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This week’s headlines (week of July 27, 2015)

Top stories... Is Lyrica 2.0 coming soon to a pharmacy near you? Japanese pharmaceutical company launches new 1,000-patient study in the U.S. and Canada to test the effectiveness of mirogabalin, a drug that works similar to Lyrica. Early reports indicate mirogabalin could be "more potent, have fewer side effects and be longer-acting than Lyrica," reports Health Rising. No wonder those of us with fibromyalgia are so darn tired! Georgia researcher conducts sleep study and finds that "people with fibromyalgia are pulling an all-nighter every single night." We've all been in this … [Read more...]


This week’s headlines (week of July 20, 2015)

Top stories... Has your physician ever refused to run a particular diagnostic test that you wanted? Soon, you won't need your physician's lab order any longer! A new service coming to more than 8,000 Walgreens drugstore locations in the U.S. will allow you to run your own blood tests at an affordable cost.'s Adrienne Dellwo reports on the findings of an editorial review on central sensitivity syndromes, including fibromyalgia and ME/CFS. "It's one you want to make sure all of your health-care providers have seen," she says. New treatments... A Newport Beach, California, medical … [Read more...]


Topricin My Pain Away Fibro Cream review

Note: I was not compensated in any way for this Topricin My Pain Away Fibro Cream review. I purchased the product with my own money, and all opinions are my own. Anyone who's had fibro for a while knows there are lots of lotions and potions that claim to heal our aches and pains. I'm not embarrassed to say I've spent my share of money on these, hoping to find something that works. Sometimes I discover products I really love, but most times I end up standing in the returns line, requesting my money back. So when I saw a post on Facebook for My Pain Away Fibro Cream, I didn't hesitate … [Read more...]


This week’s headlines (week of July 13, 2015)

Top stories... If you take NSAIDS (Advil/ibuprofen, Aleve/naproxen, Celebrex, etc.) for pain management, then you should probably read the latest warning from the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This story and video from Palo Alto Online has received quite a few shares on social media over the past week. It details the devastation of ME/CFS at its most severe. Very, very well done... Health Rising explores how your childhood might have predisposed you to developing fibro or ME/CFS. Research news... Women with fibro don't get enough exercise, according to a new Spanish … [Read more...]


This week’s headlines (week of July 6, 2015)

This week's top stories... Cancer and arthritis drug Rituximab shows great promise for some ME/CFS patients.  Pain News Network columnist Ellen Lenox Smith tackles the topic, "How to use medical marijuana without smoking." This is a very helpful article for anyone considering the use of medical cannabis. She covers how to make your own CBD oil, plus other nonsmoking methods, including tinctures, vaporizers and ointments. Research news... A recent systematic review of 35 ME/CFS trials shows only three treatments are scientifically proven to reduce symptoms: Rintatolimod (marketed as … [Read more...]

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