pain! 🙂
    Thank You! 🙂

  6. Cindy Fisher says

    I also ordered the 7-day trial (which lasted more than 7 days). Tried it for my knee pain, and it actually worked! Within a few minutes (15-20) I had no pain in my right knee. I actually 2 of the devices, so next I’m trying it on my neck, which is where I have the most severe pain. If it works there I’m definitely sold. Thanks for your recommendation!

  7. Tom Mott says

    My wife tried ActiPatch — but only for a few seconds. The pain it caused at the site, just below the waist on backside, was intense and pain sensations were shooting down her leg, immediately. Talked with a person at the company who said he is in biomedical engineering or similar. I was impressed with his sincerity and cooperative conversational style. That said, he was very surprised at the reaction — said that over the years he has no recollection of this happening. We told him we are under the care of a Neurologist specializing in chronic pain (she was at Mayo Clinic for several years), and will discuss this with her. He offered another trial unit, no cost, for us to give to her. I will try to update with whatever I learn. But, I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

  8. Caroline Still says

    When I opened my free sample I was a bit confused as to how this would help but I read the instructions and decided to try it on my knee. It stayed in place with the bandages that came with it and after about 12 hours I realized it had brought my pain level down remarkably. I was able to grocery shop longer than ever before.
    I found the bandages hard to open but when applied they held very well. I showed my pain specialist and she was impressed. I wanted to try it on bursitis in my hip but was unable to place it by myself, since I live alone that is a problem, I am tired using the topical rubs every couple of hours so guess I will order the ActiPatch.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      That’s great news, Caroline! If you get the regular ActiPatch (not the trial version), it comes w/ an elastic band. You can use that band to wrap around your waist/hips to keep the ActiPatch unit in place on your hip. I have used the band like that before and it works. It’s easier than the bandages. So happy you’re getting some relief. I am super impressed w/ how well the ActiPatch works.

    • Hello! Just to help out I wanted to let you know that ActiPatch does NOT have to be in direct contact with your skin. You may find affixing it to underclothes to treat your hip bursitis works very well. Thank you for giving ActiPatch a trial. Come visit us on Facebook, too!

  9. Rhea Bullock says

    I’m in day 4 of my FREE 7 day trial. I used it on my knee the first 36 hours (I really needed a shower) and within 15 minutes I noticed a marked reduction in my knee pain. Wow! After my shower, I placed it on the outside of my thigh that burns continuously, and again, the pain was diminished. Today, I actually swept my bathrooms and kitchen, and vacuumed two bedrooms and my living room. My cat couldn’t figure out what was going on. He was like “what?” After my cleaning, I showered and then placed it on my lower spine. Wow. It definitely helped with the spasms that usually keep me sedentary. I can hardly wait to get the 720 patch. I’m so thankful that I read your post about this patch. Thank you.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I’m so glad it’s helping! ActiPatch is really an amazing tool, isn’t it?

      • ActiPatch works BEST when you treat one pain area at a time….I am glad to see it was effective quickly and in multiple spots for you! Thank you for trying ActiPatch..come visit us on Facebook, too!

  10. Andrea C. says

    Ohhhhh lorty child, Donna, I read your article on NPR. I’m sooooo tired of swallowing pills 3 and 4 times a day, 365 days! Plus, what are all of these pharmaceuticals doing to us long term? ActiPatch is the cheapest, non-drug, attempt for a lil peace. Well, I now believe everyday is Christmas! I’ve tried a ton of stuff just to be tossed in the garbage. The first few days scared the daylights out of me though. Kid you Not. I hung in there though. I felt like Not only was it having to heal the area the device was taped down to, but also heal or perhaps reprogram my brain. And, something I’ve yet run across on other reviews is after about 5 minutes into wearing it in my different pain areas is I could Not hold my eyelids open. Then, I’d find myself waking up startled because I didn’t remember falling asleep. I’ve always struggled falling asleep when others would close their eyelids and be gone. Now, I finally know what it feels like. I do believe thus far this is the fastest, best, and cheapest help for my numerous pain types. Even better than a Tens because ActiPatch takes it one step further in healing.
    Thanks you so very much Donna!!!

  11. I gave the trial a go and was a little disappointed. I had read in to it and thought this would be a good way to help reduce my pain, I knew it would never cure it of course. So I got the plasters that came with it and for the life of me I couldn’t get it to stick to the place I needed it to. Every time I moved, it moved. The only time i could get it to work was if I was laying down, on top of it, but even then I didn’t see any improvements. I gave up about 3 days in as it was starting to hurt my lower back just being there. Perhaps the band would have been a good Idea, and it would be good if the band was an option for the trial too, that way you may be able to get a true reading of how it works for you before you buy.

