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This week’s headlines (week of June 29, 2015)

This week's top stories... The drug makers of fibro drugs Lyrica and Cymbalta are currently facing lawsuits that could cost them billions of dollars. In the UK, Pfizer is being accused of keeping physicians from prescribing a cheaper, generic version of Lyrica. In the U.S., some patients are suing Eli Lilly, claiming the drug maker didn't reveal the severity of Cymbalta's withdrawal symptoms. The National Institutes of Health has released a position paper on ME/CFS, telling us (again) what we already know: We need more research, better treatments and more education for physicians. Tune … [Read more...]


This week’s headlines (week of June 8, 2015)

This week's news roundup is going to be a bit more abbreviated than usual. It's been an emotional week for me because I had to euthanize my oldest and most loved kitty. Needless to say, it's been tough to stay motivated and focused the past few days. Tonix Pharmaceuticals releases another round of clinical data on TNX-102 SL, a new drug currently under development for fibro. (These figures appear to be about the same as the drugs currently on the market, meaning TNX-102 SL will work for some, but not most, fibro patients.) Tonix is recruiting fibro patients for a Phase III trial … [Read more...]


This week’s headlines (week of June 1, 2015)

Researcher says she'd rather have HIV/AIDS than ME. Could the solution to fibro be as simple as breathing pure air? New research study shows those with fibro may benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. (Note: Since posting this, I've received a comment from a reader who had a bad experience with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, so obviously this treatment won't be for everyone.) New study reveals what fibro patients already knew: We have it worse than those who suffer from chronic pain alone. Blogger Rosemary Lee from Seeking Equilibrium issues a feisty rebuttal to anyone who says fibro can … [Read more...]


Three slow-cooker meals for when you’re too sick and tired to cook

Editor's note: My diet has drastically changed since writing this post in 2015. These recipes are still good, and they're also convenient, but I no longer use many of the listed ingredients because I've gone gluten free and I eat fewer packaged foods. I've learned that my diet affects my fibromyalgia symptoms, and I've a adopted a more whole-foods approach to eating.  Since developing fibro, my slow cooker has become one of my favorite tools to get dinner on the table. I've never liked to cook, but dinnertime becomes even more of a chore when you're too sick and tired to even care about … [Read more...]

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