    • Katrina we would love to speak with you and help you to be able to use ActiPatch more effectively. When it won’t stay in place you won’t get a good result. Please call me at 301-874-4890 or email me at KWhelan@bielcorp.com so we can arrange another free trial for you. We have some great tips for keeping it in place and would like to help you get pain relief.

  12. Bri Kahrs says

    I tried out the Actipatch 7 day trial during after this past October 2017 on my own. I agree it will help some localized pain, but if have spasms, localized flares such as in shoulders or just fibropain I found it did not even reduce my pain. Also just like the TENS device you can’t put it on areas near your neck and others because it can cause spasms.

    • We realize everyone is different which is why we have a trial. For the best results from ActiPatch it is important to treat one pain area at a time- and with fibro we realize that can be hard to choose where to start. We recommend treating the WORST pain first. The power level of ActiPatch is too low to cause any spasms. If you experienced spasms we believe it was an unfortunate coincidence.

      If you would like to get more information about treating fibro with ActiPatch, please give our office a call. 301 874 4890 M-F from 9-5 eastern time. We do hope you are having a pain-free day today!

  13. I’m in Australia and while picking up my prescription for 4x 80mg oxycontin a day 1 tablet 4 times a day (lucky me), for the past 4 years, plus my palexia and my Lyrica and my instant oxynorm I saw this on display and seeing I love tens machines I got this. Realised it was nothing like a tens pretty quickly. My main pain that ruins my life is my back pain. It’s constant and never goes away and all the oxy does is takes away the sharpness of my pain that doesn’t allow me to sleep due to putting pressure against my body.
    My back pain is what stops me doing anything and stops me even showering because I don’t want to stand up for more than a minute but at same time I can’t sit in a chain for longer than 10 seconds. Everything just sucks being in pain.
    Well actipatch…when I realised you couldn’t feel it and it wasn’t like a tens I figured it to be snake oil crap.
    Put it on and 2 hours later my back pain had gone. For the next two days I had no back pain at all and I found myself sinking into depression because I wasn’t sure about how I felt that my pain was not there and it was feeling too good to be true. I then noticed I was in withdrawals because I had not touched my oxycontin for the entire day. I was very careful about moving around because I felt like I was on the verge of my pain to come back but after 2 days I looked up how it works and realised the picture that explained how it takes your cells in your muscles that are all inflamed and stretched out and puts them back together into a nice pattern that this made sense to me. It made sense that this was the major pain I always felt. So if it was doing this it opened me up to allowing myself to enjoy it.
    It’s now 8 days later and my pain has been gone the entire time. Not only that but I can do about an hour of chaisng around my 18 month old before I start to feel my back go into light spasms and then I stop and take it easy and an hour later I realise I am not in pain and did not go back into pain. So a week in and I feel like I’m on the edge of the pain happening again but I realise that maybe a bit longer and I’ll move further and further away from that feeling and be normal. I literally have no pain in a week. I do have my fibro pain but I can deal with that with a reduced intake of oxy. It’s the constant debilitating back pain that destroys my life. And that’s gone.
    I went and got every unit in stock at my chemist for 50 bucks a pop and it’s literally changing my life as I allow myself to get on with things it takes a little while to remove the laziness I’ve become accustomed to but God it feels good. First time pain free since that first time I took oxy and got that euphoric feeling that I never had again since day 1.
    I don’t even think about my oxy until my withdrawals kick in so I’ve easily halved my daily intake of that. I’m very nervous of giving up my oxy script as it was a hard thing to get such a good specialist and a trusting one but I want to be honest to him too so I’ll at least take a lower amount this month and see where things are at.
    The trick is to have it as close to the skin as possible. You put it on the outside of the elastic strap and use the Velcro tabs to keep it in place. That way it’s not got the plastic against the ski as it has the strap in between so you don’t notice it. It can go through tight clothing too.
    I’m stocked and currently trying to find reviews to see if others are feeling the same which is how I found this site. It makes sense why it works and if you have muscle pain I’m certain it will work for you too. Herniated discs , I don’t think so, but if it’s muscle pain, especially the pain that doesn’t show up in scans, then this works so far. I just can’t believe that it works because nothing ever has tens works if I use tens before I do anything because once my back is in spasm and I’m in soasm from shoulders to toes 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but tens works once a week because after that it’s sore. I use this current device 24 hours a day. I have turned it off but I will soon try. I just need my brain to accept it works so I can hopefully fall asleep and see if it helps while asleep but no doubt I’ll not sleep because my fibro pain makes me dream like I’m being hit by a bus because that’s how I’m feeling while I’m asleep. I can never move when I wake up so I doubt this will help that, but the muscle pain is done to perfection.

    Give it a chance guys. I got instant relief from this. Like 2 hours I realised I had not been feeling back pain.

    • Please be sure to consult your medical care professional before stopping or reducing prescribed medication use. We are thrilled to read your comment! Visit us on Facebook too! Much love from ActiPatch!

    • Lareia Haley says

      The actipatch is great!!! I ordered the 720 but amazons delivery driver gave to someone else. Hope they know how great it feels. Sad part is I don’t know where else to order from! Not amazon for sure

  14. I just ordered my 7 day trial for FREE! I am so sick of spending money on things just to TRY them and then to find out they don’t help. I ache everywhere but the majority of my pain that really gives me trouble is my upper back/shoulder blade area and it makes me miserable. The more I do. The more I hurt. Do you think I would be able to put it on this area? I can’t see how wearing a band around my chest and upper back area would stay in place or be comfortable. A bra hurts me after a few hours.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Glad you got one of the freebies! You won’t get a band w/ the 7-day trial, so you’ll need to adhere it to your back w/ the bandages that come w/ it. Two or three of the bandages usually hold it in place w/ no issue.

    • Lisa, You can also affix ActiPatch to a snug fitting tshirt to keep it in place on your upper back/shoulder area. It will work through material. Please keep in on as continuously as you can for the first few days- even sleep with it. We hope you will be feeling better soon! – ActiPatch 🙂

  15. Maureen M. says

    HI Donna, IThank you for this info and recommendation! You are the best!
    I initially saw your post on the Nat’l Pain Report 👍, reviewed it and now read the patient reviews here. I
    I found it on Amazon… I had a bunch of credit points so I just went ahead and ordered the one for back pain with the specific back strap/ band. I got it for $24.
    It will be delivered tomorrow and I’m looking forward to trying it. The Quell device doesn’t work for my specific spine/nerve pain. It actually seemed to make it worse. Like you… I will never stop trying to get more relief!

  16. Elizabeth Bolton says

    I, too, was just now able to place an order for the free trial. I look forward to testing this affordable device. Thanks for keeping us in the loop on all the latest!

  17. Thank you for this review and free trial code! I’m looking forward to trying it myself!

  18. Cindy Brooks says

    Thanks for the freebie! Hoping to find some fibromyalgia relief here, but if not maybe it will help my sweet husband who suffers with arthritic knees.

    • Cindy, please do not share one trial between you. ActiPatch works best when you treat ONE pain area at a time. If your sweet hubby has pain in both knees, he will need two. Please call me at 301-874-4890 or email me at KWhelan@bielcorp.com so I can arrange an adequate # of free trials so you will get the best results!

  19. Margaret says

    I tried the ActiPatch based on your recommendation, and I also love it. I popped my ankle, which was a new injury, and this device helped more than ice, NSAIDs or tramadol. After about 2 weeks of continuous use and the easing of ankle pain, I removed it for a couple of days. The pain gradually increased to full force, so I put it on again, and it went back to its previous lower level. I’d say it went from a 6 or 7 to a 3 or 4, which is a big improvement. I secure the ActiPatch with paper tape because that works better for me, otherwise I have too much of the elastic band around my foot, which throws off my gait.

    I’ve also tried the Oska Pulse, but it didn’t work for me at all. I’m about to try the Hummingbird. Thanks for this recommendation, and for the countless ways you help the fibromyalgia community.

  20. Teresa says

    Thank you SO much Donna!! I just placed my order and received the free offer. I can’t wait to try it out and just wanted to thank you for sharing the information, it sure sounds promising! I’ve been using the quell device for a little over a month now and just haven’t noticed a substantial amount of relief and was thinking of possibly returning it. After reading your post above I may continue to use it for a while in hopes of noticing more relief.

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      Hi Teresa, I’m glad you were able to grab one of the free ActiPatch units. I hope it helps!

      I’m sorry to hear Quell isn’t working out for you. As you know, I’m a big fan of the Quell but unfortunately it doesn’t work for everyone. I wish we could find something that helps all of us.

  21. Caroline Still says

    I just ordered for free, really looking forward to trying. I have used tens units for years with some relief, since this works differently I am hopeful. After I use I will write more.
    Thanks for all the up to date info you provide.

  22. The idea behind the medicalese about how the device works proves the Gateway Theory of pain. According to this, if you provide enough light stimulation to a sore spot you will override the pain nerves in the area. This override then disrupts pain signaling to the brain.

    It’s a nifty theory and may lie behind our unconscious need to continually rub a sore spot–which doesn’t hurt as much when we do it.

    BTW: Scored one of the free trial packs! Many thanks.

  23. Diana Ryan says

    Are you able to use it at the same time as the Quell?

    • Donna Gregory/FedUpwithFatigue.com says

      I’ve used both together w/ no issues. I use ActiPatch on localized pain, and Quell helps w/ the more diffuse, all over fibro pain.


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